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2017 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 33587-2017
Safety guide for charging electrical system and equipments
GB/T 51217-2017
technical specification for joint construction and sharing of transmission lines
GB/T 51218-2017
Standard for basic terminology of engineering design of machinery industry
GB/T 33760-2017
Technical specification at the project level for assessment of greenhouse gas emission reductions—General requirements
基于项目的温室气体减排量评估技术规范 通用要求
GB/T 51223-2017
Technical code for signage system of public building
GB/T 34067.1-2017
In-home display terminal for smart-utilization power—Part 1:General technical requirements
户内智能用电显示终端 第1部分:通用技术要求
GB 50446-2017
Code for construction and acceptance of shield tunnelling method
GB/T 33898-2017
General technical specification for membrane bioreactor
GB/T 22571-2017
Surface chemical analysis—X-ray photoelectron spectrometers—Calibration of energy scales
表面化学分析 X射线光电子能谱仪 能量标尺的校准
GB/T 3884.19-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of copper concentrates—Part 19: Determination of thallium content—Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
铜精矿化学分析方法 第19部分:铊量的测定 电感耦合等离子体质谱法
GB/T 34038-2017
General technical specifications for palletizing robot
GB/T 9074.18-2017
Tapping screw and washer assemblies with plain washers
GB/T 6398-2017
Metallic materials—Fatigue testing—Fatigue crack growth method
金属材料 疲劳试验 疲劳裂纹扩展方法
GB/T 10574.9-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders—Part 9:Determination of aluminium content—Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometric method
锡铅焊料化学分析方法 第9部分:铝量的测定 电热原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 34830.1-2017
Collection specifications for credit information—Part 1: General principles
信用信息征集规范 第1部分:总则
GB/T 10574.11-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders—Part 11:Determination of phosphorus content—Crystal violet phosphorus-vanadium-molybdeum heteropoly acid spectrophotometry
锡铅焊料化学分析方法 第11部分:磷量的测定 结晶紫-磷钒钼杂多酸分光光度法
GB/T 33976-2017
Corrosion resistant hot rolled section steel for cargo oil tanks
GB/T 34114-2017
General specification for electromagnetic brake for motor
GB/T 34176-2017
Chemical analysis methods for determination of Fe2+ and Fe3+ in refractory products by the spectral photometric method with 1,10-phenanthroline
GB/T 34500.4-2017
Chemical analysis methods for rare earth waste residue and waste water—Part 4: Determination of copper, zinc, lead, chromium, cadmium, barium, cobalt, manganese, nickel and titanium contents—Inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry
稀土废渣、废水化学分析方法 第4部分:铜、锌、铅、铬、镉、 钡、钴、锰、镍、钛量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 20887.1-2017
Continuously hot rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 1: High yield strength steel for cold forming
汽车用高强度热连轧钢板及钢带 第1部分:冷成形用高屈服强度钢
GB 51220-2017
Technical code for municipal solid waste sanitary landfill closure
GB 51221-2017
Code for construction of municipal wastewater treatment plant engineering
GB/T 35396-2017
General specification for occupational hazardous agents monitoring mobile laboratory
GB/T 13477.11-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 11:Determination of tensile properties at maintained extension after immersion in wates
建筑密封材料试验方法 第11部分:浸水后定伸粘结性的测定
GB/T 33712-2017
General technical specifications for drug testing mobile laboratories
GB/T 35465.1-2017
