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2012 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 28726-2012
Gas analysis - Gas chromatograph with helium ionization detector
气体分析 氦离子化气相色谱法
GB/T 29085-2012
Technical requirements for contamination control of satellite
GB/T 28677-2012
Remanufacturing of automotive components - Cleaning
汽车零部件再制造 清洗
GB/T 28676-2012
Remanufacturing of automotive components - Classification
汽车零部件再制造 分类
GB/T 28672-2012
The technical specifications for remanufacture of automotive components - Alternator
汽车零部件再制造产品技术规范 交流发电机
GB/T 29093-2012
Seamless copper alloy tubes for subsurface sucker rod pumps
GB/T 28647-2012
Chemicals - Test method of uterotrophic bioassay in rodents - A short-term screening test for oestrogenic properties
化学品 啮齿类动物子宫增重试验 雌激素作用的短期筛选试验
GB/T 29099-2012
Road traffic information service - The exchange and storage format of historical probe data
道路交通信息服务 浮动车历史数据交换存储格式
GB/T 29108-2012
Road traffic information service - Terminology
道路交通信息服务 术语
GB/T 29077-2012
Launch-vehicle-to-spacecraft flight environments telemetry data processing requirement
GB/T 28758-2012
Cranes - Competency requirements for crane inspectors
起重机 检查人员的资格要求
GB/T 29025-2012
Determination of particle size distributions - Electrical sensing zone method
粒度分析 电阻法
GB/T 29026-2012
Spring loaded safety valve for cryogenic service
GB/T 29027-2012
Large curved tooth coupling
GB/T 29033-2012
Calculation method of water-water heat pump units on the basis of thermodynamic perfectibility
GB/T 29036-2012
Coloring of stainless steel by Oxidation - Specification and test methods
不锈钢表面氧化着色 技术规范和试验方法
GB/T 28770-2012
Test methods for solders
GB/T 28766-2012
Natural gas - Performance evaluation for on-line analytical systems
天然气 在线分析系统性能评价
GB/T 28716-2012
Determination of zearalenone in feed - High performance liquid chromatigraphic method with immunoaffinity column clean-up
饲料中玉米赤霉烯酮的测定 免疫亲和柱净化-高效液相色谱法
GB/T 28762-2012
NC shears
GB/T 29309-2012
Accelerated stress testing procedures for electric and electronic products - Guidance for highly accelerated life test
电工电子产品加速应力试验规程 高加速寿命试验导则
GB/T 28751-2012
The method of editing energy balance table for enterprises
GB/T 28750-2012
General technical rules for measurement and verification of energy savings
GB/T 29058-2012
Building industrial machine safety technical requirements - General principles
墙材工业机械安全技术要求 总则
GB/T 28742-2012
Sewage treatment equipment for prevention and treatment of water pollution
GB/T 28741-2012
Mobile ranking machine
GB/T 28740-2012
Equipment of compost treatment and utilization for manure of poultry and livestock
GB/T 29061-2012
Performance films for glass in building
GB/T 28730-2012
Method for preparation of solid biofuels sample
GB/T 28764-2012
Test method for sealing characteristics of packaging containers - Ultrasonic method
包装容器密闭性检测方法 超声波法
GB/T 16608.55-2012
Electromechanical all-or-nothing relays - Part 55: Blank detail specification - Electromechanical all-or-nothing telecom relays of assessed quality - Two change-over contacts, 11mm×7,5mm (max)base
有或无机电继电器 第55部分:空白详细规范 电信用有质量评定的有或无机电继电器 两组转换触点,11mm×7.5mm(最大)底座
GB/T 20475.3-2012
Classification for content of harmful elements in coal - Part 3:Arsenic
煤中有害元素含量分级 第3部分:砷
GB/T 19869.2-2012
Welding procedure qualification test for aluminum and its alloys
GB/T 16666-2012
