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GB/T 50662-2011
Code for design of hydraulic structures against ice and freezing action
水工建築物抗冰凍設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50661-2011
Code for welding of steel structures
鋼結構焊接規範 - 英文版
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GB 50660-2011
Code for design of fossil fired power plant
大中型火力發電廠設計規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50659-2011
Engineering design document standard for coal water mixture project in coal industry
煤炭工業礦區水煤漿工程建設專案設計檔編制標準 - 英文版
GB 50666-2011
Code for construction of concrete structures
混凝土結構工程施工規範 - 英文版
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GB 50690-2011
Code for construction quality acceptance of non-metallic piping engineering in petrochemical engineering
石油化工非金屬管道工程施工品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB/T 50657-2011
Standard of drawing-making for surface mining coal
煤炭露天採礦製圖標準 - 英文版
GB/T 50655-2011
Code for design of steam system in chemical plant
化工廠蒸汽系統設計規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50664-2011
Code for installation and quality inspection of cotton textile machinery
棉紡織設備工程安裝與品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 50671-2011
Code for design of aircraft paint hangar
飛機噴漆機庫設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50695-2011
Code for installation of polyester,polyamide,polypropylene fiber-making equipments and quality acceptance
滌綸、錦綸、丙綸設備工程安裝與品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 50696-2011
Code for design of metallurgical equipment foundation in iron and steel enterprises
鋼鐵企業冶金設備基礎設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50694-2011
Code for design of fire protection and prevention of alcoholic beverages factory
酒廠設計防火規範 - 英文版
GB 50672-2011
Code for process design of comprehensive sewage treatment for iron and steel enterprises
鋼鐵企業綜合汙水處理廠工藝設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50673-2011
Code for power design of non-ferrous metals smelters
有色金屬冶煉廠電力設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50697-2011
Code for design of 1000kV substation
1000KV變電站設計規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50698-2011
Standard for AC interference mitigation of buried steel pipelines
埋地鋼質管道交流干擾防護技術標準 - 英文版
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GB 50699-2011
Technical code for hydraulic vibrator foundation
液壓振動臺基礎技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 50700-2011
Technical renovation code for small hydropower station
小型水電站技術改造規範 - 英文版
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GB 50706-2011
Code for design of occupational safety and health of water resources and hydropower projects
水利水電工程勞動安全與工業衛生設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50701-2011
Code for design of fired brick and tile plant
燒結磚瓦工廠設計規範 - 英文版
GB/T 50658-2011
Standard for preparing design document of construction project of electromechanical equipment repair plant in mining area of coal industry
煤炭工業礦區機電設備修理廠工程建設專案設計檔編制標準 - 英文版
GB/T 50670-2011
Terminology standard for mechanical equipment installation
機械設備安裝工程術語標準 - 英文版
GB 50669-2011
Code for construction and acceptance of reinforced concrete silos
鋼筋混凝土筒倉施工與品質驗收規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50668-2011
Standard for energy efficient building assessment
節能建築評價標準 - 英文版
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GB 50667-2011
Code for installation and quality inspection of dyeing and finishing equipment
印染設備工程安裝與品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 50702-2011
Code for design of strengthening masonry structures
砌體結構加固設計規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50703-2011
Code for design of automaticity equipment for power system security
電力系統安全自動裝置設計規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50676-2011
Technical code for appraisal of reliability of concrete structural factory buildings for uranium fuel element plants
鈾燃料元件廠混凝土結構廠房可靠性鑒定技術規範 - 英文版
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GB 50704-2011
Code for design of crystalian silicon solar cell plant
矽太陽能電池工廠設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50677-2011
Code for construction and acceptance of oxygen plant equipment installation engineering
空分制氧設備安裝工程施工與品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB 50693-2011
Technical code for slope roof engineering
坡屋面工程技術規範 - 英文版
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GB/T 50675-2011
Standard for textile engineering drawings
紡織工程製圖標準 - 英文版
GB 50346-2011
Architectural and technical code for biosafety laboratories
生物安全實驗室建築技術規範 - 英文版
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GB 50645-2011
Code for construction quality acceptance of insulation in petrochemical engineering
石油化工絕熱工程施工品質驗收規範 - 英文版
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GB 50236-2011
Code for construction of field equipment,industrial pipe welding engineering
現場設備、工業管道焊接工程施工規範 - 英文版
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GB 50722-2011
Code of project management for urban rail transit construction
城市軌道交通建設專案管理規範 - 英文版
GB 50642-2011
Construction acceptance and maintenance standards of the barrier-free facilities
無障礙設施施工驗收及維護規範 - 英文版
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GB 50721-2011
Code for design of water supply & drainage of iron and steel enterprises
鋼鐵企業給水排水設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50685-2011
Code for design of pure water system of electronic industry
電子工業純水系統設計規範 - 英文版
GB 50654-2011
Unified standards for constructional quality acceptance of non-ferrous metals industrial installation engineering
有色金屬工業安裝工程品質驗收統一標準 - 英文版
GB 50198-2011
Technical code for project of civil closed circuit monitoring television system
民用閉路監視電視系統工程技術規範 - 英文版
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GB 50618-2011
Testing technology management code for building and municipal infrastructure engineering quality
房屋建築和市政基礎設施工程品質檢測技術管理規範 - 英文版
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GB 50203-2011
Code for acceptance of constructional quality of masonry structures
砌體結構工程施工品質驗收規範 - 英文版
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GB 50646-2011
Technical code for speciality gas system engineering
特種氣體系統工程技術規範 - 英文版
GB 50720-2011
Technical code for fire safety of construction site
建設工程施工現場消防安全技術規範 - 英文版
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GB 50322-2011
Code for design of grain steel silos
糧食鋼板筒倉設計規範 - 英文版
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GB 50717-2011
Code for extractive metallurgy construction quality acceptance of mechanical equipment installation engineering of heavy non-ferrous metals
重有色金屬冶煉設備安裝工程品質驗收規範 - 英文版
GB/T 50315-2011
Technical standard for site testing of masonry engineering
砌體工程現場檢測技術標準 - 英文版
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GB 50208-2011
Code for acceptance of construction quality of underground waterproof
地下防水工程品質驗收規範 - 英文版
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