Test method for fatigue properties of polymer matrix composite materials—Part 1:General principle
聚合物基复合材料疲劳性能测试方法 第1部分:通则
GB/T 34080.1-2017
Security specifications of electronic government common platform based on cloud computing—Part 1: General requirements
基于云计算的电子政务公共平台安全规范 第1部分:总体要求
GB/T 34036-2017
Intelligent recorder—General technical requirements
智能记录仪表 通用技术条件
GB/T 33975-2017
Hot-rolled spring steel wire rod for high-speed railway fastener
GB/T 33747-2017
Agricultural service—Quality requirement for agricultural science and technology information service
农业社会化服务 农业科技信息服务质量要求
GB/T 33968-2017
Hot rolled steel sections with improved weldability
GB/T 4698.22-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of titanium sponge ,titanium and titanium alloys—Part 22:Determination of niobium content—5-Br-PADAP spectrophotometry and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 第22部分:铌量的测定 5-Br-PADAP分光光度法和电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB 51174-2017
Technical code for urban stormwater detention and retention engineering
GB/T 35751-2017
Nonwovens and composite nonwovens for automotive interior
GB/T 33641.2-2017
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Seat belts—Part 2:Anchorage strength requirements
农林拖拉机和机械 安全带 第2部分:固定装置强度要求
GB/T 35762-2017
Textiles—Test method for thermal transmittance—Flat plate test
纺织品 热传递性能试验方法 平板法
GB/T 20564.1-2017
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 1: Bake hardening steel
汽车用高强度冷连轧钢板及钢带 第1部分:烘烤硬化钢
GB/T 34103-2017
Hot rolled H section steel for ocean engineering structure
GB/T 20564.3-2017
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 3: High strength interstitial free steel
汽车用高强度冷连轧钢板及钢带 第3部分: 高强度无间隙原子钢
GB 51215-2017
Code for design of high voltage DC power supply equipment engineering for telecommunication
GB/T 34704-2017
Chemical reagent—General method for the determination of aldehyde
化学试剂 醛测定通用方法
GB/T 34990-2017
Information security technology—Technical requirements and testing evaluation approaches of information system security management platform products
信息安全技术 信息系统安全管理平台技术要求和测试评价方法
GB/T 13477.3-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 3:Determination of extrudability of sealants using standardized apparatus
建筑密封材料试验方法 第3部分:使用标准器具测定密封材料挤出性的方法
GB/T 34475-2017
Urea grade austenitic stainless steel bars
GB/T 35381.11-2017
Tractors and machinery for agricultural and forestry—Serial control and communications data network—Part 11:Mobile data element dictionary
农林拖拉机和机械 串行控制和通信数据网络 第11部分:数据元字典
GB/T 35115-2017
Energy efficiency through automation systems
GB 50334-2017
Code for quality acceptance of municipal wastewater treatment plant engineering
GB/T 34791-2017
Laboratory animal-Requirement for quality control
实验动物 质量控制要求
GB/T 13477.9-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 9:Determination of adhesion/cohesion properties after immersion in water
建筑密封材料试验方法 第9部分:浸水后拉伸粘结性的测定
GB/T 34310-2017
Basic standard terminology for sports venue
GB/T 4513.8-2017
Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products—Part 8: Determination of complementary properties
不定形耐火材料 第8部分:特殊性能的测定
GB/T 34900-2017
Micro-electromechanical system technology—Measuring method for residual strain measurements of MEMS microstructures using an optical interferometer
微机电系统(MEMS)技术 基于光学干涉的MEMS微结构残余应变测量方法
GB/T 1499.1-2017
Steel for the reinforcement of concrete—Part 1:Hot rolled plain bars
钢筋混凝土用钢 第1部分:热轧光圆钢筋
GB/T 4513.6-2017
Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products—Part 6:Measurement of physical properties
