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2008 year China issued GB standards list

GB 14536.3-2008
Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use - Particular requirements for thermal motor protectors
家用和类似用途电自动控制器 电动机热保护器的特殊要求
GB/T 21596-2008
Dangerous goods - Pressure test method for portable tank
危险品 便携式罐体压力试验方法
GB 13539.3-2008
Low-voltage fuses - Part 3:Supplementary requirements for fuses for use by unskilled persons(fuses mainly for household and similar applications) - Examples of standardized systems of fuses A to F
低压熔断器 第3部分: 非熟练人员使用的熔断器的补充要求(主要用于家用和类似用途的熔断器) 标准化熔断器系统示例A至F
GB 12041.2-2008
Information technology - Chinese ideogram coded character set (basic set) - 48 dot matrix font - Part 2:Hei Ti
信息技术 汉字编码字符集(基本集) 48点阵字型 第2部分:黑体
GB/T 17455-2008
Non-destructive testing - Metallographic replica techniques of surface examination
无损检测 表面检测的金相复型技术
GB 11341-2008
Safety rules for overhead chain conveyers
GB/T 15805.7-2008
The quarantine methods of fish - Part 7: Myxosoma cerebralis
鱼类检疫方法 第7部分:脑粘体虫
GB/T 15764-2008
Standard terminology of flat glass
GB/T 21593-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for stacking of packaging
危险品 包装堆码试验方法
GB 1258-2008
Working chemical - Potassium iodate
工作基准试剂 碘酸钾
GB/T 13758-2008
Viscose filament yarn
GB/T 21599-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for drop of packaging
危险品 包装跌落试验方法
GB 10733-2008
Primary chemical - Sodium chloride
第一基准试剂 氯化钠
GB/T 21604-2008
Test method of acute dermal irritation/corrosion for chemicals
GB/T 15907-2008
Rubber and plastics hoses - Method of test for flammability
橡胶和塑料软管 可燃性试验方法
GB/T 21605-2008
Test method of acute inhalation toxicity for chemicals
GB/T 15807-2008
Summer seedling of kelp
GB/T 21564.3-2008
Message formats and protocols for serial data interfaces in alarm transmission systems - Part 3: Common data link layer protocol
报警传输系统串行数据接口的信息格式和协议 第3部分:公用数据链路层协议
GB/T 15731-2008
Star-rating standard for river cruises
GB 12904-2008
Bar code for commodity - Retail commodity numbering and bar code marking
商品条码 零售商品编码与条码表示
GB/T 21560.3-2008
Low-voltage power supplies, d.c. output - Part 3: Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
低压直流电源 第3部分:电磁兼容性(EMC)
GB/T 15965-2008
Hand-made carpets - Determination of length of Pile
手工地毯 绒头长度的测定方法
GB/T 21562-2008
Railway applications - Specification and demonstration of Reliability,Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)
轨道交通 可靠性、可用性、可维修性和安全性规范及示例
GB 12279-2008
Cardiovasular implants - Cardiac valve prostheses
心血管植入物 人工心脏瓣膜
GB 12596-2008
Working chemical - Calcium carbonate
工作基准试剂 碳酸钙
GB/T 21499-2008
Rice - Determinaton of the potential milling yield from paddy and from husked rice
大米 稻谷和糙米潜在出米率的测定
GB 12595-2008
Working chemical - Silver nitrate
工作基准试剂 硝酸银
GB/T 21566-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for friction sensitivity of explosives substance
危险品 爆炸品摩擦感度试验方法
GB/T 21570-2008
Dangerous goods - Gap test method
危险品 隔板试验方法
GB 12594-2008
Working chemical - Potassium bromate
工作基准试剂 溴酸钾
GB/T 21573-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method of single package
危险品 单个包件试验方法
GB/T 21575-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method of cap for extremely insensitive detonate substance(EIDS)
危险品 极不敏感引爆物质的雷管试验方法
GB/T 21564.2-2008
Message formats and protocols for serial data interfaces in alarm transmission systems - Part 2: Common application layer protocol
报警传输系统串行数据接口的信息格式和协议 第2部分:公用应用层协议
GB/T 21451.4-2008
Petroleum and liquid petroleum products - Measurement of level and temperature in storage tanks by automatic methods - Part 4: Measurement of temperature in atmospheric tanks
