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2008 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 20975.20-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of aluminium and aluminium alloys - Part 20:Determination of gallium content Butyrhodamine B spectrophotometric method
铝及铝合金化学分析方法 第20部分:镓含量的测定 丁基罗丹明B分光光度法
GB/T 3893-2008
Shipbuilding and marine structures - Deck machinery - Vocabulary and symbols
造船及海上结构物 甲板机械 术语和符号
GB/T 13248-2008
Rubber and rubber latices - Determination of manganese content - Sodium periodate photometric methodes
橡胶和胶乳 锰含量的测定 高碘酸钠光度法
GB 1256-2008
Working chemical - Arsenic trioxide
工作基准试剂 三氧化二砷
GB/T 13985-2008
Operating force and strength of camera
GB 13960.2-2008
Safety of transportable motor operated electric tools - Part 2: Particular requirements for circular saws
可移式电动工具的安全 第二部分:圆锯的专用要求
GB/T 15094-2008
Terminology for ship technology - Ship repairing technology
船舶工艺术语 修船工艺
GB/T 21607-2008
Test method of one-generation reproduction toxicity for chemicals
GB 2797-2008
Technical specification for lamp caps
GB/T 22765-2008
GB/T 6904-2008
Water used in industrial circulating cooling system and boiler - Determination of pH
GB/T 223.59-2008
Iron,steel and alloy - Determination of phosphorus content - Bismuth phosphomolybdate blue spectrophotometric method and antimony phosphomolybdate blue spectrophotometric method
钢铁及合金 磷含量的测定 铋磷钼蓝分光光度法和锑磷钼蓝分光光度法
GB/T 639-2008
Chemical reagent - Sodium carbonate anhydrous
化学试剂 无水碳酸钠
GB/T 6465-2008
Metallic and other non-organic coatings - Corrodkote corrosion test(CORR test)
金属和其他无机覆盖层 腐蚀膏腐蚀试验 (CORR试验)
GB 12710-2008
Safety code for the coking plant
GB/T 22393-2008
Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machines - General guidelines
机器状态监测与诊断 一般指南
GB 4706.89-2008
Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - Particular requirements for high pressure cleaners and steam cleaners, for industrial and commercial use
家用和类似用途电器的安全 工业和商用高压清洁器与蒸汽清洁器的特殊要求
GB 4793.7-2008
Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 7: Particular requirements for laboratory centrifuges
测量、控制和实验室用电气设备的安全要求 第7部分:实验室用离心机的特殊要求
GB/T 3482-2008
Lightning test method for electronic equipments
GB/T 27027-2008
Guidelines for corrective action to be taken by a certification body in the event of misuse of its mark of conformity
GB/T 21617-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for oxidizing solids
危险品 固体氧化性试验方法
GB/T 10304-2008
Analytical method of cathode carbonate
GB/T 8293-2008
Natural rubber latex concentrate - Determination of sludge content
浓缩天然胶乳 残渣含量的测定
GB/T 17376-2008
Animal and vegetable fats and oils - Preparation of methyl esters of fatty acids
动植物油脂 脂肪酸甲酯制备
GB/T 15268-2008
Mulberry silkworm fresh cocoons
GB/T 18663.1-2008
Mechanical structures for electronic equipment Tests for IEC 60917 and IEC 60297 - Part 1: Climatic, mechanical tests and safety aspects for cabinets, racks, subracks and chassis
电子设备机械结构 公制系列和英制系列的试验 第1部分: 机柜、机架、插箱和机箱的气候、机械试验及安全要求
GB/T 19332-2008
Product of geographical indication - Changshan huyou
地理标志产品 常山胡柚
GB/T 23227-2008
Materials used as cigarette papers, filter plug wrap and filter joining paper, including materials having an oriented permeable zone - Determination of air permeability
卷烟纸、成形纸、接装纸及具有定向透气带的材料 透气度的测定
GB/T 532-2008
Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of adhesion to textile fabric
GB/T 15510-2008
General rules for reliability test of electromagnetic relay for control circuits
GB/T 21430.1-2008
Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for broadband digital communications(high bit rate digital access telecommunication networks) Outside plant cables - Part 1: Generic specification
宽带数字通信(高速率数字接入通信网络)用对绞或星绞多芯对称电缆-户外电缆 第1部分:总规范
GB/T 17215.322-2008
Electricity metering equipment (a.c.) - Particular requirements - Part 22: Static meters for active energy (classes 0,2 S and 0,5 S)
交流电测量设备 特殊要求 第22部分:静止式有功电能表(0.2S级和0.5S级)
GB/T 21408-2008
Glass plant,pipeline and fittings - Pipeline and fittings of nominal bore 15 to150mm - Compatibility and interchangeability
玻璃设备、管道和管件 15mm~150mm口径管道和管件的通用性和互换性
GB/T 20972.3-2008
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Material for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production - part 3: Cracking-resistant CRAs (corrosion-resistant alloys) and other alloys
石油天然气工业 油气开采中用于含硫化氢环境的材料 第3部分:抗开裂耐蚀合金和其他合金
GB/T 9204-2008
Dead centre
GB/T 22420-2008
Bi-directional and multi-directional fork-lift trucks - Stability tests
两向和多向运行叉车 稳定性试验
GB/T 22744-2008
Product of geographical indication - Jiyuan herb rabdosiae rubescentis
地理标志产品 济源冬凌草
GB/T 7790-2008
Paints and varnishes - Determination of resistance to cathodic disbonding of coatings exposed to sea water
色漆和清漆 暴露在海水中的涂层耐阴极剥离性能的测定
GB/T 14613-2008
Inspection of grain and oilseeds - Wheat-meal fermentation time test(Pelshenke test)
粮油检验 全麦粉发酵时间试验(Pelshenke试验)
GB/T 15453-2008
Water for industrial circulating cooling system and boiler - Determination of chloride
GB/T 10853-2008
Terminology for the mechanism and machine science
GB/T 13002-2008
Rotating electrical machines - Part 11: Thermal protection
旋转电机 热保护
GB/T 13385-2008
Specification for packaging drawing
GB/T 2423.48-2008
Environmental testing for electric and electronic products - Part 2:Test methods - Test Ff: Vibration- Time-history method
电工电子产品环境试验 第2部分:试验方法 试验Ff:振动-时间历程法
GB/T 3478.1-2008
Straight cylindrical involute splines - Metric module, side fit - Part 1: Generalities
圆柱直齿渐开线花键(米制模数 齿侧配合) 第1部分:总论
GB 6142-2008
Quality grading of the grass seeds
GB/T 17999.1-2008
SPF chicken - Microbiological surveillance - Part 1: General rules for the microbiological surveillance for SPF chicken
SPF鸡 微生物学监测 第1部分:SPF鸡 微生物学监测总则
GB/T 27305-2008
Food safety management system - Requirements for fruit and vegetable juices producing establishments
食品安全管理体系 果汁和蔬菜汁类生产企业要求
GB/T 1953-2008
Marine low pressure bronze male threaded stop check valves
GB/T 9489-2008
Chemical analysis methods of alundum powder
GB/T 5641-2008
Flared couplings - Union cross
GB/T 21814-2008
Testing methods for industrial wastewater - Fish acute toxicity
工业废水的试验方法 鱼类急性毒性试验
GB/T 1844.3-2008
Plastics - Symbols and abbrebiated terms - Part 3: Plasticizers
塑料 符号和缩略语 第3部分:增塑剂
GB/T 7025.1-2008
Lifts - Main specifications and the dimensions, arrangements for its cars, wells and machine rooms - Part 1: Lifts of classesⅠ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ、Ⅵ
电梯主参数及轿厢、井道、机房的型式与尺寸 第1部分:Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅲ、Ⅵ类电梯
GB/T 22275.7-2008
Requirements of conduct for good laboratory practice - Part 7: The application of the GLP principles to the organisation and management of multi-site studies