不定形耐火材料 第6部分:物理性能的测定
GB/Z 24294.4-2017
Information security technology—Guide of implementation for Internet-based e-government information security—Part 4: Defense for terminal security
信息安全技术 基于互联网电子政务信息安全实施指南 第4部分:终端安全防护
GB/T 4513.7-2017
Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products—Part 7:Tests on pre-formed shapes
不定形耐火材料 第7部分:预制件的测定
GB/T 50063-2017
Code for design of electrical measuring device of power system
GB/T 34132-2017
General specification for smart terminal in smart substation
GB/T 34112-2017
Information and documentation—Management systems for records—Requirements
信息与文献 文件管理体系 要求
GB/T 34544-2017
Safety test methods for onboard low pressure hydrogen storage devices for small fuel cell vehicles
GB/T 34247.1-2017
Determination of the unsaturation of isobutene-isoprene rubber—Part 1: Iodometry
异丁烯-异戊二烯橡胶(IIR)不饱和度的测定 第1部分:碘量法
GB/T 35465.3-2017
Test method for fatigue properties of polymer matrix composite materials -Part 3: Tension-tension fatigue
聚合物基复合材料疲劳性能测试方法 第3部分:拉-拉疲劳
GB/T 4513.4-2017
Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products—Part 4: Determination of consistency of castables
不定形耐火材料 第4部分:浇注料流动性的测定
GB/T 20564.10-2017
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 10: Twinning induced plasticity steel
汽车用高强度冷连轧钢板及钢带 第10部分:孪晶诱导塑性钢
GB/T 34363-2017
Non-destructive testing—Test method for fabricating and checking aluminum alloy ultrasonic standard reference blocks
无损检测 铝合金超声标准试块制作和校验方法
GB/T 4513.2-2017
Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products—Part 2:Sampling for testing
不定形耐火材料 第2部分:取样
GB/T 34894-2017
Micro-electromechanical system technology—Measuring method for strain gradient measurements of MEMS microstructures using an optical interferometer
微机电系统(MEMS)技术 基于光学干涉的MEMS微结构应变梯度测量方法
GB/T 34691.2-2017
Plastics—Thermoplastic polyester (TP) moulding and extrusion materials—Part 2: Preparation of test specimens and determination of properties
塑料 热塑性聚酯(TP)模塑和挤出材料 第2部分:试样制备和性能测定
GB/T 35661-2017
Book-worms control by low temperature freezing-technical specifications
GB/T 8243.7-2017
Methods of test for full-flow lubricating oil filters for internal combustion engines—Part 7:Vibration fatigue test
内燃机全流式机油滤清器试验方法 第7部分:振动疲劳试验
GB 50404-2017
Technical code for rigid polyurethane foam insulation and waterproof engineering
GB/T 33584.6-2017
Seawater quality requirements and analysis methods for seawater cooling system—Part 6: Determination of heterotrophic bacteria
海水冷却水质要求及分析检测方法 第6部分:异养菌的测定
GB/T 33908-2017
Technical specification for testing of liquidus temperature of the electrolyte
GB/T 35457-2017
Resilient,textile and laminate floor coverings—Test method for volatile organic compound(VOC)emissions
弹性、纺织及层压铺地物 挥发性有机化合物(VOC)释放量的试验方法
GB/T 33618-2017
Textiles—Test method for visible smoke release and heat release properties during combustion process
纺织品 燃烧烟释放和热释放性能测试
GB/T 12747.1-2017
Shunt power capacitors of the self-healing type for a.c. systems having a rated voltage up to and including 1000 V—Part 1: General—Performance,testing and rating—Safety requirements—Guide for installation and operation
标称电压1 000 V及以下交流电力系统用自愈式并联电容器 第1部分:总则 性能、试验和定额 安全要求 安装和运行导则
GB/T 1232.4-2017
Rubber,unvulcanized—Determinations using a shearing-disc viscometer—Part 4: Determination of the Mooney stress-relaxation rate
未硫化橡胶 用圆盘剪切黏度计进行测定 第4部分:门尼应力松弛率的测定
GB/T 3780.18-2017
Carbon black—Part 18:Standard test methods for evaluation in Natural Rubber(NR)
