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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 23724.1-2009
Cranes - Inspections - Part 1: General
起重机 检查 第1部分:总则
GB/T 20081.1-2006
Pneumatic fluid power -- Compressed air pressure regulators and filter-regulators -- Part 1: Main characteristics to be included in literature from suppliers and product-marking requirements
气动减压阀和过滤减压阀 第1部分:商务文件中应包含的主要特性和产品标识要求
GB/T 685-2013
Chemical reagent—Formaldehyde solution
化学试剂 甲醛溶液
GB/T 5584.4-2020
Rectangular copper or aluminium and its alloy wires for electrical purposes—Part 4: Strip copper conductor
电工用铜、铝及其合金扁线 第4部分:铜带
GB/T 1483.1-2008
Gauges for lamp caps and holders - Part 1 : Gauges for screw caps and holders
灯头、灯座检验量规 第1部分:螺口式灯头、灯座的量规
GB/T 17194-1997
Conduits for electrical purposes--Outside diameters of conduits for electrical installations and threads of conduits and fittings
电气导管 电气安装用导管的外径和导管与配件的螺纹
GB/T 2900.1-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Fundamental terms
电工术语 基本术语
GB/T 9771.4-2008
Single-mode optical fibres for telecommunication - Part 4: Characteristics of a dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fibre
通信用单模光纤 第4部分:色散位移单模光纤特性
GB/T 38682-2020
Welded nickel-iron-chromium alloy pipes for fluid service
GB/T 33368-2016
Aluminum alloy strips for television
GB/T 11024.1-2019
Shunt capacitors for a.c. power systems having a rated voltage above 1 000 V—Part 1:General
标称电压1 000 V以上交流电力系统用并联电容器 第1部分:总则
GB 19577-2004
The minimum allowable values of the energy effic-iency and energy effic-iency grades for water chillers
GB/T 50785-2012
Evaluation standard for indoor thermal environment in civil buildings
GB/T 4510-2006
Test method for determination of breaking point of bitumen (Fraass method)
GB/T 1572-2018
Determination of clinkering property of coal
GB/T 41270.9-2022
Avionics process management—Effects of atmospheric radiation—Part 9: Procedures and methods for calculating single event effect failure rates for avionics
航空电子过程管理 大气辐射影响 第9部分:航空电子设备单粒子效应故障率计算程序与方法
GB/T 26254-2010
Household and similar healthful massage cushion
GB/T 21224-2007
Methods of test for the evaluation of water treeing in insulating materials
GB/T 32844-2016
Classification and code for science popularization resource
GB/T 40857-2021
Technical requirements and test methods for cybersecurity of vehicle gateway
GB/T 18204.5-2013
Examination methods for public places―Part 5: Central air conditioning ventilation system
公共场所卫生检验方法 第5部分:集中空调通风系统
GB/T 31479-2015
Determination of colour fastness of dyed paper and board intended to come into contact with foodstuffs
GB/T 24024-2001
Environmental management--Environmental labels and declarations--Type Ⅰ environmental labelling--Principles and procedures
环境管理 环境标志和声明 Ⅰ 型环境标志 原则和程序
GB/T 731-2008
Gunny cloth and bags
GB 23555-2009
25% Buprofezin wettable powders
GB/T 11420-1989
Measurement of specular gloss of vitreous and porcelain enamels
GB 14196.2-2008
Incandescent lamps - Safety specifications - Part 2: Tungsten halogen lamps for domestic and similar general lighting purposes
白炽灯安全要求 第2部分:家庭和类似场合普通照明用卤钨灯
GB/T 29243-2012
Information security technology - Specifications of delegated certification path construction and delegated validation for digital certificate
信息安全技术 数字证书代理认证路径构造和代理验证规范
GB 28353-2012
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additive - Anisyl Alcohol
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 茴香醇
GB/T 50585-2019
Standard for safety of geotechnical investigation
GB/T 34771-2017
Chlorpyrifos granule
GB/T 19274-2003
Geosynthetics--Plastic geocell
土工合成材料 塑料土工格室
GB/T 4857.23-2012
Packaging - Basic tests for transport packages - Part 23:Random vibration test method
包装 运输包装件基本试验 第23部分: 随机振动试验方法
GB/T 10088-2018
Module and diameter of cylindrical worm
GB/T 35135-2017
RFID system used in food manufacturing—Application requirements
面向食品制造业的射频识别系统 应用要求
GB/T 41732.1-2022
Radio frequency identification of animals - Enhanced radio frequency identification tags - Part 1: Air interface
动物射频识别 增强型射频识别标签 第1部分:空中接口
GB 22170-2008
Pyrazosulfuron-ethyl wettable powder
GB/T 1618-2008
Sodium chlorate for industrial use
GB/T 26616-2011
Furs - Rex skin
裘皮 獭兔皮
GB 26512-2011
The protection of the occupants of the cab of a commercial vehicle
GB/T 12496.16-1999
Test methods of wooden activated carbon--Determination of chloride content
木质活性炭试验方法 氯化物的测定
GB/T 29317-2021
Terminology of electric vehicle charging/battery swap infrastructure
GB/T 31881-2015
Accelerated weathering test methods of automotive nonmetal components and materials using a fluorescent UV and condensation apparatus
GB/T 24322-2009
Bleached sulphate bamboo pulp
GB/T 20350-2006
Product of geographical indication - Huai Radix Rehmanniae
地理标志产品 怀地黄
GB/T 7702.3-2008
Test method for granular activated carbon from coal - Determination of hardness
煤质颗粒活性炭试验方法 强度的测定
GB/T 1749-1979
Method of test for consistency of pastes and putties
GB/T 29553-2013
Spinner cover of composites for wind power
GB/T 39720-2020
Information security technology—Security technical requirements and test evaluation approaches for smart mobile terminal
信息安全技术 移动智能终端安全技术要求及测试评价方法
GB 30251-2013
The norm of energy consumption per unit product for petroleum refining

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