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2011 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 26712-2011
Supply stops for sanitary appliance and steam pipe
GB/T 26657-2011
Evaluation of energy consumption for sand mold baking oven
GB/T 26660-2011
Large SWC universal coupling with whole fork
GB 26787-2011
Safety specifications of line regulator used in welding,cutting and allied processes
GB/T 26726-2011
superfine powder of tungsten
GB/T 26732-2011
Process for retreading of tyres
GB/T 26653-2011
Exhaust manifold iron castings
GB/T 26671-2011
Guide for environmentally conscious design assessment of electrical and electronic products
GB/T 26652-2011
Abrasion-resistant composite materials castings
GB/T 26680-2011
Techinical requirements for permanent magnet synchronous generator
永磁同步发电机 技术条件
GB/T 7332-2011
Fixed capacitors for use in electronic equipment - Part 2: Sectional specification - Fixed metallized polyethylene-terephthalate film dielectric d.c.capacitors
电子设备用固定电容器 第2部分:分规范 金属化聚乙烯对苯二甲酸酯膜介质直流固定电容器
GB 26851-2011
Audible and/or visual fire alarm signaling appliances
GB/T 26720-2011
General principles of stipulating the guidelines for cleaner production audit in service sectors
GB/T 666-2011
Chemical reagent - Zinc sulfate heptahydrate
化学试剂 七水合硫酸锌(硫酸锌)
GB/T 7113.6-2011
Flexible insulating sleeving - Part6:Glass textile sleeving with polyurethane(PUR) based coating
绝缘软管 第6部分:聚氨脂(PUR)玻璃纤维软管
GB/T 7113.5-2011
Flexible insulating sleeving - Part 5: Glass textile sleeving with silicone elastomer coating
绝缘软管 第5部分:硅橡胶玻璃纤维软管
GB/T 26761-2011
Xiaoqu traditional Chinese spirits
GB 26488-2011
Magnesium alloys die casting safety criterion
GB/T 675-2011
Chemical reagent - Iodine
化学试剂 碘
GB/T 26629-2011
Practice for the investigation and forecast of grain harvest quality
GB/T 26630-2011
Good manufacturing practice for rice processing enterprise
GB/T 26632-2011
Terminology of grain and oil - Storage equipment and establishment
粮油名词术语 粮油仓储设备与设施
GB/T 26765-2011
Specifications for power-driven vehicle safety inspection business information system and networking
GB/T 26655-2011
Compacted(vermicular)graphite iron castings
GB 26969-2011
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for domestic solar water heating systems
GB/T 26740-2011
Road vehicles - Brake linings - Disc brake pads - Evaluation of surface and material flaws after testing
道路车辆 制动衬片 盘式制动衬块 试验后表面和材料缺陷的评价方法
GB/T 26728-2011
Efficient single cylinder diesel engines - Requirements
高效单缸柴油机 技术条件
GB 26688-2011
Automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lighting
GB/T 26636-2011
Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of polymerized triglycerides content by high-performance size-exclusion chromatography (HPSEC)
动植物油脂 聚合甘油三酯的测定 高效空间排阻色谱法(HPSEC)
GB 26504-2011
Mobile road construction machinery - Common safety requirements
移动式道路施工机械 通用安全要求
GB/T 26748-2011
Cement grinding aids
GB 26538-2011
Fired heat preservation brick and block
GB 26721-2011
Arsenic trioxide
GB/Z 26958.49-2011
Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) - Filtration - Part 49: Morphological profile filter: Scale space techniques
产品几何技术规范(GPS) 滤波 第49部分:形态学轮廓滤波器 尺度空间技术
GB 8159-2011
Mines filter self-rescuer for carbon monoxide
GB 26640-2011
Specification for minimal thickness of the shell of valves
GB/T 7169-2011
Designation of secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes
GB/T 7400-2011
Radio and television terminology
GB 26541-2011
Autoclaved fly ash perforated brick
GB/T 7528-2011
Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies - Vocabulary
橡胶和塑料软管及软管组合件 术语
GB/T 7584.3-2011
Acoustics - Hearing protectors - Part 3: Measurement of insertion loss of ear-muff type protectors using an acoustic test fixture
声学 护听器 第3部分:使用专用声学测试装置 测量耳罩式护听器的插入损失
GB 26452-2011
Discharge standard of pollutants for vanadium industry
GB 338-2011
Methanol for industrial use
GB/T 8872-2011
Terminology of grain and oils - Flour milling industry
粮油名词术语 制粉工业
GB 26875.2-2011
Remote-monitoring system of urban fire protection - Part 2:Functional requirements for communication server software
城市消防远程监控系统 第2部分:通信服务器软件功能要求
GB/Z 18039.7-2011
Electromagnetic compatibility - Environment - Voltage dips and short interruptions on public electric power supply systems with statistical measurement results
