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GB/T 19535.2-2004 standard english translation version order

1. GB/T 19535.2-2004 Standard Chinese version , you can purchase directly online; After receive your payment, we will send the GB Standards PDF file to your Email within 24 Hr.
2. GB/T 19535.2-2004 Standard English version is not ready-made,need after get your order, then we translate them, time usually need 3-5 days.
Detail refere: "How to purchase the English version China GB Standards?"
  •  China "GB/T 19535.2-2004" Standards information:
  • Item Content
    GB Standard  Code GB/T 19535.2-2004
    GB Standard Class China National Standard
    GB Standard English Title Technical guidelines for urban lawn establishment and maintenance--Part 2:Technical guidelines for urban lawn maintenance
    GB Standard Chinese Title 城市绿地草坪建植与管理技术规程 第2部分:城市绿地草坪管理技术规程
    Applicable Category China National-
    Chinese Version Price $15 USD per 50 pages
    English Translation Price About $15  per 1 page; Detail enquire us for
    China "GB/T 19535.2-2004" Standard Add to Cart
    Note The English translation Prepayment unit $100 USD, is not mean this GB standard english version price is $100 USD, it is only a basic unit of prepayment for translation, The actual translation fee and prepayment are depend on the amount of Chinese words, We request 80% prepayment of the total translation fee.
    For example, if the GB standard english price is $500, you need pay $400 prepayment, Four Quantities of the $100 prepayment unit.
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    Order Step Guide
    Price Enquiry 1. Send the GB Standards code or title by Email or Post Message to us;
    2. If not sure which GB standard, you can send the commodity description or requirement to us,
    3. Our Technical support staff will manual search the relevant GB standards then give you quotation in 24 hours.
    4. You choose the applicable GB standards, then confirm to us.
    Payment Phase 1. We request 80% prepayment for the total translation fee.
    2. After translation finished, we will send the part Proof file to you, After you pay the remaining 20% balance, we send the full PDF file to you.
    Lead Time 1. Chinese version GB Standards will be delivered in 1~2 Days after received the payment.
    2. English version GB Standards usually need 3-5 days time for translation, if the Standards more than 30 pages or amount more than 30,000 words, then need more time.
    3.Our translators produce an average of 10,000 words per day,If your job is urgent and stylistic consistency is not critical, we can assign a number of translators to work in collaboration so that your deadline can be met.
    GB Standards Format All GB Standards default provide PDF format version.
    If need paper version standards, should pay extra Express fee .
    Delivery Method Send to your E-mail or Cloud Disk download
  •  Payment Method:
  • Items Guide

    1. We use PayPal to receive small payments (less than $1,000).
    2. We will send a PayPal payment link or bill to you for make the payment.
    3. For english version GB Standard purchase, you can choose pay translation prepayment first, We request 80% prepayment for the total translation fee.
    4. After translation finished, we will send the part PDF file to you, After you pay the remaining 20% balance, we send the full PDF file to you.

    if< $1,000
    1. We use PayPal gateway to receive credit card payment (less than $1,000).
    2.After you into the pay page, needn't login Paypal account, only choose the option of "Check out as a Guest" or "Pay with a debit or Credit card" , detail option desccription depend on your country.
    3.then can pay it with credit card directly.  

    1. If the total price is more than $1,000, you need pay to our bank account,
    2. The bank account info, we will send to you by Email.
    3. If paid by Bank transfer, we will give your some discount.

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