炭黑 第18部分:在天然橡胶(NR)中的鉴定方法
GB/T 33513-2017
Belt drives—Pulleys and V-ribbed belts for the automotive industry—PK profile :Dimensions
带传动 汽车多楔带与带轮 PK型:尺寸
GB/T 2930.1-2017
Rules of seed testing for forage, turfgrass and other herbaceous plant—Sampling
草种子检验规程 扦样
GB/T 24218.17-2017
Textiles—Test methods for nonwovens—Part 17: Determination of resistance to penetration by water (spray impact)
纺织品 非织造布试验方法 第17部分:抗渗水性的测定(喷淋冲击法)
GB/T 16462.2-2017
Test conditions for numerically controlled turning machines and turning centers—Part 2: Geometric tests for machines with a vertical workholding spindle
数控车床和车削中心检验条件 第2部分:立式机床几何精度检验
GB/T 19443-2017
Insulators for overhead lines with a nominal voltage above 1500V—Ceramic or glass insulator units for d.c. systems—Definitions,test methods and acceptance criteria
标称电压高于1500V的架空线路用绝缘子 直流系统用瓷或玻璃绝缘子串元件 定义、试验方法及接收准则
GB/T 33502-2017
Surface chemical analysis—Recording and reporting data in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS)
表面化学分析 X射线光电子能谱(XPS)数据记录与报告的规范要求
GB/T 34580-2017
Standard test method for measurement of lubricant generated insoluble color bodies in in-service turbine oils—Membrane patch colorimetry
运行涡轮机油中不溶有色物质的测定方法 膜片比色法
GB/T 24149.2-2017
Plastics―Polypropylene(PP) compound for automobile―Part 2: Instrument panel
塑料 汽车用聚丙烯(PP)专用料 第2部分:仪表板
GB/T 33498-2017
Surface chemical analysis—Characterization of nanostructured materials
表面化学分析 纳米结构材料表征
GB/T 17280-2017
Standard test method for distillation of crude petroleum—15-theoretical plate column
原油蒸馏标准试验方法 15-理论塔板蒸馏柱
GB/T 33711-2017
Mobile laboratory—General technical specification for information transmission system
移动实验室 信息传输系统通用技术规范
GB/T 33821-2017
Seamless steel tubes for automobile stabilizer bar
GB/T 4513.5-2017
Monolithic (unshaped) refractory products—Part5: Preparation and treatment of test pieces
不定形耐火材料 第5部分:试样制备和预处理
GB/T 33511-2017
Mechanical vibration—Evaluation of measurement results from dynamic tests and investigation on bridges
机械振动 桥梁动态测试与检测测量结果的评估
GB/T 2930.8-2017
Rules of seed testing for forage, turfgrass and other herbaceous plant—Determination of moisture content
草种子检验规程 水分测定
GB/T 26548.3-2017
Hand-held portable power tools—Test methods for evaluation of vibration emission—Part 3:Polishers and rotary ,orbital and random orbital sanders
手持便携式动力工具 振动试验方法 第3部分:抛光机,回转式、滑板式和复式磨光机
GB/T 33830-2017
Test method for snow grip performance of truck & bus tyres
GB/T 35381.7-2017
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Serial control and communications data network—Part 7:Implement messages application layer
农林拖拉机和机械 串行控制和通信数据网络 第7部分:机具消息应用层
GB/T 2930.3-2017
Rules of seed testing for forage, turfgrass and other herbaceous plant—Determination of other seeds by number
草种子检验规程 其他植物种子数测定
GB/T 22517.4-2017
Technical requirements and test methods for sports fields—Part 4: Synthetic surface for basketball
体育场地使用要求及检验方法 第4部分:合成面层篮球场地
GB/T 50451-2017
Code for design of pumping station and pipeline under coal mine
GB 51213-2017
Code for communication design of coal mine
GB 51222-2017
Technical code for urban flooding prevention and control
GB/T 32854.2-2017
Automation systems and integration—Integration of advanced process control and optimization software for manufacturing systems—Part 2: Framework and functions
自动化系统与集成 制造系统先进控制与优化软件集成 第2部分:架构和功能
GB/T 34692-2017
Thermoplastic elastomer—Determination of halogen—Oxygen bomb combustion-ion chromatography
热塑性弹性体 卤素含量的测定 氧弹燃烧-离子色谱法
GB 51219-2017
Code for design of poultry slaughtering and cutting rooms