电磁兼容 环境 公用供电系统中的电压暂降、短时中断及其测量统计结果
GB/T 9799-2011
Metallic and other inorganic coatings - Electroplated coatings of zinc with supplementary treatments on iron or steel
金属及其他无机覆盖层 钢铁上经过处理的锌电镀层
GB/T 8826-2011
Rubber antioxidant TMQ
GB 5135.21-2011
Automatic sprinkler system - Part 21: Inspector’s test connection
自动喷水灭火系统 第21部分:末端试水装置
GB/Z 26577-2011
Production technical practice for green scallion
GB/Z 26581-2011
Production technical practice for cucumber
GB/T 687-2011
Chemical reagent - Glycerol
化学试剂 丙三醇
GB/Z 26582-2011
Production technical practice for cabbage
GB 6549-2011
Potassium chloride
GB 26875.5-2011
Remote-monitoring system of urban fire protection - Part 5: Functional requirements for receiving software
城市消防远程监控系统 第5部分:受理软件功能要求
GB/T 4167-2011
GB 18143-2011
Ophthalmic instruments - Trial frames
眼科仪器 试镜架
GB/T 5905-2011
Cranes - Test code and procedures
起重机 试验规范和程序
GB/T 9195-2011
Classification and terms of building and sanitary ceramics
GB 26859-2011
Safety code of electric power industry - Part of electric lines
电力安全工作规程 电力线路部分
GB 26788-2011
The general safety regulations of elasticity pressure gauge
GB/Z 26822-2011
Document management - Information stored electronically - Recommendations for trustworthiness and reliability
文档管理 电子信息存储 真实性可靠性建议
GB/T 648-2011
Chemical reagent - Potassium thiocyanate
化学试剂 硫氰酸钾
GB/T 7113.4-2011
Flexible insulating sleeving - Part 4: Glass textile sleeving with acrylic based coating
绝缘软管 第4部分:丙烯酸酯玻璃纤维软管
GB/T 4799-2011
The type designation for lasers
GB/Z 26583-2011
Production technical practice for chili pepper
GB/T 26651-2011
Abrasion-resistant steel castings
GB/T 26875.4-2011
Remote-monitoring system of urban fire protection - Part 4: Basic data item
城市消防远程监控系统 第4部分:基本数据项
GB/T 26624-2011
Design specifications for wastewater storage facility of animal farm
GB/T 26872-2011
Metallographic atlas of electrical contact materials
GB/T 26626-2011
Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Determination of water content - Karl Fischer method (pyridine free)
动植物油脂 水分含量测定 卡尔费休法(无吡啶)
GB/T 26870-2011
Industrial a.c. networks affected by harmonics - Application of filters and shunt capacitors
GB/T 26628.1-2011
Inspection of grain and oils - Standard atlas of stored grain fungi - Part 1:Aspergillus
粮油检验 储粮真菌标准图谱 第1部分:曲霉属
GB/T 26868-2011
The guide for design and application of high-voltage power filters
GB/T 26922-2011
Guide for evaluating water saving users in service industry
GB/T 26864-2011
The dynamic test of the power system protective products
GB/T 26885-2011
Grain and oil machinery - Sweep auger
粮油机械 螺旋清仓机
GB/T 26664-2011
Metallic line spring coupling
GB/T 26856-2011
Specification for the basic requirements and conformity test of Chinese office software
GB/T 10001.3-2011
Public information graphical symbols for use on sign-Part 3: Symbols for passenger and cargo transport
标志用公共信息图形符号 第3部分:客运货运符号
GB/T 26855-2011
Information security technology - Public key infrastructure - Certificate policy and certification practice statement framework
信息安全技术 公钥基础设施 证书策略与认证业务声明框架
GB/T 26531-2011
Product of geographical indication - Yongchun aged vinegar
地理标志产品 永春老醋
GB/T 26682-2011
Technical requirements and methods of measurement for standard testing receiver of digital terrestial television
GB/T 26690-2011
Acrylic coated biaxially oriented polypropylene film
GB/T 26642-2011
Non-destructive testing - Test method for computed radiography of metallic materials
无损检测 金属材料计算机射线照相检测方法
GB/T 26896-2011
Grain and oil machinery - Combine husker and whitener united rice mill
粮油机械 砻碾组合米机
GB/T 26673-2011
Road vehicles - Ignition systems - Electrical performance and function test methods
道路车辆 点火系统电气特性试验方法
GB/T 26548.2-2011
Hand-held portable power tools - Test methods for evaluation of vibration emission - Part 2: Wrenches,nutrunners and screwdrivers
手持便携式动力工具 振动试验方法 第2部分:气扳机、螺母扳手和螺丝刀
GB/T 26792-2011
High performance liquid chromatography
GB/T 26917-2011
Dtermination method of filter aiding effect of flocculants in vacuum filtration system
GB/T 26914-2011
Rattan terminology
GB/T 26910-2011
Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness, uniformity and stability -Willow (Salix L.)