石油和液体石油产品 储罐中液位和温度自动测量法 第4部分: 常压罐中的温度测量
GB/T 21460.1-2008
Plastics - Styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) moulding and extrusion materials - Part 1: Designation system and basis for specifications
塑料 苯乙烯-丙烯腈(SAN)模塑和挤出材料 第1部分:命名系统和分类基础
GB/T 13794-2008
Pyrometric reference cones
GB/T 13576.2-2008
Buttress threads with the flank angles of 3 and 30 degrees - Part 2: General plan
锯齿形(3°、30°)螺纹 第2部分:直径与螺距系列
GB/T 16255.3-2008
Test method for the percentage of length of scoured mohair - Array diagram method
洗净马海毛纤维长度试验方法 手排法
GB/T 13576.3-2008
Buttress threads with the flank angles of 3 and 30 degrees - Part 3: Basic dimensions
锯齿形(3°、30°)螺纹 第3部分:基本尺寸
GB 17790-2008
Installation specifications for household and similar air-conditioning
GB/T 13793-2008
Steel pipes with a longitudinal electric (resistance) weld
GB/T 16267-2008
Test method of packaging materials - Vapors corrosion inhibiting ability
包装材料试验方法 气相缓蚀能力
GB/T 21452-2008
Petroleum products - Determination of particulate content of middle distillate fuels - Laboratory filtration method
中间馏分燃料颗粒物含量的测定 实验室过滤法
GB/T 1613-2008
Barium nitrate for industrial use
GB 17509-2008
Photometric characteristics of direction indicators for motor vehicles and their trailers
GB/T 21459.1-2008
Specification guidelines for fungal pesticide technical concentrates(TK)
GB 17498.9-2008
Stationary training equipment - Part 9: Elliptical trainers - Additional specific safety requirements and test methods
固定式健身器材 第9部分:椭圆训练机 附加的特殊安全要求和试验方法
GB/T 21502-2008
Starting device
GB/T 16254-2008
GB/T 16779-2008
Test method for tension-tension fatigue of fiber reinforced plastic laminates
GB/T 21413.1-2008
Railway applications - Electric equipment for rolling stock - Part 1: General service conditions and general rules
铁路应用 机车车辆电气设备 第1部分: 一般使用条件和通用规则
GB/T 15376-2008
Wookworking machines - Turning lathes - Nomenclature and acceptance conditions
木工机床 普通车床 术语和精度
GB 18447.1-2008
Safety requirements for tractors - Part 1:Wheeled tractors
拖拉机 安全要求 第1部分:轮式拖拉机
GB/T 16304-2008
Test methods of the properties for piezoelectric ceramics - Test for relation between electric field and strain
压电陶瓷材料性能测试方法 电场应变特性的测试
GB/T 16301-2008
Measurement and evaluation of vibration severity for marine engine-room auxiliaries
GB 17733-2008
Geographical names - Signs
地名 标志
GB 18191-2008
Packing containers - Plastic drum for packages of dangerous goods
包装容器 危险品包装用塑料桶
GB/T 21460.2-2008
Plastics - Styrene/acrylonitrile(SAN) moulding and extrusion materials - Part 2: Preparation of test specimens and determination of properties
塑料 苯乙烯-丙烯腈(SAN)模塑和挤出材料 第2部分: 试样制备和性能测定
GB/T 13813-2008
Testing method and judging rule of safety to friction spark of metallic material for coal mine
GB/T 19582.2-2008
Modbus industrial automation network specification-Part 2:Modbus protocol implementation guide over serial link
基于Modbus协议的工业自动化网络规范 第2部分:Modbus协议在串行链路上的实现指南
GB 17888.1-2008
Safety of machinery - Permanent means of access to machinery - Part 1: Choice of a fixed means of access between two levels
机械安全 进入机械的固定设施 第1部分:进入两级平面之间的固定设施的选择
GB/T 16277-2008
Asphalt paver
GB/T 21427-2008
Special environmental condition - Requirements and test methods for electric powerplant with internal combustion engines in dry heat-desert
特殊环境条件 干热沙漠对内燃机电站系统的技术要求及试验方法
GB/T 13575.2-2008
Classical and narrow V-belt drives - Part 2:Effective system
普通和窄V带传动 第2部分:有效宽度制
GB/T 21416-2008
Clinical electronic thermometer
GB/T 15972.50-2008
Specifications for optical fibre test methods - Part 50: Measurement methods and test procedures for environmental characteristics - Damp heat(steady state)
光纤试验方法规范 第50部分:环境性能的测量方法和试验程序 恒定湿热
