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"Pressure" CNS Standards Search Result

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9799 - English Version
Stress and fatigue analyses for Pressure vessels
壓力容器之應力解析及疲勞解析 - 英文版
14967 - English Version
Miniature Pressure vessels
小型壓力容器 - 英文版
12896 - English Version
Pressure Regulators for Gas Welding, Cutting and Allied Processes
氣體熔接、截割(切斷)用壓力調整器 - 英文版
12655 - English Version
Construction of Pressure Vessels for Refrigeration
冷凍用壓力容器構造 - 英文版
12240 - English Version
Construction of Layered Pressure Vessels
多層卷壓力容器 - 英文版
10849 - English Version
Screw Threads of Valves for High Pressure Gas Cylider
高壓鋼瓶閥螺紋標準 - 英文版
10848 - English Version
Valves for high Pressure gas cylinders
高壓氣體容器用閥 - 英文版
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10218 - English Version
Construction of Pressure vessels (20) calculation for maximun allowable enternal pressure of pipes
壓力容器構造(二十)管之最高容許外壓力計算 - 英文版
10217 - English Version
Construction of (19) all kinds of material character Pressure vessels
壓力容器構造(十九)材料之各種特性 - 英文版
10216 - English Version
Glossary of terms used in Pressure vessels
壓力容器之用詞 - 英文版
10215 - English Version
Sight glasses for Pressure vessels
壓力容器之檢視窗 - 英文版
9803 - English Version
Welding procedure qualification test for Pressure vessels
壓力容器熔接施工方法之確認試驗 - 英文版
9802 - English Version
Quick closure for Pressure vessels
壓力容器之快速開關蓋裝置 - 英文版
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10769 - English Version
Marine High Pressure Sodium Lamp Type Flood Lights
船用汎光燈(高壓鈉氣燈式) - 英文版
9800 - English Version
Production test for Pressure vessels
壓力容器熔接接頭之機械試驗 - 英文版
5708 - English Version
Method of Test Pressure Compensating Type Flow Control Valves for Hydraulic Use
液壓用壓力補整流量控制閥檢驗法 - 英文版
9798 - English Version
Pressure vessel of noncircular cross section
非圓形胴體之壓力容器 - 英文版
9797 - English Version
Jacket for Pressure vessels
壓力容器之夾套 - 英文版
9796 - English Version
Saddle supported horizontal Pressure vessels
以鞍座支撐之臥型壓力容器 - 英文版
9795 - English Version
Expansion joint for Pressure vessels
壓力容器之伸縮接頭 - 英文版
9794 - English Version
Stayed plate for Pressure vessels
壓力容器以牽條支撐之平板 - 英文版
9793 - English Version
Cover plate for Pressure vessels
壓力容器之蓋板 - 英文版
9792 - English Version
Flat tube sheet for Pressure vessels
壓力容器之管板 - 英文版
9791 - English Version
Beltled flange for Pressure vessels
壓力容器螺栓之固定凸緣 - 英文版
9790 - English Version
Opening for Pressure vessels
壓力容器之孔補強 - 英文版
9789 - English Version
Shell and head of Pressure vessels
壓力容器之胴體及端板 - 英文版
9788 - English Version
Pressure vessels (General standard)
壓力容器(通則) - 英文版
8201 - English Version
Ductile Cast Iron Special Castings for Pressure Main Lines, Duckfoot Bends
壓力管路用延性鑄鐵管件-90°連座彎管 - 英文版
9801 - English Version
Pressure and leak for pressure vessels
壓力容器之耐壓試驗及洩漏試驗 - 英文版
3765-79 - English Version
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-79: Particular requirements for high Pressure cleaners and steam
家用和類似用途電器-安全性-第2-79部:高壓力清洗機 - 英文版

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