植物新品种特异性、一致性、稳定性测试指南 柳属
GB/T 26908-2011
Storage practice for fresh Chinese jujubes
GB/T 26879-2011
Grain and oils storage - Technology regulation of heat insulation in warehouse
粮油储藏 平房仓隔热技术规范
GB/T 26897-2011
Grain and oil machinery - Iron roll rice whitener
粮油机械 铁辊碾米机
GB/T 26621-2011
Kuruma prawn
GB/T 26570.1-2011
Determination of particle in gases - Light-scattering method - Part 1:Determination of particle in pipeline gases
气体中颗粒含量的测定 光散射法 第1部分:管道气体中颗粒含量的测定
GB/T 26594-2011
Non-destructive testing instruments - Properties test methods of industrial X-ray tube
无损检测仪器 工业用X射线管性能测试方法
GB/T 26892-2011
Grain and oil machinery - Corn degerminator
粮油机械 玉米破糁脱胚机
GB/T 26601-2011
Microscopes - Spectral filters
显微镜 光谱滤光片
GB/T 26615-2011
Quality grading of the princes-feather (Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.)seeds
GB/T 26887-2011
Grain and oil machinery - Desolventizer
粮油机械 蒸脱机
GB/T 26618-2011
Protocol of diagnosis for Perkinsosis
GB/T 26698-2011
Pencils and mechanical pencils for exam
GB/T 26561-2011
Counterbalanced trucks handling freight containers of 6m length and above - Additional stability tests
搬运6m及其以上长度货运集装箱的平衡重式叉车 附加稳定性试验
GB/T 26769-2011
Video-based detecting method for pavement surface distress
GB/T 26695-2011
Thermally toughened glass panels for furniture
GB/T 26802.6-2011
Industrial control computer system - General specificaton - Part 6: Regulation of acceptance
工业控制计算机系统 通用规范 第6部分:验收大纲
GB/T 26757-2011
General technical rules for voluntary agreement of energy conservation
GB/T 26759-2011
The technical specification for energy-saving control device for water system of central air-conditioning
GB/T 26760-2011
Jiang-flavour Chinese spirits
GB/T 26802.1-2011
Industrial control computer system - General specification - Part 1: General requirements
工业控制计算机系统 通用规范 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 26799-2011
General specifications of dispenser
点胶机 通用技术条件
GB/T 26750-2011
Sanitary ware - Pressure assistant water flushing devices
卫生洁具 便器用压力冲水装置
GB/T 26768-2011
Basic data elements of freight transportation by road and waterway
GB/T 26803.2-2011
Industrial control computer system - Bus - Part 2: System external bus - General specification for serial interface
工业控制计算机系统 总线 第2部分:系统外部总线 串行接口通用技术条件
GB/T 2677.2-2011
Determination of moisture content in fibrous raw material
GB/T 26773-2011
Intelligent transport systems - Lane departure warning systems - Performance requirements and test procedures
智能运输系统 车道偏离报警系统 性能要求与检测方法
GB/T 26774-2011
Technical specification for car transport vehicles
GB/T 26796.2-2011
EPA Specification for use in industrial measurement and control systems - Part 2: Conformance test specification
用于工业测量与控制系统的EPA规范 第2部分:协议一致性测试规范
GB/T 26795-2011
Numerical batch control water meter
GB/T 26784-2011
Fire resistance test for elements of building construction - Alternative and additional procedures
建筑构件耐火试验 可供选择和附加的试验程序
GB/T 26789-2011
Product lifecycle management services specification
GB/T 26790.1-2011
Industrial wireless network WIA specification - Part 1: WIA System architecture communication specification for process automation (WIA-PA)
工业无线网络WIA规范 第1部分:用于过程自动化的WIA系统结构与通信规范
GB/T 26767-2011
Basic data elements of geographic information for freight transportation by road and waterway
GB/T 26734-2011
Textile-glass rovings - Determination of solubility of size
玻璃纤维无捻粗纱 浸润剂溶解度的测定
GB/T 26547-2011
Rotary tools for threaded fasteners - Performance test method
螺纹紧固件用回转式工具 性能试验方法
GB/T 26850-2011
Carpets using in bathroom
GB/T 26706-2011
Upholstered furniture - Palm fiber elastic mattress