GB 17498.8-2008
Stationary training equipment - Part 8: Steppers, stairclimbers and climbers - Additional specific safety requirements and test methods
固定式健身器材 第8部分:踏步机、阶梯机和登山器 附加的特殊安全要求和试验方法
GB/T 21481.1-2008
Ships and marine technology - Potable water supply on ships and marine structures - Part 1: Planning and design
船舶与海上技术 船舶和海上结构物上生活用水供应 第1部分: 规划和设计
GB 16454-2008
Sawing machines for metal cutting - Safeguarding specifications
金属锯床 安全防护技术条件
GB/T 21485-2008
Ships and marine technology - Shipboard plans for fire protection,life-saving appliances and means of escape
船舶和海上技术 船上消防、救生设备及逃生路线布置图
GB 15762-2008
Autoclaved aerated concrete slabs
GB/T 13790-2008
Cold rolled low carbon steel sheets and strips for vitreous enamelling
GB/T 15587-2008
Guideline for energy management in industry enterprise
GB/T 21474-2008
Guideline for the assessment on the reuse and recycling system of waste electrical and electronic equipment
GB 15592-2008
Polyvinyl chloride paste resins
GB/T 15972.45-2008
Specifications for optical fibre test methods - Part 45: Measurement methods and test procedures for transmission and optical characteristics - Mode field diameter
光纤试验方法规范 第45部分:传输特性和光学特性的测量方法和试验程序 模场直径
GB/T 15972.43-2008
Specifications for optical fibre test methods - Part 43: Measurement methods and test procedures for transmission and optical characteristics - Numerrical aperture
光纤试验方法规范 第43部分:传输特性和光学特性的测量方法和试验程序 数值孔径
GB 15146.3-2008
Nuclear criticality safety for fissile materials outside reactors - Part 3: Requirements for nuclear criticality safety in the storage of fissile materials
反应堆外易裂变材料的核临界安全 第3部分:易裂变材料贮存的核临界安全要求
GB/T 13640-2008
Size designation of protective clothing
GB 1499.1-2008
Steel for the reinforcement of concrete - Part 1: Hot rolled plain bars
钢筋混凝土用钢 第1部分:热轧光圆钢筋
GB 15631-2008
Special type fire detectors
GB/T 17473.7-2008
Test methods of precious metals pastes used for microelectronics - Determination of solderability and solderelaching resistance
微电子技术用贵金属浆料测试方法 可焊性、耐焊性测定
GB/T 13576.4-2008
Buttress threads with the flank angles of 3 and 30 degrees - Part 4: Tolerances
锯齿形(3°、30°)螺纹 第4部分:公差
GB 17498.5-2008
Stationary training equipment - Part 5: Pedal crank training equipment - Additional specific safety requirements and test methods
固定式健身器材 第5部分:曲柄踏板类训练器材 附加的特殊安全要求和试验方法
GB/T 21463-2008
Rubber-Polychloroprene latex - Determination of alkalinity
GB 17498.2-2008
Stationary training equipment - Part 2: Strength training equipment - Additional specific safety requirements and test methods
固定式健身器材 第2部分:力量型训练器材 附加的特殊安全要求和试验方法
GB/T 21464-2008
Rubber - Determination of 5-Ethylidenenorbornene(ENB)or Dicyclopentadiene(DCPD) in Ethylene-Propylene-Diene (EPDM) Terpolymers
橡胶 乙烯-丙烯-二烯烃(EPDM)三元共聚物中5-乙叉降冰片烯(ENB)或双环戊二烯(DCPD)含量的测定
GB 16486-2008
The limits and measurement methods of fuel consumption for mopeds
GB 17466.23-2008
Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations - Part 23: Particular requirements for floor boxe and enclosures
家用和类似用途固定式电气装置的电器附件安装盒和外壳 第23部分:地面安装盒和外壳的特殊要求
GB 18447.3-2008
Safety requirements for tractors - Part 3: Crawler tractors
拖拉机 安全要求 第3部分:履带拖拉机
GB 17466.22-2008
Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations - Part 22: Particular requirements for connecting boxes and enclosures
家用和类似用途固定式电气装置的电器附件安装盒和外壳 第22部分:连接盒与外壳的特殊要求
GB/T 15972.54-2008
Specifications for optical fibre test methods - Part 54: Measurement methods and test procedures for environmental characteristics - Gamma irradiation
光纤试验方法规范 第54部分:环境性能的测量方法和试验程序 伽玛辐照
GB 17466.1-2008
Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations - Part 1: General requirements
