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GB Standards english file list

GB 50985-2014
Code for process design of lead and zinc smelters
GB/T 10322.4-2014
Iron ores―Experimental methods for checking the bias of sampling
铁矿石 校核取样偏差的实验方法
GB/T 30114.2-2014
Terminology for space science and application―Part 2: Space physics
空间科学及其应用术语 第2部分:空间物理
GB/T 30852-2014
Conductive copper and copper alloy profile for the traction motors
GB/T 31198-2014
Test method of activity for deoxidizing protection type sulfur recovery catalyst
GB 50175-2014
Code for acceptance of surface coal mine engineering
GB 6675.12-2014
Safety of toys-Part 12: Toy scooter
玩具安全 第12部分:玩具滑板车
GB/T 26930.12-2014
Carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium―Pitch for electrodes―Part 12:Determination of volatile matter content
原铝生产用炭素材料 煤沥青 第12部分:挥发物含量的测定
GB/T 30832-2014
Valves―Test method of flow coefficient and flow resistance coefficient
阀门 流量系数和流阻系数试验方法
GB/T 31168-2014
Information security technology―Security capability requirements of cloud computing services
信息安全技术 云计算服务安全能力要求
GB/T 8732-2014
Steels of blade for steam turbine
GB 4706.18-2014
Household and similar electrical appliances―Safety―Particular requirements for battery chargers
家用和类似用途电器的安全 电池充电器的特殊要求
GB/T 24148.8-2014
Plastics—Unsaturated polyester resin—Part 8:Determination of color using platinum-cobalt colormetric method
塑料 不饱和聚酯树脂(UP-R) 第8部分:铂-钴比色法测定颜色
GB/T 30798-2014
The test method for safety of food detergents―Limit test for fluorescent whitening agent
食品用洗涤剂试验方法 荧光增白剂的测定
GB/T 31133-2014
Specification for hydraulic lifting equipment in power construction
GB/T 7113.1-2014
Flexible insulating sleeving―Part 1: Definitions and general requirements
绝缘软管 第1部分:定义和一般要求
GB 31335-2014
The norm of the energy consumption per unit product of iron ore surface mining
GB/T 21154-2014
Earth-moving machinery―Methods of measuring the masses of whole machines, their equipment and components
土方机械 整机及其工作装置和部件的质量测量方法
GB/T 30775-2014
Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes of PE protective film
GB/T 31098-2014
Evaluation on the effect of sulfur fixation during coal combustion
GB/T 5455-2014
Textiles―Burning behaviour―Determination of damaged Length,afterglow time and afterflame time of vertically oriented specimens
纺织品 燃烧性能 垂直方向损毁长度、阴燃和续燃时间的测定
GB 30872-2014
Wrought aluminium alloy extruded profiles with acrylic coating for architecture
GB/T 19933.2-2014
Earth-moving machinery―Operator enclosure environment―Part 2: Air filter element test method
土方机械 司机室环境 第2部分:空气滤清器试验方法
GB/T 30739-2014
Determination of n-alkanes in marine sediment―Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
海洋沉积物中正构烷烃的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 31064-2014
Rubber-or plastics-coated fabrics―Determination of puncture resistance
橡胶或塑料涂覆织物 抗刺穿性测试方法
GB 51044-2014
Code for investigation of geotechnical engineering in the coal mine goaf
GB/T 4854.6-2014
Acoustics―Reference zero for the calibration of audiometric equipment―Part 6: Reference hearing threshold levels for test signals of short duration
声学 校准测听设备的基准零级 第6部分:短时程测试信号的基准听阈
GB 30603-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Sodium acetate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙酸钠
GB/T 18851.6-2014
Non-destructive testing―Penetrant testing―Part 6: Penetrant testing at temperatures lower than 10℃
无损检测 渗透检测 第6部分:温度低于10℃的渗透检测
GB/T 30702-2014
Surface chemical analysis―Auger electron spectroscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy―Guide to the use of experimentally determined relative sensitivity factors for the quantitative analysis of homogeneous materials
