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GB/T 51217-2017
technical specification for joint construction and sharing of transmission lines
通信傳輸線路共建共用技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34030-2017
Ships and marine technology—Standard specification for thermosetting resin fiberglass pipe and fittings to be used for marine applications
船舶和海上技術 船用熱固樹脂玻璃纖維管及附件技術要求 - 英文版
GB/T 15412-2017
General specification of pan/tilt head for non-broadcast TV camera
應用電視攝像機雲台通用規範 - 英文版
GB/Z 33902-2017
Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure differential devices—Guidelines on the effect of departure from the specifications and operating conditions given in GB/T 2624 and the correction methods
使用差壓裝置測量流體流量 偏離GB/T2624給出的要求和工作條件的影響及其修正方法 - 英文版
GB/T 33716.1-2017
Electronic archiving—Part 1:specification concerning the design and the operation of an information system for electronic information preservation
電子存檔 第1部分:為保存電子資訊針對資訊系統設計和運行的規範 - 英文版
GB/T 12919-2017
specification for cleaning equipments of air source in ship
船用控制氣源淨化裝置技術條件 - 英文版
GB/T 34879-2017
Geometrical product specifications (GPS)—Metrological characteristics and guide to uncertainty of measurement for optical confocal microscopes
產品幾何技術規範(GPS) 光學共焦顯微鏡計量特性及測量不確定度評定導則 - 英文版
GB/T 33676-2017
Technical specifications for inspection of lightning protection system in telecommunication site (station)
通信局(站)防雷裝置檢測技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34996-2017
specification of the 800/900MHz radio frequency identification reader/writer equipment
800/900MHz射頻識別讀/寫設備規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34595-2017
The technical specifications for remanufacturing of automotive components—Water pump
汽車零部件再製造產品技術規範 水泵 - 英文版
GB/T 16261-2017
General specification for printed circuit boards
印製板總規範 - 英文版
GB/T 33700-2017
specification for the ground-based GNSS water vapor remote sensing observation
地基導航衛星遙感水汽觀測規範 - 英文版
GB/T 35288-2017
Information security technology—specification on the job skills of certificate authority employees
資訊安全技術 電子認證服務機構從業人員崗位技能規範 - 英文版
GB/T 19668.3-2017
Information technology service—Surveillance—Part 3:Operations and maintenance surveillance specification
資訊技術服務 監理 第3部分:運行維護監理規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34946-2017
Source code vulnerability testing specification for C#
C#語言原始程式碼漏洞測試規範 - 英文版
GB/T 33534-2017
specification of unemployment registration management service
失業登記管理服務規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34808-2017
specification for agrometeorological observation—Soybean
農業氣象觀測規範 大豆 - 英文版
GB/T 34807-2017
General technical specifications for inspection and test of geotechnical engineering instruments & equipment
岩土工程儀器設備的檢驗測試通用技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34992-2017
12.5kHz TDMA channel based professional digital trunking communication system—Technical specifications for call control layer of air interface
基於12.5kHz通道的時分多址(TDMA)專用數位集群通信系統 空中介面呼叫控制層技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34072-2017
specification of temperature transmitter for internet of things
物聯網溫度變送器規範 - 英文版
GB/T 15145-2017
General specification for transmission line protection equipment
輸電線路保護裝置通用技術條件 - 英文版
GB/T 34600-2017
The technical specification for remanufacturing of automotive components—Spark and compression ignition engines
汽車零部件再製造產品技術規範 點燃式、壓燃式發動機 - 英文版
GB/T 20203-2017
Technical specification for irrigation projects with pipe conveyance
管道輸水灌溉工程技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 29618.42-2017
Field device tool (FDT) interface specification—Part42:Object model integration profile—Common language infrastructure
現場設備工具(FDT)介面規範 第42部分:物件模型行規集成 通用語言基礎結構 - 英文版
GB/T 33800-2017
Ships and marine technology—Ship recycling management systems—specifications for management systems for safe and environmentally sound ship recycling facilites
