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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 816-1988
Round nuts with set pin holes in side
GB/T 30342-2013
Classification for the second-hand goods
二手货 分类
GB/T 22368-2008
Low-alloy steel - Determination of multi-element contents - Glow discharge optical emission spectrometry(Routine method)
低合金钢 多元素含量的测定 辉光放电原子发射光谱法(常规法)
GB/T 19584-2010
Specification on magnetic stripe data content and application for bank card
GB/T 3048.7-2007
Test methods for electrical properties of electric cables and wires - Part 7: Tracking resistance test
电线电缆电性能试验方法 第7部分:耐电痕试验
GB/T 28831-2012
Code of preparation for international freight forwarding documents
GB/T 17746-1999
Petroleum liquids and gases--Fidelity and security of dynamic measurement--Cabled transmission of electric and/or electronic pulsed data
石油液体和气体动态测量 电和(或)电子脉冲数据电缆传输的保真度和可靠度
GB/T 23780-2009
The quality examination methods of the pastry
GB/T 5565.3-2017
Rubber and plastics hoses and tubing—Measurement of flexibility and stiffness—Part 3:Bending tests at high and low temperatures
橡胶和塑料软管及非增强软管 柔性及挺性的测量 第3部分:高温和低温弯曲试验
GB/T 21956.2-2015
Protective structure strength on narrow-track wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors—Testing method and acceptance condition—Part 2:Dynamic testing method of front mounted ROPS
农林用窄轮距轮式拖拉机防护装置强度 试验方法和验收条件 第2部分:前置式动态试验方法
GB 50512-2009
Code for design standard-gauge railway of metallurgical open-pit mine
GB/T 26803.3-2011
Industrial control computer system - Bus - Part 3: System external bus - General specification for parallel interface
工业控制计算机系统 总线 第3部分:系统外部总线 并行接口通用技术条件
GB/T 13376-2008
Plastic scintillators
GB/T 6165-2008
Test methed of the performance of high efficiency particulate air filter - Efficiency and risistance
高效空气过滤器性能试验方法 效率和阻力
GB/T 32720-2016
Laboratory methods for determination of microbial soil respiration
GB/T 8309-2013
Tea—Determination of alkalinity of water-soluble ash content
茶 水溶性灰分碱度测定
GB/T 6769-2000
Regulations governing the layout of driver’s cabs of locomotives
GB/T 12617.3-2006
Open end blind rivets with break pull mandrel and countersunk head―property class 12
开口型沉头抽芯铆钉 12级
GB/T 25084-2010
Insulator strings and sets for overhead lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000V - AC power arc tests
标称电压高于1000V的架空线路用绝缘子串和绝缘子串组 交流工频电弧试验
GB/T 29172-2012
Practices for core analysis
GB/T 20975.8-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of aluminium and aluminium alloys - Part 8:Determination of zinc content
铝及铝合金化学分析方法 第8部分:锌含量的测定
GB/T 24190-2009
Iron ores - Determination of combined water - Karl Fischer method
铁矿石 化合水含量的测定 卡尔费休滴定法
GB/T 31551-2015
Sodium silicate-bonded sand reclamation equipment—Technical requirements
水玻璃砂再生成套设备 技术条件
GB/T 14700-2002
Determination of vitamin B1 in feeds
GB/T 9160.2-2006
Rolling bearings-Accessories-Part 2:Locknuts and locking devices
滚动轴承 附件 第2部分:锁紧螺母和锁紧装置
GB/T 50159-2015
Code for measurement of suspended load in open channels
GB/T 27610-2011
Classification and code of waste product
GB/T 8232-2008
Millet in husk
GB/T 33340-2016
Reciprocating internal combustion gas generating set-Technical code on safety
往复式内燃燃气发电机组 安全设计规范
GB 7956.3-2014
Fire fighting vehicles―Part 3:Foam fire fighting vehicle
消防车 第3部分:泡沫消防车
GB/T 31999-2015
Technical specification of evaluation of integration characteristics for connecting photovoltaic power system to distribution network
GB/T 14521.1-1993
Terms of conveying machinery--Types of conveying machinery
运输机械术语 运输机械类型
GB/T 22688-2008
Pressure-type temperature controls for household and similar use
GB/T 25410-2010
Removable pump station powered by tractor
GB/T 4086.5-1983
Tables for statistical distributions--Binomial distribution