Monitoring and testing for energy saving of motor-pump liquid transport system
GB/T 18960-2012
Forestry machinery - Portable hand-held china-saws - Vocabulary
林业机械 便携式油锯 词汇
GB/T 16630-2012
Lubricants for refrigeration compressors
GB/T 18916.5-2012
Norm of water intake - Part 5: Pulp, paper and paper board production
取水定额 第5部分:造纸产品
GB/T 16675.2-2012
Technical drawings - Simplified representation - Part 2: Dimensioning
技术制图 简化表示法 第2部分:尺寸注法
GB/T 29402.3-2012
Storage of cereals and pulses - Part 3: Control of attack by pests
谷物和豆类储存 第3部分:有害生物的控制
GB/T 16763-2012
Shaped insulating refractory products - Classification
GB/T 29402.2-2012
Storage of cereals and pulses - Part 2: Practical recommendations
谷物和豆类储存 第2部分:实用建议
GB/T 19876-2012
Safety of machinery ― Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speeds of parts of the human body
机械安全 与人体部位接近速度相关的安全防护装置的定位
GB/T 17933-2012
Electronic publication - Terms
电子出版物 术语
GB/T 18916.2-2012
Norm of water intake - Part 2: Iron and steel complex
取水定额 第2部分:钢铁联合企业
GB/T 16571-2012
Requirements for security systems in museums and units of cultural heritage protection
GB/T 18916.13-2012
Norm of water intake - Part 13: Ethylene production
取水定额 第13部分:乙烯生产
GB/T 17780.3-2012
Textile machinery - Safety requirements - Part 3: Nonwoven machinery
纺织机械 安全要求 第3部分:非织造布机械
GB/T 29399-2012
Technology specification for wood resistance to termites and beetles
GB/T 17256-2012
Medical and functional classification of cycling and archery for disabled athletes
GB/T 29424-2012
The protocol of enterprise annuity's data exchange
GB/T 29428.1-2012
Operation for earthquake search and rescue team - Part 1:Basic requirements of operation
地震灾害紧急救援队伍救援行动 第1部分:基本要求
GB/T 17282-2012
Test method for estimation of mean relative molecular mass of petroleum oils from viscosity measurements
GB/T 29419-2012
Establishing performance ratings for wood-plastic composite deck boards and guardrail system performance
GB/T 19139-2012
Testing of well cements
GB/T 29373-2012
Traceability requirements for agricultural products - Fruits and vegetables
农产品追溯要求 果蔬
GB/T 18449.2-2012
Metallic materials - Knoop hardness test - Part 2:Verification and calibration of testing machines
金属材料 努氏硬度试验 第2部分:硬度计的检验与校准
GB/T 17889.4-2012
Ladders - Part 4: Single or multiple hinge-joint ladders
梯子 第4部分:带有单个或多个铰链的梯子
GB/T 19349-2012
Metallic and other inorganic coatings - Pretreatment of iron or steel to reduce the risk of hydrogen embrittlement
金属和其它无机覆盖层 为减少氢脆危险的钢铁预处理
GB/T 29406.1-2012
Safety code for wood preservation plant - Part 1: Plant design
木材防腐工厂安全规范 第1部分:工厂设计
GB/T 16785-2012
Terminology work - Harmonization of concepts and terms
术语工作 概念和术语的协调
GB/T 19384.1-2012
Textile machinery and accessories - Yarn feeders and yarn control for knitting machines - Part 1: Vocabulary
纺织机械与附件 针织机用输纱器与纱线控制装置 第1部分:术语
GB/T 19114.44-2012
Industrial automation systems and integration - Industrial manufacturing management data - Part 44: Information modelling for shop floor data acquisition
工业自动化系统与集成 工业制造管理数据 第44部分:车间级数据采集的信息建模
GB/T 17754-2012
Tribology terminology
GB/T 29418-2012
Test methods for mechannical and physical properties of wood-plastic composite product
GB/T 29433-2012
Guidelines for mental health education in school
GB/T 18695-2012
Feed processing equipment - Terms
饲料加工设备 术语
GB/T 29396-2012
Detection and identification of Burkholderia glumae (Kurita & Tabei ) Urakami et al.