表面化学分析 俄歇电子能谱和X射线光电子能谱 实验测定的相对灵敏度因子在均匀材料定量分析中的使用指南
GB/T 31030-2014
Airport passenger bus
GB 50970-2014
Code for design of open-pit mining engineering in decoration stone mine
GB/T 3356-2014
Test method for flexural properties of orientational fiber reinforced polymer metrix composite materials
GB 24512.3-2014
Seamless steel tubes and pipes for nuclear power plant ― Part 3:Seamless stainless steel tubes and pipes
核电站用无缝钢管 第3部分:不锈钢无缝钢管
GB/T 17873-2014
Pure neon and high purity neon
GB/T 30666-2014
Textiles―Test method for identification of coated material
纺织品 涂层鉴别试验方法
GB/T 31004.1-2014
Acoustics―Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements using sound intensity―Part 1: Laboratory measurements
声学 建筑和建筑构件隔声声强法测量 第1部分:实验室测量
GB/T 31326-2014
Botanical beverage
GB 18485-2014
Standard for pollution control on the municipal solid waste incineration
GB/T 1599-2014
Antimony ingot
GB/T 30599-2014
In situ particulate reinforced ZL101A alloy matrix composites
GB/T 30971-2014
Software engineering―Recommended practice for the internet―Web site engineering, web site management, and web site life cycle
软件工程 用于互联网的推荐实践 网站工程、网站管理和网站生存周期
GB/T 31293-2014
Vacuum resin infusion molding epoxy for wind blade
GB 15193.12-2014
Food safety national standard vitro mammalian cell HGPRT gene mutation test
食品安全国家标准 体外哺乳类细胞HGPRT基因突变试验
GB/T 14810-2014
Alternating current switches for rated voltages of 72.5 kV and above
额定电压72.5 kV及以上交流负荷开关
GB/T 30565-2014
Non-destructive testing―Eddy current testing―General principles
无损检测 涡流检测 总则
GB/T 30945-2014
Determination of tylosin in feeds―High performance liquid chromatography
饲料中泰乐菌素的测定 高效液相色谱法
GB/T 31270.19-2014
Test guidelines on environmental safety assessment for chemical pesticides―Part 19: Effects on non-target plants
化学农药环境安全评价试验准则 第19部分:非靶标植物影响试验
GB/T 13465.1-2014
Test method of impermeable graphite materials―Part 1: General 0f test method for mechanical properties
不透性石墨材料试验方法 第1部分:力学性能试验方法总则
GB/T 30534-2014
Codes and identification of secret level for scientific and technical reports
GB/T 30913-2014
Standard test method for classification of film systems for industrial radiography
GB/T 31244-2014
Specification for design for disassembly of telecommunication terminal equipment
GB/T 51027-2014
Standard for general layout drawings of petrochemical enterprises
GB/T 11060.11-2014
Natural gas—Determination of sulfur compounds-Part 11: Determination of hydrogen sulfide content by length-of-stain detector tubes method
天然气 含硫化合物的测定 第11部分:用着色长度检测管法测定硫化氢含量
GB/T 30492-2014
Natural gas―Gas chromatographic requirements for hydrocarbon dewpoint caculation
天然气 烃露点计算的气相色谱分析要求
GB/T 30881-2014
Information technology—Metadata registries (MDR)Modules
信息技术 元数据注册系统(MDR)模块
GB/T 31213.2-2014
Non-destructive testing―Testing of cast iron equipments and components―Part 2: Test method for acousto-ultrasonic
无损检测 铸铁构件检测 第2部分:声超声检测方法
GB 50936-2014
Technical code for concrete filled steel tubular structures
GB/T 10001.10-2014
Public information graphical symbols―Part 10:General symbol elements
公共信息图形符号 第10部分:通用符号要素
GB/T 28784.2-2014
Mechanical vibration—Measurement of vibration on ships—Part 2: Measurement of structural vibration
机械振动 船舶振动测量 第2部分:结构振动测量
GB/T 30843.2-2014
Variable-frequency drive above 1kV and not exceeding 35kV—Part 2: Test methods
1 kV 以上不超过 35 kV 的通用变频调速设备 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 31186.1-2014
Specification of description for basic information of bank's customer―Part 1: Model of description
银行客户基本信息描述规范 第1部分:描述模型
GB/Z 31102-2014
Software engineering―Guide to the software engineering body of knowledge (SWEBOK)
软件工程 软件工程知识体系指南