GB/T 1819.14-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin concentrates—Part 14:Determination of copper content—Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
锡精矿化学分析方法 第14部分:铜量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 34107-2017
Seamless precision stainless steel pipes for rail transit vehicle braking system
GB/T 33543.1-2017
Ocean energy terminology—Part 1:General
海洋能术语 第1部分:通用
GB/T 33974-2017
Hot rolling checker steel sheet and strip
GB/T 10574.13-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin-lead solders—Part 13:Determination of antimony,bismuth,iron,arsenic,copper,silver,zinc,aluminium,cadmium,phosphorous and gold contents—Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
锡铅焊料化学分析方法 第13部分:锑、铋、铁、砷、铜、银、锌、铝、镉、磷和金量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 33624-2017
Rolling bearings—Test and assessment methods for cleanliness
滚动轴承 清洁度测量及评定方法
GB/T 34273-2017
Coal based Fischer-Tropsch synthesis—Standard test method for calculated cetane index of distillate fuels—Four variable equation
煤基费托合成 馏分燃料十六烷指数计算法 四变量公式法
GB/T 7932-2017
Pneumatic fluid power-General rules and safety requirements for systems and their components
气动 对系统及其元件的一般规则和安全要求
GB/T 26548.9-2017
Hand-held portable power tools—Test methods for evaluation of vibration emission—Part 9:Scaling hammers and needle scalers
手持便携式动力工具 振动试验方法 第9部分:除锈锤和针束除锈器
GB/T 15906-2017
Determination of isobutylene-isoprene rubber or polyisobutylene content in rubber
GB/T 34121-2017
Technical specification for relay protection configuration tool in smart substation
GB/T 20441.6-2017
Electroacoustics—Measurement microphones—Part 6: Electrostatic actuators for determination of frequency response
电声学 测量传声器 第6部分:用于测定频率响应的静电激励器
GB/T 34672-2017
Chemical reagent—General rules for the ion chromatography
化学试剂 离子色谱法测定通则
GB/T 34877.3-2017
Industrial fans—Determination of fan sound power levels under standardized laboratory conditions—Part3:Enveloping surface methods
工业风机 标准实验室条件下风机声功率级的测定 第3部分:包络面法
GB/T 35381.1-2017
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Serial control and communications data network—Part 1:General standard for mobile data communications
农林拖拉机和机械 串行控制和通信数据网络 第1部分:数据通信通用标准
GB/T 35288-2017
Information security technology—Specification on the job skills of certificate authority employees
信息安全技术 电子认证服务机构从业人员岗位技能规范
GB/T 20887.7-2017
Continuously hot rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 7:Steels for hydraulic forming
汽车用高强度热连轧钢板及钢带 第7部分:液压成形用钢
GB/T 13477.20-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 20:Determination of staining
建筑密封材料试验方法 第20部分:污染性的测定
GB/T 34719-2017
Standard test method for performance of structural wood-based panel under uniform loads
GB/T 13477.8-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 8:Determination of tensile properties
建筑密封材料试验方法 第8部分:拉伸粘结性的测定
GB/T 13477.10-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 10:Determination of tensile properties at maintained extension
建筑密封材料试验方法 第10部分:定伸粘结性的测定
GB/T 33584.2-2017
Seawater quality requirements and analysis methods for seawater cooling system—Part 2: Determination of zinc
海水冷却水质要求及分析检测方法 第2部分:锌的测定
GB/T 33569-2017
Test method of artificial weathering for coatings on exterior wood
GB/T 33641.1-2017
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Seat belts—Part 1: Anchorage location requirement
农林拖拉机和机械 安全带 第1部分:固定装置位置要求
GB/T 35400-2017
General technical specification for mobile laboratory of fuel dispensers metrological verification