GB/T 29402.1-2012
Storage of cereals and pulses - Part 1:General recommendations for the keeping of cereals
谷物和豆类储存 第1部分:谷物储存的一般建议
GB/T 18795-2012
Technology requirement for making standard samples of tea
GB/T 15916-2012
Surface active agents - Determination of chelating agent content - Titrimetric method
表面活性剂 螯合剂含量的测定 滴定法
GB/T 18029.24-2012
Wheelchairs - Part 24:Requirements and test methods for user-operated stair climbing devices
轮椅车 第24部分:乘坐者操纵的爬楼梯装置的要求和测试方法
GB/T 20166.2-2012
Chemical analysis methods of rare earth polishing powder - Part 2: Determination fluorine content - Ion selective electrode analysis
稀土抛光粉化学分析方法 第2部分:氟量的测定 离子选择性电极法
GB/T 29393-2012
Detection and identification of Candidatus liberobacter asiaticum
GB/T 29434-2012
Aluminum alloy ingots for high strength and toughness castings with heat resisting
GB/T 15852.2-2012
Information technology - Security techniques - Message Authentication Codes(MACs) - Part 2:Mechanisms using a dedicated hash-function
信息技术 安全技术 消息鉴别码 第2部分:采用专用杂凑函数的机制
GB/T 18851.1-2012
Non-destructive testing - Penetrant testing - Part 1: General principles
无损检测 渗透检测 第1部分:总则
GB/T 18517-2012
Terminology of refrigeration
GB/T 20448.1-2012
Self-propelled forestry machinery - Laboratory tests and performance requirements for Roll-over protective structure - Part 1:General machinery
自行式林业机械 滚翻保护结构实验室试验和性能要求 第1部分:通用机械
GB/T 18220-2012
Information technology - General specification of hand-held device for information processing
信息技术 手持式信息处理设备通用规范
GB/T 19902.6-2012
Industrial automation systems and integration - Manufacturing software capability profiling for interoperability - Part 6: Interface services and protocols for matching profiles based on multiple capability class structures
工业自动化系统与集成 制造软件互操作性能力建规 第6部分:基于多能力类结构进行专规匹配的接口服务和协议
GB/T 18910.11-2012
Liquid crystal display devices - Part 1-1: Terminology and symbols
液晶显示器件 第1-1部分:术语和符号
GB/T 18494.3-2012
Converter transformers - Part 3: Application guide
变流变压器 第3部分:应用导则
GB/T 29369-2012
Technology regulation for white jelly fungus production
GB/T 16163-2012
Classification of gases filled in cylinder
GB/T 18811-2012
Basic terms of electronic commerce
GB/T 29392-2012
Beef cuts grading for high rib、ribeye、striploin、tenderloin of normal beef
GB/T 12859.201-2012
Piezoelectric ceramic resonators - A specification in the quality assessment System for electronic components - Part 2-1: Blank detail specification-Assessment level E
电子元器件质量评定体系规范 压电陶瓷谐振器 第2-1部分:空白详细规范-评定水平E
GB/T 17674-2012
Determination of nitrogen in crude oil by boat-inlet chemiluminescence
原油中氮含量的测定 舟进样化学发光法
GB 28477-2012
Safety technical requirements for children umbrella
GB/T 7048-2012
Colour carbon black - Determination of blackness
色素炭黑 黑度的测定
GB 28478-2012
General safety requirements of outdoor leisure furniture - Seating and tables
户外休闲家具安全性能要求 桌椅类产品
GB/T 6791-2012
Road vehicles - Spark-plugs and their cylinder head housing - Basic characteristics and dimensions
道路车辆 火花塞及其气缸盖安装孔 基本特征及尺寸
GB/T 29409-2012
Technology specification for wood protection in storage
GB/T 5953.3-2012
Steel wire for cold heading - part 3: Non-quenched and tempered steel wire for cold heading
冷镦钢丝 第3部分:非调质型冷镦钢丝
GB/T 29416-2012
Test method for fire-resistant performance of external wall insulation systems applied to building facades
GB/T 28738-2012
Finned built-in heat pipe for all-glass evacuated solar collector tubes
GB/T 6367-2012
Surface active agents - Preparation of water with known calcium hardness
表面活性剂 已知钙硬度水的制备
GB/T 6890-2012
Zinc powder
GB/T 18301-2012
Refractory products - Determination of resistance to abrasion at ambient temperature
耐火材料 常温耐磨性试验方法
GB 28380-2012
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy grades for microcomputers
