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GB 2017-1980
Covering technique of the medium-wave Broadcastingnetwork
中波廣播網覆蓋技術 - 英文版
GB/T 35591-2017
Assessment and measurement methods of indoor receiving effect of digital terrestrial television Broadcasting
地面數位電視室內接收效果評測方法 - 英文版
GB/T 20090.16-2016
Information technology—Advanced coding of audio and video—Part 16: Broadcasting video
資訊技術 先進音視頻編碼 第16部分:廣播電視視頻 - 英文版
GB/T 31261-2014
Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)—Interaction channel communication protocol for satellite distribution systems
數位視訊廣播(DVB) 衛星分發系統交互通道通信協定 - 英文版
GB/T 28433-2012
Technical requirements for single frequency network of digital terrestrial television Broadcasting
地面數位電視廣播單頻網技術要求 - 英文版
GB/T 28435-2012
Technical specifications and methods of measurement for digital terrestrial television Broadcasting transmitters
地面數位電視廣播發射機技術要求和測量方法 - 英文版
GB/T 28434-2012
Technical requirements and measurement methods of digital terrestrial television Broadcasting single frequency network adapter
地面數位電視廣播單頻網適配器技術要求和測量方法 - 英文版
GB/T 28437-2012
Technical specifications of monitoring for digital terrestrial television Broadcasting
地面數位電視廣播監測技術規程 - 英文版
GB/T 28436-2012
Technical requirements and measurement methods of digital terrestrial television Broadcasting exciter
地面數位電視廣播激勵器技術要求和測量方法 - 英文版
GB/T 17147-2012
Measurement of audio-frequency noise voltage level in sound Broadcasting
聲音廣播中音訊雜訊電平的測量 - 英文版
GB/T 28432-2012
Planning criteria for single frequency networks of digital terrestrial television Broadcasting
地面數位電視廣播單頻網規劃準則 - 英文版
GB/T 28430-2012
Technical specification of data Broadcasting in digital television system
數位電視系統資料廣播技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 2097-2012
Test charts for analog colour television Broadcasting
模擬彩色電視廣播測試圖 - 英文版
GB/T 9374-2012
Basic parameters for sound Broadcasting receivers
聲音廣播接收機基本參數 - 英文版
GB/T 28438.1-2012
Objective assessment and measurement methods for coverage of digital terrestrial television Broadcasting signals - Part 1: Outdoor fixed reception
地面數位電視廣播信號覆蓋品質客觀評估和測量方法 第1部分:室外固定接收 - 英文版
GB/T 10239-2011
General specification for colour television Broadcasting receivers
彩色電視廣播接收機通用規範 - 英文版
GB/T 9384-2011
Environmental testing requirements and methods for Broadcasting receivers,broadcasting television receivers,tape recorders and audio amplifiers
廣播收音機、廣播電視接收機、磁帶答錄機、聲頻功率放大器(擴音機)的環境試驗要求和試驗方法 - 英文版
GB/T 28160-2011
Specification of electronic programme guide for digital television Broadcasting
數位電視廣播電子節目指南規範 - 英文版
GB/T 15466-2011
Terminology for non-Broadcasting television
應用電視術語 - 英文版
GB/T 28161-2011
Specification of service information for digital television Broadcasting
數位電視廣播業務資訊規範 - 英文版
GB/T 26666-2011
Implementation guidelines for transmission system of digital terrestrial television Broadcasting
地面數位電視廣播傳輸系統實施指南 - 英文版
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GB/T 26252-2010
Frequency planning criteria for digital terrestrial television Broadcasting in the VHF/UHF bands
VHF/UHF頻段地面數位電視廣播頻率規劃準則 - 英文版
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GB/T 22150-2008
Relative timing of sound and vision for Broadcasting
電視廣播聲音和圖像的相對定時 - 英文版
GB 20600-2006
Framing structure, Channel coding and modulation for digital television terrestrial Broadcasting system
數位電視地面廣播傳輸系統幀結構、通道編碼和調製 - 英文版
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GB 12021.7-2005
Limited values of energy efficiency and evaluating values of energy conservation for color television Broadcasting receivers
彩色電視廣播接收機能效限定值及節能評價值 - 英文版
GB/T 2900.67-2004
Electrotechnical terminology--Video cameras for non-Broadcasting
電工術語 非廣播用攝像機 - 英文版
GB/T 4311-2000
