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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 20965-2013
Control network HBES technical specification - Home and building control system
控制网络HBES技术规范 住宅和楼宇控制系统
GB/T 33853-2017
Chinese office document format—Requirement for Web application
中文办公软件文档格式 网络应用要求
GB 17668-2010
Eletrical chain saws - Safety code of practice
电链锯 安全使用规程
GB 31604.10-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food contact materials and products - Determination of migration of 2,2-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) propane (bisphenol A)
食品安全国家标准 食品接触材料及制品 2,2-二(4-羟基苯基)丙烷(双酚A)迁移量的测定
GB/T 21494-2008
Low temperature desolventized edible soybean meal
GB/T 11105-2012
Metallic powder - Rattle test for the green compacts
金属粉末 压坯的拉托拉试验
GB/T 18594-2001
Technical product documentation--Lettering CAD lettering of the latin alphabet numerals and marks
技术产品文件 字体 拉丁字母、数字和符号的CAD字体
GB/T 15530.8-1995
Specifications for copper alloy and composite flanges
铜合金及复合法兰 技术条件
GB 9744-2007
Truck tyres
GB/T 17804-2009
Reciprocating internal combustion engines - Graphical symbols
往复式内燃机 图形符号
GB/T 31319-2014
Air dried poultry meat
GB/T 3903.4-2017
Footwear—Test methods for whole shoe—Hardness
鞋类 整鞋试验方法 硬度
GB/Z 26157.1-2010
Digital data communication for measurement and control - Fieldbus for use in industrial control systems - Type 2: ControlNet and EtherNet/IP specification - Part 1: General description
测量和控制数字数据通信 工业控制系统用现场总线 类型2:ControlNet和EtherNet/IP规范 第1部分:一般描述
GB/T 34297-2017
Grade of freezing weather
GB/T 22880-2008
Paper and board - Determination of CIE whiteness, D65/10°(outdoor daylight)
纸和纸板 CIE白度的测定,D65/10°(室外日光)
GB/T 29765-2013
Information security technology - Technical requirements and testing and evaluating method for data backup and recovery products
信息安全技术 数据备份与恢复产品技术要求与测试评价方法
GB/T 848-2002
Small series--Product grade A
小垫圈 A级
GB 50140-2005
Code for design of extinguisher distribution in buildings
GB/T 4555-1995
Ships’ deck machinery--Capstans
GB 17835-2008
Water beased extinguishing agent
GB 4789.18-2010
National Food Safety Standard-Microbiological examination of food - Examination of milk and dairy products
食品安全国家标准 食品微生物学检验 乳与乳制品检验
GB/T 32598-2016
Textile—Tests for colour fastness—Method for the instrumental assessment of staining of adjiacent fabrics
纺织品 色牢度试验 贴衬织物沾色的仪器评级方法
GB/T 19752-2005
Hybrid electric vehicles-Power performance-Test method
混合动力电动汽车 动力性能 试验方法
GB/T 22159.2-2012
Acoustics and vibration - Laboratory measurement of vibro-acoustic transfer properties of resilient elements - Part 2: Direct method for determination of the dynamic stiffness of resilient supports for translatory motion
声学与振动 弹性元件振动-声传递特性实验室测量方法 第2部分:弹性支撑件平动动刚度的直接测量方法
GB/T 23296.19-2009
Food contact materials - Polymer - Determination of vinyl acetate in food simulants - Gas chromatography
食品接触材料 高分子材料 食品模拟物中乙酸乙烯酯的测定 气相色谱法
GB 1886.62-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Magnesium silicate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 硅酸镁
GB/T 24015-2003
Environmental management--Environmental assessment of sites and organizations(EASO)
环境管理 现场和组织的环境评价(EASO)
GB/T 16610-1996
Audio-visual,video and television equipment and systems--Control systems for two still projectors operating practice
GB/T 15575-2008
Steel products standard designation
GB/T 13288.2-2011
Preparation of steel substrates before application of paints and related products - Surface roughness characteristics of blast-cleaned substrates - Part 2: Method for the grading of surface profile of abrasive blast-cleaned steel - Comparator procedure
涂覆涂料前钢材表面处理 喷射清理后的钢材表面粗糙度特性 第2部分:磨料喷射清理后钢材表面粗糙度等级的测定方法 比较样块法