GB/T 17934.5-2012
Graphic technology - Process control for the manufacture of half-tone color separation, proof and production prints - Part 5: Screen printing
印刷技术 网目调分色片、样张和印刷成品的加工过程控制 第5部分:网版印刷
GB/T 29305-2012
Measurement of the average viscometric degree of polymerization of new and aged cellulosic electrically insulating materials
GB 28376-2012
Fireproof board for tunnels
GB/T 29091-2012
Copper and copper alloy designation and code system
GB/T 13025.5-2012
General test method in salt industry - Determination of chloride ion
制盐工业通用试验方法 氯离子的测定
GB 28377-2012
Minimum allowable values of water efficiency and water efficiency grades for urinals
GB/T 14198-2012
General specification for microphones
GB/T 28707-2012
Disc spring supports and hangers
GB/T 7052-2012
Colour carbon black - Determination of flow characteristic
色素炭黑 流动度的测定
GB/T 29404-2012
Guide to draw up irrigation water quota
GB/T 17780.4-2012
Textile machinery - Safety requirements - Part 4: Yarn processing,cordage and rope manufacturing machinery
纺织机械 安全要求 第4部分:纱线和绳索加工机械
GB 28396-2012
The safety requirement for mixed gas diving
GB 10235-2012
Hazard reducing device for arc welding power source
弧焊电源 防触电装置
GB/T 29072-2012
Drafting rules of technical network for spacecraft development
GB 28375-2012
Fireproof coatings for concrete structure
GB/T 6370-2012
Surface active agents - Anionic surface active agents - Determination of solubility in water
表面活性剂 阴离子表面活性剂 水中溶解度的测定
GB/T 6440-2012
Raw goat skin
GB/T 6491-2012
Drying quality of sawn timber
GB/T 13025.12-2012
General test method in salt industry - Determination of barium
制盐工业通用试验方法 钡的测定
GB/T 28933-2012
General evaluation elements of professional managers
GB/T 16608.51-2012
Electromechanical all-or-nothing relays - Part 51: Blank detail specification - Electromechanical all-or-nothing telecom relays of assessed quality - Non-standardized types and construction
有或无机电继电器 第51部分:空白详细规范 电信用有质量评定的有或无机电继电器 非标准类型和结构
GB 17625.1-2012
Electromagnetic compatibility - Limits - Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current ≤ 16 A per phase)
电磁兼容 限值 谐波电流发射限值(设备每相输入电流≤16A)
GB/T 15120.2-2012
Identification cards - Recording technique - Part 2: Magnetic stripe-Low coercivity
识别卡 记录技术 第2部分:磁条-低矫顽力
GB/T 29001.1-2012
Numerical control system of machine tool - Protocol specifications for NCUC-Bus fieldbus - Part 1:General principles
机床数控系统 NCUC-Bus现场总线协议规范 第1部分:总则
GB 16915.5-2012
Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations - Part 2-4: Particular requirements - Isolating switches
家用和类似用途固定式电气装置的开关 第2-4部分:隔离开关的特殊要求
GB/T 15120.6-2012
Identification cards - Recording technique - Part 6: Magnetic stripe-High coercivity
识别卡 记录技术 第6部分:磁条-高矫顽力
GB/T 1646-2012
GB/T 2900.89-2012
Electrotechnical terminology - Electrical and electronic measurements and measuring instruments - Part 2: General terms relating to electrical measurements
电工术语 电工电子测量和仪器仪表 第2部分:电测量的通用术语
GB/T 28904-2012
Steel strips for steel-aluminum composite
GB/T 9945-2012
Hot-rolled bulb flats
GB/T 15338-2012
Carbon black - Validation of test method precision and bias
炭黑 试验方法精密度和偏差的确认
GB/T 15341-2012
Talc lumps
GB/T 28924-2012
Guides for calculating energy efficiency index of an iron and steel enterprise
GB/T 29040-2012
Test methods of rolling resistance for motor vehicle tyres - Single point test and correlation of measurement results
汽车轮胎滚动阻力试验方法 单点试验和测量结果的相关性
GB/T 29458-2012
Requirements and test methods for LED screen in sports venues
GB/Z 29014-2012
Cutting tool data representation and exchange - Definitions, principles and methods for reference dictionaries
切削刀具数据表达与交换 参考字典的定义、原则和方法
GB/T 29454-2012
Specification for equipping and managing of the measuring instrument of energy in the pulp and paper enterprise