GB/T 15623.2-2017
Hydraulic fluid power—Electrically modulated hydraulic control valves—Part 2: Test methods for three-port directional flow-control valves
液压传动 电调制液压控制阀 第2部分:三通方向流量控制阀试验方法
GB/T 33641.3-2017
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry—Seat belts—Part 3:Requirements for assemblies
农林拖拉机和机械 安全带 第3部分:总成要求
GB/T 6653-2017
Steel plates and strips for welded gas cylinders
GB/T 34840.2-2017
Information and documentation—Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments—Part 2:Guidelines and functional requirements for digital records management systems
信息与文献 电子办公环境中文件管理原则与功能要求 第2部分:数字文件管理系统指南与功能要求
GB/T 34078.1-2017
General specification of electronic government common platform based on cloud computing—Part 1: Terminology and definition
基于云计算的电子政务公共平台总体规范 第1部分:术语和定义
GB/T 34199-2017
Hot-rolled H section steel for electrified railway pillars
GB/T 34500.3-2017
Chemical analysis methods for rare earth waste residue and waste water—Part 3: Determination of weak radioactivity(total activity of αandβ)
稀土废渣、废水化学分析方法 第3部分:弱放射性(α和β总活度)的测定
GB/T 25000.24-2017
Systems and software engineering—Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation(SQuaRE)—Part 24: Measurement of data quality
系统与软件工程 系统与软件质量要求和评价(SQuaRE) 第24部分:数据质量测量
GB/T 9711-2017
Petroleum and natural gas industries—Steel pipe for pipeline transportation systems
石油天然气工业 管线输送系统用钢管
GB/T 34062-2017
Technical requirement of anti-counterfeiting traceability code
GB/T 34590.9-2017
Road vehicles—Functional safety—Part 9: Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL)-oriented safety-oriented and analyses
道路车辆 功能安全 第9部分:以汽车安全完整性等级为导向和以安全为导向的分析
GB/T 35507-2017
General rule for biochemical reagents
GB/T 34893-2017
Micro-electromechanical system technology—Measuring method for in-plane length measurements of MEMS microstructures using an optical interferometer
微机电系统(MEMS)技术 基于光学干涉的MEMS微结构面内长度测量方法
GB/T 15022.7-2017
Resin based reactive compounds used for electrical insulation—Part 7: Epoxy-anhydride vacuum pressure impregnation(VPI) resin
电气绝缘用树脂基活性复合物 第7部分:环氧酸酐真空压力浸渍(VPI)树脂
GB/T 35676-2017
Public security—Finger vein recognition application—Testing and evaluation methods for algorithm performance
公共安全 指静脉识别应用 算法识别性能评测方法
GB/T 34795-2017
Determination of the activity of transglutaminase
GB/T 1819.12-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of tin concentrates—Part 12:Determination of silicon dioxide content—The silicomolybdenum blue spectrophotometry and sodium hydroxide titration
锡精矿化学分析方法 第12部分:二氧化硅量的测定 硅钼蓝分光光度法和氢氧化钠滴定法
GB/T 5099.1-2017
Seamless steel gas cylinders—Part 1: Quenched and tempered steel cylinders with tensile strength less than 1100 MPa
钢质无缝气瓶 第1部分:淬火后回火处理的抗拉强度小于1100MPa的钢瓶
GB/T 7676.7-2017
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories—Part 7:Special requirements for multi-function instruments
直接作用模拟指示电测量仪表及其附件 第7部分:多功能仪表的特殊要求
GB/T 33640-2017
Installation quality inspection code of rack and pinion hoists for persons and materials
GB/T 34715-2017
Thermoplastic elastomer—Determination of phthalates—Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
热塑性弹性体 邻苯二甲酸酯类的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 25000.12-2017
Systems and software engineering—Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation(SQuaRE)—Part 12: Data quality model
系统与软件工程 系统与软件质量要求和评价(SQuaRE) 第12部分:数据质量模型
GB/T 34630.4-2017
Friction stir welding—Aluminium and its alloys—Part 4:Specification and qualification of welding procedures