良好实验室规范实施要求 第7部分:良好实验室规范原则在多场所研究的组织和管理中的应用
GB/T 731-2008
Gunny cloth and bags
GB/T 11923-2008
Level meter utilizing ionizing radiation
GB/T 1592.1-2008
Agricultural tractors - Rear- mounted power take-off types 1,2 and 3 - Part 1: General specifications, safety requirements, dimensions for master shield and clearance zone
农业拖拉机后置动力输出轴 1、2和 3 型 第 1 部分:通用要求、安全要求、防护罩尺寸和空隙范围
GB/T 21405-2008
Reciprocating intenal combustion engines - Determination and method for the measurement of engine power - Additional requirements for exhaust emission tests in accordance with ISO 8178
往复式内燃机 发动机功率的确定和测量方法 排气污染物排放试验的附加要求
GB/T 14455.3-2008
Fragrance/Flavor substances - Evaluation of solubility (miscibility) in ethanol
香料 乙醇中溶解(混)度的评估
GB/T 6155-2008
Carbon materials-determination of the true density or porosity
GB/T 3410.1-2008
Instrument for dam monitoring joint meter - Part 1: Unbonded elastic wire resistance joint meter
大坝监测仪器 测缝计 第1部分:差动电阻式测缝计
GB/T 5824-2008
Size system of opening for windows and doors in building
GB/T 7551-2008
Load cells
GB/T 16900-2008
Rules for the presentation of graphical symbols - General principles
图形符号表示规则 总则
GB/T 3903.36-2008
Footwear - Test methods for accessories: shoe laces - Abrasion resistance
鞋类 鞋带试验方法 耐磨性能
GB 21549-2008
Laboratory glassware - Safe requirement of heat resisting glassware
实验室玻璃仪器 玻璃烧器的安全要求
GB/T 3751-2008
24° cone connectors - Connector for pressure gauge
GB/T 6682-2008
Water for analytical laboratory use - Specification and test methods
GB/T 2415-2008
Nanyang cattle
GB 22337-2008
Emission standard for community noise
GB/T 14778-2008
General rules of coloured light for safety
GB/T 21421.1-2008
Composite string insulator units for overhead lines with a nominal voltage greater than 1000V - Part 1: Standard strength classes and end fittings
标称电压高于1000V架空线路用复合绝缘子串元件 第1部分:标准强度等级和端部附件
GB/T 21514-2008
Determination of the content of fatty acids in feeds
GB/T 1406.3-2008
Types and dimensions of lamp caps - Part 3:Prefocus caps
灯头的型式和尺寸 第3部分:预聚焦式灯头
GB 14161-2008
Mine safety signs
GB/T 13281-2008
Lead-Acid battery used for passenger trains
GB/T 13734-2008
Nomenclature and location of auricular points
GB 21734-2008
Emergency shelter for earthquake disasters - Site and its facilities
地震应急避难场所 场址及配套设施
GB/T 18964.1-2008
Plastics - Impact-resistant Polystyrene (PS-I) moulding and extrusion materials -Part 1: Designation system and basis for specifications
塑料 抗冲击聚苯乙烯(PS-I)模塑和挤出材料 第1部分:命名系统和分类基础
GB/T 4214.4-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Test code for determination of airborne acoustical noise - Part2-4: Particular requirements for washing machines and spin extractors
家用和类似用途电器噪声测试方法 洗衣机和离心式脱水机的特殊要求
GB/T 591-2008
Marine cast iron flanged stop check valves
GB/T 22120-2008
The data item specification for enterprise credit
GB/T 22335-2008
Technical regulations for cotton processing
GB/T 21965-2008
Steel wire ropes - Vocabulary for acceptance and defect
钢丝绳 验收及缺陷术语
GB/T 1149.8-2008
Internal combustion engines - Piston rings - Part 8: Rectangular rings made of steel
内燃机 活塞环 第8部分:矩形钢环
GB/T 21609-2008
Test method of acute dermal irritation/corrosion for chemicals
GB 21901-2008
Discharge standards of water pollutants for down industry
GB/T 1219-2008
Dial gauges
GB/T 21622-2008
