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2017 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 35566-2017
Guidelines for the conduct of testsfor distinctness, uniformity and stability—Pomegranate (Punica L.)
植物新品种特异性、一致性、稳定性测试指南 石榴属
GB/T 18168-2017
Specifications of water amusement equipment category
GB/T 35454-2017
General technical requirements for buttons
GB/T 30269.803-2017
Information technology—Sensor networks—Part 803:Testing:Network layer and application support sublayer for low-rate wireless sensor networks
信息技术 传感器网络 第803部分:测试:低速无线传感器网络网络层和应用支持子层
GB/T 35543-2017
Ribonuclease A
GB/T 35337-2017
Detection and identification of Grapevine yellow speckle viroid
GB/T 35330-2017
Detection and identification of Hosta virus X
GB/T 35584-2017
Quality requirement and test methods for copier nominal resolution on hardcopy output
GB/T 27418-2017
Guide to the evaluation and expression of uncertainty in measurement
GB/T 5099.3-2017
Seamless steel gas cylinders—Part 3: Normalized cylinders
钢质无缝气瓶 第3部分:正火处理的钢瓶
GB/T 8286-2017
Mining flameproof movable substations
GB/T 35272-2017
Guidelines for surveillance of citrus canker
GB/T 34966.1-2017
Internet-based transmission of GNSS augmentation information—Part 1: Broadcast architecture
卫星导航增强信息互联网传输 第1部分:播发体制
GB/T 19212.27-2017
Safety of transformers,reactors,power supply units and combinations thereof—Part 27: Particular requirements and tests for transformers and power supply units all for saving energy and other purposes
变压器、电抗器、电源装置及其组合的安全 第27部分:节能和其他目的用变压器和电源装置的特殊要求和试验
GB/T 35306-2017
Test method for carbon and oxygen content of single crystal silicon—Low temperature fourier transform infrared spectrometry
硅单晶中碳、氧含量的测定 低温傅立叶变换红外光谱法
GB/T 35308-2017
Epitaxial wafers of germanium based Ⅲ-Ⅴcompounds for solar cell
GB/T 35460-2017
Woven elasticity trousers
GB/T 19568-2017
Wind turbines—Assembling and installation regulation
风力发电机组 装配和安装规范
GB/T 6405-2017
Superabrasive—Types of cubic boron nitride
超硬磨料 立方氮化硼品种
GB/T 35328-2017
Seed cotton module truck
GB/T 2665-2017
Women’s suits and coats
GB/T 35458-2017
GB/T 35151-2017
Determination of total organic carbon in limestone
GB/T 35269-2017
Application and interface requirements for LED lighting—Street light consisting of non-integral LED module
LED照明应用与接口要求 非集成式LED模块的道路灯具
GB/T 35255-2017
Application layer communication protocols for the interface in intelligent public LED lighting systems
GB/T 35137-2017
The high-frequency reciprocating rig for diesel fuel assessment of lubricity
GB/T 15106-2017
Log of sliced veneer
GB/T 29618.62-2017
Field device tool (FDT) interface specification—Part 62: Field device tool (FDT) styleguide
现场设备工具(FDT)接口规范 第62部分:现场设备工具(FDT)样式指南
GB/T 35339-2017
Guidelines for surveillance of fusarium wilt of banana caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cubense(Smith)& Hansen Race 4
GB/T 35335-2017
Guidelines for surveillance of Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus
GB/T 25687.2-2017
Earth-moving machinery—Multilingual listing of equivalent terms—Part 2: Performance and dimensions
土方机械 同义术语的多语种列表 第2部分:性能和尺寸
GB/T 15844-2017
General specification for professional radio transceiver employing F3E emission in the mobile services
GB/T 35315-2017
Guide for ammonia effluent handling in LED industry
GB/T 35630-2017
Data specification for mobile phone map
GB/Z 35140-2017
Measurement of fluid flow by means of pressure-differential devices—Guidelines for the specification of orifice plates, nozzles and Venturi tubes beyond the scope of GB/T 2624
用差压装置测量流体流量 GB/T 2624范围之外的孔板、喷嘴和文丘里管的使用指南
GB/T 5169.11-2017