搅拌摩擦焊 铝及铝合金 第4部分:焊接工艺规程及评定
GB/T 13477.15-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 15:Determination of adhesion/cohesion properties after exposure to heat and artificial light through glass and to water
建筑密封材料试验方法 第15部分:经过热、透过玻璃的人工光源和水曝露后粘结性的测定
GB/T 8423.5-2017
Petroleum and natural gas industries terminology—Part 5:Equipment and material
石油天然气工业术语 第5部分:设备与材料
GB/T 33577-2017
Intelligent transportation systems―Forward vehicle collision warning systems―Performance requirements and test procedures
智能运输系统 车辆前向碰撞预警系统 性能要求和测试规程
GB/T 34899-2017
Micro-electromechanical system technology—Measuring method of microstructure surface stress based on Raman spectroscopy
微机电系统(MEMS)技术 基于拉曼光谱法的微结构表面应力测试方法
GB/T 5099.4-2017
Seamless steel gas cylinders—Part 4: Seamless stainless steel gas cylinders
钢质无缝气瓶 第4部分:不锈钢无缝气瓶
GB/T 13477.4-2017
Test method for building sealants—Part 4:Determination of extrudability of one-component sealants
建筑密封材料试验方法 第4部分:原包装单组分密封材料挤出性的测定
GB/T 34804-2017
Agricultural services—Basic requriement for agricultural information service organization (station)
农业社会化服务 农业信息服务组织(站点)基本要求
GB/T 35718.2-2017
Power systems management and associated information exchange—Interoperability in the long term—Part 2: End to end quality codes for supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA)
电力系统管理及其信息交换 长期互操作性 第2部分:监控和数据采集(SCADA)端到端品质码
GB/T 28784.4-2017
Mechanical vibration—Measurement of vibration on ships—Part 4: Measurement and evaluation of vibration of the ship propulsion machinery
机械振动 船舶振动测量 第4部分:船舶推进装置振动的测量和评价
GB/T 34115-2017
General specification for permanent magnet linear motor
GB/T 5099.3-2017
Seamless steel gas cylinders—Part 3: Normalized cylinders
钢质无缝气瓶 第3部分:正火处理的钢瓶
GB/T 35381.8-2017
Tractors and machinery for agricultural and forestry—Serial control and communications data network—Part 8:Power train messages
农林拖拉机和机械 串行控制和通信数据网络 第8部分:动力传动系消息
GB/T 20564.2-2017
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 2: Dual phase steel
汽车用高强度冷连轧钢板及钢带 第2部分:双相钢
GB/T 34326-2017
Surface chemical analysis—Depth profiling—Methods for ion beam alignment and the associated measurement of current or current density for depth profiling in AES and XPS
表面化学分析 深度剖析 AES和XPS深度剖析时离子束对准方法及其束流或束流密度测量方法
GB/T 20564.11-2017
Continuously cold rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 11:Carbon manganese steel
汽车用高强度冷连轧钢板及钢带 第11部分:碳锰钢
GB/T 34245-2017
Technical code for safety of formic acid preparation from yellow phosphorus tail gas
GB/T 15629.16-2017
Information technology-Telecommunications and information exchange between systems-Local and metropolitan area networks—Specific requirements—Part 16: Air interface for broadband wireless multimedia systems
信息技术 系统间远程通信和信息交换 局域网和城域网 特定要求 第16部分:宽带无线多媒体系统的空中接口
GB/T 35169-2017
Test method of weatherability for external thermal insulation composite systems of building
GB/T 34803-2017
Agricultural service—Classification
农业社会化服务 分类
GB/T 20441.5-2017
Electroacoustics—Measurement microphones—Part 5: Methods for pressure calibration of working standard microphones by comparison
电声学 测量传声器 第5部分:工作标准传声器声压校准的比较法
GB/T 15670.3-2017
Toxicological test methods for pesticides registration—Part 3: Acute oral toxicity test—Up-and-down-procedure
农药登记毒理学试验方法 第3部分:急性经口毒性试验 序贯法
GB/T 7676.3-2017
Direct acting indicating analogue electrical measuring instruments and their accessories—Part 3:Special requirements for wattmeters and varmeters
直接作用模拟指示电测量仪表及其附件 第3部分:功率表和无功功率表的特殊要求