Dangerous goods - Sustained combustibility test for flammable liquids
危险品 易燃液体持续燃烧试验方法
GB/T 16257-2008
Textile fibres - Test method for length and length distribution of staple fibres - Measurement of single fibres
纺织纤维 短纤维长度和长度分布的测定 单纤维测量法
GB/T 21655.1-2008
Textiles - Evaluation of absorption and quick-drying - Part 1:method for combination tests
纺织品 吸湿速干性的评定 第1部分:单项组合试验法
GB/T 6109.5-2008
Enamelled round winding wire - Part 5:Polyesterimide enamelled round copper wire,class 180
漆包圆绕组线 第5部分:180级聚酯亚胺漆包铜圆线
GB 10069.3-2008
Measurement of airborne noise emitted by rotating electrical machines and the noise limits - Part 3:Noise limits
旋转电机噪声测定方法及限值 第3部分: 噪声限值
GB/T 2900.18-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Low voltage apparatus
电工术语 低压电器
GB 7260.1-2008
Uninterruptible power systems(UPS) - Part 1-1: General and safety requirements for UPS used in operator access areas
不间断电源设备 第1-1部分: 操作人员触及区使用的UPS的一般规定和安全要求
GB/T 15043-2008
Method of measuring electrical and photometric characteristics for incandescent lamps
GB/T 22691-2008
DC switches for battery power tools
GB/T 10338-2008
Pulps - Determination of carboxyl content
GB/T 15805.3-2008
The quarantine methods of fish - Part 3: Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus (VHSV)
鱼类检疫方法 第3部分:病毒性出血性败血症病毒(VHSV)
GB/T 21961-2008
Test methods for maize combine harvester
玉米收获机械 试验方法
GB/T 4501-2008
Laboratory test method for truck and bus tyres capabilities
GB/T 7705-2008
The offset lithographic prints for decorating
GB/T 2424.15-2008
Environmental testing - Guide for combined temperature/low air pressure tests
电工电子产品环境试验 第3部分:温度/低气压综合试验导则
GB/T 4797.7-2008
Classification of environmental conditions - Environmental conditions of nature - Earthquake vibration and shock
电工电子产品环境条件分类 自然环境条件 地震振动和冲击
GB/T 6909-2008
Analysis of water used in boiler and cooling system - Determination of hardness
锅炉用水和冷却水分析方法 硬度的测定
GB/T 22237-2008
Surface active agents - Determination of surface tension
表面活性剂 表面张力的测定
GB 2099.1-2008
Plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes - Part 1: General requirements
家用和类似用途插头插座 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 22885-2008
Leather - Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to water
皮革 色牢度试验 耐水色牢度
GB 1002-2008
Single phase plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes - Types, basic parameters and dimensions
家用和类似用途单相插头插座 型式、基本参数和尺寸
GB/T 8297-2008
Natural rubber latex concentrate - Determination of KOH number
浓缩天然胶乳 氢氧化钾(KOH)值的测定
GB/T 12729.8-2008
Spices and condiments - Determination of water-insoluble ash
香辛料和调味品 水不溶性灰分的测定
GB/T 5169.30-2008
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products - Part 30: Heat release - Summary and relevance of test methods
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第30部分:热释放 试验方法概要和相关性
GB 21902-2008
Emission standard for pollutants form synthetic leather and artificial leather industry
GB/T 23191-2008
Bolete - King bolete
牛肝菌 美味牛肝菌
GB/T 12706.2-2008
Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1kV (Um=1.2kV) up to 35kV (Um=40.5kV) - Part 2: Cables for rated voltages from 6kV(Um=7.2kV) up to 30kV(Um=36kV)
额定电压1kV(Um=1.2kV)到35kV(Um=40.5kV)挤包绝缘电力电缆及附件 第2部分:额定电压6kV(Um=7.2kV)到30kV(Um=36kV)电缆
GB/T 21858-2008
Testing of chemicals - Bioconcentration - Semi-static fish test
