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GB Standards english file list

GB 51010-2014
Code for design of shutting down/restarting aluminum reduction cells without power interruption
GB/T 13480-2014
Thermal insulating products for building applications―Determination of compression behaviour
建筑用绝热制品 压缩性能的测定
GB/T 30538-2014
Document management applications―Quality control for scanning office documents in colour
文件管理应用 办公文件彩色扫描的质量控制
GB/T 30917-2014
Determination of nitrosamines migrating from natrual rubber latex condoms
GB/T 31249-2014
Environmentally conscious design for electrical and electronic products―Materials selection
电子电气产品环境意识设计 材料选择
GB 50324-2014
Code for engineering geological investigation of frozen ground
GB/T 11091-2014
Copper strip for cables
GB/T 30496-2014
Shipbuilding―Active control units of ships―Vocabulary
造船 船舶主动转向装置 词汇
GB/T 30885-2014
Plant protein beverage-Soymilk and soymilk beverage
植物蛋白饮料 豆奶和豆奶饮料
GB/T 31216-2014
Complete pet food―Dog food
全价宠物食品 犬粮
GB/T 10067.410-2014
Basic specifications for electroheat installations―Part 410: Single crystal growing furnace
电热装置基本技术条件 第410部分:单晶炉
GB/T 2909-2014
Cotton grey canvas for rubber industry
GB/T 30845.2-2014
Plugs,socket-outlets and ship couplers for high-voltage shore connection systems (HVSC-Systems)—Part 2: Dimensional compatibility and interchangeability requirements for accessories to be used by various types of ships
高压岸电连接系统(HVSC系统)用插头、插座和船用耦合器 第2部分:不同类型的船舶用附件的尺寸兼容性和互换性要求
GB/T 31186.5-2014
Specification of description for basic information of bank's customer―Part 5: Telephone number
银行客户基本信息描述规范 第5部分:电话号码
GB/Z 5169.34-2014
Fire hazard testing for electric and eletronic products—Part 34: Guidance for assessing the fire hazard—Ignitability—Summary and relevance of test methods
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第34部分:着火危险评定导则 起燃性 试验方法概要和相关性
GB 5009.211-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of folates in foods
食品安全国家标准 食品中叶酸的测定
GB/T 26237.4-2014
Information technology―Biometric data interchange formats―Part 4: Finger image data
信息技术 生物特征识别数据交换格式 第4部分:指纹图像数据
GB/T 30821-2014
Non-destructive testing―Practice for digital imaging and communication
无损检测 数字图像处理与通信
GB/T 31157-2014
Classification for the intensity of solar soft X-ray flare
GB/T 7991.6-2014
Test method of vitreous and porcelain enamels—Part 6 High voltage test
搪玻璃层试验方法 第6部分:高电压试验
GB 31632-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-nickel
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 镍
GB/T 51065-2014
Code for design of coal mine hoisting system engineering
GB/T 23703.8-2014
Knowledge management―Part 8: Functional component of knowledge management software system
知识管理 第8部分:知识管理系统功能构件
GB/T 30790.5-2014
Paints and varnishes―Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems―Part 5: Protective paint systems
色漆和清漆 防护涂料体系对钢结构的防腐蚀保护 第5部分:防护涂料体系
GB/T 31122-2014
Liquid packaging base card board
GB/T 6562-2014
Cross recessed raised countersunk head thread rolling screws
GB 31177-2014
Sanitary and administrative standards for school dormitory
GB/T 50989-2014
Technical code for buried twisting plastic pipeline engineering
GB/T 20404-2014
Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons―Requirements and test methods
功能障碍者移位机 要求和试验方法
GB/T 30763-2014
Guideline for grade of agricultural products
GB/T 31086-2014
Requirements and ability evaluation indicator of cold chain services for logistics enterprises
GB/T 5275.4-2014
Gas analysis—Preparation of calibration gas mixtures using dynamic volumetric methods—Part 4: Continuous syringe injection method
气体分析 动态体积法制备校准用混合气体 第4部分:连续注射法
GB 30747-2014
Safety requirements of tyre shaping and curing press