Technical specifications for FM sound Broadcasting at VHF
米波調頻廣播技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 17700-1999
Channel coding and modulation standard for Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite(DVB-S)
衛星數位電視廣播通道編碼和調節標準 - 英文版
GB/T 4961-1999
Time signal in radio Broadcasting
廣播報時信號 - 英文版
GB/T 17881-1999
Technical specifications of SDH transmission interface for Broadcasting and television optical backbone network
廣播電視光纜幹線同步數位體系(SDH)傳輸介面技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 17307-1998
Assignment of the uses of insertion lines in the field-blanking interval in television Broadcasting
電視廣播場消隱期插入行用途分配 - 英文版
GB/T 5439-1996
The recording and exchanging of sound Broadcasting programmes on stereophonic magnetic tape
身歷聲廣播節目(磁帶)的錄製和交換 - 英文版
GB/T 15521-1995
Format and classification of digital audio tape cassette system (DAT) used for Broadcasting
廣播用數位音訊盒式磁帶系統(DAT)格式及分類特性 - 英文版
GB 3174-1995
Characteristics of PAL-D television Broadcasting system
PAL-D制電視廣播技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 15937-1995
The technical regulations for frequency sharing between the Broadcasting service and the mobile and fixed services in the VHF/UHF bands
VHF/UHF頻段廣播業務與移動和固定業務頻率共用技術規定 - 英文版
GB/T 15943-1995
Technical specification measuring method of Broadcasting audio channel
廣播聲頻通道技術指標測量方法 - 英文版
GB/T 15564-1995
Code of Chinese ideogram set for teletext Broadcasting--Hong Kong subset
電傳視訊廣播用漢字編碼字元集 香港子集 - 英文版
GB/T 14921-1994
The demand for the picture quality ofPAL-D system in satellite television Broadcasting services
PAL-D制衛星電視廣播圖像品質要求 - 英文版
GB/T 14435.1-1993
Frequency sharing between the Broadcasting-satellite service and terrestrial services--Guide to frequency sharing between the broadcasting-satellite service (television) and terrestrial services
衛星廣播業務和地面業務間的頻率共用 衛星廣播業務(電視)和地面業務間的頻率共用導則 - 英文版
GB/T 14435.3-1993
Frequencysharing between the Broadcasting-satellite services and terrestrial services--Frequency sharing between the broadcasting-satellite service(television)in one side and terrestrial broadcasting services(television)and terrestrial radio-relay system
衛星廣播業務和地面業務間的頻率共用 11.7~12.2 GHz和12.5~12.75 GHz衛星廣播業務(電視)和地面廣播業務(電視)及地面無線電中繼系統間的頻率共用 - 英文版
GB/T 14435.2-1993
Frequency sharing between the Broadcasting-satellite service and terrestrial services--Frequency sharing between the broadcasting-satellite service (television) and terrestrial broadcasting services(television) in frequency band 620~790MHz
衛星廣播業務和地面業務間的頻率共用 620~790 MHz衛星廣播業務(電視)和地面廣播業務(電視)間的頻率共用 - 英文版
GB/T 14434-1993
Planning parameters for Broadcasting-satellite service(BSS) in the band 12 GHz and BSS feeder links
12 GHz頻段衛星廣播業務(BSS)及其饋線鏈路的規劃參數 - 英文版
GB/T 14433-1993
Technical specifications for coverage networks of colour TV Broadcasting
彩色電視廣播覆蓋網技術規定 - 英文版
GB/T 14219-1993
Chinese character system teletext Broadcasting specification
中文電傳視訊廣播規範 - 英文版
GB/T 14109-1993
Measurement method of TV,FM Broadcasting field strength
電視、調頻廣播場強測量方法 - 英文版
GB/T 13704-1992
General specification for shipboard Broadcasting system
船用廣播系統通用技術條件 - 英文版
GB/T 12189-1990
General specification for television Broadcasting exciter
電視廣播激勵器通用技術條件 - 英文版
GB/T 12365-1990
Technical parameters for short distance optical cable transmission of Broadcasting and television
廣播電視短程光纜傳輸技術參數 - 英文版
GB/T 12449-1990
Interface for using dedicated interconnections between sound and television Broadcasting transmitting equipment and supervisory equipment
以專用連接線方式互連的聲音和電視廣播發射設備與監控設備之間的介面 - 英文版
GB/T 12566-1990
Interface for signal chain of sound and television Broadcasting transmitting equipments
聲音和電視廣播發射設備信號連結口 - 英文版

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