化学品 生物富集 半静态式鱼类试验
GB/T 14457.3-2008
Fragrance/Flavor substances - Method for determination of melting point
香料 熔点测定法
GB/T 18654.15-2008
Inspection of germplasm for cultured fishes - Part 15:RAPD Analysis
养殖鱼类种质检验 第15部分:RAPD分析
GB/T 3811-2008
Design rules for cranes
GB/T 21584-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for drop of large packaging
危险品 大包装跌落试验方法
GB/T 223.9-2008
Iron, steel and alloy - Determination of aluminium content - Chrom azurol S photometric method
钢铁及合金 铝含量的测定 铬天青S分光光度法
GB/T 22437.1-2008
Cranes - Design principles for loads and load combinations - Part 1: General
起重机 载荷与载荷组合的设计原则 第1部分:总则
GB/T 18029.11-2008
Wheelchairs - Part 11: Test dummies
轮椅车 第11部分:测试用假人
GB/T 711-2008
Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel plates, sheets and wide strips
GB/T 21832-2008
Austenitic - Ferritic (duplex) grade stainless steel welded tubes and pipes
奥氏体 铁素体型双相不锈钢焊接钢管
GB/T 3253.3-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of antimony and antimony trioxide - Determination of lead content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
锑及三氧化二锑化学分析方法 铅量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 11260-2008
Round steel-the inspection method for eddy current test
GB/T 460-2008
Paper-determination of the sizing value
GB/T 1483.3-2008
Gauges for lamp caps and lampholders - Part 3: Gauges for prefocus caps and lampholders
灯头、灯座检验量规 第3部分:预聚焦式灯头、灯座的量规
GB/T 4354-2008
Hot rolled quality carbon steel wire rods
GB/T 22681-2008
Electric sheet metal shears
GB/T 9978.1-2008
Fire-resistance tests-Elements of building construction-Part 1: General requirements
建筑构件耐火试验方法 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 710-2008
Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel sheets and strips
GB/T 21457-2008
Cranes and related equipment - Accuracy requirements for measuring parameters during testing
起重机和相关设备 试验中参数的测量精度要求
GB/T 22766.1-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - After-sales service - Part 1: General requirement
家用和类似用途电器售后服务 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 21974-2008
Technical specification for YZRW range of eddy-current braking wound-rotor three-phase induction motors for crane and metallurgical application
GB/T 223.70-2008
Iron, steel and alloy - Determination of iron contents - O-phenanthroline spectrophotometric method
钢铁及合金 铁含量的测定 邻二氮杂菲分光光度法
GB/T 1483.5-2008
Gauges for caps and lampholders - Part 5:Gauges for bayonet caps and lampholders
灯头、灯座检验量规 第5部分:卡口式灯头、灯座的量规
GB 21668-2008
Provisions of vehicles for the carriage of dangerous goods with regard to their specific constructional features
GB/T 21393-2008
The methods of statistics and analysis for energy consumption of highway transportation
GB/T 18108-2008
Fresh marine fish
GB/T 21732-2008
Milk beverages
GB/T 8749-2008
Hot-rolled quality carbon structural steel strips
GB/T 18252-2008
Plastics piping and ducting systems - Determination of the long - term hydrostatic strength of thermoplastics materials in pipe form by extrapolation
塑料管道系统 用外推法确定热塑性塑料材料以管材形式的长期静液压强度
GB/T 21833-2008
Austenitic - Ferritic (duplex) grade stainless steel seamless tubes and pipes
奥氏体 铁素体型双相不锈钢无缝钢管
GB/T 2780-2008
Drawbars for agricultural tractors - Types dimensionsand mounting requirements
农业拖拉机 牵引装置型式尺寸和安装要求
