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GB/T 18091-2015
Optical and thermal performance of glass curtain wall
玻璃幕牆光熱性能 - 英文版
GB/T 17006.11-2015
Evaluation and routine testing in medical imaging departments—Part 2-6: Constancy tests—Imaging performance of computed tomography X-ray equipment
醫用成像部門的評價及例行試驗 第2-6部分:X射線電腦體層攝影設備成像性能穩定性試驗 - 英文版
GB/T 32095.3-2015
performance and test methods of non-stick surface of domestic metal utensils for household food—Part 3:Test specification of corrosion resistance
家用食品金屬烹飪器具不粘表面性能及測試規範 第3部分:耐腐蝕性測試規範 - 英文版
GB/T 31858-2015
Simultaneous determination of acid yellow 1 and acid orange 7 prohibited using in eye cosmetics—High performance liquid chromatography
眼部護膚化妝品中禁用水溶性著色劑酸性黃 1和酸性橙 7的測定 高效液相色譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 32095.2-2015
performance and test methods of non-stick surface of domestic metal cooking utensils for household food—Part 2:Specification on non-stick performance and abrasion resistance
家用食品金屬烹飪器具不粘表面性能及測試規範 第2部分:不粘性及耐磨性測試規範 - 英文版
GB/T 31970-2015
performance requirements and bench test methods for air brake caliper assemble of automobile
汽車用氣壓制動卡鉗總成性能要求及台架試驗方法 - 英文版
GB/T 32095.1-2015
performance and test methods of non-stick surface of domestic metal utensils for household food—Part 1:General requirement of performance
家用食品金屬烹飪器具不粘表面性能及測試規範 第1部分:性能通用要求 - 英文版
GB/T 31886.2-2015
Test method about the influence of gaseous contaminant(s) in reaction gas on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells——Part 2:Gaseous contaminant(s) in hydrogen
反應氣中雜質對質子交換膜燃料電池性能影響的測試方法 第2部分:氫氣中雜質 - 英文版
GB/T 32266-2015
Method of performance testing for atomic fluorescence spectrometer
原子螢光光譜儀性能測定方法 - 英文版
GB/T 19129-2015
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles—Electric horn—performance requirement and methods
三輪汽車和低速貨車 電喇叭 性能要求及試驗方法 - 英文版
GB/T 32024-2015
Footwear—Test methods for whole shoes—Torsion performance
鞋類 整鞋試驗方法 扭轉性能 - 英文版
GB/T 31486-2015
Electrical performance requirements and test methods for traction battery of electric vehicle
電動汽車用動力蓄電池電性能要求及試驗方法 - 英文版
GB/T 32217-2015
Hydraulic fluid power—Sealing devices—Standard test methods to assess the performance of seals used in oil hydraulic reciprocating applications
液壓傳動 密封裝置 評定液壓往復運動密封件性能的試驗方法 - 英文版
GB/T 32112-2015
Determination of peroxide in oral care products—High performance liquid chromatography method
口腔護理產品中過氧化物的測定方法 高效液相色譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 32070-2015
Earth-moving machinery —Hazard detection systems and visual aids — performance requirements and tests
土方機械 危險監測系統及其可視輔助裝置 性能要求和試驗 - 英文版
GB/T 31532-2015
Determination of acesulfame potassium and sodium saccharin in toothpaste—High performance liquid chromatography
牙膏中丁磺氨鉀和糖精鈉的測定 高效液相色譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 36002-2015
Guidance on classifying social responsibility performance
社會責任績效分類指引 - 英文版
GB/T 9158-2015
Test methods of mechanics performance for windows and doors in building
建築門窗力學性能檢測方法 - 英文版
GB/T 19134-2015
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles—Rear view mirrors—Requirements of performance and installation
三輪汽車和低速貨車 後視鏡 性能和安裝要求 - 英文版
GB/T 21155-2015
Earth-moving machinery—Machine-mounted audible travel alarms and forward horns—Test methods and performance criteria
土方機械 行車聲響報警裝置和前方喇叭 試驗方法和性能準則 - 英文版
GB/T 18853-2015
Hydraulic fluid power filters—Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance of a filter element
液壓傳動篩檢程式 評定濾芯過濾性能的多次通過方法 - 英文版
GB/T 31897.1-2015
Luminaire performance—Part 1: General requirements
燈具性能 第1部分:一般要求 - 英文版
GB/T 32268-2015
Method of performance testing for octadecyl bonded(C18) high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) column
十八烷基鍵合相(C18)高效液相色譜柱性能測定方法 - 英文版
GB/T 32118-2015
Determination of formaldehyde in toothpaste—High performance liquid chromatography
牙膏中甲醛含量的測定 高效液相色譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 17614.1-2015
