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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 20999-2017
Data communication protocol between traffic signal controller and control center
GB 6772-2008
Food additive - Oil of lemon, cold pressed
食品添加剂 冷磨柠檬油
GB/T 9114-2010
Hubbed screwed steel pipe flanges
GB/T 3797-2005
Electrical control assemblies
GB/T 34952-2017
Multimedia data semantic description requirement
GB/T 29675-2013
Determination of nonylphenol in cosmetics - Liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
化妆品中壬基苯酚的测定 液相色谱-质谱/质谱法
GB/T 15670.5-2017
Toxicological test methods for pesticides registration—Part 5: Acute dermal toxicity test
农药登记毒理学试验方法 第5部分:急性经皮毒性试验
GB/T 17825.4-1999
Management of CAD documents--Compiling rules
CAD文件管理 编制规则
GB/T 15441-1995
Method by use of photobalteria for detecting the acute toxicity of water quality
水质 急性毒性的测定 发光细菌法
GB 25970-2010
Non-combustible inorganic compound board
GB/T 14048.16-2016
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear—Part 8: Control units for built-in thermal protection (PTC) for rotating electrical machines
低压开关设备和控制设备 第8部分:旋转电机用装入式热保护(PTC)控制单元
GB/T 17047-2008
Concrete products machinery - Terminology
混凝土制品机械 术语
GB/T 18978.400-2012
Ergonomics of human-system interaction - Part 400: Principles and requirements for physical input devices
人-系统交互工效学 第400部分:物理输入设备的原则和要求
GB/T 20640-2006
Electrical accessories - Circuit-breakers and similar equipment for household use - Auxiliary contact units
电气附件 家用断路器和类似设备 辅助触头组件
GB/T 23265-2009
Chopped basalt fiber for cement, cement mortar and concrete
GB 1886.147-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Dihydro parsley alcohol
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 二氢香芹醇
GB/Z 15629.1-2000
Information technology--Telecommunication and information exchange between systems--Local and metro-politan area networks--Specific requirements--Part 1:Overview of Local Area Network standards
信息技术 系统间远程通信和信息交换 局域网和城域网 特定要求 第1部分:局域网标准综述
GB/T 1870-1995
Phosphate rock and concentrate--Determination of moisture content--Gravimetric method
磷矿石和磷精矿中水分的测定 重量法
GB/T 1094.6-2011
Power transformers - Part 6: Reactors
电力变压器 第6部分:电抗器
GB/T 22193-2008
Electrical installations in ships - Equipment - Semiconductor convertors
船舶电气设备 设备 半导体变流器
GB/T 3711-2008
Method of determination for neutral oils and pyridine bases contents of phenol products
GB/T 30092-2013
Metal bellows compensator used in high voltage combined electrical appliance
GB 50381-2010
Code for constructional quality acceptance of urban rail transit automatic fare collection system engineering
GB/T 21145-2007
Mechanical transport refrigeration units
GB/T 14506.9-2010
Methods for chemical analysis of silicate rocks - Part 9: Determination of phosphorus pentoxide content
硅酸盐岩石化学分析方法 第9部分:五氧化二磷量测定
GB/T 32772-2016
Prevention and control technical specification for Pissodes nitinus roelofs in artificial forest of pinus koraiensis sieb.et zucc.