GB 5009.16-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Determination of tin in foods
食品安全国家标准 食品中锡的测定
GB/T 25206.1-2014
Reaction-to-fire tests for sandwich panel building systems―Part 1: Test method for small rooms
复合夹芯板建筑体燃烧性能试验 第1部分:小室法
GB/T 30817-2014
Cold coil conical helical spring―Technical specification
冷卷截锥螺旋弹簧 技术条件
GB/T 31153-2014
Climatic evaluation methods of precipitation resource in the catchment area of small hydropower stations
GB/T 7767-2014
Standard terminology relating to carbon black
GB 31628-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Kaolin
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 高岭土
GB/T 22597-2014
Determination of chemical oxygen demand of reclaimed wastewater―Potassium dichromate method
再生水中化学需氧量的测定 重铬酸钾法
GB/T 30790.1-2014
Paints and varnishes―Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems―Part 1: General introduction
色漆和清漆 防护涂料体系对钢结构的防腐蚀保护 第1部分:总则
GB/T 31118-2014
Principle and requirement for assessment of land ecological services
土地生态服务评估 原则与要求
GB/T 6435-2014
Determination of moisture in feedstuffs
GB 31117-2014
Safety specification for marine auxiliary boiler
GB/T 20252-2014
Lithium cobalt oxide
GB/T 30758-2014
Refractory products―Determination of dynamic Young’s modulus(MOE) by impulse excitation of vibration
耐火材料 动态杨氏模量试验方法(脉冲激振法)
GB/T 31082-2014
Auditing rules for exhibition statistics
GB/T 5250-2014
Permeable sintered metal materials―Determination of fluid permeability
可渗透性烧结金属材料 流体渗透性的测定
GB 30720-2014
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for domestic gas cooking appliances
GB/T 19428-2014
Code for earthquake loss estimation and its information management system
GB/T 30722-2014
Method of specification for water-based ink color
GB/T 31048-2014
Copper stave
GB 51010-2014
Code for design of shutting down/restarting aluminum reduction cells without power interruption
GB/T 4121-2014
Test method for stability to thermal darkening of quartz glass
GB 30439.8-2014
Safety requirements for industrial automation products―Part 8: Safety requirements for electrical actuator
工业自动化产品安全要求 第8部分:电动执行机构的安全要求
GB/T 18494.1-2014
Converter transformers―Part 1: Transformers for industrial applications
变流变压器 第1部分:工业用变流变压器
GB/T 30684-2014
Technical specification for water-saving of golf course
GB/T 31017-2014
Mobile laboratory―terminology
移动实验室 术语
GB 50324-2014
Code for engineering geological investigation of frozen ground
GB/T 31350-2014
Guideline for energy measurement apparatus equipping and management of sintering wall & roof materials enterprise
GB 20840.2-2014
Instrument transformers―Part 2: Additional requirements for current transformers
互感器 第2部分:电流互感器的补充技术要求
GB/T 16907-2014
Technical specifications for centrifugal pumps(Class I)
GB/T 30651-2014
Test method of flowability of petrolatum tape at high temperature
GB/T 30987-2014
Determination of free amino acids in plants
GB/T 31311-2014
Metallurgical-grade fluorspar―Determination of lead content―Solvent extraction atomic absorption spectrometric method
冶金级萤石 铅含量的测定 溶剂萃取原子吸收光谱法
GB 15579.3-2014
Arc welding equipment—Part 3: Arc striking and stabilizing devices
弧焊设备 第3部分:引弧和稳弧装置
GB/T 15357-2014
Surface active agents and detergents―Determination of viscosity and flow properties of liquid products using a rotational viscometer
表面活性剂和洗涤剂 旋转粘度计测定液体产品的粘度和流动性质
GB/T 30582-2014
Risk-Based-Inspection and assessment methodology of external damage for buried steel pipelines
GB/T 30962-2014
Identification cards―Integrated circuit cards―High capacity cards
识别卡 集成电路卡 大容量卡
GB/T 31278-2014
Brand valuation—Apparel,shoe and hat industry
品牌价值评价 纺织服装、鞋、帽业

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