家用和类似用途固定式电气装置电器附件安装盒和外壳 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 15972.53-2008
Specifications for optical fibre test methods - Part 53: Measurement methods and test procedures for environmental characteristics - Water immersion
光纤试验方法规范 第53部分:环境性能的测量方法和试验程序 浸水
GB/T 21471-2008
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer - Shafts
锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 轴类
GB 16895.28-2008
Electrical installations of buildings - Part 7-714: Requirements for special installations or locations - External lighting installations
建筑物电气装置 第7-714部分:特殊装置或场所的要求 户外照明装置
GB 17466.24-2008
Boxes and enclosures for electrical accessories for household and similar fixed electrical installations - Part 24: Particular requirements for enclosures for housing pro tective devices and similar power consuming devices
家用和类似用途固定式电气装置的电器附件安装盒和外壳 第24部分:住宅保护装置和类似电源功耗装置的外壳的特殊要求
GB/T 11541-2008
Photographic base paper
GB/T 14188-2008
General rules for selection and using of packaging materials with volatile corrosion inhibitor
GB/T 18448.2-2008
Laboratory animal - Method for examination of toxoplasma gondii
实验动物 弓形虫检测方法
GB/T 12979-2008
Specifications for close-range photogrammetry
GB/T 11356.1-2008
Belt drives - Pulleys for V-belts (system based on datum width) -Geometrical inspection of grooves
带传动 V带轮(基准宽度制) 槽形检验
GB/T 17253-2008
Synthetic filament yarn fabrics
GB/T 14610-2008
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of calcium in cereals and cereal products
粮油检验 谷物及制品中钙的测定
GB/T 14252-2008
Woven carpets
GB/T 17919-2008
Directives for dust explosion protection for dust collectors in dust explosion hazardous area
GB/T 12972.7-2008
Flexible rubber-sheathed cables for mining purposes - Part 6:Flexible cables with screens for rated voltages up to 6/10kV
矿用橡套软电缆 第7部分:额定电压6/10kV及以下屏蔽橡套软电缆
GB/T 14593-2008
Quantitative analysis method of cashmere, wool and their blends - Scanning electron microscope method
山羊绒、绵羊毛及其混合纤维定量分析方法 扫描电镜法
GB/T 12971.2-2008
Trolley and contact wires for electric traction - Part 2: Aluminium and steel composite trolley and contact wires
电力牵引用接触线 第2部分: 钢、铝复合接触线
GB/T 12956-2008
Fixtures for bathroom
GB/T 11500-2008
Photography - Density Measurement - Part 2:Geometric conditions for transmission density
摄影 密度测量 第2部分:透视密度的几何条件
GB/T 17841-2008
Heat strengthened glass
GB/T 18380.12-2008
Test on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions - Part 12:Test for vertical flame propagation for a single insulated wire or cable - Procedure for 1kW pre-mixed flame
电缆和光缆在火焰条件下的燃烧试验 第12部分:单根绝缘电线电缆火焰垂直蔓延试验 1kW预混合型火焰试验方法
GB/T 12928-2008
Marine reciprocating air compressor for medium pressure and low pressure
GB/T 11759-2008
Raw cattle hides and skins
GB/T 14490-2008
Inspection of grain and oil - Determination gelatinization properties in cereal and starch by viscograph
粮油检验 谷物及淀粉糊化特性测定 粘度仪法
GB/T 14492-2008
Unreusable steel drum of calcium carbide for packing
GB/T 11746-2008
Tufted carpets
GB/T 11501-2008
Photography - Density Measurement - Part 3:Spectral Conditions
摄影 密度测量 第3部分:光谱条件
GB/T 11682-2008
Low background alpha and/or beta measuring instruments
GB/T 14531-2008
Office furniture - Tables、chairs and stools for reading
办公家具 阅览桌、椅、凳
GB/T 11651-2008
Code of practice for selection of personal protective equipments
GB/T 17236-2008
The operating procedures of pig-slaughtering
GB/T 14511-2008
Specifications for printing of maps
GB/T 18380.32-2008
Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions - Part 32:Test for vertical flame spread of vertically-mounted bunched wires or cables - Category A F/R
电缆和光缆在火焰条件下的燃烧试验 第32部分:垂直安装的成束电线电缆火焰垂直蔓延试验 A F/R类
GB/T 18380.33-2008