GB 11417.2-2012
Ophthalmic optics - Contact lenses - Part 2: Rigid contact lenses specification
眼科光学 接触镜 第2部分:硬性接触镜
GB/T 15658-2012
Method for measurements of radio noise
GB/T 15704-2012
Road vehicles - Light alloy wheels - Impact test procedure
道路车辆 轻合金车轮 冲击试验方法
GB 13837-2012
Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits and methods of measurement
声音和电视广播接收机及有关设备 无线电骚扰特性 限值和测量方法
GB/Z 28865-2012
Specification for anti-EMI soft ferrite materials
GB/T 15370.1-2012
General requirement of agricultural tractors - Part 1: Under 50 kW wheeled tractors
农业拖拉机 通用技术条件 第1部分:50kW以下轮式拖拉机
GB/T 28935-2012
Assembled swimming pool
GB/Z 28820.2-2012
Long-term radiation ageing in polymers - Part 2: Procedures for predicting ageing at low dose rates
聚合物长期辐射老化 第2部分:预测低剂量率下老化的程序
GB/Z 28820.1-2012
Long-term radiation ageing in polymers - Part 1: Techniques for monitoring diffusion-limited oxidation
聚合物长期辐射老化 第1部分:监测扩散限制氧化的技术
GB/Z 28818-2012
Selection guide for polymeric materials for outdoor use under HV stress
GB 12668.3-2012
Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems - Part 3: EMC requirements and specific test methods
调速电气传动系统 第3部分 :电磁兼容性要求及其特定的试验方法
GB 18068.3-2012
Health protection zone for non-metallic mineral products industry - Part 3:Asbestos products industry
非金属矿物制品业卫生防护距离 第3部分:石棉制品业
GB/T 28946-2012
Mobile motorcycle safety technology inspection lane
GB/T 29037-2012
Thermal spraying - Coatings for protection against corrosion and oxidation at elevated temperatures
热喷涂 抗高温腐蚀和氧化的保护涂层
GB/T 16608.52-2012
Electromechanical all-or-nothing relays - Part 52: Blank detail specification - Electromechanical all-or-nothing telecom relays of assessed quality - Two change-over contacts, 20mm×10mm base
有或无机电继电器 第52部分:空白详细规范 电信用有质量评定的有或无机电继电器 两组转换触点,20mm×10mm底座
GB/T 29016-2012
Linear filling machine with high viscosity fluid
GB/T 16783.2-2012
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Field testing of drilling fluids - Part 2: Oil-based fluids
石油天然气工业 钻井液现场测试 第2部分:油基钻井液
GB/T 16819-2012
Specifications for planetabling of 1:500 1:1 000 1:2 000 topographic maps
1:500 1:1 000 1:2 000地形图平板仪测量规范
GB/T 14598.151-2012
Measuring relays and protection equipment - Part 151: Functional requirements for over/under current protection
量度继电器和保护装置 第151部分:过/欠电流保护功能要求
GB/T 29006-2012
Agricultural oil press - Evaluation index and measurement methods for electrical energy consumption
农用榨油机 耗电量指标及测量方法
GB 28286-2012
General requirements of industrial explosive
GB 21976.5-2012
Escape apparatus for building fire - Part 5:Escape device
建筑火灾逃生避难器材 第5部分:应急逃生器
GB/T 29044-2012
Water quality for heating and air conditioning systems
GB/T 29429-2012
Detection and identification of Xanthomonas fragariae Kennedy & King
GB/T 16957-2012
Clad teel plats - Mechanical technical tests on welded joints
复合钢板 焊接接头力学性能试验方法
GB/T 29049-2012
Doorsets - Vertical load test
整樘门 垂直荷载试验
GB/T 753-2012
Steam condition series for utility boilers
电站锅炉 蒸汽参数系列
GB/T 7378-2012
Surface active agents - Determination of alkalinity - Titrimetric method
表面活性剂 碱度的测定 滴定法
GB/T 29030-2012
Positive displacement CO2 refrigerant compressor(unit)
GB/T 9414.1-2012
Maintainability - Part 1: Application guide
维修性 第1部分:应用指南
GB/T 28744-2012
Statistical indicator system of waste-product recyclers
GB/T 14999.1-2012
Test method for superalloys - Part 1: Verification of longitudinal macro-structures and defect by etch
高温合金试验方法 第1部分:纵向低倍组织及缺陷酸浸检验
GB 18071.7-2012
Health protection zone for basic chemistry industry - Part 7:Yellow phosphorus industry
基础化学原料制造业卫生防护距离 第7部分:黄磷制造业
GB/T 29001.4-2012
Numerical control system of machine tool - Protocol specifications for NCUC-Bus fieldbus - Part 4:Application layer
机床数控系统 NCUC-Bus现场总线协议规范 第4部分:应用层
