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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 4333.4-2007
Ferrosilicon - Determination of aluminium content - The chromazurol S spectrophotometric method ,the EDTA titrimetric method and the flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
硅铁 铝含量的测定 铬天青S分光光度法、EDTA滴定法和火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 32489-2016
Technical requirement of energy-saving operation for reheating furnace in steel rolling
GB/T 26194-2010
Method of testing the performance of cool storage systems
GB/T 18365-2001
Technical conditions for hot-extruding PE protection high strength wire cable of cable-stayed bridge
GB/T 16988-2013
Quantitative determination for mixtures of special animal fibre and wool
GB/T 257-1964
Determination of saturated vapor pressure of engine fuels(Reid method)
发动机燃料饱和蒸气压测定法 (雷德法)
GB/T 9700-2009
Inspection methods of wet salted pig skin
GB/T 13807.1-2008
Connections with waisted stud - Tape classification
腰状杆螺柱连接副 型式分类
GB 29146-2012
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of molybdenum concentrate
GB/T 14367-2006
Acoustics―Determination of sound power levels of noise sources―Guidelines for the use of basic standards
声学 噪声源声功率级的测定 基础标准使用指南
GB/T 14186-1993
Generic specification for gas-filled voltage stabilizing tubes
GB/T 4458.1-2002
Mechanical drawings--General principles of presentation--Views
机械制图 图样画法 视图
GB/T 11297.6-1989
Standard method for showing andmeasuring dislocation etch pits in indium antimonide single crystal
GB/T 50837-2013
Standard for non-ferrous metal refinery drawings
GB/T 16270-2009
High strength structural steel plates in the quenched and tempered condition
GB/T 31202-2014
Agricultural and forestry machinery and garden machinery—Pedestrian controlled and hand-held machines—Determination of accessibility of hot surfaces
农业和林业机械及园林机械 手扶控制和手持控制机械 灼热表面可触及性的测定
GB/T 33110-2016
Giant tiger prawn—Broodstock and postlarvea
斑节对虾 亲虾和苗种
GB/T 6935-2010
Breeding stock of Chinese sika-deer
GB/T 21423-2008
Tri-wheel vehicles fuel tank - Safety property requirements and test methods
三轮汽车燃油箱 安全性能要求和试验方法
GB/T 29604-2013
Sensory analysis - General guidance for establishing references for sensory attributes
感官分析 建立感官特性参比样的一般导则
GB 19762-2007
The minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and evaluating values of energy conservation of centrifugal pump for fresh water
GB/T 15121.1-1994
Information processing systems--Computer graphics--Metafile for storage and transfer of picture description information--Part 1:Functional specification
信息处理系统 计算机图形 存储和传送图片描述信息的元文卷 第一部分:功能描述
GB/T 19263-2003
Technical specification of transport of MPEG-2 signals in SDH network
GB 25596-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Generic rules for infant formula for special medical use
食品安全国家标准 特殊医学用途婴儿配方食品通则
GB/T 17739.6-2012
Microfilming of technical drawings and other drawing office documents - Part 6: Quality criteria and control of systems for enlargements from 35mm microfilm
技术图样与技术文件的缩微摄影 第6部分:35mm缩微胶片放大系统的质量准则和控制
GB/T 8814-2017
Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride(PVC-U)profiles for the doors and windows
GB/T 22771-2008
Graphic technology - Prints and printing inks - Assessment of light fastness using filtered xenon arc light
印刷技术 印刷品与印刷油墨用滤光氙弧灯评定耐光性
GB/T 22838.15-2009
Determination of physical characteristics for cigarettes and filter rods - Part 15: Cigarettes - Determination of ventilation - Definitions and measurement principles
卷烟和滤棒物理性能的测定 第15部分:卷烟 通风的测定 定义和测量原理
GB 15193.19-2015
National food safety standard — Methods for disposing mutagens,teratogens and carcinogens
食品安全国家标准 致突变物、致畸物和致癌物的处理方法
GB 14536.9-2008
Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use - Particular requirements for electrically operated water valves, including mechanical requirements
家用和类似用途电自动控制器 电动水阀的特殊要求(包括机械要求)