GB 50212-2014
Code for construction of building anticorrosive engineering
GB/T 19638.1-2014
Lead-acid batteries for stationary valve-regulated―Part 1: Technical requirements
固定型阀控式铅酸蓄电池 第1部分:技术条件
GB/T 30726-2014
Determination of ash fusibility of solid biofuels
GB/T 31052.1-2014
Lifting appliances―Code of inspection and maintenance—Part 1: General
起重机械 检查与维护规程 第1部分:总则
GB/T 4341.1-2014
Metallic materials—Shore hardness test—Part 1: Test method
金属材料 肖氏硬度试验 第1部分:试验方法
GB 30526-2014
The norm of energy consumption for unit product of sintering wall materials
GB/T 18603-2014
Technical requirements of measuring systems for natural gas
GB/T 30688-2014
Stone and brick collection's disease and illustration
GB/T 31021.2-2014
Test specification for electronic records system―Part2: Verdict criteria test for electronic records archived management system
电子文件系统测试规范 第2部分:归档管理系统功能符合性测试细则
GB/T 31354-2014
Determination of oxygen transmission rate through dry packages―Coulometric sensor
包装件和容器氧气透过性测试方法 库仑计检测法
GB 21250-2014
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of lead metallurgical enterprise
GB/T 17227-2014
Health requirement of textbook for elementary and secondary school student
GB/T 30655-2014
Test methods for internal quantum efficiency of nitride LED epitaxial layers
GB/T 30991-2014
General specification for intelligent oxygen bomb calorimeter
GB/T 31315-2014
Cold drawn or cold rolled precision weld steel tubes for mechanical structures
GB 16383-2014
Quality control for radiation sterilization of medical and hygienical products
GB/T 15425-2014
Bar code for commodity―128 bar code
商品条码 128条码
GB/T 30588-2014
Terminations for steel wire ropes―Molten metal socketing
钢丝绳绳端 合金熔铸套接
GB/T 30966.1-2014
Wind turbines—Communications for monitoring and control of wind power plants—Part 1: Overall description of principles and models
风力发电机组 风力发电场监控系统通信 第1部分:原则与模型
GB/T 31282-2014
Brand valuation—Internet and related services
品牌价值评价 互联网及相关服务
GB 51048-2014
Design code for electrochemical energy storage station
GB 13104-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Sugar
食品安全国家标准 食糖
GB/T 14420-2014
Analysis of water used in boiler and cooling system―Determination of chemical oxygen demand―Rapid method with potassium dichromate
锅炉用水和冷却水分析方法 化学耗氧量的测定 重铬酸钾快速法
GB/T 30554-2014
Terminology of screw expander
螺杆膨胀机 术语
GB/T 30934-2014
Determination of dehydroacetic acid and its salts in cosmetics―High performance liquid chromatography
化妆品中脱氢醋酸及其盐类的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 31269-2014
Honeycomb fiberboard boxes
GB 50974-2014
Technical code for fire protection water supply and hydrant systems
GB/T 12967.4-2014
Test methods for anodic oxidation coatings of aluminium and aluminium alloys―Part 4:Determination of the comparative fastness to ultraviolet light and heat of coloured anodic oxidation coatings
铝及铝合金阳极氧化膜检测方法 第4部分:着色阳极氧化膜耐紫外光性能的测定
GB/T 30515-2014
Petroleum products―Transparent and opaque liquid―Determination of kinematic viscosity and calculation of dynamic viscosity
GB/T 30902-2014
Inorganic chemicals for industrial use―The determination of impurity element―Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry(ICP―OES)
无机化工产品 杂质元素的测定 电感耦合等离子体发射光谱法(ICP-OES)
GB/T 31231-2014
Determination of zinc and lead isotopic ratios in aqueous solution―Multiple-collectors inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
水中锌、铅同位素丰度比的测定 多接收电感耦合等离子体质谱法
GB/T 50064-2014
Code for design of overvoltage protection and insulation coordination for AC electrical installations
GB/T 10722-2014
Carbon black—Determination of total and external surface area―Nitrogen adsorption test method