Tests on electric and optical fibre cables under fire conditions - Part 33:Test for vertical flame spread of vertically-mounted bunched wires or cables - Category A
电缆和光缆在火焰条件下的燃烧试验 第33部分:垂直安装的成束电线电缆火焰垂直蔓延试验 A类
GB/T 14624.4-2008
Test method for drying time of film formation of offset ink
GB/T 14503-2008
General principle of nomenclature and classification of radioisotope products
GB/T 18661-2008
Metal-halide lamps (ScI3-NaI series)
GB/T 17890-2008
Maize for feedstuffs
GB/T 18654.4-2008
Inspection of germplasm for cultured fishes - Part 4: Determination of age and growth
养殖鱼类种质检验 第4部分:年龄与生长的测定
GB/T 18654.5-2008
Inspection of germplasm for cultured fishes - Part 5: Analysis of feeding habits
养殖鱼类种质检验 第5部分:食性分析
GB/T 13017-2008
Guidelines for preparing diagrams of enterprise standard system
GB/T 11132-2008
Standard test method for hydrocarbon types in liquid petroleum products by fluorescent indicator adsorption
液体石油产品烃类的测定 荧光指示剂吸附法
GB/T 18654.3-2008
Inspection of germplasm for cultured fishes - Part 3: Measurement of characters
养殖鱼类种质检验 第3部分: 性状测定
GB/T 11066.2-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of gold - Determination of silver content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
金化学分析方法 银量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 14653-2008
Flexible link coupling
GB/T 13025.2-2008
General test method in salt industry - Determination of whiteness
制盐工业通用试验方法 白度的测定
GB/T 13026-2008
Types and dimensions of a.c. capacitance graded bushings
GB/T 14693-2008
Non-destructive testing - Symbolic representation on drawings
无损检测 符号表示法
GB/T 14703-2008
Raw lacquer
GB/T 14714-2008
General specification of switching power supply for mini-micro computer system
GB/T 19586-2008
Product of geographical indication - Turpan raisin
地理标志产品 吐鲁番葡萄干
GB/T 1467-2008
Method for chemical analysis of metallurgy product - General rules and regulations
GB/T 11260-2008
Round steel-the inspection method for eddy current test
GB/T 18357-2008
Product of geographical indication - Xuanwei ham
地理标志产品 宣威火腿
GB/T 17863-2008
Determination of thorium in thorium ores
GB/T 14625.4-2008
Test methods for basketball, football, volleyball and handball - Part 4: Test conditions and sample preparation
篮球、足球、排球、手球试验方法 第4部分:试验条件与试样准备
GB/T 18577.1-2008
Earth-moving machinery - Definitions of dimensions and codes - Part 1: Base machine
土方机械 尺寸与符号的定义 第1部分:主机
GB/T 18577.2-2008
Earth-moving machinery - Definitions of dimensions and codes - Part 2: Equipment and attachments
土方机械 尺寸与符号的定义 第2部分:工作装置和附属装置
GB/T 1786-2008
Forging tortillas ultrasonic testing method
GB/T 18650-2008
Product of geographical indication - Longjing tea
地理标志产品 龙井茶
GB/T 14624.3-2008
Test method for fluidity of offset ink
GB/T 1301-2008
Hollow drill steels for rock drilling
GB/T 18654.1-2008
Inspection of germplasm for cultured fishes - Part 1: Inspection rule
养殖鱼类种质检验 第1部分: 检验规则
GB/T 18654.12-2008
Inspection of germplasm for cultured fishes - Part 12: Method for the karyotpe analysis
养殖鱼类种质检验 第12部分: 染色体组型分析
GB/T 14635-2008
Rare earth metals and their compounds - Determination of total rare earth contents
稀土金属及其化合物化学分析方法 稀土总量的测定
GB/T 14647-2008
Chloroprene rubber CR121、CR122
GB/T 11158-2008
Specifications for high temperature test chambers
GB/T 18607-2008
Specification for subsurface sucker rod pumps and fittings
GB/T 12737-2008
Chemical products for industrial use-General method for determination of traces of sulphur compounds, as sulphate, by reduction and titrimetry
工业用化工产品中以硫酸根表示的痕量硫化合物测定的通用方法 还原和滴定法
GB/T 14410.2-2008
Flight mechanics - Concepts,quantities and symbols - Part 2:Forces,moments,their coefficients and derivatives