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 11: Glowing/hot-wire based test methods—Glow-wire flammability test method for end-products (GWEPT)
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第11部分:灼热丝/热丝基本试验方法 成品的灼热丝可燃性试验方法(GWEPT)
GB/T 5169.10-2017
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 10: Glowing/hot-wire based test methods—Glow-wire apparatus and common test procedure
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第10部分:灼热丝/热丝基本试验方法 灼热丝装置和通用试验方法
GB/T 5169.21-2017
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 21: Abnormal heat—Ball pressure test method
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第21部分:非正常热 球压试验方法
GB/T 7036.2-2017
Inner tube of pneumatic tyres—Part 2:Inner tube of motorcycle tyres
充气轮胎内胎 第2部分:摩托车轮胎内胎
GB/T 2703-2017
鞋类 术语
GB/T 35492-2017
Determination of organotin content of latex products—GC-MS method
胶乳制品中有机锡含量的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 35168-2017
Roller press for cement industry
GB/T 11026.3-2017
Electrical insulating materials—Thermal endurance properties —Part 3: Intrucations for calculating thermal endurance characteristics
电气绝缘材料 耐热性 第3部分:计算耐热特征参数的规程
GB/T 20111.4-2017
Electrical insulation systems—Procedures for thermal evaluation—Part 4: Selection of the appropriate test method for evaluation and classification of electrical insulation systems
电气绝缘系统 热评定规程 第4部分:评定和分级电气绝缘系统试验方法的选用导则
GB/T 22578.1-2017
Electrical insulation systems (EIS)—Thermal evaluaion of combined liquid and solid components—Part 1: General requiremnts
电气绝缘系统(EIS) 液体和固体组件的热评定 第1部分:通用要求
GB/T 35149-2017
Piston type balancing control valve for pump
GB/T 35332-2017
Detection and identification of Grapevine virus A
GB/T 35336-2017
Detection and identification of Apple fruit crinkle viroid
GB 4066-2017
Powder extinguishing agent
GB/T 35649-2017
Specification for emergency response plotting symbols
GB/T 14912-2017
Specifications for 1:500 1:1 000 1:2 000 field digital mapping
1:500 1:1 000 1:2 000外业数字测图规程
GB/T 35771-2017
Determination of dimethyl sulfate and diethyl sulfate in cosmetics—Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry method
化妆品中硫酸二甲酯和硫酸二乙酯的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 35310-2017
200mm silicon epitaxial wafer
GB/T 35309-2017
Practice for evaluation of granular polysilicon by melter-zoner and spectroscopies
GB/T 35690-2017
Methods for the determination of the relative magnetic permeability of feebly magnetic materials
GB/T 35743-2017
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear—Product data and properties for information exchange
低压开关设备和控制设备 用于信息交换的产品数据与特性
GB/T 35113-2017
Stabilized fertilizer
GB/T 35111-2017
Humic fertilizers—Classification
腐殖酸类肥料 分类
GB/T 35106-2017
Determination of unbound humic acid content from mineral source
GB/T 35107-2017
Determination of soluble humic acid content for mineral humic acid fertilizers
GB/T 23507.2-2017
Criterion for electrical equipment for oil drilling rig—Part 2: Control system
石油钻机用电气设备规范 第2部分:控制系统
GB/T 35463-2017
Test method for bulk density of wood-plastic composites and products
GB/T 35331-2017
Detection and identification of Didymella lycopersici Klebahn
GB/T 35322-2017
Grain and oil machinery—Emery roll whitening machine
粮油机械 砂辊碾米机
GB/T 35783-2017
Information technology—General specification for iris recognition devices
信息技术 虹膜识别设备通用规范
GB/T 35352-2017
Additive manufacturing—File format
增材制造 文件格式
GB/T 35577-2017
Terminology of water-saving products for buildings
GB/T 8573-2017
Determination of available phosphorus content for compound fertilizers
GB/T 35104-2017
Determination of plasticizers (phthalic acid esters) in fertilizer—Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry(GC-MS)
