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1997 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 16529.3-1997
Splices for optical fibres and cables--Part 3:Sectional specification--Fusion splice organizers and closures for optical fibres and cables
光纤光缆接头 第3部分:分规范 光纤光缆熔接式接头
GB/T 4018.2-1997
Pillar type vertical drilling machines--Testing of the accuracy--Part 2:Testing of the working accuracy
圆柱立式钻床 精度检验 第2部分:工作精度检验
GB/T 4702.1-1997
Methods for chemical analysis of chromium metal--The ammonium ferrous sulfate volumetric method for thedetermination of chromium content
金属铬化学分析方法 硫酸亚铁铵容量法测定铬量
GB/T 7070-1997
Textiles--Tests for colour fastness--Colour fastness to bleaching:Peroxide
纺织品 色牢度试验 耐过氧化物漂白色牢度
GB/T 17194-1997
Conduits for electrical purposes--Outside diameters of conduits for electrical installations and threads of conduits and fittings
电气导管 电气安装用导管的外径和导管与配件的螺纹
GB 16852.2-1997
Diagnosis of occupational acute chemical poisoning--Part 2:Diagnostic guideline of occupational acute obscure chemical poisoning
职业性急性化学物中毒的诊断 第2部分:职业性急性隐匿式化学物中毒的诊断规则
GB/T 17031.1-1997
Textiles--Effect of dry heat on fabrics under low pressure--Part 1:Procedure for dry-heat treatment of fabrics
纺织品 织物在低压下的干热效应 第1部分:织物的干热处理程序
GB/T 17074-1997
Workplace air--Determination of acetaldehyde--Solvent desorption gas chromatographic method
GB/T 17138-1997
Soil quality--Determination of copper,zinc--Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry
土壤质量 铜、锌的测定 火焰原子吸收分光光度法
GB/T 17191.1-1997
Information technology--Coding of moving pictures and associatedaudio for digital storage media at up to about 1.5Mbit/s--Part 1:Systems
信息技术 具有1.5Mbit/s 数据传输率的数字存储媒体运动图像及其伴音的编码 第1部分:系统
GB 17053-1997
Hygienic standard for sodium carbonate in theair of workplace
GB 16933-1997
Acceptance criteria for near surface disposal of radioactive waste
GB 17149.1-1997
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of skin diseases induced by cosmetics--General guideline
化妆品皮肤病诊断标准及处理原则 总则
GB 16798-1997
Requirements of safety and sanitation for food machinery
GB 17149.4-1997
Diagnostic criteria and principles ofmanagement of hair damage induced by cosmetics
GB/T 1815-1997
Determination for the bromine number of benzole products
GB/T 5095.3-1997
Electromechanical components for electronic equipment--Basic testing procedures and measuring methods--Part 3:Current-carrying capacity tests
电子设备用机电元件 基本试验规程及测量方法 第3部分:载流容量试验
GB/T 5095.2-1997
Electromechanical components for electronic equipment--Basic testing procedures and measuring methods--Part 2:Generalexamination,electrical continuity and contact resistance tests,insulationtests and voltage stress tests
电子设备用机电元件 基本试验规程及测量方法 第2部分:一般检查、电连续性和接触电阻测试、绝缘试验和电压应力试验
GB 16788-1997
Measurements and limits of immunity of cabled distribution systems primarily intended for sound and television signals operating between 30MHz and 1GHz
30 MHz~1GHz 声音和电视信号电缆分配系统抗扰度测量方法和限值
GB/T 17190-1997
Piezoelectric ceramic filters for use in electronic equipment--A specification in the quality assessment system for electronic components--Part 1:Generic specification--Qualification approval
电子设备用压电陶瓷滤波器 电子元器件质量评定体系规范 第1部分:总规范 鉴定批准

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