炭黑 总表面积和外表面积的测定 氮吸附法
GB/T 30173.2-2014
Mechanical vibration and shock―Resilient mounting systems―Part 2: Technical information to be exchanged for the application of vibration isolation associated with railway systems
机械振动与冲击 弹性安装系统 第2部分:轨道交通系统隔振应用需交换的技术信息
GB/T 30858-2014
Polished mono-crystalline sapphire substrate product
GB/T 31204-2014
Carbon steel investment casting
GB 6722-2014
Safety regulations for blasting
GB/T 27024-2014
Conformity assessment—General requirements for bodies operating certification of persons
合格评定 人员认证机构通用要求
GB/T 30838-2014
Requirement on services of contracting carriers
GB/T 31174-2014
Investigation and evaluation of leisure satisfaction
GB/T 8892-2014
Copper alloy tube for pressure gauge
GB 4706.81-2014
Household and similar electrical appliances—Safety—Particular requirements for vaporizers
家用和类似用途电器的安全 挥发器的特殊要求
GB/T 24242.4-2014
Non-alloy steel wire rods for conversion to wire―Part 4: Specific requirements for wire rod for special applications
制丝用非合金钢盘条 第4部分:特殊用途盘条
GB/T 30804-2014
Thermal insulating products for building applications―Determination of tensile strength perpendicular to faces
建筑用绝热制品 垂直于表面抗拉强度的测定
GB/T 31139-2014
Safety technical regulations for mobile hydrogen refueling facility
GB/T 7600-2014
Determination of water content in transformer oils and turbine oils in service by coulometric method
GB 31617-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Nutrition Enhancers Casein Phosphopeptides
食品安全国家标准 食品营养强化剂 酪蛋白磷酸肽
GB 51032-2014
Technical code for application of iron tailings sand concrete
GB/T 21295-2014
Requirements of physical and chemical performance of garments
GB/T 30781-2014
Food processing machinery―Mincing machines
食品加工机械 切碎机
GB/T 31106-2014
Determination of volatile organic compounds in furniture
GB/T 5949-2014
Test method for bubble and air line of transparent quartz glass
GB 30879.1-2014
Information technology―Universal multiple-octet coded character set (basic multilingual plane)―22 dot matrix font of Chinese ideogram―Part 1: Song Ti
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集(基本多文种平面) 汉字22点阵字型 第1部分:宋体
GB 50953-2014
Technical code for engineering of network interconnection and dispatch system
GB/T 19981.1-2014
Textiles—Professional care, drycleaning and wetcleaning of fabrics and garments—Part 1: Assessment of performance after cleaning and finishing
纺织品 织物和服装的专业维护、干洗和湿洗 第1部分: 清洗和整烫后性能的评价
GB/T 30745-2014
Gradation and classification on sea area
GB/T 31071-2014
General science and technology infrastructure―Principles and methods for conformance testing
科技平台 一致性测试的原则与方法
GB/T 5059.2-2014
Ferromolybdenum―Determination of antimony content―Malachite green spectrophotometric method
钼铁 锑含量的测定 孔雀绿分光光度法
GB 30610-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Ethanol
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙醇
GB/T 18916.16-2014
Norm of water intake―Part 16: Electrolytic aluminium production
取水定额 第16部分:电解铝生产
GB/T 30708-2014
Determination of the thermal resistance of low-density blanket-type mineral fiber insulation
GB/T 31036-2014
Proton exchange membrane fuel cell backup power system―Safety
质子交换膜燃料电池备用电源系统 安全
GB/T 3558-2014
Determination of chlorine in coal
GB 25902.7-2014
Information technology―Universal multiple-octet coded character set New Xishuang Banna Dai 32 dot matrix font―Part 7:Ledabi Ti
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集 西双版纳新傣文32点阵字型 第7部分:勒达毕体
GB/T 18029.26-2014
Wheelchairs―Part 26:Vocabulary
轮椅车 第26部分:术语
GB/T 30672-2014
Moulded flat pallets from plants fiber
模压平托盘 植物纤维类
GB/T 31007.2-2014
Coding of textile fabrics―Part 2:Bast fiber fabric
纺织面料编码 第2部分:麻

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