GB/T 15665-1995
Pulses--Determination of glycosidic hydrocyanic acid
豆类 配糖氢氰酸含量的测定
GB/T 33684-2017
Technical specification of seismic data interpretation
GB/T 17739.3-2004
Microfilmingof technical drawings and technical documents--Part 3:Aperture card for 35mm microfilm
技术图样与技术文件的缩微摄影 第3部分:35 mm缩微胶片开窗卡
GB 13134-1991
Yi coded character set for information interchange
GB 28138-2011
Mesotrione aqueous suspension concentrate
GB/T 19662-2005
Industrial automation systems-Manufacturing Message Specification Terminology
工业自动化系统 制造报文规范 术语
GB/T 32386-2015
Gases for electronic industry—Tungsten hexaflouride
电子工业用气体 六氟化钨
GB/T 3229-2008
Assembly tools for screws and nuts - Drive ends for hand and machine operated screwdriver bits and connecting parts - Dimensions, torque testing
螺栓螺母用装配工具 手动和机动螺刀头的传动端和连接部件的尺寸及扭矩试验
GB/T 30020-2013
Test method for the defects of glass - Photoelastic scanning method
玻璃缺陷检测方法 光弹扫描法
GB/T 5705-1985
Textile terms and definitions (Cotton)
纺织名词术语 (棉部分)
GB/T 14181-2010
Specifications of anthracite for determination of caking index of bituminous coal
GB/T 15103-2008
Winches for forestry
GB 16152-1996
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational noise-induced hearing loss
GB/T 29992-2017
Rubber sealing rings for pressure cooker
GB/T 28466-2012
Polyester filament embroidery threads
GB/T 20203-2006
Technical specification for irrigation projects with low pressure pipe conveyance
GB/T 34885-2017
Non-destructive testing—Electromagnetic ultrasonic testing—General principles
无损检测 电磁超声检测 总则
GB/T 23456-2009
GB/T 12496.19-2015
Test methods of wooden activated carbon—Determination of iron content
木质活性炭试验方法 铁含量的测定
GB/T 17700-1999
Channel coding and modulation standard for Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite(DVB-S)
GB/T 15670.13-2017
Toxicological test methods for pesticides registration—Part 13: Subchronic toxicity study
农药登记毒理学试验方法 第13部分:亚慢性毒性试验
GB/T 26237.2-2011
Information technology - Biometric data interchange formats - Part 2: Finger minutiae data
信息技术 生物特征识别数据交换格式 第2部分:指纹细节点数据
GB/T 14033-2016
Thrown silk
GB/T 21770-2008
Chemicals(organophosphorus substances) - Test method of delayed neurotoxicity following acute exposure
化学品(有机磷化合物) 急性染毒的迟发性神经毒性试验方法
GB/T 1966-1996
Test method for apparent porosity and bulk density of porous ceramic
GB/T 4968-2008
Classification of fires
GB/T 13932-1992
General purpose industrial valves--Cast iron swing check valves
GB/T 30338.2-2013
Specification system for electronic information disclosure of China securities and futures industry―Part 2: Element code
证券期货业电子化信息披露规范体系 第2部分:编码规则
GB/T 18494.2-2007
Convertor transformers - Part 2: Transformers for HVDC applications
变流变压器 第2部分:高压直流输电用换流变压器
GB/T 19146-2010
Infrared devices for instant screening of human skin temperature
GB/T 6174-2000
Hexagon thin nuts(unchamfered)
六角薄螺母 无倒角
GB/T 28825-2012
Information technology - Learning, education and training - Classification code of learning object
信息技术 学习、教育和培训 学习对象分类代码
GB/T 23222-2008
Grade and investigation method of tobacco diseases and insect pests
GB/T 17082-1997
Workplace air--Determination of butyl acetate--Solvent desorption gas chromatographic method
GB/T 7828-1987
Reliability design reviews
GB/T 23773-2009
Inorganic chemicals for industrial use - General method for determination of ammonium content - Nessler's reagent colorimetric method
无机化工产品中铵含量测定的通用方法 纳氏试剂比色法
GB/T 21881-2015
Acid dyes—Determination of levelling properties
酸性染料 匀染性的测定
GB 4706.71-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Particular requirements for stationary circulation pumps for heating and service water installations
家用和类似用途电器的安全 供热和供水装置固定循环泵的特殊要求
GB 50276-2010
Code for construction and acceptance of crusher and grinding equipment installation engineering
GB/T 26802.1-2011
Industrial control computer system - General specification - Part 1: General requirements