飞行力学 概念、量和符号 第2部分:力、力矩及其系数和导数
GB/T 17999.8-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 8: Examination of salmonella pullorum for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第8部分:SPF鸡 鸡白痢沙门氏菌检验
GB/T 12527-2008
Aerial insulated cables for rated voltages up to and including 1kV
额定电压1 kV及以下架空绝缘电缆
GB/T 1251.3-2008
Ergonomics - system of auditory and visual danger and information signals
人类工效学 险情和信息的视听信号体系
GB/T 14311-2008
Printed and dyed cotton corduroy
GB/T 17999.9-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 9: Tube agglutination test for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第9部分:SPF鸡 试管凝集试验
GB/T 17999.4-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 4: Serum plate agglutination test for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第4部分:SPF鸡 血清平板凝集试验
GB/T 18012-2008
Natural Rubber latex - Determination of pH
天然胶乳 pH值的测定
GB/T 12407-2008
Codes for positions classes
GB/T 12753-2008
Steel wire ropes for conveyer belts
GB/T 17999.2-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 2: Hemagglutination inhibition test for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第2部分:SPF鸡 红细胞凝集抑制试验
GB/T 18151-2008
Laser guards
GB/T 12772-2008
Cast iron pipes、fittings and accessories with flexible joint sewerage for drainage
GB/T 14484-2008
Plastics - Determination of bearing strength
塑料 承载强度的测定
GB/T 14315-2008
Compression type terminal lugs and ferrules with copper or aluminum for power cables conductors
GB/T 12654-2008
Writing paper
GB/T 12729.4-2008
Spices and condiments - Determination of degree of fineness of grinding - Hand sieving method
香辛料和调味品 磨碎细度的测定(手筛法)
GB/T 12666.3-2008
Test method on a single wire or cable under fire conditions - Part 3: Slanting specimen flame test
单根电线电缆燃烧试验方法 第3部分:倾斜燃烧试验
GB/T 14339-2008
Testing method for defect of man-made staple fibres
化学纤维 短纤维疵点试验方法
GB/T 12665-2008
Requirements of damp-heat testing of electrical machine for service in general environmental condition
GB/T 12661-2008
Paper and board - Determination of microbiological properties - Total bacterial count
GB/T 12529.1-2008
Graphic symbols and codes for grain and oil industry - Part 1: General items
粮油工业用图形符号、代号 第1部分:通用部分
GB/T 12658-2008
Paper, board and pulp - Determination of sodium content
GB/T 12827-2008
Standard reference acetylene blank and standard practice for evaluation
GB/T 12628-2008
General specification for hard disk drive
GB/T 12622-2008
Standard test method for compressibility and recovery of gaskets for pipe flanges
GB/T 14321-2008
Testing method for quantities of α-Al2O3 phase in alumina with an X-ray diffractometer
GB/T 12604.5-2008
Non-destructive testing - Terminology - Terms used in magnetic particle testing
无损检测 术语 磁粉检测
GB/T 12532-2008
Determination of total ash content in edible mushroom
GB/T 18014-2008
PVC insulated wire for ignition of electric detonators
GB/T 14343-2008
Testing method for linear density of man-made filament yarns
化学纤维 长丝线密度试验方法
GB/T 14464-2008
Polyester staple fibre
GB/T 12778-2008
Determination of charpy impact fracture surface for metallic materials
GB/T 14455.6-2008
Fragrance/Flavor substances - Determination of ester value or ester content
香料 酯值或含酯量的测定
GB/T 11847-2008
Determination of specific surface area of uranium dioxide powder by BET capacity method
二氧化铀粉末比表面积测定 BET容量法
GB/T 14456.1-2008
Green tea - Part 1:Basic requirements
绿茶 笫1部分:基本要求
GB/T 18233-2008
Information technology - Generic cabling for customer premises
信息技术 用户建筑群的通用布缆
GB/T 14454.5-2008
Fragrance/Flavor substances - Determination of optical rotation
香料 旋光度的测定
GB/T 14463-2008
Viscose staple fiber

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