统计分布数值表 二项分布
GB/T 1098-2003
Woodruff keyways
半圆键 键槽的剖面尺寸
GB 10732-2008
Primary chemical - Potassium chloride
第一基准试剂 氯化钾
GB/T 4324.28-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten - Part 28: Determination of molybdenum content - The thioyanate spectrophotometry
钨化学分析方法 第28部分:钼量的测定 硫氰酸盐分光光度法
GB/T 16656.501-2005
Industrial automation systems and integration Product data representation and exchange Part 501:Application interpreted construct:Edge-based wireframe
工业自动化系统与集成 产品数据表达与交换 第501部分:应用解释构造:基于边的线框
GB/T 24533-2009
Graphite negative electrode materials for lithium ion battery
GB/Z 30556.2-2017
Electromagnetic compatibility—Installation and mitigation guidelines—Earthing and cabling
电磁兼容 安装和减缓导则 接地和布线
GB/T 10574.7-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders—Part 7:Determination of silver content—Flame atomic absorption spectrometry and potassium thiocyanate potentiometric titration
锡铅焊料化学分析方法 第7部分:银量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法和硫氰酸钾电位滴定法
GB/T 223.30-1994
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--The arsenazo Ⅲspectrophotometric method for the determination of zirconium content after separation by p-bromomandelic acid
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 对-溴苦杏仁酸沉淀分离-偶氮胂Ⅲ分光光度法测定锆量
GB/T 27932-2011
Assessment methods of earthquake-caused indirect economic loss
GB/T 5009.95-2003
Determination of tetracyclines residues in honey
GB/T 14813-2008
Life testing method for heat pipes
GB/Z 22559.1-2008
Gear - Thermal capacity - Part 1: Rating gear drives with thermal equilibrium at 95℃sump temperature
齿轮 热功率 第1部分:油池温度在95℃时齿轮装置的热平衡计算
GB/T 33825-2017
Steel/copper composite rod and wire for hermetically sealed relay
GB/T 27476.3-2014
Safety in testing laboratories—Part 3: Mechanical aspects
检测实验室安全 第3部分:机械因素
GB/T 20117-2006
Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) - Sample preparation for the determination of particle size distribution of ceramic powders
GB/T 9364.1-2015
Miniature fuses—Part 1: Definitions for miniature fuses and general requirements for miniature fuse-links
小型熔断器 第1部分:小型熔断器定义和小型熔断体通用要求
GB/T 25821-2010
Stainless steel wire strand
GB/T 15932-1995
The tables of quantites of the non-centralt-distribution
非中心 t 分布分位数表
GB 29962-2013
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive Identification - 2-mercapto-3-butanone
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 2-巯基-3-丁醇
GB/T 4549.8-2004
Railway vehicle vocabulary--Part8:Water supply and draining equipment
铁道车辆词汇 第8部分:给水、排水装置
GB/T 21678-2008
Calculating methods on the economic loss of fishery pollution accidents
GB/T 24817.1-2009
Lifting appliances - Controls - Layout and characteristics - Part 1: General principles
起重机械 控制装置布置形式和特性 第1部分:总则
GB/T 35259-2017
Textiles—Tests for colour fastness—Method for the instrumental assessment of the colour inconstancy of a specimen with change in illuminant(CMCCON02)
纺织品 色牢度试验 试样颜色随照明体变化的仪器评定方法(CMCCON02)
GB/T 15566.7-2007
Guidance system for public information - Setting principles and requirements - Part 7: Sports place
公共信息导向系统 设置原则与要求 第7部分: 运动场所
GB/T 23592-2017
Catalyst for motorcycle exhaust purification
GB/T 5966-2011
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment - Part 8: Sectional specification: Fixed capacitors of ceramic dielectric,Class 1
电子设备用固定电容器 第8部分:分规范 1类瓷介固定电容器
GB/T 17505-1998
Steel and steel products--General technicaldelivery requirements
GB/T 11352-2009
Carbon steel castings for general engineering purpose
GB/T 15146.12-2017
Nuclear criticality safety for fissile materials outside reactors—Part 12: Burnup credit for low water reactor( LWR) fuel
反应堆外易裂变材料的核临界安全 第12部分:轻水堆燃料燃耗信用制
GB 16369-1996
Radiological protection standard for using of medical electron accelerator
