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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 4067-1999
Testing method for electrical resistance-temperature characteristic parameters of metallic materials
GB/T 8301-2008
Natural rubber latex concentrate - Determination of mechanical stability
浓缩天然胶乳 机械稳定度的测定
GB/T 22107-2008
Pneumatic fluid power - Directional control valves - Measurement of shifting time
气动方向控制阀 切换时间的测量
GB/T 10322.1-2014
Iron ores—Sampling and sample preparation procedures
铁矿石 取样和制样方法
GB/T 21076-2007
Securities and related financial instruments - International securities identification numbering system
证券及相关金融工具 国际证券识别编码体系
GB/T 34806-2017
Determination of 13 kinds of prohibited colourants in cosmetics—High performance liquid chromatography
化妆品中13种禁用着色剂的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 25437-2010
Coarse filtration board
GB/T 21267-2017
Petroleum and natural gas industries—Procedures for testing casing and tubing connections
石油天然气工业 套管及油管螺纹连接试验程序
GB/T 4835.1-2012
Radiation protection instrumentation - Ambient and/or directional dose equivalent (rate) meters and/or monitors for beta, X and gamma radiation - Part 1: Portable workplace and environmental meters and monitors
辐射防护仪器 β、X和γ辐射周围和/或定向剂量当量(率)仪和/或监测仪 第1部分:便携式工作场所和环境测量仪与监测仪
GB 18585-2001
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials--Limit of harmful substances of wallpapers
室内装饰装修材料 壁纸中有害物质限量
GB/T 32435-2015
Footwear—Test method for volatile organic compounds
鞋类 有机挥发物试验方法
GB/T 24556-2009
Emergency measures for heliox saturation diving operation to 200m
GB/T 223.38-1985
Methods for chemical analysis of iron,steel and alloy--The anion-exchange separation-gravimetric method for the determination of niobium content
钢铁及合金化学分析方法 离子交换分离-重量法测定铌量
GB/T 11810-2008
Tin113 - Indium113m generator
GB/T 27945.2-2011
The management of hazardous solid wastes from heat treatment salts Part 2:Test method of extractives
热处理盐浴有害固体废物的管理 第2部分:浸出液检测方法
GB 14746-2006
Safety requirements for bicycles for young children
GB 11614-2009
Flat glass
GB/T 35790.1-2017
Specification for installation of the electronic identification of motor vehicles—Part 1:Automobile
机动车电子标识安装规范 第1部分:汽车
GB/T 2992.2-2014
Dimensions of refractory bricks―Part 2: Terminology for shapes and brickworks of refractory bricks
耐火砖形状尺寸 第2部分:耐火砖砖形及砌体术语
GB/T 18715-2002
Cargo/goods handling and movement message
GB/T 34938-2017
General technical requirements for planar electromagnetic shielding materials
GB/T 25844-2010
Field analyzer house system in process
GB/T 18512-2008
Specifications of coal used in pulverized coal injection (PCI)
GB/T 33898-2017
General technical specification for membrane bioreactor
GB 29982-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification δ-caprolactone
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 δ-己内酯
GB/T 8155-1987
Preparation and storage of test samples of aluminium fluoride for industrial use
GB/T 4169.20-2006
Components of injection moulds for plastics - Part 20: Limit pin
塑料注射模零件 第20部分:拉杆导柱
GB/T 15789-2016
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products—Determination of water permeability characteristics normal to the plane,without load
土工布及其有关产品 无负荷时垂直渗透特性的测定
GB/T 2587-2009
General principles for energy balance of equipment using energy
GB/T 18310.26-2003
Fibre optic interconnecting devices and passive components--Basic test and measurement procedures--Part 2-26:Tests--Salt mist
纤维光学互连器件和无源器件 基本试验和测量程序 第2-26部分:试验 盐雾
GB/T 648-2011
Chemical reagent - Potassium thiocyanate
化学试剂 硫氰酸钾
GB 14882-1994
Limited concentrations of radioactive materials in foods
GB/T 12008.3-2009
Plastics - Polyether polyols - Part 3: Determination of hydroxyl number
塑料 聚醚多元醇 第3部分:羟值的测定
GB/T 22427.3-2008
Starches, native or modified - Determination of total fat content
GB/T 30851-2014
Information technology—Traditional Mongolian sorting
信息技术 传统蒙古文排序
GB/T 4059-2007