GB/T 17562.8-2002
Rectangular connectors for frequencies below 3MHz--Part 8:Detail specification for connectors,four-signal contacts and earthing contacts for cable screen
频率低于3 MHz的矩形连接器 第8部分:具有4个信号接触件和电缆屏蔽用接地接触件的连接器详细规范
GB/T 16505.1-1996
Information processing systems--Open systems interconnection--File transfer, access and management--Part 1:General introduction
信息处理系统 开放系统互连 文卷传送、访问和管理 第1部分:概论
GB/T 28542-2012
Road vehicles jump-start cables
GB/T 23527-2009
Proteinase preparations
GB/T 14358-2015
Marine drinking water purifier
GB/T 12407-2008
Codes for positions classes
GB/T 26500-2011
General technical specification for pipes and fittings lined with fluoroplastics
GB 20464-2006
General directive for labelling of agricultural seeds
GB/T 5121.6-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 6:Determination of bismuth content
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第6部分:铋含量的测定
GB/T 12690.9-2003
Chemical analysis methods for non-rare earth impurities of rare earth metals andtheir oxides--Determination of chlorine content--Silver nitrate turbidimetric method
稀土金属及其氧化物中非稀土杂质化学分析方法 氯量的测定 硝酸银比浊法
GB/T 16878-1997
Specification for metrology pattern cells for integrated circuit manufacture
GB/T 30410-2013
Leather machine—Leather bursing strength tester
制革机械 皮革崩裂强度测试仪
GB 51096-2015
Code for design of wind farm
GB/T 23561.14-2010
Methods for determining the physical and mechanical properties of coal and rock - Part 14: Method for determining the swelling ratio of rock
煤和岩石物理力学性质测定方法 第14部分:岩石膨胀率测定方法
GB/T 33392-2016
Leather and fur—Chemical tests—Determination of 4-aminoazobenzene derived from azo colorants
皮革和毛皮 化学试验 禁用偶氮染料中4-氨基偶氮苯的测定
GB/T 18878-2008
Technology directory for summer toboggan run
GB/T 28899-2012
Wire rods for cold rolled ribbed steel bars
GB/T 32065.7-2015
Environmental test methods for oceanographic instruments—Part 7:Damp heat, cyclic
海洋仪器环境试验方法 第7部分:交变湿热试验
GB/T 5289.3-2006
Test conditions for boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle - Testing of the accuracy - Part 3: Floor type machines with detached, stationary work-holding table
卧式铣镗床检验条件 精度检验 第3部分:带分离式工件夹持固定工作台的落地式机床
GB/T 23836-2009
Determination of molybdate in industrial circulating cooling water - Spectrometric method using thiocyanate
工业循环冷却水中钼酸盐含量的测定 硫氰酸盐分光光度法
GB/T 6071-2003
Ultra-high vacuum flange
GB/T 17218-1998
Hygienic safety evaluation for chemicals used in drinking water treatment
GB/T 29165.4-2015
Petroleum and natural gas industries—Glass-reinforced plastics(GRP) piping—Part 4: Fabrication, installation and operation
石油天然气工业 玻璃纤维增强塑料管 第4部分:装配、安装与运行
GB/T 26868-2011
The guide for design and application of high-voltage power filters
GB/T 35559-2017
Specification for technology property right exchange service process
GB/T 22481-2008
Cereals, oilseeds and pulses - Measurement of unit pressure loss in one-dimensional air flow through bulk grain
谷物、油料和豆类 单向气流穿过散粮的单位压力损失测定
GB/T 6705-2008
Coking phenol
GB/Z 29830.2-2013
Information technology - Security technology - A framework for IT security assurance - Part 2: Assurance methods
信息技术 安全技术 信息技术安全保障框架 第2部分:保障方法
GB/T 22305.2-2017
Cardamom—Part 2:Seeds
小豆蔻 第2部分:种子
GB/T 5547-2007
Resin finishing agent - Determination of the viscosity
树脂整理剂 黏度的测定
GB/T 25143-2010
Specification of moulds for vacuum thermoforming
GB/T 6340-2004
Inverse dovetail cutters and dovetail cutters with cylindrical shanks--Technical specifications
直柄反燕尾槽铣刀和直柄燕尾槽铣刀 技术条件
GB 7000.7-2005
Safety requirements for floodlights
GB/T 17454.2-2017
Safety of machinery—Pressure-sensitive protective devices—Part 2: General principles for design and testing of pressure-sensitive edges pressure-sensitive bars
机械安全 压敏保护装置 第2部分∶压敏边和压敏棒的设计和试验通则
GB/T 7485-1987
Water quality--Determination of total arsenic--Silver diethyldithiocarbamate spectrophotometricmethod
水质 总砷的测定 二乙基二硫代氨基甲酸银分光光度法
GB/T 29260-2012
Technical requirements of screen code anti-counterfeiting
GB 15811-2016
Sterile hypodermic needles for single use
GB/T 17558-1998
Camera flash illuminants--Determination of spectral distribution index(ISO/SDI)
GB/T 24254-2009
Textile and clothing - Determination and interpretation of cold stress when using required clothing insulation (IREQ) and local cooling effects