GB/T 20299.3-2006
Digital technique application of building and residence community - Part 3: Property management
建筑及居住区数字化技术应用 第3部分:物业管理
GB/T 3903.23-2008
Footwear - Test methods for heels and top pieces - Top piece retention strength
鞋类 鞋跟和跟面试验方法 跟面结合力
GB/T 30141-2013
Fundamental technical requirements for ring gate of hydraulic turbines
GB 50175-2014
Code for acceptance of surface coal mine engineering
GB/T 1598-2010
Platinum-10%Rhodium/Platinem thermocomouple wires - Platinum-13%Rhodium/Platinem thermocomouple wires - Platinum-30%Rhodium/Platinem-6%Rhodium thermocomouple wires
GB/T 33215-2016
Pressure relief devices for gas cylinders
GB/T 1819.9-2004
Methods for chemical analysis of tin concentrates--Determination of tungsten trioxide content--The thiocyanate spectrophotometric method
锡精矿化学分析方法 三氧化钨量的测定 硫氰酸盐分光光度法
GB/T 16990-1997
Textiles--Tests for colour fastness--Instrumental determination of 1/1 standard depth of colour
纺织品 色牢度试验 颜色1/1标准深度的仪器测定
GB/T 21842-2008
Determination of diethylene glycol in toothpaste
GB/T 28607-2012
Determination of compatibility between standard elastomeric materials and automotive engine oil
GB/T 31873-2015
ebXML based warehouse shipping order
GB/T 20836-2007
Oil-immersed smoothing reactors for HVDC applications
GB/T 23576-2009
Abrasive blasting equipment - General technical requirements
抛喷丸设备 通用技术条件
GB/T 17213.1-2015
Industrial-process control valves—Part 1: Control valve terminology and general considerations
工业过程控制阀 第1部分:控制阀术语和总则
GB/T 26572-2011
Requirements of concentration limits for certain restricted substances in electrical and electronic products
GB/T 20170.1-2006
Test methods for physical characters of rare earth metals and their compounds Determination for particle size distribution of rare earth compounds
稀土金属及其化合物物理性能测试方法 稀土化合物粒度分布的测定
GB/T 532-2008
Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic - Determination of adhesion to textile fabric
GB/T 30476-2013
Woodworking machines―Single chain mortising machines―Nomenclature and acceptance conditions
木工机床 链式单轴榫槽机 术语和精度
GB 23386-2017
Feed additive-Vitamin A palmitate (powder form)
饲料添加剂 维生素A棕榈酸酯(粉)
GB 7000.212-2008
Luminaires - Part 2-12: Particular requirements - Mains socket-outlet mounted nightlights
灯具 第2-12部分:特殊要求 电源插座安装的夜灯
GB/T 24872-2010
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of ash content in wheat flour - Near-infrared method
粮油检验 小麦粉灰分含量测定 近红外法
GB/T 17893-1999
High quality wheat--Weak gluten wheat
优质小麦 弱筋小麦
GB/Z 24294.4-2017
Information security technology—Guide of implementation for Internet-based e-government information security—Part 4: Defense for terminal security
信息安全技术 基于互联网电子政务信息安全实施指南 第4部分:终端安全防护
GB/T 3903.10-2005
Footwear-Test methods for insoles-Dimensional stability
GB/T 28958-2012
Test methods of low temperature performance for passenger car
GB/T 4148-2015
Rare earth chloride
GB/T 23894-2009
Plain bearing - Copper alloy bearing with solid lubricant
滑动轴承 铜合金镶嵌固体润滑轴承
GB/T 9934-1988
The determination and calculation procedure of the heat balance of mechanized lime vertical kiln
GB/T 31364-2015
Test methods for main performance of energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
GB/T 17160-2008
Specifications for digitizing 1:500 1:1 000 and 1:2 000 topographic maps
1:500 1:1 000 1:2 000地形图数字化规范
GB/T 7636-1987
Standard on design of biogas pipelines for peasant household
GB/T 26928-2011
Guide for evaluating water saving community
GB 18486-2001
Standard for pollution control of sewage marine disposal engineering
GB/T 2668-2017
Specifications for single,layer apparels and clothing sets
GB/T 20647.6-2006
Guidelines for community service - Part 6: Service for adolescence