船舶與海上技術 拆船管理體系 拆船廠安全與環境無害化管理體系規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34113-2017
Technical specification for iron and steel logistics internet information interaction
鋼鐵物流互聯網資訊交互技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34139-2017
Technical specification of converters for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission using voltage sourced converters (VSC)
柔性直流輸電換流器技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34981.2-2017
specification of data for organization statistics and real-name management system—Part 2:Code set
機構編制統計及實名制管理系統資料規範 第2部分:代碼集 - 英文版
GB/T 33711-2017
Mobile laboratory—General technical specification for information transmission system
移動實驗室 資訊傳輸系統通用技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 29618.1-2017
Field device tool (FDT) interface specification—Part 1: Overview and guidance
現場設備工具(FDT)介面規範 第1部分:概述和導則 - 英文版
GB/T 33756-2017
Technical specification at the project level for assessment of greenhouse gas emission reductions—Alternative of raw materials in cement clinker production industry
基於專案的溫室氣體減排量評估技術規範 生產水泥熟料的原料替代項目 - 英文版
GB/T 34054-2017
specifications for lunar image plan making
月球影像平面圖製作規範 - 英文版
GB/T 33560-2017
Information security technology—Cryptographic application identifier criterion specification
資訊安全技術 密碼應用標識規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34949-2017
C programming language interface specification of real-time database
即時資料庫C語言介面規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34656-2017
specifications for marine sediment interstitial biota survey
海洋沉積物間隙生物調查規範 - 英文版
GB/T 29618.515-2017
Field device tool (FDT) interface specification—Part 515: Communication implementation for common object model—MODBUS fieldbus specification
現場設備工具(FDT)介面規範 第515部分:通用物件模型的通信實現 MODBUS現場匯流排規範 - 英文版
GB/T 33755-2017
Technical specification at the project level for assessment of greenhouse gas emission reductions—Utilization of waste energy in iron and steel industry
基於專案的溫室氣體減排量評估技術規範 鋼鐵行業余能利用 - 英文版
GB/T 18948-2017
Rubber hoses and tubing for cooling systems for internal-combustion engines—specification
內燃機冷卻系統用橡膠軟管和純膠管 規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34129-2017
specification for test of microgrid connected to distribution network
微電網接入配電網測試規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34078.1-2017
General specification of electronic government common platform based on cloud computing—Part 1: Terminology and definition
基於雲計算的電子政務公共平臺總體規範 第1部分:術語和定義 - 英文版
GB/T 34421-2017
specification for operation and service of coastal fishery inn
濱海漁家樂經營與服務規範 - 英文版
GB/T 33551-2017
Portable small-type diesel engine-pumps direct-linking unit—specification for performance evaluation
輕小型柴油機-泵直聯機組 性能評價規範 - 英文版
GB/T 35124-2017
specifications for astronomical telescopes
天文望遠鏡技術要求 - 英文版
GB/T 34300-2017
specification of grid-based services and management for urban and rural communities
城鄉社區網格化服務管理規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34907-2017
Technical specifications and fitness for service evaluation method for thermal well casing under cyclic steam stimulation process
稠油蒸汽熱采井套管技術條件與適用性評價方法 - 英文版
GB/T 33908-2017
Technical specification for testing of liquidus temperature of the electrolyte
鋁電解質初晶溫度測定技術規範 - 英文版
GB/T 34596-2017
The technical specifications for remanufacturing of automotive components—Oil pump
汽車零部件再製造產品技術規範 機油泵 - 英文版
GB/T 34598-2017
Plug-in hybrid electric commercial vehicles—specifications
插電式混合動力電動商用車 技術條件 - 英文版
GB/T 34994.1-2017
Application specifications for education card—Part 1: Technical requirements for education card
教育卡應用規範 第1部分:教育卡技術要求 - 英文版
GB/T 31983.31-2017
Narrow band power line communication over low-voltage mains—Part 31:Narrow band orthogonal frequency division multiplexing power line—Communication physical layer specification
低壓窄帶電力線通信 第31部分:窄帶正交頻分複用電力線通信 實體層規範 - 英文版

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