GB/T 30839.4-2014
Energy consumption grading for industrial electroheat installations―Part 4: Indirect resistance furnaces
工业电热装置能耗分等 第4部分:间接电阻炉
GB/T 2521.1-2016
Cold-rolled electrical steel delivered in the fully-processed state—Part 1: Grain non-oriented steel strip(sheet)
全工艺冷轧电工钢 第1部分:晶粒无取向钢带(片)
GB/T 23134-2008
Condenser of household refrigerating appliance
GB/T 26169-2010
Electrical insulating materials - Method to evaluate the resistance to tracking and erosion - Rotating wheel dip test
电气绝缘材料耐电痕化和电蚀损的评定方法 旋转轮沉浸试验
GB 22625-2008
Prochloraz emulsion,oil in water
GB/T 16508.4-2013
Shell boilers―Part 4: Fabrication、inspection and acceptance
锅壳锅炉 第4部分:制造、检验与验收
GB/T 17948.1-2000
Rotating electrical machines--Functional evaluation of insulation systems--Test procedures for wire-wound windings--Thermal evaluation and classification
旋转电机绝缘结构功能性评定 散绕绕组试验规程 热评定与分级
GB/T 19926-2005
Hydraulic fluid power-Gas-loaded accumulators-Dimensions of gas port
液压传动 充气式蓄能器 气口尺寸
GB/T 11113-1989
Analytical method for impurities in the synthetic quartz crystal
GB/T 9334-2009
Electrical installation in ships - Shipboard telecommunication cables and radio-frequency cables - Shipboard flexible coaxial cables
船舶电气设备 船用通信电缆和射频电缆 船用同轴软电缆
GB 11714-1997
Rules of coding for the representation of organization
GB 28710-2012
Garden patrol minibus - Head lamps
非公路旅游观光车 前照灯
GB/T 7313-1987
Minimum performance requirements and methods of measurement for high fidelity loudspeaker systems
GB/T 16308-2008
Ferrocement ribbed slab
GB/T 15673-2009
Determination of crude protein in edible mushroom
GB 50755-2012
Code for construction of steel structures
GB/T 31180-2014
Methods for injury surveillance among children and adolescents
GB/T 18392-2001
Norm of integrated circuit(IC) card of certificate of identity code for organizations institutions and enterprises of the People’s Republic of China
GB/T 20467-2006
Flexible cellular polymeric materials - Moulded and extruded sponge or expanded cellular rubber products - Compressibility test on finished parts
软质泡沫聚合材料 模压和挤出海绵胶制品 成品的压缩性能试验
GB/T 33009.4-2016
Industrial automation and control system security—Distributed control system (DCS)—Part 4: Risk and vulnerability detection requirements
工业自动化和控制系统网络安全 集散控制系统(DCS) 第4部分:风险与脆弱性检测要求
GB/T 6146-2010
Test method for resistivity of precision resistance alloys
GB/T 3291.1-1997
Textiles--Terms of textile material properties and test--Part 1:Fibre and yarn
纺织 纺织材料性能和试验术语 第1部分:纤维和纱线
GB 3971.2-1983
Interoffice junction digital line signalling system for telephone automatic switching network
GB/T 29578-2013
Detection and identification of Xanthomonas albilineans (Ashby)Dowson
GB/T 22028-2008
Hot-dip galvanized screw threads - On internal screw threads there is the clearance for accommodating the hot-dip galvanized coat
热浸镀锌螺纹 在内螺纹上容纳镀锌层
GB 25571-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Activated clay
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 活性白土
GB/T 922-1986
Specifications for wood screws
GB/T 4661-2002
Rolling bearings--Cylindrical rollers
滚动轴承 圆柱滚子
GB/T 20983-2007
Information security technology - Evaluation criteria for online banking information systems security assurance
信息安全技术 网上银行系统信息安全保障评估准则
GB/T 12627-1990
Generic specification for flexible disk drive
GB/T 17222-2012
Health protection zone for coal gas industry
GB/T 223.85-2009
Steel and iron - Determination of sulfur content - Infrared absorption method after combustion in an induction furnace
钢铁及合金 硫含量的测定 感应炉燃烧后红外吸收法
GB/T 34664-2017
General assessment principles for electrical and electronic eco-design products
GB/T 9694-2014
Preserved egg
GB/T 7061-2016
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies in ship

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