肥料中邻苯二甲酸酯类增塑剂含量的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 35112-2017
Humic-acids and fulvic-acids materials products for agricultural use—Classification
农业用腐殖酸和黄腐酸原料制品 分类
GB/T 35619-2017
Specification for audit of basic endowment insurance benefit
GB 12263-2017
Cardiopulmonary bypass systems—Water heating/cooling system
心肺转流系统 热交换水箱
GB/T 5169.16-2017
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 16: Test flames—50W horizontal and vertical flame test methods
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第16部分:试验火焰 50W水平与垂直火焰试验方法
GB/T 5170.2-2017
Inspection methods for environmental testing equipments—Part 2: Temperature testing equipments
环境试验设备检验方法 第2部分:温度试验设备
GB/T 5170.8-2017
Inspection methods for environmental testing equipments—Part 8: Salt mist testing equipments
环境试验设备检验方法 第8部分:盐雾试验设备
GB/T 5170.9-2017
Inspection methods for environmental testing equipments—Part 9:Solar radiation testing equipments
环境试验设备检验方法 第9部分:太阳辐射试验设备
GB/T 34966.2-2017
Internet-based transmission of GNSS augmentation information—Part 2: Interface requirements
卫星导航增强信息互联网传输 第2部分:接口要求
GB/T 19212.16-2017
Safety of transformers,reactors,power supply units and combinations thereof—Part 16: Particular requirements and tests for isolating transformers for the supply of medical locations
变压器、电抗器、电源装置及其组合的安全 第16部分:医疗场所供电用隔离变压器的特殊要求和试验
GB/T 4314-2017
Getter terms
GB/T 35324-2017
Grain and oil machinery—Grind mill
粮油机械 凸齿脱胚磨
GB/T 35131-2017
Oil-tea camellia seed cake and meal
GB/T 9851.9-2017
Terminology of graphic technology—Part 9: Terms for book and periodical printing
印刷技术术语 第9部分:书刊印刷术语
GB/T 35767-2017
Specifications for basic product of the reference stations using global navigation satellite system
GB/T 35769-2017
Specification for service of the reference stations using global navigation satellite system
GB/T 35768-2017
Specification for service and management system of the reference stations using global navigation satellite system
GB 35181-2017
Methods for major fire potential judgment
GB/T 35565-2017
Test methods of wooden activated carbon—Determination of formaldehyde adsorption
木质活性炭试验方法 甲醛吸附率的测定
GB 10035-2017
Air-bag type sequential external counter-pulsation device
GB 12260-2017
Cardiopulmonary bypass systems—Roller blood pump
心肺转流系统 滚压式血泵
GB 4234.1-2017
Implants for surgery—Metallic materials—Part 1: Wrought stainless steel
外科植入物 金属材料 第1部分:锻造不锈钢
GB/T 35144-2017
Specifications of modular functional components of robot mechanism
GB/T 35275-2017
Information security technology—SM2 cryptographic algorithm encrypted signature message syntax specification
信息安全技术 SM2密码算法加密签名消息语法规范
GB/T 22199.1-2017
Valve-regulated lead-acid batteries for moped—Part 1: Technical conditions
电动助力车用阀控式铅酸蓄电池 第1部分:技术条件
GB/T 13822-2017
Test specimens for nonferrous diecasting alloys
GB/T 35180-2017
Technical specifications for rubber bushing used for torque rod of air suspension for commercial vehicle
GB/T 35268-2017
Textiles—Quantitative chemical analysis—Mixtures of polytetrafluoroethylene and certain other fibres
纺织品 定量化学分析 聚四氟乙烯纤维与某些其他纤维的混合物
GB/T 35266-2017
Textiles—Determination of splitting rates of composite microfibers in fabrics
纺织品 织物中复合超细纤维开纤率的测定
GB/T 17196-2017
Connecting devices—Flat quick-connect terminations for electrical copper conductors—Safety requirements
连接器件 连接铜导线用的扁形快速连接端头 安全要求
GB/T 14789-2017
Raw mink skins
GB/T 12193-2017
Methods of measurement for receivers employing F3E or G3E emission used in the mobile services
GB/T 35760-2017
Fireworks—Potassium perchlorate
烟花爆竹 高氯酸钾
GB/T 35785-2017
Specification for the installation of read-write equipment of the electronic identification of motor vehicles
