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CNS 5573 - English Version
Mushroom ventilators
蕈形通風筒 - 英文版
CNS 13943 - English Version
Unit bathroom
組合浴室(整體浴室) - 英文版
CNS 6873 - English Version
Method for Measuring Amount of room Ventilation (Carbondioxide Method)
室內換氣量之測定法(二氧化碳法) - 英文版
CNS 9056 - English Version
Acoustics – Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room
聲學-迴響室之吸音量測 - 英文版
CNS 4416 - English Version
Slotted flat mushroom head screws
有槽平蕈形頭螺釘 - 英文版
CNS 7562 - English Version
Mushroom Head Rivets, Nominal Diameters 1.6 to 6 mm
蕈形頭鉚釘(標稱直徑1﹒6至6mm) - 英文版
CNS 9672 - English Version
Slotted Truss(or Mushroom) Head Machine Screws
有槽蕈形頭小螺釘 - 英文版
CNS 9675 - English Version
Cross-Recessed Truss (or Mushroom) Head Machine Screws
十字穴蕈形頭小螺釘 - 英文版
CNS 15186-2 - English Version
Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments – Part 2: Specifications for testing and monitoring to prove continued
潔淨室及其附屬之控制環境-第2部:確保持續符合CNS - 英文版
CNS 3765-30 - English Version
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances – Part 2: Particular requirements for room heaters
家用和類似用途電器產品的安全-第2部:室內加熱器的個 - 英文版
CNS 10597 - English Version
Ventilating Fan for Bath room Use
浴室用通風電扇 - 英文版
CNS 60335-2-30 - English Version
Household and similar electrical appliances – Safety – Part 2-30: Particular requirements for room heaters
家用和類似用途電器-安全性-第2-30部:室內加熱器之 - 英文版
CNS 60335-2-61 - English Version
Household and similar electrical appliances ? Safety ? Part 2-61: Particular requirements for thermal-storage room heaters
家用和類似用途電器-安全性-第2-61部:儲熱式室內加 - 英文版
CNS 3037 - English Version
Moist cabinets, moist room, and water storage tanks used in the testing of hydraulic cements and concretes.
水硬性水泥及混凝土試驗用水槽、濕養櫃及濕養室 - 英文版
CNS 14654 - English Version
Acoustics - Determination of sound power levels of noise sources using sound pressure - Precision methods for reverberation rooms
聲學-利用聲壓測定噪音源聲功率位準-迴響室的精密級 - 英文版
CNS 14430 - English Version
Furniture - Desks and chairs for general classroom
家具-(學校)普通教室用課桌椅100 - 英文版
CNS 1250 - English Version
Canned mushroom
洋菇罐頭 - 英文版
CNS 2175 - English Version
Canned straw mushroom
草菇罐頭 - 英文版
CNS 2771 - English Version
Frozen Mushrooms
冷凍洋菰 - 英文版
CNS 3757 - English Version
Canned oyster mushroom
蠔菇罐頭 - 英文版
CNS 3758 - English Version
Canned golden mushroom
金針菇罐頭 - 英文版
CNS 3898 - English Version
Canned abalone mushroom
鮑魚菇罐頭 - 英文版
CNS 4186 - English Version
Salted mushrooms
鹽漬洋菇 - 英文版
CNS 11809 - English Version
Forest Mushroom (Shiitake) Hot Air Dehydrated
熱風乾製香菰 - 英文版
CNS 4338 - English Version
Method of test for salted mushrooms(→CCC1193)
鹽漬洋菇檢驗法(被CNS4186取代) - 英文版
CNS 11810 - English Version
Method of Test for Foresr Mushroom (Shiitake) Hot Air Dehydrated
熱風乾製香菰檢驗法 - 英文版
CNS 2890 - English Version
Method of Test for Frie-Resistance of Dry Fired and Pressed Fine Ceramic and Porcelain Specimens at room Temperature
已燒製乾壓精陶瓷試樣常溫抗撓性能試驗法 - 英文版
CNS 13957 - English Version
Method of test for tensile strength of fine ceramics at room and
精密陶瓷室溫及高溫抗拉強度試驗法 - 英文版
CNS 7230 - English Version
room Temperature Resistivity Measurements on Thermoelectric Materials
熱電材料之室溫電阻係數測試法 - 英文版

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