Polycrystalline silicon - examination method - zone - melting on phosphorus under controlled atomosphere
GB/T 26189-2010
Lighting of indoor work places
GB/T 9145-2003
General purpose metric screw threads--Limits of sizes for the screw threads of medium quality and preferable plan
普通螺纹 中等精度、优选系列的极限尺寸
GB 50583-2010
Code for design of building and structure of coal mine of preparation plant
GB/T 16902.3-2013
Rules for the presentation of graphical symbols for use on equipment - Part 3: Guidelines for the application of graphical symbols
设备用图形符号表示规则 第3部分:应用导则
GB/T 13823.14-1995
Methods for the calibration of vibration and shock pick-ups--Primary calibration by centrifuge
振动与冲击传感器的校准方法 离心机法一次校准
GB/T 32815-2016
Silicon-based MEMS fabrication technology—Specification for criterion of the bulk silicon piezoresistance process
硅基MEMS制造技术 体硅压阻加工工艺规范
GB/T 9695.3-2009
Meat and meat products - Determination of iron content
肉与肉制品 铁含量测定
GB/T 13734-2008
Nomenclature and location of auricular points
GB 29141-2012
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of sulfuric acid for industrial use
GB/T 14048.15-2006
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 5-6: Control circuit devices and switching elements - DC interface for proximity sensors and switching amplifiers(NAMUR)
低压开关设备和控制设备 第5-6部分:控制电路电器和开关元件-接近传感器和开关放大器的DC接口(NAMUR)
GB 11780-2005
The minimum mesh size of the traw1 cod-end in South China Sea
GB/T 15913-2009
Monitoring and testing for energy saving of fan’s unit and distribute tube system
GB/T 31197-2014
Inorganic chemicals for industrial use―Determination of impurity anions―Ion chromatography method
无机化工产品 杂质阴离子的测定 离子色谱法
GB/T 16126-1995
Guidelines for quality assurance of biological monitoring
GB/T 6730.69-2010
Iron ores - Determination of fluoride and chloride content - Ion chromatography
铁矿石 氟和氯含量的测定 离子色谱法
GB/T 6078.2-1998
Centre drills--Part 2:Centre drills for centre holes with protecting chamfers--Type B--Dimensions
中心钻 第2部分:带护锥的中心钻 B型 型式和尺寸
GB/T 21405-2008
Reciprocating intenal combustion engines - Determination and method for the measurement of engine power - Additional requirements for exhaust emission tests in accordance with ISO 8178
往复式内燃机 发动机功率的确定和测量方法 排气污染物排放试验的附加要求
GB/T 51154-2015
Code for engineering design of optical fiber submarine cable systems
GB/T 29598-2013
Limit and determination of triazines in fluorescent brighteners
GB 17378.3-2007
The specification for marine monitoring Part 3:Sample collection,storage and transportation
海洋监测规范 第3部分:样品采集、贮存与运输
GB/T 33442-2016
General technical specifications for instruments and equipments for ocean energy survey
GB 25591-2010
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive – Leavening Agent Compound
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 复合膨松剂
GB/T 16442-1996
Planar double-enveloping worm gearing terminology
GB/T 929-1988
Self-locking nuts,singlelug,anchor
GB/T 32101-2015
Maltitol and maltitol solution for industry
GB/T 17518-2012
General method for determination of silicon content of chemical products - Reduced molybdosilicate spectrophotometric method
化工产品中硅含量测定的通用方法 还原硅钼酸盐分光光度法
GB/T 18153-2000
Safety of machinery--Temperatures of touchable surfaces--Ergonomics data to establish temperature limit values for hot surfaces
机械安全 可接触表面温度 确定热表面温度限值的工效学数据
GB/T 22838.11-2009
Determination of physical characteristics for cigarettes and filter rods - Part 11: Cigarettes extinguish
卷烟和滤棒物理性能的测定 第11部分:卷烟熄火
GB/T 22756-2008
Leather sandals
GB 15193.13-2015
National food safety standard — 90 days oral toxicity test
食品安全国家标准 90天经口毒性试验
GB 14196.2-2008
Incandescent lamps - Safety specifications - Part 2: Tungsten halogen lamps for domestic and similar general lighting purposes
白炽灯安全要求 第2部分:家庭和类似场合普通照明用卤钨灯
GB/Z 35474-2017
Natural gas—Technical explanation for calculation of physical properties from composition
天然气 通过组成计算物性参数的技术说明
GB 28130-2011
Pyridaben technical material
GB/T 19271.4-2005