GB 18082.1-2012
Health protection zone for leather and fur and manufactured products industry - Part 1:Leather tanning industry
皮革、毛皮及其制品业卫生防护距离 第1部分:皮革鞣制加工业
GB/T 29013-2012
Road construction and road maintenance machinery and equipment - Slipform paver
道路施工与养护机械设备 滑模式水泥混凝土摊铺机
GB/T 9414.2-2012
Maintainability of equipment - Part 2: Maintainability requirements and studies during the design and development phase
维修性 第2部分:设计和开发阶段维修性要求与研究
GB/T 29001.3-2012
Numerical control system of machine tool - Protocol specifications for NCUC-Bus fieldbus - Part 3:Data link layer
机床数控系统 NCUC-Bus现场总线协议规范 第3部分:数据链路层
GB/T 9393-2012
STZ3 type power supply connector for electronic measurement instrument
GB/T 9317-2012
General specification for pulse signal generator
GB/T 9292-2012
Surface active agents method of testing of the migration action of levelling agents for disperse dyes on dyeing polyester textiles under high temperature condition
表面活性剂 高温条件下分散染料染聚酯织物用匀染剂的移染性测试法
GB/T 14665-2012
Mechanical engineering drawings rules of CAD
机械工程 CAD制图规则
GB 21347-2012
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of magnesium metallurgical enterprise
GB/T 28848-2012
Intelligent gas flow meter
GB/T 9435-2012
Useful screen dimensions for color picture tubes
GB/T 11105-2012
Metallic powder - Rattle test for the green compacts
金属粉末 压坯的拉托拉试验
GB/T 21437.3-2012
Road vehicles - Electrical disturbances from conduction and coupling - Part 3: Electrical transient transmission by capacitive and inductive coupling via lines other than supply lines
道路车辆 由传导和耦合引起的电骚扰 第3部分:除电源线外的导线通过容性和感性耦合的电瞬态发射
GB/T 27411-2012
Routine methods for evaluation and expression of measurement uncertainty in testing laboratory
GB/T 27412-2012
Detection of laboratory bias using single test result from check standard
GB/T 29356-2012
Martyr monuments protection services unit
GB/T 11374-2012
Thermal spraying coating - Nondestructive methods for measurement of thickness
GB/T 21972.2-2012
Specification for variable-frequency adjustable-speed three-phase induction motors for crane and metallurgical applications - Part 2: YZP series variable-frequency adjustable-speed three-phase induction motors for crane and metallurgical applications(cool
起重及冶金用变频调速三相异步电动机技术条件 第2部分:YZP系列起重及冶金用变频调速三相异步电动机(轴流风机冷却)
GB/T 29371.5-2012
Technical rules for seed production system of two-line hybrid rice - Part 5: Technical rules for identification of variety purity & male sterility of MS line
两系杂交水稻种子生产体系技术规范 第5部分:种子纯度鉴定和不育系育性监测技术规范
GB 29439-2012
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of potassium sulfate
GB/T 25068.2-2012
Information technology - Security techniques - IT network security - Part 2: Network security architecture
信息技术 安全技术 IT网络安全 第2部分:网络安全体系结构
GB/T 28298-2012
Coking heavy oil
GB/T 27413-2012
Quality control and quality estimation in petroleum products testing laboratory
GB/T 29367-2012
Determination of dust in cotton processing enterprises
GB/T 29297-2012
Technical specifications of dome screen projection fisheye lens for digital projector
数字投影机球幕投影鱼眼镜头 技术条件
GB/T 22159.2-2012
Acoustics and vibration - Laboratory measurement of vibro-acoustic transfer properties of resilient elements - Part 2: Direct method for determination of the dynamic stiffness of resilient supports for translatory motion
声学与振动 弹性元件振动-声传递特性实验室测量方法 第2部分:弹性支撑件平动动刚度的直接测量方法
GB/T 4103.1-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of lead and lead alloys - Part 1: Determination of tin content
铅及铅合金化学分析方法 第1部分:锡量的测定
GB/T 19699-2012
Ships and marine technology - Pressure/vacuum valves for cargo tanks
船舶与海上技术 液货舱压力/真空阀
GB/T 29349-2012
Requirements for photography and videography of scene

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