软体家具 棕纤维弹性床垫
GB/T 26707-2011
Wrist and pocket watches - Fitting diameters for hour,minute and second hands
手表和怀表 时针、分针和秒针的配合直径
GB/T 26824-2011
GB/T 26823-2011
Acceptance sampling procedures by attributes - Accept-zero sampling system based on credit principle for controlling outgoing quality
GB/T 26723-2011
Cold rolled titanium strip coil
GB/T 26751-2011
Ground granulated electirc furnace phosphorous slag powder used for cement and concrete
GB/T 26733-2011
Glass fibre wet-laid mat
GB/T 26696-2011
Polymer board for furniture
GB/T 26735-2011
Glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin spray pipe
GB/T 26812-2011
Preparation method of reference solutions for the measurement of ion selective electrodes
GB/T 26738-2011
Road vehicles - Brake lining friction material - Product definition and quality assurance
道路车辆 制动衬片摩擦材料 产品确认和质量保证
GB/T 26739-2011
Road vehicles - Brake linings - Test method for internal shear strength of lining material
道路车辆 制动衬片 材料内剪切强度试验方法
GB/T 26741-2011
Brake linings for motor tricycle
GB/T 26804.4-2011
Industrial control computer system - Function module - Part 4: Methods of evaluating the performance for analogue input/output channel module
工业控制计算机系统 功能模块模板 第4部分:模拟量输入输出通道模板性能评定方法
GB/T 26745-2011
Basalt fiber composites for strengthening and restoring structures
GB/T 26746-2011
Sprayed mineral wool insulation
GB/T 26816-2011
Information resource core metadata
GB/T 27517-2011
A multiplex RT-PCR method to differentiate the highly pathogenic and classical porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus
GB/T 19065-2011
Economical operation for electric boiler system
GB/T 27534.1-2011
Rules for animal genetic resource survey - Part 1: General
畜禽遗传资源调查技术规范 第1部分:总则
GB/T 27524-2011
Cigarettes - Determination of semi-volatile compounds (pyridine, styrene, quinoline) in mainstream smoke - GC-MS method
卷烟 主流烟气中半挥发性物质(吡啶、苯乙烯、喹啉)的测定 气相色谱-质谱联用法
GB/T 19590-2011
Nanoscale Calcium carbonate(Powdered form)
GB/T 19630.4-2011
Organic products - Part 4:Management system
有机产品 第4部分:管理体系
GB/T 27523-2011
Cigarettes - Determination of volatile organic compounds (1,3-butadiene, isoprene, acrylonitrile, benzene, toluene) in mainstream smoke - GC-MS method
卷烟 主流烟气中挥发性有机化合物(1,3-丁二烯、异戊二烯、丙烯腈、苯、甲苯)的测定 气相色谱-质谱联用法
GB/T 20633.2-2011
Coatings for loaded printed wire boards (conformal coatings) - Part 2:Methods of test
承载印制电路板用涂料(敷形涂料) 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 26382-2011
Worsted fabric
GB/T 27521-2011
RT-PCR assay for swine influenza virus nucleic acid
GB/T 16935.4-2011
Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems - Part 4: Consideration of high-frequency voltage stress
低压系统内设备的绝缘配合 第4部分:高频电压应力考虑事项
GB/T 22281.2-2011
Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - Data processing, communication and presentation - Part 2: Data processing
机器的状态监测和诊断 数据处理、通信和表达 第2部分:数据处理
GB/T 22696.4-2011
Electrical equipment safety - Risk assessment and risk reduction - Part 4: Risk reduction
电气设备的安全 风险评估和风险降低 第4部分:风险降低
GB/T 22696.5-2011
Electrical equipment safety - Risk assessment and risk reduction - Part 5: Method and example for risk assessment and reduction
电气设备的安全 风险评估和风险降低 第5部分:风险评估和降低风险的方法示例
GB/T 24338.2-2011
Railway applications - Electromagnetic compatibility - Part 2: Emission of the whole railway system to the outside world
轨道交通 电磁兼容 第2部分:整个轨道系统对外界的发射
GB/T 25753.3-2011
Vacuum technology - Roots vacuum pump - Measurement of performance characteristics - Part 3: Measurement of overflow valve differential pressure
真空技术 罗茨真空泵性能测量方法 第3部分:溢流阀压差的测量
GB/T 27508-2011
