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"Distille" CNS Standards Search Result

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2630 - English Version
Distilled Coal Gas (for Household Fuel)
煤氣(煤乾餾,家庭燃料用) - 英文版
15797 - English Version
Oil of wintergreen, China [Gaultheria yunnanensis (Franch.) Rehd], reDistilled
冬青油(中國型,再蒸餾) - 英文版
6460 - English Version
Oil of lime Distilled, Mexican type [Citrus aurantifolia (Christm.) Swingle]
墨西哥萊姆油(蒸餾法) - 英文版
1625755 - English Version
Oil of spearmint ─ Part 3: Indian type (Mentha spicata L.) , reDistilled oil
綠薄荷油-第3部:印度型(再蒸餾油)10 - 英文版
1625727 - English Version
Oil of spearmint ─ Part 2: Chinese type (80 % and 60 %) (Mentha viridis L. var. crispa Benth.) , reDistilled oil
綠薄荷油-第2部:中國型(80%和60%再蒸餾油)10 - 英文版
7432 - English Version
Fractionated and Distilled Cottonseed Fatty Acids
分餾與蒸餾棉子脂肪酸 - 英文版
7431 - English Version
Distilled Soybean Fatty Acids
蒸餾大豆脂肪酸 - 英文版
7430 - English Version
Distilled Corn Fatty Acids
蒸餾玉蜀黍脂肪酸 - 英文版
7429 - English Version
Distilled Coconut Fatty Acids
蒸餾椰子脂肪酸 - 英文版
2631 - English Version
Coal gas, Distilled, for industrial use
煤氣(煤乾餾,工業燃料用) - 英文版
2326 - English Version
Phenol Distilled for Industrial Use
酚(工業用)(乾餾製) - 英文版

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