GB/T 35788-2017
Security technical requirement for the electronic identification of motor vehicles
GB/T 35317-2017
Information classified security protection requirements for systems of IoTPS
GB/T 35786-2017
General specification for read-write equipment of the electronic identification of motor vehicles
GB/T 35789.1-2017
General specification for the electronic identification of motor vehicles—Part 1: Automobile
机动车电子标识通用规范 第1部分:汽车
GB/T 8063-2017
Designation of cast nonferrous metals and their alloys
GB/T 35496-2017
Chemical reagent—General method for the determination of nitrate
化学试剂 硝酸盐测定通用方法
GB/T 24511-2017
Stainless steel and heat resisting steel plate, sheet and strip for pressure equipments
GB/T 35616-2017
Classification for job position in the social insurance
GB/T 35617-2017
Service categories and codes of the social insurance business tasks
GB/T 7814-2017
Isopropyl alcohol for industrial use
GB/T 35507-2017
General rule for biochemical reagents
GB/T 35242-2017
Commercial seedling quality grading of major bamboo species
GB/T 35673-2017
Industrial communication networks—Network and system security—System security requirements and security levels
工业通信网络 网络和系统安全 系统安全要求和安全等级
GB/T 23847-2017
Nickel sulfamate for electroplating
GB/T 14048.22-2017
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear—Part 7-4: Ancillary equipment—PCB terminal blocks for copper conductors
低压开关设备和控制设备 第7-4部分:辅助器件 铜导体的PCB接线端子排
GB/T 35685.1-2017
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear enclosed equipment—Part 1:Enclosed switch-disconnectors to provide isolation during repair and maintenance work
低压封闭式开关设备和控制设备 第1部分:在维修和维护工作中提供隔离功能的封闭式隔离开关
GB/T 20865-2017
No or little-tillage fertilizes-seeder
GB/T 5169.14-2017
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 14: Test flames - 1kW hominal pre-mixed flame - Apparatus, confirmatory test arrangement and guidance
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第14部分:试验火焰 1kW标称预混合型火焰 装置、确认试验方法和导则
GB/T 35757-2017
烟花爆竹 黏土
GB/T 35750-2017
Fireworks—Charcoal powder
烟花爆竹 炭粉
GB/T 35318-2017
Security protection technology requirements for sensing terminals of IoTPS
GB/T 35494.1-2017
Test methods for isotropic electrically conductive adhesives—Part 1:General test methods
各向同性导电胶粘剂试验方法 第1部分:通用方法
GB/T 35445-2017
Silk—Electronic test method for defects and evenness of raw silk
丝 生丝疵点、条干电子检测试验方法
GB/T 35134-2017
Smart home for internet of things—Device description method
物联网智能家居 设备描述方法
GB/T 2315-2017
Specified failure load series and coupling dimensions for electric power fittings
GB/T 5101-2017
Fired common bricks
GB/T 35727-2017
Guideline for standard voltages of medium and low voltage DC distribution system
GB/T 35726-2017
Performance tesing rules of parallel active power quality curing device
GB/T 35759-2017
Metal cleaner
GB/T 35656-2017
Guideline for verification and validation of chemical analysis method and internal quality control—Method on reporting qualitative test reports
化学分析方法验证确认和内部质量控制实施指南 报告定性结果的方法
GB/T 35691-2017
Guide for photovoltaic power station identification system
GB/T 35735-2017
Public security—Fingerprint recognition applications—General technical requirements for capture devices
公共安全 指纹识别应用 采集设备通用技术要求
GB/T 35676-2017
Public security—Finger vein recognition application—Testing and evaluation methods for algorithm performance
公共安全 指静脉识别应用 算法识别性能评测方法
GB/T 18490.3-2017
Safety of machinery—Laser processing machines—Part 3:Noise reduction and noise measurement methods for laser processing machines and hand-held processing devices and associated auxiliary equipment (accuracy grade 2)
