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1995 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 16029-1995
Workplace air--Determination of chlorine--Methyl orange spectrophotometric method
GB/T 15507-1995
Water quality--Determination of hydrazine--p-Dimetylaminobenzaldehyde spectrophotometric method
水质 肼的测定 对二甲氨基苯甲醛分光光度法
GB/T 15694.1-1995
Identification cards--Identification of issuers--Part 1:Numbering system
识别卡 发卡者标识 第1部分:编号体系
GB/T 16056-1995
Workplace air--Determination ofnaphthalene--Solvent desorption gas chromatographic method
GB/T 16081-1995
Workplace air--Determination of trichloromethane--Solvent desorption gas chromatographic method
GB 15572-1995
Food additive--Calcium acetate
食品添加剂 乙酸钙
GB 15989-1995
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of malaria
GB/T 1870-1995
Phosphate rock and concentrate--Determination of moisture content--Gravimetric method
磷矿石和磷精矿中水分的测定 重量法
GB/T 15273.4-1995
Information processing--8-Bit single-byte coded graphic character sets--Part 4:Latin alphabet No.4
信息处理 八位单字节编码图形字符集 第四部分:拉丁字母四
GB/T 15555.12-1995
Solid waste--Glass electrode test--Method of corrosivity
固体废物 腐蚀性测定 玻璃电极法
GB/T 15751-1995
Technical product documentation--Requirements for computer aided design and drafting--Vocabulary
技术产品文件 计算机辅助设计与制图 词汇
GB/T 15485-1995
Acoustics--Methods for the calculation of the articulation index of speech
声学 语言清晰度指数的计算方法
GB/T 15489.8-1995
Colour filter glass test methods--Resistance UV irradiating stability
滤光玻璃测试方法 耐紫外辐射稳定性
GB/T 15549-1995
Sensory analysis--Methodology--Initiation and training of assessors in the detection and recognition of odours
感官分析 方法学 检测和识别气味方面评价员的入门和培训
GB/T 16068-1995
Workplace air--Determination of propyl acetate--Direct injection gas chromatographic method
GB/T 2471-1995
Preferred number series for resistors and capacitors
GB/T 3788-1995
General specification for vacuum capacitors
GB/T 15467-1995
Graphic technology--Sheet-fed printing machines--Range of sizes
印刷技术 单张纸印刷机 尺寸系列
GB/T 16139-1995
Dose conversion coefficients for use inprotection against neutron radiation
GB/T 15780-1995
Testing methods for physical and mechanical properties of bamboos

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