Protection against lightning electromagnetic impulse(LEMP)-Part 4:Protection of equipment in existing structures
雷电电磁脉冲的防护 第4部分:现有建筑物内设备的防护
GB/T 16816-1997
A 48/56/64 kbit/s data circuit terminating equipment standardized for use on digital point-to-point leased circuits
GB/T 3190-2008
Wrought aluminium and aluminium alloy - Chemical composition
GB/T 5687.4-1985
Methods for chemical analysis of ferrochromium--The neutralization titration method for the determination of nitrogen content
铬铁化学分析方法 中和滴定法测定氮量
GB/T 34555-2017
Test method of air permeability, watertightness,wind load resistance performance for building skylight system
GB/T 30015-2013
Bronze alloys rod and bar for overhead line
GB/T 3513-2001
Rubber,vulcanized--Determination of adhesion to single--Pull out test
硫化橡胶与单根钢丝粘合力的测定 抽出法
GB/T 19117-2017
Specification for acid rain monitoring
GB/T 14080-2010
General specification of head stack assembly for hard disk drive
GB/T 15072.7-2008
Test methods of precious metal alloys - Determination of chromium and iron contents for gold alloys - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
贵金属合金化学分析方法 金合金中铬和铁量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB 1886.204-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food additives - Asian Menthol Oil
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 亚洲薄荷素油
GB/T 28461-2012
Carbon fiber prepreg
GB/T 20185-2006
Optical interface requirements for equipments and systems relating to the synchronous digital hierarchy
GB/T 15153.1-1998
Telecontrol equipment and systems--Part 2:Operating conditions--Section 1:Power supply and electromagnetic compatibility
远动设备及系统 第2部分:工作条件 第1篇:电源和电磁兼容性
GB/T 11742-1989
Standard method for hygienic examination of hydrogen sulfide in air of residential areas--Methylene blue spectrophotometric method
居住区大气中硫化氢卫生检验标准方法 亚甲蓝分光光度法
GB/T 23451-2009
Light weight panels for partition wall used in buildings
GB/T 12224-2015
General requirements for industrial steel valves
钢制阀门 一般要求
GB/Z 18786-2002
Contractor integrated technical information service(CITIS)
GB/T 5169.14-2017
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 14: Test flames - 1kW hominal pre-mixed flame - Apparatus, confirmatory test arrangement and guidance
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第14部分:试验火焰 1kW标称预混合型火焰 装置、确认试验方法和导则
GB/T 25123.3-2011
Electric traciton - Rotating electrical machines for rail and road vehicles - Part 3: Determination of the total losses of convertor-fed alternating current motors by summation of the component losses
电力牵引 轨道机车车辆和公路车辆用旋转电机 第3部分:用损耗总和法确定变流器供电的交流电动机的总损耗
GB/T 4934.2-2008
Instrument for soil test - Shear apparatus - Part 2:Field vane shear apparatus
土工试验仪器 剪切仪 第2部分:现场十字板剪切仪
GB/T 21752-2008
Chemicals - Test method of repeated dose 28-day oral toxicity study in rodents
化学品 啮齿动物28天重复剂量经口毒性试验方法
GB/T 34223-2017
Determination of the purity of ribonuclease and desoxyribonuclease
GB/T 30334-2013
Service specifications and evaluation indicators for logistics park
GB/T 18015.5-2007
Multicore and symmetrical pair/quad cables for digital communications - Part 5: Symmetrical pair/quad cables with transmission characteristics up to 600MHz - Horizontal floor wiring - Sectional specification
数字通信用对绞或星绞多芯对称电缆 第5部分:具有600MHz及以下传输特性的对绞或星绞对称电缆 水平层布线电缆 分规范
GB/T 33486-2017
Ships and marine technology—Large yachts—Structural fire protection for FRP yachts
船舶与海上技术 大型游艇 FRP艇结构防火
GB/T 18823-2010
Permitted tolerants for judgment of testing results in feeds
GB/T 4458.5-2003
Mechanical drawings--Indication of tolerances for size and of fits
机械制图 尺寸公差与配合注法
GB/T 32479-2016
General safety technical requirements for recycled fiber
GB/T 28819-2012
Aluminium alloy enclosures for gas-filled high-voltage switchgear
GB/T 23768-2009
Inorganic chemicals for industrial use - General rules for flame atomic absorption spectrometry
无机化工产品 火焰原子吸收光谱法通则

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