机械安全 激光加工机 第3部分:激光加工机和手持式加工机及相关辅助设备的噪声降低和噪声测量方法(准确度2级)
GB/T 35548-2017
Magnetic vehicle detector
GB/T 18490.1-2017
Safety of machinery—Laser processing machines—Part 1:General safety requirement
机械安全 激光加工机 第1部分:通用安全要求
GB/T 35379-2017
Classification & general requirements of wooden door
GB/T 35724-2017
Guideline for technical and economic evaluation of ocean energy power station
GB/T 9414.9-2017
Maintainability—Part 9: Maintenance and maintenance support
维修性 第9部分:维修和维修保障
GB/T 35392-2017
Non-destructive testing—Test method for determining electrical conductivity using the electromagnetic (eddy-current) method
无损检测 电导率电磁(涡流)测定方法
GB/T 35621-2017
General technical requirements of public shelter in major toxic gas leakage accident
GB/T 35624-2017
General technical requirements of urban emergency shelter
GB/T 35187-2017
Technical regulations for cotton bale data management
GB/T 35194-2017
Earth-moving machinery—Non-road mechanical drive wide-body dumpers—Technical specifications
土方机械 非公路机械传动宽体自卸车 技术条件
GB/T 25604-2017
Earth-moving machinery—Loaders—Terminology and commercial specifications
土方机械 装载机 术语和商业规格
GB/T 15707-2017
Limits of radio interference from high voltage AC overhead power transmission lines
GB/T 3836.24-2017
Explosive atmospheres—Part 24: Equipment protection by special protection “s”
爆炸性环境 第24部分:由特殊型“s”保护的设备
GB/T 3836.22-2017
Explosive atmospheres—Part 22: Protection of equipment and transmission system using optical radiation
爆炸性环境 第22部分:光辐射设备和传输系统的保护措施
GB/T 35678-2017
Public security—Face recognition application—Technical requirements for face images
公共安全 人脸识别应用 图像技术要求
GB/T 35408-2017
Quality management in E-commerce—Terminology
电子商务质量管理 术语
GB/T 16601.2-2017
Lasers and laser-related equipment—Test methods for laser-induced damage threshold—Part 2: Threshold determination
激光器和激光相关设备 激光损伤阈值测试方法 第2部分:阈值确定
GB/T 32854.2-2017
Automation systems and integration—Integration of advanced process control and optimization software for manufacturing systems—Part 2: Framework and functions
自动化系统与集成 制造系统先进控制与优化软件集成 第2部分:架构和功能
GB/T 4698.4-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of titanium sponge, titanium and titanium alloys—Part 4:Determination of manganese content—Potassium periodate spectrophotometry and inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 第4部分:锰量的测定 高碘酸盐分光光度法和电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 35602-2017
Green product assessment—Coating material
绿色产品评价 涂料
GB/T 35610-2017
Green product assessment—Ceramics tiles(Board)
绿色产品评价 陶瓷砖(板)
GB/T 35606-2017
Green product assessment—Solar water heating system
绿色产品评价 太阳能热水系统
GB/T 35609-2017
Green product assessment—Waterproof matreials and sealants
绿色产品评价 防水与密封材料
GB/T 35603-2017
Green product assessment—Sanitary wares
绿色产品评价 卫生陶瓷
GB/T 35604-2017
Green product assessment—Building glass
绿色产品评价 建筑玻璃
GB/T 35605-2017
Green product assessment-Wall material
绿色产品评价 墙体材料
GB/T 35608-2017
Green product assessment—Thermal insulation
绿色产品评价 绝热材料
GB/T 35612-2017
Green product assessment—Wood plastic composites products
绿色产品评价 木塑制品
GB/T 35601-2017
Green product assessment—Wood-based panels and wooden flooring
绿色产品评价 人造板和木质地板
GB/T 35607-2017
Green product assessment—Furniture
绿色产品评价 家具
GB/T 35423-2017
Identification system for internet of things—Ecode encoding specifications for NFC tag
物联网标识体系 Ecode在NFC标签中的存储
GB/T 35611-2017
Green product assessment—Textile products
绿色产品评价 纺织产品
GB/T 35554-2017
Electricity synthesis consumption evaluation index for urban rail transit
GB/T 35132.1-2017
Automation systems and integration—Evaluating energy efficiency and other factors of manufacturing systems that influence the environment—Part 1:Overview and general principles
