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GB 50462-2015
Code for construction and acceptance of data center infrastructure
資料中心基礎設施施工及驗收規範 - 英文版
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GB 50314-2015
Standard for design of intelligent building
智能建築設計標準 - 英文版
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GB 50349-2015
Code for design of gas gathering and transportation system in gas field
氣田集輸設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50350-2015
Code for design of oil-gas gathering and transportation systems of oilfield
油田油氣集輸設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50376-2015
Design code for energy saving of rubber factory
橡膠工廠節能設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50408-2015
Code for design of sintering plant
燒結廠設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50424-2015
Code for construction of oil and gas transmission pipeline crossing engineering
油氣輸送管道穿越工程施工規範 - 英文版
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GB 50427-2015
Code for design of blast furnace ironmaking plant
高爐煉鐵工程設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50428-2015
Code for design of oil field produced water treatment
油田采出水處理設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50439-2015
Code for design of steelmaking engineering
煉鋼工程設計規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50448-2015
Technical code for application of cementitious grout
水泥基灌漿材料應用技術規範 - 英文版
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GB 50460-2015
Code for construction of oil and gas transmission pipeline aerial crossing engineering
油氣輸送管道跨越工程施工規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50291-2015
Code for real estate appraisal
房地產估價規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51140-2015
Standard for basic terminology of building energy-saving
建築節能基本術語標準 - 英文版
GB/T 51125-2015
Code for joint construction and sharing of telecommunications stations
通信局站共建共用技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51126-2015
Code for acceptance of wavelength division multiplexing(WDM)optical fiber transmission system engineering
波分複用(WDM)光纖傳輸系統工程驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 51127-2015
Code for design of printed circuit board plant
印製電路板工廠設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51128-2015
Code for design of gas storage & transportation and distribution system for iron steel enterprises
鋼鐵企業煤氣儲存和輸配系統設計規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51129-2015
Standard for assessment of industrialized building
工業化建築評價標準 - 英文版
GB/T 51132-2015
Code for construction and quality acceptance of industrial non-ferrous metallic piping engineering
工業有色金屬管道工程施工及品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 51133-2015
Code for design of environmental protection of pharmaceutical industry
醫藥工業環境保護設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51134-2015
Design code for coal mine gas power project
煤礦瓦斯發電工程設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51135-2015
Technical code for converter gas cleaning and recovery system engineering
轉爐煤氣淨化及回收工程技術規範 - 英文版
GB 51136-2015
Code for design of thin film transistor liquid crystal display plant
薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器工廠設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51137-2015
Code for construction and acceptance of waste water and exhaust treatment engineering of the electronics industry
電子工業廢水廢氣處理工程施工及驗收規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51124-2015
Design code for potato storage facilities
馬鈴薯貯藏設施設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51139-2015
Code for design of pulp plant for cellulose fibre
纖維素纖維用漿粕工廠設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51142-2015
Code for design liquefied petroleum gas(LPG) supply engineering
液化石油氣供應工程設計規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51141-2015
Assessment standard for green retrofitting of existing building
既有建築綠色改造評價標準 - 英文版
GB 51143-2015
Code for design of disasters mitigation emergency congregate shelter
防災避難場所設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51145-2015
Code for construction and acceptance of coal mine electrical equipment installation engineering
煤礦電氣設備安裝工程施工與驗收規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51146-2015
Technical code for wastewater treatment facilities from nitroglycerine production
硝化甘油生產廢水處理設施技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51147-2015
Technical code for wastewater treatment facilities from nitroamine explosives
硝胺類廢水處理設施技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51152-2015
Code for engineering design of wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)optical fiber transmission systems
波分複用(WDM)光纖傳輸系統工程設計規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51153-2015
Evaluation standard for green hospital building
綠色醫院建築評價標準 - 英文版
GB/T 51154-2015
Code for engineering design of optical fiber submarine cable systems
海底光纜工程設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51156-2015
Code for design of liquefied natural gas receiving terminal
液化天然氣接收站工程設計規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51095-2015
Code for construction cost consultation
建設工程造價諮詢規範 - 英文版
GB 51080-2015
Code for planning of urban fire control
城市消防規劃規範 - 英文版
GB 51138-2015
Code for construction and quality acceptance of urea prilling tower engineering
尿素造粒塔工程施工及品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 51105-2015
Code for installation and acceptance for engineering equipment of extrusion steel pipe
擠壓鋼管工程設備安裝與驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 51096-2015
Code for design of wind farm
風力發電場設計規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51097-2015
Code for design of soil and water conservation forest engineering
水土保持林工程設計規範 - 英文版
GB 51144-2015
Code for investigation of geotechnical engineering of mine construction in coal industry
煤炭工業礦井建設岩土工程勘察規範 - 英文版
GB 51123-2015
Code for design of process of optical fiber component plant
光纖器件生產廠工藝設計規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51098-2015
Code for planning of city gas
城鎮燃氣規劃規範 - 英文版
GB 51099-2015
Code for investigation of geotechnical engineering for nonferrous metals industry
有色金屬工業岩土工程勘察規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51100-2015
Assessment standard for green store building
綠色商店建築評價標準 - 英文版
GB 51104-2015
Code for installation and acceptance for engineering equipment of grain-oriented silicon steel production line
取向矽鋼生產線設備安裝與驗收規範 - 英文版
GB/T 51106-2015
Energy conservation code for design of fossil fired power plants
火力發電廠節能設計規範 - 英文版

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