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"Gas" CNS Standards Search Result

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1469 - English Version
Gasoline for automobile
車用汽油(被CNS12614取代) - 英文版
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11534 - English Version
Method of Test for Evaporative Emission Control System for Gasoline Engine Automobiles
汽油車引擎燃料蒸發控制系統試驗法 - 英文版
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12835-2 - English Version
Plastics piping systems for the supply of Gaseous fuels ? Polyethylene (PE) ? Part 2:Pipes
燃氣用塑膠配管系統-聚乙烯(PE)-第2部:管1 - 英文版
9620 - English Version
Rubber hoses for Gas
燃氣用橡膠軟管100 - 英文版
9621 - English Version
Rubber hoses for liquefied petroleum Gases (LPGs) ? Automobile, general equipment and home application
液化石油氣用橡膠管(LPG橡膠管)-汽車、一般設備 - 英文版
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2820071 - English Version
Rubber hoses for liquefied petroleum Gases (LPGs) ─ Part 2 : Bulk transfer applications
液化石油氣用橡膠管(LPG橡膠管)-第2部:槽車及管路用 - 英文版
12835 - English Version
Polyethylene pipes for natural Gas supply
天然氣用聚乙烯塑膠管(被CNS12835-1及CNS12835-2取代 - 英文版
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13814 - English Version
Wire reinforced rubber hoses and hose assemblies for fuel Gas
燃氣用鋼絲強化橡膠管及管組合件1 - 英文版
4164 - English Version
Volatile petroleum solvent (Liquefied petroleum Gas) for wood preservatives(→CCC11117)
木材防腐劑用揮發性石油溶劑(液化石油氣)(被CNS1449 - 英文版
2259 - English Version
Aviation Gasoline
航空汽油 - 英文版
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12614 - English Version
Unleaded Gasoline for automobile
車用無鉛汽油100 - 英文版
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12951 - English Version
Liquefied petroleum Gases (LPG)
液化石油氣1 - 英文版
15109 - English Version
Denatured fuel ethanol for blending with Gasolines for use as automotive spark-ignition engine fuel
變性燃料乙醇(含生質酒精)-供汽油摻配作為汽車火花 - 英文版
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15376 - English Version
Automotive fuels – Liquefied petroleum Gas (LPG)
車用液化石油氣1 - 英文版
46 - English Version
Method of test for Gasoline (→CNS 12013)
汽油檢驗法(被CNS12 - 英文版
2820099 - English Version
Rubber hoses for liquefied petroleum Gases (LPGs) ─ Part 3: Dispensing hoses and hose assemblies
液化石油氣用橡膠管(LPG橡膠管)-第3部:加氣用管及管組 - 英文版
15822 - English Version
Metallic flexible hoses for Gas
燃氣用金屬可撓性管 - 英文版
73 - English Version
BaGasse Board
蔗板 - 英文版
4274 - English Version
Method of Test for Steel Sheets,Plates and Strips for Gas Cylinders
高壓瓦斯容器用鋼板及鋼片檢驗法(被CNS4273取代) - 英文版
7378 - English Version
Method of Test for Seamless Steel Tubes for Higr Pressure Gas Cylinder(→CCC4344)
高壓貯氣瓶用無縫鋼管檢驗法(被CNS7377取代) - 英文版
4273 - English Version
Steel plates,sheets and strips for Gas cylinders
高壓瓦斯容器用鋼板、鋼片及鋼帶 - 英文版
7377 - English Version
Seamless Steel Tubes for High Pressure Gas Cylinder
高壓貯氣瓶用無縫鋼管 - 英文版
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12835-1 - English Version
Plastics piping systems for the supply of Gaseous fuels ? Polyethylene (PE) ? Part 1:General
燃氣用塑膠配管系統-聚乙烯(PE)-第1部:通則1 - 英文版
14401-2 - English Version
Petroleum and natural Gas industries - Steel pipe for pipelines- Technical delivery conditions Part 2: Pipes of requirement class B
石油及天然氣工業-管線用鋼管交貨之技術規範-B級管之 - 英文版
2592 - English Version
Method of Analysis for Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide Hydrogen and Methane in Gases
氣體中二氧化碳,不飽和烴,氧,一氧化碳,氫,甲烷之 - 英文版
9178 - English Version
General Rules for Aralytical Method in Gas Chromatography
氣相層析一般檢驗法 - 英文版
12509 - English Version
General Rules for Analytical Methods in Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
氣相層析/質譜分析法通則 - 英文版
12510 - English Version
Non-dispersed Infrared Gas Analyzer
紅外線氣體分析儀 - 英文版
2631 - English Version
Coal Gas, distilled, for industrial use
煤氣(煤乾餾,工業燃料用) - 英文版
2680 - English Version
Nitrogen Gas, Compressed in Cylinder
高壓瓶裝氮氣 - 英文版

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