自动化系统与集成 制造系统能源效率以及其他环境影响因素的评估 第1部分:概述和总则
GB/T 35117-2017
Function architecture for internet of things in manufacturing processes
GB/T 35122-2017
Information expression specification for digital model of internet of things in manufacturing processes
GB/T 35116-2017
Integrated system architecture for robot design platform
GB/T 27758.3-2017
Industrial automation systems and integration—Diagnostics, capability assessment and maintenance applications integration—Part 3: Applications integration description method
工业自动化系统与集成 诊断、能力评估以及维护应用集成 第3部分:应用集成描述方法
GB/T 35390-2017
Non-destructive testing—Test method of ammunition density by industrial computed tomography(CT)
无损检测 弹药密度工业计算机层析成像(CT)检测方法
GB/T 35136-2017
General technical requirement for control equipments of smart home
GB/T 35343-2017
Specification on the rural multifunctional cooperative
GB/T 35772-2017
Rapid detection of phthalate esters in polyvinyl chloride products—Infra-red spectrometric method
聚氯乙烯制品中邻苯二甲酸酯的快速检测方法 红外光谱法
GB/T 18831-2017
Safety of machinery—Interlocking devices associated with guards—Principles for design and selection
机械安全 与防护装置相关的联锁装置 设计和选择原则
GB/T 5171.22-2017
Small-power motors—Part 22:Test methods for permanent magnet brushless DC motors
小功率电动机 第22部分:永磁无刷直流电动机试验方法
GB/T 5099.1-2017
Seamless steel gas cylinders—Part 1: Quenched and tempered steel cylinders with tensile strength less than 1100 MPa
钢质无缝气瓶 第1部分:淬火后回火处理的抗拉强度小于1100MPa的钢瓶
GB/T 35674-2017
General technical requirements for electromagnetic shielding all-round conductive foam
GB/T 35613-2017
Green product assessment—Paper and paper products
绿色产品评价 纸和纸制品
GB/T 19472.2-2017
Polyethylene structure-wall piping systems for underground usage—Part2: Polyethylene spirally enwound structure-wall pipes
埋地用聚乙烯(PE)结构壁管道系统 第2部分:聚乙烯缠绕结构壁管材
GB/Z 35728-2017
Guidelines for the design of interconnected power systems
GB/T 5267.2-2017
Fasteners—Non-electrolytically applied zinc flake coatings
紧固件 非电解锌片涂层
GB/T 9074.31-2017
Conical spring washers for assemblies
GB/T 35200-2017
Earth-moving machinery—Crawler tractor-dozer for swamp and marshland—Technical specifications
土方机械 履带式湿地推土机 技术条件
GB/T 35199-2017
Earth-moving machinery—Wheeled loader—Technical specifications
土方机械 轮胎式装载机 技术条件
GB/T 3836.18-2017
Explosive atmospheres—Part 18: Intrinsically safe electrical systems
爆炸性环境 第18部分:本质安全电气系统
GB/T 3836.11-2017
Explosive atmospheres—Part 11: Material characteristics for gas and vapourclassification—Test methods and data
爆炸性环境 第11部分:气体和蒸气物质特性分类 试验方法和数据
GB/T 35356-2017
CNC fiber laser disorder texturing machines
GB/T 3836.6-2017
Explosive atmospheres—Part 6:Equipment protection by liquid immersion“o”
爆炸性环境 第6部分:由液浸型“o”保护的设备
GB/T 3836.7-2017
Explosive atmospheres—Part 7: Equipment protection by powder filling “q”
爆炸性环境 第7部分:由充砂型“q”保护的设备
GB/T 12668.8-2017
Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems—Part 8:Specification of voltage on the power interface
调速电气传动系统 第8部分:电源接口的电压规范
GB/T 35702.2-2017
Power losses in voltage sourced converter (VSC) valves for high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems—Part 2: Modular multilevel converters
高压直流系统用电压源换流器阀损耗 第2部分:模块化多电平换流器
GB/T 35105-2017
Fresh fruits and vegetables city distribution center service specification
GB/T 13663.1-2017
Polyethylene(PE) piping systems for water supply—Part 1: General
给水用聚乙烯(PE)管道系统 第1部分:总则
GB/T 5170.11-2017
Inspection methods for environmental testing equipments—Part 11: Corrosive gas testing equipments
环境试验设备检验方法 第11部分:腐蚀气体试验设备
GB/T 9074.32-2017
Bolt or screw and washer assemblies with conical spring washers

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