工业控制计算机系统 通用规范 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 20027-2005
Rubber-or plastics-coated fabrics -- Determiation of bursting strength
橡胶或塑料涂覆织物 破裂强度的测定
GB/T 13477.6-2002
Test method for building sealants--Part 6:Determination of flow
建筑密封材料试验方法 第6部分:流动性的测定
GB/T 32768-2016
Identification atlas of Latin American tropical timber species
GB/T 6150.2-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten concentrates - Determination of tin content - The potassium iodate volumetry and hydrogenate atomic absorption spectrometry
钨精矿化学分析方法 锡量的测定 碘酸钾容量法和氢化物原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 8302-2013
茶 取样
GB/T 25077-2010
Acoustics - Materials for acoustical applications - Determination of airflow resistance
声学 多孔吸声材料流阻测量
GB/T 16722.3-2008
Technical product documentation - Handling of computer-based technical information - Phases in the product design process
技术产品文件 计算机辅助技术信息处理 产品设计过程中的状态
GB/T 4958.1-1985
Methods of measurement for equipment used in terrestrial radio-relay systems--Part 1:Measurements common to subsystems and simulated systems--Section One--General
地面无线电接力系统所用设备的测量方法 第一部分:分系统和仿真系统通用的测量 第一节 总则
GB/T 29167-2012
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Pipeline transportation systems - Reliability-based limit state methods
石油天然气工业 管道输送系统 基于可靠性的极限状态方法
GB/T 20546-2006
Banking and related financial services - Information interchange - Documentary credit form
银行业务和相关金融服务 信息交换 跟单信用证格式
GB/T 10574.5-2003
Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders--Determination of arsenic content
锡铅焊料化学分析方法 砷量的测定
GB/T 24182-2009
Mechanical testing of metals - Symbols and definitions in published standard
金属力学性能试验 出版标准中的符号及定义
GB/T 31544-2015
Test method for elastic properties of glass at high temperatures—Impulse excitation of vibration
玻璃材料高温弹性性能试验方法 脉冲激振法
GB 51092-2015
Code for design of pulp and papermaking plant
GB/T 27601-2011
Test method of resisting stray current for industrial electric detonator
GB/T 33388-2016
Plastics—Determination of phenolic resin compositions—Liquid chromatography
塑料 酚醛树脂组分的测定 液相色谱法
GB/T 22108.2-2008
Pneumatic fluid power - Compressed air filters - Part 2: Test methods to determine the main characteristics to be included in supplier's literature
气动压缩空气过滤器 第2部分: 评定商务文件中包含的主要特性的测试方法
GB/T 8170-2008
Rules of rounding off for numerical values & expression and judgement of limiting values
GB 6675.3-2014
Safety of toys—Part 3: Flammability
玩具安全 第3部分:易燃性能
GB/T 21078.1-2007
Banking - Personal Identification Number management and security - Part 1: Basic principles and requirements for online PIN handling in ATM and POS systems
银行业务 个人识别码的管理与安全 第1部分: ATM和POS系统中联机PIN处理的基本原则和要求
GB/T 32065.3-2015
Environmental test methods for oceanographic instruments—Part 3: Cold storage
海洋仪器环境试验方法 第3部分:低温贮存试验
GB/T 5009.68-2003
Method for analysis of hygienic standard of perchorovinyl-coating for inner wall of food container
GB/T 25403-2010
Test facilities for agricultural irrigation equipment
GB/T 4324.2-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten - Part 2: Determination of bismuth content - Hydrogenate atomic absorption spectrometry
钨化学分析方法 第2部分:铋量的测定 氢化物原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 35536-2017
Examination methods of yeast extract powder
GB/T 24526-2009
Carbon materials-determination of the total sulphur content
GB/T 1182-2008
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS) - Geometrical tolerancing - Tolerances of form,orientation,location and run-out
产品几何技术规范(GPS)几何公差 形状、方向、位置和跳动公差标注
GB/T 34779-2017
Technique specification for processing of jasmine tea
GB/T 4260-2004
Counterbores with parallel shanks and solid pilots
GB/T 27926.3-2011
Financial services - Universal financial industry message scheme - Part 3: Modelling guidelines
金融服务 金融业通用报文方案 第3部分:建模导则

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