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GB/T 10544-2013
Rubber hoses and hose assemblies—Rubber-covered spiral-wire-reinforced hydraulic types for oil-based or water-based fluids—Specification
橡膠軟管及軟管組合件 油基或水基流體適用的鋼絲纏繞增強外覆橡膠液壓型 規範 - 英文版
GB/T 29997-2013
Eddy current testing method of copper and copper-alloys rods, bars and wires
銅及銅合金棒線材渦流探傷方法 - 英文版
GB/T 29784.2-2013
Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in electrical and electronic products - Part 2: Gas chromatographic method with mass spectrometric detection
電子電氣產品中多環芳烴的測定 第2部分: 氣相色譜-質譜法 - 英文版
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GB 29922-2013
National Food Safety Standard-General Principles for the Formula Foods for Special Medical Purpose
食品安全國家標準 特殊醫學用途配方食品通則 - 英文版
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GB/T 30226-2013
Guidelines for service industry standard system
服務業標準體系編寫指南 - 英文版
GB/T 11446.10-2013
Test method for total bacterial count in electronic grade water by membrane filters
電子級水中細菌總數的濾膜培養測試方法 - 英文版
GB/T 29632-2013
The range of main parts and the guarantees certificate in repair replacement and return warranty of automobile
家用汽車產品三包主要零件種類範圍與三包憑證 - 英文版
GB 29966-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide
食品安全國家標準 食品添加劑 烯丙基二硫醚 - 英文版
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GB/T 5753-2013
Steel cord conveyor belts―Methods for the determination of total thickness and cover thickness
鋼絲繩芯輸送帶 總厚度和覆蓋層厚度的測定方法 - 英文版
GB 29698-2013
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of 17β-estradiol, estriol and ethinylestradiol residues in milk and milk products by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
食品安全國家標準 奶及乳製品中17β-雌二醇、雌三醇、炔雌醇多殘留的測定 氣相色譜-質譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 30335-2013
Service specification of drug logistic
藥品物流服務規範 - 英文版
GB 30000.16-2013
Rules for classification and labelling of chemicals - Part 16: Organic peroxides
化學品分類和標籤規範 第16部分:有機過氧化物 - 英文版
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GB/T 10944.5-2013
Tool shanks with 7/24 taper for automatic tool changers―Part 5: Technical specifications of Retention knobs
自動換刀7:24圓錐工具柄 第5部分:拉釘的技術條件 - 英文版
GB/T 8312-2013
Tea—Determination of caffeine content
茶 咖啡鹼測定 - 英文版
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GB/T 29492-2013
Chemicals applied in digital printing materials - The determination of triazines B - Reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography
數位印刷材料用化學品 三嗪B含量的測定 反相高效液相色譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 17932-2013
Film grade polyester chip(PET)
膜級聚酯切片(PET) - 英文版
GB/T 11345-2013
Non-destructive testing of welds - Ultrasonic testing - Techniques, testing levels, and assessment
焊縫無損檢測 超聲檢測 技術、檢測等級和評定 - 英文版
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GB/T 29723.3-2013
Grade and limit of major process energy consumption for coal mine - Part 3: Air compressor system
煤礦主要工序能耗等級和限值 第3部分:空氣壓縮系統 - 英文版
GB/T 2387-2013
Reactive dyes - Determination of shade and relative strength
反應染料 色光和強度的測定 - 英文版
GB/T 50832-2013
Standard for acceptance test of electric equipment of 1000KV system electric equipment installation engineering
1000kV系統電氣裝置安裝工程電氣設備交接試驗標準 - 英文版
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GB/T 50845-2013
Technical code for energy-saving refurbishment for small hydropower grids engineering
小水電電網節能改造工程技術規範 - 英文版
GB 50835-2013
Code for construction and acceptance of 1000kv power transformer, oil-immersed reactor and mutual inductor
1000kV電力變壓器、油浸電抗器、互感器施工及驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 50819-2013
Code for construction of oil and gas field gathering and transmission pipeline
油氣田集輸管道施工規範 - 英文版
GB 50836-2013
Code for construction and acceptance of 1000KV high voltage electric equipment (GIS, HGIS, disconnector and surge arrester)
1000kV高壓電器(GIS、HGIS、隔離開關、避雷器)施工及驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 50843-2013
Technical code for appraisal and reinforcement of building slope
建築邊坡工程鑒定與加固技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 50841-2013
Standard of construction classification
建設工程分類標準 - 英文版
GB 50834-2013
Code for construction and acceptance of 1000KV lattice frame and support
1000kV構支架施工及驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 50825-2013
Code for quality acceptance of reheating furnaces in iron and steel works
鋼鐵廠加熱爐工程品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB/T 50824-2013
Design standard for energy efficiency of rural residential buildings
農村居住建築節能設計標準 - 英文版
GB 50830-2013
Code for design of metal mine
冶金礦山採礦設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50829-2013
Technical code for maintenance and repair of rentable formwork and scaffold
租賃範本腳手架維修保養技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 50839-2013
Technical code of urban rail transit engineering safety control
城市軌道交通工程安全控制技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 50837-2013
Standard for non-ferrous metal refinery drawings
有色金屬冶煉工程製圖標準 - 英文版
GB 50157-2013
Code for design of metro
地鐵設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50199-2013
Unified standard for reliability design of hydraulic engineering structures
水利水電工程結構可靠性設計統一標準 - 英文版
GB 50313-2013
Code for design of fire communication and command system
消防通信指揮系統設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50300-2013
Unified standard for constructional quality acceptance of building engineering
建築工程施工品質驗收統一標準 - 英文版
GB 50286-2013
Code for design of levee project
堤防工程設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50264-2013
Code for design of industrial equipment and pipeline insulation engineering
工業設備及管道絕熱工程設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50333-2013
Architectural technical code for hospital clean operating department
醫院潔淨手術部建築技術規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50186-2013
Standard for fundamental terms of port engineering
港口工程基本術語標準 - 英文版
GB 50339-2013
Code for acceptance of quality of intelligent building systems
智慧建築工程品質驗收規範 - 英文版
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GB 50119-2013
Code for concrete admixture application
混凝土外加劑應用技術規範 - 英文版
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GB 50112-2013
Technical code for buildings in expansive soil regions
膨脹土地區建築技術規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50076-2013
Code for measurement of the reverberation time in rooms
室內混響時間測量規範 - 英文版
GB 50053-2013
Code for design of 20KV and below substation
20kV及以下變電所設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50034-2013
Standard for lighting design of buildings
建築照明設計標準 - 英文版
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GB/T 50002-2013
Standard for modular coordination of building
建築模數協調標準 - 英文版
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GB/T 50848-2013
Documentation standard for engineering construction project design in mechanical industry
機械工業工程建設專案設計檔編制標準 - 英文版
GB/T 50784-2013
Technical standard for in-situ inspection of concrete structure
混凝土結構現場檢測技術標準 - 英文版

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