GB/T 2900.71-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Electrical installations
电工术语 电气装置
GB 4962-2008
Technical safety regulation for gaseous hydrogen use
GB 5296.3-2008
Instruction for use of consumer products - General labelling for cosmetics
消费品使用说明 化妆品通用标签
GB/T 12706.4-2008
Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from lkV (Um=1.2kV) up to 35kV(Um=40.5kV) - Part 4: Test requirements on accessories for cables with rated voltages from 6kV(Um=7.2kV) up to 35kV(Um=40.5kV)
额定电压1kV(Um=1.2kV)到35kV(Um=40.5kV)挤包绝缘电力电缆及附件 第4部分:额定电压6kV(Um=7.2kV)到35kV(Um=40.5kV)电力电缆附件试验要求
GB 16629-2008
Solvent for vegetable oils extraction
GB/T 1094.7-2008
Power transformers - Part 7: Loading guide for oil-immersed power transformers
电力变压器 第7部分:油浸式电力变压器负载导则
GB/T 14216-2008
Plastics - Film and sheeting - Determination of wetting tension
塑料 膜和片润湿张力的测定
GB/T 17552-2008
Information technology - Identification cards - Financial transaction cards
信息技术 识别卡 金融交易卡
GB/T 223.55-2008
Iron, steel and alloy - Determination of tellurium content - Oscillo-polarographic method
钢铁及合金 碲含量的测定 示波极谱法
GB/T 21826-2008
Chemicals - Test method of acute oral toxicity - Up and down procedure (UDP)
化学品 急性经口毒性试验方法 上下增减剂量法(UDP)
GB/T 11822-2008
General requirements for the file formation of scientific and technological archives
GB 22749-2008
Food processing machinery - Slicing machines - Safety and hygiene requirements
食品加工机械 切片机 安全和卫生要求
GB/T 9766.6-2008
Test method for tyre valve - Part 6: Test method for core
轮胎气门嘴试验方法 第6部分:气门芯试验方法
GB 14598.27-2008
Measuring relays and protection eauipment - Part 27: Product safety requirements
量度继电器和保护装置 第27部分:产品安全要求
GB/T 14978-2008
Continuously hot-dip aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel sheet and strip
GB/T 21489-2008
Truck dumper
GB/T 10077-2008
Classification, designation nomenclature and basic specifications for lithium primary batteries
GB/T 21923-2008
General testing rules for solid biofules
GB 1003-2008
Three phases plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes - Types,basic parameters and dimensions
家用和类似用途三相插头插座 型式、基本参数和尺寸
GB/T 1483.2-2008
Gauges for caps and lampholders - Part 2:Gauges for pin caps and lampholders
灯头、灯座检验量规 第2部分:插脚式灯头、灯座的量规
GB/T 304.9-2008
Spherical plain bearings - General technical regulations
关节轴承 通用技术规则
GB/T 11539-2008
Fragrance/Flavor substances - Analysis by gas chromatography on packed columns - General method
香料 填充柱气相色谱分析 通用法
GB/T 22437.3-2008
Cranes - Design principles for loads and load combinations - Part 3: Tower cranes
起重机 载荷与载荷组合的设计原则 第3部分:塔式起重机
GB/T 1483.1-2008
Gauges for lamp caps and holders - Part 1 : Gauges for screw caps and holders
灯头、灯座检验量规 第1部分:螺口式灯头、灯座的量规
GB/T 15663.7-2008
Terms relating to coal mining - Part 7: Mining subsidence & special coal mining
煤矿科技术语 第7部分:开采沉陷与特殊采煤
GB/T 4089-2008
Statistical interpretation of data Estimation and hypothesis test of parameter in Poisson distribution
数据的统计处理和解释 泊松分布参数的估计和检验
GB/T 5170.21-2008
Inspection methods for basic parameters of environmental testing equipments - Hydraulic vibrating type machines for vibration(random) test
电工电子产品环境试验设备基本参数检验方法 振动(随机)试验用液压振动台
GB/T 10319-2008
General specifications for marine pneumatic measurement and control instruments
船舶用气动测量和控制仪表 通用技术条件
GB 912-2008
Hot-rolled sheets and strips of carbon structural steels and high strength low alloy structural steels