Method for determining the degree of jump and weave in 70mm、35mm and 16mm motion-picture projected images
GB/T 26928-2011
Guide for evaluating water saving community
GB/T 20633.3-2011
Coatings for loaded printed wire boards (conformal coatings) - Part 3:Coatings for general purpose (Class 1), high reliability (Class 2) and aerospace(Class 3)
承载印制电路板用涂料(敷形涂料) 第3部分:一般用(1级)、高可靠性用(2级)和航空航天用(3级)涂料
GB/T 27552-2011
Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials - Microhardness testing of welded joints
金属材料焊缝破坏性试验 焊接接头显微硬度试验
GB/T 10002.3-2011
Valves made of unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride)(PVC-U)for water supply
GB/T 10320-2011
Electrical safety of laser equipment and installatins
GB/T 10597-2011
Hoisting hoister
GB/T 10820-2011
Thermal efficiency and test methods of boilers for daily life
GB/T 27555-2011
Rolling bearings - Insert bearing units - Specifications
滚动轴承 带座外球面球轴承 技术条件
GB/T 11059-2011
Standard test method for determination of vapor pressure of crude oil:VPCRx (expansion method)
原油蒸气压的测定 膨胀法
GB/T 11490-2011
Dimensions of base for color picture tubes
GB/T 18300-2011
Specification for automatic control sodium ion exchange
GB/T 12613.2-2011
Plain bearings - Wrapped bushes - Part 2: Test data for outside and inside diameters
滑动轴承 卷制轴套 第2部分: 外径和内径的检测数据
GB/T 17262-2011
Single-capped fluorescent lamps - Performance specification
单端荧光灯 性能要求
GB/T 12613.6-2011
Plain bearings - Wrapped bushes - Part 6:Checking the inside diameter
滑动轴承 卷制轴套 第6部分:内径检验
GB/T 27551-2011
Destructive tests on welds in metallic materials - Fracture test
金属材料焊缝破坏性试验 断裂试验
GB/T 15947-2011
EDIFACT message design rules for EDI
GB/T 16474-2011
Designation system for wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy
GB/T 16520-2011
Message handling services - Electronic data interchange messaging service
消息处理业务 电子数据交换消息处理业务
GB/T 16560-2011
Deck decompression chamber
GB/T 27548-2011
Mobile elevating work platforms - Safety principles, inspection, maintenance and operation
移动式升降工作平台 安全规则、检查、维护和操作
GB/T 26380-2011
Textile - Terminology for silk
纺织品 丝绸术语
GB/T 12613.1-2011
Plain bearings - Wrapped bushes - Part 1:Dimensions
滑动轴承 卷制轴套 第1部分: 尺寸
GB/T 26953-2011
Non-destructive testing of welds - Penetrant testing of welds - Acceptance levels
焊缝无损检测 焊缝渗透检测 验收等级
GB/T 27003-2011
Conformity assessment - Complaints and appeals - Principles and requirements
合格评定 投诉和申诉 原则和要求
GB/T 26237.3-2011
Information technology - Biometric data interchange formats - Part 3:Finger pattern spectral data
信息技术 生物特征识别数据交换格式 第3部分:指纹型谱数据
GB/T 26998-2011
Examinations & assessment for professional managers
GB/T 26493-2011
Store and transport regulation of battery scraps
GB/T 26986-2011
Crude petroleum - Determination of water - Potentiometric Karl Fischer titration method
原油水含量测定 卡尔.费休电位滴定法
GB/T 26502.2-2011
Transmission belt building machine
GB/T 26513-2011
Lip moisturizer
GB/T 26390-2011
Wear-resisting paper for laminate floor covering
GB/T 26971-2011
Test methods for remote-storage double-loop domestic solar water heating systems
GB/T 26486-2011
NC lvelling and shearing line
GB/T 26942-2011
Loop vehicle detector
GB/T 26941.6-2011
Fences - Part 6: Expanded steel fences
隔离栅 第6部分:钢板网
GB/T 26941.3-2011
Fences - Part 3: Welded steel wire fences
隔离栅 第3部分:焊接网
GB/T 26521-2011
Nickel carbonate for industrial use
GB/T 26930.1-2011
Carbonaceous materials for the production of primary aluminium - Pitch for electrodes - Part 1:Determination of water content - Azeotropic distillation(Dean and Stark) method
原铝生产用炭素材料 煤沥青 第1部分:水分含量的测定 共沸蒸馏法

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