GB/T 2878.3-2017
Connections for hydraulic fluid power—Ports and stud ends with metric threads and O-ring sealing—Part 3: light-duty stud ends (L series)
液压传动连接 带米制螺纹和O形圈密封的油口和螺柱端 第3部分:轻型螺柱端(L系列)
GB/T 20111.4-2017
Electrical insulation systems—Procedures for thermal evaluation—Part 4: Selection of the appropriate test method for evaluation and classification of electrical insulation systems
电气绝缘系统 热评定规程 第4部分:评定和分级电气绝缘系统试验方法的选用导则
GB/T 6506-2017
Synthetic fibre—Test method for crimp contraction properties of textured filament yarns
合成纤维 变形丝卷缩性能试验方法
GB/T 27758.3-2017
Industrial automation systems and integration—Diagnostics, capability assessment and maintenance applications integration—Part 3: Applications integration description method
工业自动化系统与集成 诊断、能力评估以及维护应用集成 第3部分:应用集成描述方法
GB/T 35499-2017
Code for quality and technology of anticorrosive construction with furan resin
GB/T 34014-2017
Coding regulation for automotive traction battery
GB/T 30240.10-2017
Guidelines for the use of English in public service areas—Part 10: Commerce and finance
公共服务领域英文译写规范 第10部分:商业金融
GB/T 34225-2017
Dipped aramid straight warp straight weft canvas technical requirements and evaluation methods
GB/T 11060.4-2017
Natural gas—Determination of sulfur compound—Part 4: Determination of total sulfur content by oxidative microcoulometry method
天然气 含硫化合物的测定 第4部分:用氧化微库仑法测定总硫含量
GB/T 34221-2017
stainless steel kettle
GB/T 21412.15-2017
Petroleum and natural gas industries—Design and operation of subsea production systems—Part15:Subsea structures and manifolds
石油天然气工业 水下生产系统的设计和操作 第15部分:水下结构物及管汇
GB/T 33746.1-2017
Technical specification of NFC security—Part 1: NFCIP-1 security services and protocol
近场通信(NFC)安全技术要求 第1部分:NFCIP-1安全服务和协议
GB/T 34044.2-2017
Automation systems and integration—Key performance indicators (KPIs) for manufacturing operations management—Part 2: Definitions and descriptions
自动化系统与集成 制造运行管理的关键性能指标 第2部分:定义和描述
GB/T 34725-2017
Standard test method for performance of structural wood-based panel under concentrated static and impact loads
GB/T 34174-2017
Surface chemical analysis—Proposed procedure for certifying the retained areic dose in a working reference material produced by ion implantation
表面化学分析 工作参考物质中离子注入产生的驻留面剂量定值的推荐程序
GB/T 34592-2017
Steering force steering angle detector for steering wheel of automobile
GB/T 34322-2017
Automatic continuous determination of water quality for boiler and cooling system—Potentiometric titration
锅炉用水和冷却水水质自动连续测定 电位滴定法
GB/T 3787-2017
Technical safety code for management, operation, inspection and maintenance of hand-held motor-operated electric tools
GB/T 12734-2017
Synchronous belt drives—Automotive synchronous belts
同步带传动 汽车同步带
GB/T 34807-2017
General technical specifications for inspection and test of geotechnical engineering instruments & equipment
GB/T 33620-2017
Textiles—Testing and evaluation of sound absorption property
纺织品 吸音性能的检测和评价
GB/T 35565-2017
Test methods of wooden activated carbon—Determination of formaldehyde adsorption
木质活性炭试验方法 甲醛吸附率的测定
GB/T 307.4-2017
Rolling bearings—Thrust bearings—Geometrical product specifications (GPS) and tolerance values
滚动轴承 推力轴承 产品几何技术规范(GPS)和公差值
GB/T 20887.6-2017
Continuously hot rolled high strength steel sheet and strip for automobile—Part 6: Complex phase steel
汽车用高强度热连轧钢板及钢带 第6部分:复相钢
GB/T 29246-2017
Information technology—Security techniques—Information security management systems—Overview and vocabulary
信息技术 安全技术 信息安全管理体系 概述和词汇

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