社区服务指南 第6部分 青少年服务
GB/T 7064-2008
Specific requirements for cylindrical rotor synchronous machines
GB 16917.1-2014
Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCBOs)—Part 1: General rules
家用和类似用途的带过电流保护的剩余电流动作断路器(RCBO) 第1部分: 一般规则
GB/T 3367.12-1986
Glossary of terms for railway locomotive--Terms of component parts for steam locomotive
铁路机车名词术语 蒸汽机车零部件名称
GB/T 10414-2017
Synchronous belt drives—Automotive synchronous pulleys
同步带传动 汽车同步带轮
GB/T 25207-2010
Fire tests - Full-scale room test for surface products
火灾试验 表面制品的实体房间火试验方法
GB/T 34027-2017
Universal joint shaft for main drive of hot continuous rolling mill
GB/T 22212-2008
Product of geographical indication - Jinxiang garlic
地理标志产品 金乡大蒜
GB/T 29317-2012
Terminology of electric vehicle charging/battery swap infrastructure
GB/T 18657.4-2002
Telecontrol equipment and systems--Part 5:Transmission protocols--Section 4:Definition and coding of application information elements
远动设备及系统 第5部分:传输规约 第4篇:应用信息元素的定义和编码
GB/T 18759.5-2016
Electrical equipment of machines—Open numerical control system—Part 5: Software platform
机械电气设备 开放式数控系统 第5部分:软件平台
GB/T 21160-2007
Agricultural trailers - Balanced and semi-mounted trailers - Determination of payload, vertical static load and axle load
农用挂车 全挂车和半挂车有效载荷、垂直静态载荷和轴载荷的测定
GB/T 24321-2009
Unbleached sulphate softwood pulp
GB/T 31762-2015
Determination of phenol emission from wooden materials and their furnishing products—Small chamber method
木质材料及其制品中苯酚释放量测定 小型释放舱法
GB/T 27732-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in washing, screening and oxygen delignification system
GB/T 918.2-1989
Classification and code for road vehicles--Non-motor vehicle
道路车辆分类与代码 非机动车
GB/T 9246-2008
Microscopes - Oculars(eyepieces)
显微镜 目镜
GB/T 15634-2014
Electronic data interchange for administration, commerce and transport(EDIFACT)―Segment directory
行政、商业和运输业电子数据交换 段目录
GB/T 1567-2003
Square and rectangular thin keys
薄型 平键
GB/T 12521-2008
Technical requirements for air diving decompression
GB/T 25627-2010
Construction machinery - Power-shift transmissions
工程机械 动力换挡变速器
GB 50054-2011
Code for design of low voltage electrical installations
GB 20664-2006
Limitation concentration of natural radioactivity in non-ferrous metal ores and concentrates products
GB/T 9532-2012
Designations for piezoelectric crystals
GB/T 32874-2016
Technical rules for producing 3D digital surveying and mapping achievements in scale of 1:10 000 1:50 000 based on airborne InSAR
机载InSAR系统测制1:10 000 1:50 000 3D产品技术规程
GB/T 24649.4-2009
Brake valve of pneumatic braking system of tractor-trailers - Specifications
拖拉机挂车气制动系统气制动阀 技术条件
GB/T 7760-2003
Rubber,vulcanized or thermoplastic--Determination of adhesion to a rigid substrate--90 degrees peel method
硫化橡胶或热塑性橡胶与硬质板材粘合强度的测定 90°剥离法
GB/T 18957-2008
Product of geographical indication - Dongting (mountain) biluochun tea
地理标志产品 洞庭(山)碧螺春茶
GB/T 28063-2011
Detection and identification of Bean pod mottle virus
GB/T 5564-2006
Rubber and plastics hoses - Subambient temperature flexibility tests
橡胶及塑料软管 低温曲挠试验
GB 23313-2009
Electrical equipment of industrial machines - Electromagnetic compatibility - Emission limits
工业机械电气设备 电磁兼容 发射限值
GB/T 30592-2014
Test method for solar heat gain coefficient of transparent envelope
GB/T 13493-1992
Primere for automobiles
GB/T 25950-2010
Aluminium ores - Experimental determination of the heterogeneity of constitution
铝土矿 成分不均匀性的实验测定
GB/T 9074.2-1988
Cross recessed pan head screw andserrated lock washer external teeth assemblies
GB/T 51178-2016
Technical code for engineering surveying of building materials mine

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