GB/T 10512-2008
Determination of phosphorus content for nitrophosphate - Quinoline phosphomolybdate gravimetric method
硝酸磷肥中磷含量的测定 磷钼酸喹啉重量法
GB/T 15663.4-2008
Terms relating to coal mining - Part 4: surface mining
煤矿科技术语 第4部分:露天开采
GB/T 21460.1-2008
Plastics - Styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) moulding and extrusion materials - Part 1: Designation system and basis for specifications
塑料 苯乙烯-丙烯腈(SAN)模塑和挤出材料 第1部分:命名系统和分类基础
GB/T 22776-2008
Tolerances and fits for timekeeping instruments - Tolerances of plastic parts
计时仪器用公差与配合 塑料件公差
GB/T 22789.1-2008
Plastics - Unplasticized poly(vinyl chloride)sheets - Types, dimensions and characteristics - Part 1: Sheets of thickness not less than 1 mm
硬质聚氯乙烯板材 分类、尺寸和性能 第1部分:厚度1mm以上板材
GB/T 9871-2008
Rubber,vulcanized or thermoplastic-Determination of aging characteristics by measurement of stress relaxation
硫化橡胶或热塑性橡胶老化性能的测定 拉伸应力松弛试验
GB/T 20972.2-2008
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production - Part 2: Cracking-resistant carbon and low alloy steels, and the use of cast irons
石油天然气工业 油气开采中用于含硫化氢环境的材料 第2部分:抗开裂碳钢、低合金钢和铸铁
GB 16912-2008
Safety technical regulation for oxygen and relative gases produced with cryogenic method
GB/T 17204-2008
Classification of alcoholic beverages
GB/T 12706.1-2008
Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1kV (Um=1.2kV) up to 35kV (Um=40.5kV) - Part 1: Cables for rated voltage of 1kV (Um=1.2kV) and 3kV (Um=3.6kV)
额定电压1kV(Um=1.2kV)到35kV(Um=40.5kV)挤包绝缘电力电缆及附件 第1部分:额定电压1kV(Um=1.2kV)和3kV(Um=3.6kV)电缆
GB/T 16414-2008
Terms relating to coal mining - Rock mechanics
煤矿科技术语 岩石力学
GB/T 1196-2008
Unalloyed aluminium ingots for remelting
GB/T 22577-2008
Class 1E cables for nuclear power generating stations - General requirements
核电站用1E级电缆 通用要求
GB/T 15663.8-2008
Terms relating to coal mining - Part 8: Mine safety
煤矿科技术语 第8部分:煤矿安全
GB/T 1632.5-2008
Plastics - Determination of the viscosity of polymers in dilute solution using capillary viscometers - Part 5 : Thermoplastic polyester(TP) homopolymers and copolymers
塑料 使用毛细管粘度计测定聚合物稀溶液粘度 第5部分:热塑性均聚和共聚型聚酯(TP)
GB/T 2951.41-2008
Common test methods for insulating and sheathing materials of electric and optical cables - Part 41:Methods specific to polyethylene and polypropylene compounds - Resistance to environmental stress cracking - Measurement of the melt flow index - Carbon bl
电缆和光缆绝缘和护套材料通用试验方法 第41部分:聚乙烯和聚丙烯混合料专用试验方法 耐环境应力开裂试验 熔体指数测量方法 直接燃烧法测量聚乙烯中碳黑和(或)矿物质填料含量 热重分
GB/T 9771.4-2008
Single-mode optical fibres for telecommunication - Part 4: Characteristics of a dispersion-shifted single-mode optical fibre
通信用单模光纤 第4部分:色散位移单模光纤特性
GB/T 9747-2008
Test methods for aircraft tyres
GB/T 20417.1-2008
Plastics - Acrylonitrile-butadiene-Styrene(ABS) moulding and extrusion materials - Part 1: Designation system and basis for specifications
塑料 丙烯腈-丁二烯-苯乙烯(ABS)模塑和挤出材料 第1部分:命名系统和分类基础
GB/T 9695.26-2008
Meat and meat products - Determination of vitamin A content
肉与肉制品 维生素A含量测定
GB/T 21675-2008
Diagnostic techniques for african horse sickness
GB/T 23146-2008
Calculation of frequency of twelve-tone equal temperament and cent
GB/T 12937-2008
Terms relating to coal petrology
GB/T 15663.5-2008
Terms relating to coal mining - Part 5: Hoisting and transport
煤矿科技术语 第5部分:提升运输

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