Transmitters for use in industrial-process control systems—Part 1: Methods for performance evaluation
工業程序控制系統用變送器 第1部分:性能評定方法 - 英文版
GB/T 32242.2-2015
Equipment for crop protection—Induction hopper—Part 2:General requirements and performance limits
植物保護機械 吸入式加藥裝置 第2部分:一般要求與性能限值 - 英文版
GB/T 20726-2015
Microbeam analysis—Selected instrumental performance parameters for the specification and checking of energy dispersive X-ray spectrometers for use in electron probe microanalysis
微束分析 電子探針顯微分析X射線能譜儀主要性能參數及核查方法 - 英文版
GB/T 10184-2015
performance test code for utility boiler
電站鍋爐性能試驗規程 - 英文版
GB/T 17737.201-2015
Coaxial communication cables—Part 1-201: Environmental test methods—Test for cold bend performance of cable
同軸通信電纜 第1-201部分:環境試驗方法 電纜的冷彎性能試驗 - 英文版
GB/T 32461-2015
Determination of formaldehyde in amino resins and phenolic resins and the migration of formaldehyde in their molding—High performance liquid chromatography
氨基樹脂、酚醛樹脂中甲醛含量及其成型品中甲醛遷移量的測定 高效液相色譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 31579-2015
Inspection of grains and oils—Determination of sesamin and sesamolin in sesame oil by high performance liquid chromatography
糧油檢驗 芝麻油中芝麻素和芝麻林素的測定 高效液相色譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 15478-2015
Test methods of the performances for pressure transducer/sensor
壓力感測器性能試驗方法 - 英文版
GB/T 18148-2015
Earth-moving machinery—Testing method of the compaction performance of rollers and compactors
土方機械 壓實機械壓實性能試驗方法 - 英文版
GB/T 25753.4-2015
Vacuum technology—Roots vacuum pump— Measurement of performance characteristics—Part 4: Measurement of noise
真空技術 羅茨真空泵性能測量方法 第4部分:雜訊的測量 - 英文版
GB/T 31415-2015
Paints and varnishes—performance requirements for protective paint systems for offshore and related structures
色漆和清漆 海上建築及相關結構用防護塗料體系性能要求 - 英文版
GB/T 32321-2015
Rolling bearings—Sealed deep groove ball bearings— performance test rule of dustproofing,grease leakage and temperature rise
滾動軸承 密封深溝球軸承 防塵、漏脂及溫升性能試驗規程 - 英文版
GB/T 24827-2015
performance requirements of luminaires for road and street lighting
道路與街路照明燈具性能要求 - 英文版
GB/T 31758-2015
Determination of solanesol in tobacco leaves and the extracts of tobacco leaves—High performance liquid chromatography method
煙葉和煙葉提取物中茄尼醇的測定 高效液相色譜法 - 英文版
GB/T 32267-2015
Terminology of performance testing for analytical instrument
分析儀器性能測定術語 - 英文版
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GB/T 20819.1-2015
Controllers with analogue signals for use in industrial-process control system—Part 1: Methods of evaluating the performance
工業程序控制系統用類比信號調節器 第1部分:性能評定方法 - 英文版
GB/T 19130-2015
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles―performance of speed meters
三輪汽車和低速貨車 車速表使用性能 - 英文版
GB/T 19120-2015
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles—Braking system—Structure, performance and test methods
三輪汽車和低速貨車 制動系統結構、性能和試驗方法 - 英文版
GB/T 31364-2015
Test methods for main performance of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
能量色散X射線螢光光譜儀主要性能測試方法 - 英文版
GB/T 31886.1-2015
Test method about the influence of gaseous contaminant(s) in reaction gas on the performance of proton exchange membrane fuel cells—Part 1:Gaseous contaminant(s) in air
反應氣中雜質對質子交換膜燃料電池性能影響的測試方法 第1部分:空氣中雜質 - 英文版
GB/T 32154-2015
Methods of performance tests for electrostatic-fabric integrated precipitator
電袋複合除塵器性能測試方法 - 英文版
GB/T 31540.1-2015
Fire safety engineering guide—Part 1:Application of fire performance concepts to design objectives
消防安全工程指南 第1部分:性能化在設計中的應用 - 英文版
GB/T 31423-2015
Guide for performance acceptance of oxygen bomb calorimeter
氧彈熱量計性能驗收導則 - 英文版
GB/T 31971.3-2015
Ships and marine technology—Marine environment protection:performance testing of oil skimmers—Part 3: High viscosity oil
船舶與海上技術 海上環境保護:撇油器性能試驗 第3部分:高粘度油 - 英文版
GB/Z 32458-2015
Centrifugal pumps handling viscous liquids—performance corrections
輸送粘性液體的離心泵 性能修正 - 英文版
GB/T 18250-2015
Graduations and test method for performance of deformation between stories of curtain wall
建築幕牆層間變形性能分級及檢測方法 - 英文版

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