纺织品和服装 冷环境下需求热阻的确定
GB/T 31707-2015
Data processing of background atmospheric carbon monoxide concentration measured by in situ gas chromatographic (GC) system
GB/T 14057.1-2008
Decontamination of radioactively contaminated surfaces - Part 1: Method for testing and assessing the ease of decontamination
放射性污染表面去污 第1部分:试验与评价去污难易程度的方法
GB/T 27676-2011
Aluminium and aluminium alloy tube bus conductors
GB/T 16260.2-2006
Software engineering - Product quality - Part 2: External metrics
软件工程 产品质量 第2部分:外部度量
GB/T 27067-2017
Conformity assessment—Fundamentals of product certification and guidelines for product certification schemes
合格评定 产品认证基础和产品认证方案指南
GB/T 8722-2008
Method for the determination of thermal conductivity of graphite materials at median temperature
GB/T 13289-2014
Ethylene for industrial use―Sampling in the liquid and the gaseous phase
GB/T 34269-2017
Atlas of microscopic examination for feedstuff
GB/T 17980.23-2000
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(I)--Fungicides against cereal rust
农药 田间药效试验准则(一) 杀菌剂防治禾谷类锈病(叶锈、条锈、秆锈)
GB/T 953-1988
Double end studs (clamping type)--Product grade C
等长双头螺柱 C级
GB/T 25484-2010
Workflow and service interface for ASP in networked manufacturing
GB/T 33488.2-2017
Test method of pressure equipments of thermoplastics welded for chemicals—Part 2: Visual examination
化工用塑料焊接制承压设备检验方法 第2部分:外观检测
GB/T 21467-2008
Industrial trucks operating in special condition of stacking with mast titled forward - Additional stability test
工业车辆在门架前倾的特定条件下堆垛作业 附加稳定性试验
GB/T 6533-2012
Test method for water and sediment in crude oil by the centrifuge method
原油中水和沉淀物的测定 离心法
GB/T 30428.3-2016
Information system for digitized supervision and management of city—Part 3: Geocoding
数字化城市管理信息系统 第3部分:地理编码
GB 4599-2007
Motor vehicle headlamps equipped with filament lamps
GB/T 24595-2009
Steel bar for quenched and tempered automotive crankshaft
GB/T 18474-2001
Pipes and fittings made of crosslinked polyethylene(PE-X)--Estimation of the degree of crosslinkingby determination of the gel content
交联聚乙烯(PE-X)管材与管件 交联度的试验方法
GB/T 28001-2011
Occupational health and safety management systems - Requirements
职业健康安全管理体系 要求
GB/T 22828-2008
Painting & calligraphy paper
GB 16413-2009
Inspecting specification of glass fiber reinforced plastic product safety property for coal mining
GB/T 30522-2014
Science and technology infrastructure―Metadata standardization principle and method
科技平台 元数据标准化基本原则与方法
GB 16916.22-2008
Residual current operated circuit-breakers without integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCCB) - Part 22:Applicability of the general rules to RCCB functionally dependent of line voltage
家用和类似用途的不带过电流保护的剩余电流动作断路器(RCCB) 第22部分:一般规则对动作功能与电源电压有关的RCCB的适用性
GB/T 25890.2-2010
Railway applications - Fixed installations - DC switchgear - Part 2: DC circuit breakers
轨道交通 地面装置 直流开关设备 第2部分:直流断路器
GB/T 19720-2005
Platinum jewellery alloys-Determination of platinum and palladium-Gravimetric method after precipitation of diammonium hexachloroplatinate and dimethylglyoxime
铂合金首饰 铂、钯含量的测定 氯铂酸铵重量法 丁二酮肟重量法
GB 50840-2012
Code for construction and acceptance of slurry pipeline engineering
GB/T 601-2002
Chemical reagent--Preparations of standard volumetric solutions
化学试剂 标准滴定溶液的制备
GB/T 11998-1989
Determination of glass transitiontemperature of plastics--Thermomechanical analysis
塑料玻璃化温度测定方法 热机械分析法
GB 30039-2013
Safety specification for tungsten carbide powder producing
GB/T 33051-2016
Optical functional films—Superficial hardening film—Determination of thickness of hardening coating
光学功能薄膜 表面硬化薄膜 硬化层厚度测定方法
GB/T 2910.7-2009
Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 7: Mixtures of polyamide and certain other fibres (method using formic acid)
纺织品 定量化学分析 第7部分:聚酰胺纤维与某些其他纤维混合物(甲酸法)
GB/T 15409-2008
Frame structure for synchronous digital hierarchy signal
GB/T 9361-2011
Safety requirements for computer field
GB/T 20257.2-2006
Cartographic symbols for national fundamental scale maps -- Part 2: Specifications for cartographic symbols 1:5000 & 1:10000 topographic maps
国家基本比例尺地图图式 第2部分:1:5000 1:10000 地形图图式
GB/T 8808-1988
Test method for peel force of flexible laminated plastics

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