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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 7598-2008
Determination of water-soluble acid in transformer oils in service
GB/T 14454.1-2008
Fragrance/Flavor substances - Preparation of test samples
香料 试样制备
GB 30717-2014
Minimum allowable values of water efficiency and water efficiency grades for squatting pans
GB/T 11848.15-1991
Determination of iron,calcium,magnesium,molybdenum,titanium and vanadium in uranium oreconcentrate by atomic absorption spectrometry
铀矿石浓缩物中铁、钙、镁、钼、钛、钒的测定 原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 18488.1-2006
The electrical machines and controllers for electric vehicles - Part 1:General specification
电动汽车用电机及其控制器 第1部分:技术条件
GB/T 35131-2017
Oil-tea camellia seed cake and meal
GB/T 25295-2010
Guidelines on safety designs for electric equipments
GB/T 9074.1-2002
Bolt or screw and washer assemblies with plain washers
GB/T 5195.1-2017
Fluorspar—Determination of calcium fluoride content—EDTA titration method and distillation-potentiometric titration method
萤石 氟化钙含量的测定 EDTA滴定法和蒸馏-电位滴定法
GB/T 29411-2012
Technical specification of hydrogen-oxygen generator with water electrolyte
GB/T 33550-2017
Vortical self-priming motor-pumps—Specification for performance evaluation
旋涡式自吸电泵 性能评价规范
GB/T 24400-2009
The evaluating rule on the HACCP certification of food freezer
GB/T 21567-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for impact sensitivity of explosives substance
危险品 爆炸品撞击感度试验方法
GB/T 4312.3-1987
Technical parameters and measuring methods for FM broadcasting transmitters of dual programmes
调频广播发射机技术参数和测量方法 双节目
GB/T 31864-2016
Index for credit evaluation of professional manager
GB/T 12655-2007
Cigarette Paper
GB/T 27815-2011
Lime water for industrial use
GB/T 2900.63-2003
Electrotechnical terminology--Elementary relays
电工术语 基础继电器
GB/T 9695.8-2008
Meat and meat products - Determination of chloride content
肉与肉制品 氯化物含量测定
GB/T 19390-2014
Dipped polyester cord fabric for tyres
GB/T 25703-2010
Overflow ball mill - Energy consumption index
溢流型球磨机 能耗指标
GB/T 22933-2008
Leather and fur - Chemical tests - Determination of free fatty acid
皮革和毛皮 化学试验 游离脂肪酸的测定
GB/T 13943-1992
General specification for vacuum fluorescent display tubes
GB 21551.1-2008
General requirement of antibacterial and cleaning function for household and similar electrical appliances
GB 19079.27-2013
Operation conditions and technical requirements for gymnasium and playground―Part 27:Orienteering & amateur radio direction finding place
体育场所开放条件与技术要求 第27部分:定向、无线电测向场所
GB/T 18802.21-2004
Low-voltage surge protective devices--Part 21:Surge protective devices connected to telecommunications and signalling networks--Performance requirements and testing methods
低压电涌保护器 第21部分:电信和信号网络的电涌保护器(SPD)----性能要求和试验方法
GB/T 19835-2005
Self-regulation Heating Belt
GB 50330-2013
Technical code for building slope engineering
GB/T 24713.2-2009
Aircraft - Tow bar attachment fittings interface requirements - Part 2: Regional aircraft
飞机 牵引杆连接件接口要求 第2部分:支线飞机
GB/T 33078-2016
Rubber—Identification of antidegradants—Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
橡胶 防老剂的测定 气相色谱-质谱法
GB/T 28176-2011
Information technology - Universal multiple-octet coded character set - Universal keyboard layout of the alphanumeric zone for New Xishuang Banna Dai
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集 西双版纳新傣文 通用键盘字母数字区布局
GB 24749-2009
Propiconazole technical
GB/T 15805.6-2008
The quarantine methods of fish - Part 6: Aeromonas salmonicida
鱼类检疫方法 第6部分:杀鲑气单胞菌
GB/T 30719-2014
Liquid hydrogen land vehicle fuelling system interface
GB/T 20365-2006
Determination method for chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride - Liquid chromatography method
硫酸软骨素和盐酸氨基葡萄糖含量的测定 液相色谱法
GB/T 26046-2010
Copper oxide powder
GB/T 17904.2-1999
ISDN user-network interface data link layer specification and conformance testing method--Part 2:Data link layer protocol conformance testing method
ISDN用户-网络接口数据链路层技术规范及一致性测试方法 第2部分:数据链路层协议一致性测试方法
GB/T 34277-2017
Management specification on declaration and payment of social insurance
GB/T 1176-2013
Casting copper and copper alloys
GB/T 34685-2017
Acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber(NBR)—Evaluation procedure
丙烯腈-丁二烯橡胶(NBR) 评价方法
GB/T 5584.2-2009
Rectangular copper or aluminium and its alloy wires for electrical purposes - Part 2: Rectangular copper wire
电工用铜、铝及其合金扁线 第2部分:铜扁线
GB/T 219-2008
Determination of fusibility of coal ash
GB/T 2660-2017
Shirts and blouses
GB/T 20898.2-2007
Immersion suits - Part 2: Abandonment suits,requirements including safety
浸水服 第2部分:弃船服安全要求
GB 28242-2012
Screw presses - Safety requirements
螺旋压力机 安全技术要求
GB/T 32358-2015
Railway applications—Test methods of rolling stock on test rigs
轨道交通 机车车辆台架试验方法
GB/T 14144-2009
Testing method for determination of radial interstitial oxygen variation in silicon
GB 18534-2001
Occupational exposure limit for methyl ethyl ketone in the air of workplace
GB/T 31047-2014
Brand valuation―Food processing and manufacturing industry
品牌价值评价 食品加工、制造业
GB/T 56-1988
Hexagon thick nuts
GB/T 26422-2010
Classification of azadiractin indica seed quality
GB/T 35395-2017
General technical specification for mobile testing laboratory of quality and safety of agricultural products
GB/T 10209.1-2008
Determination of monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phoshpate - Part 1: Total nitrogen content
磷酸一铵、磷酸二铵的测定方法 第1部分:总氮含量
GB/T 27202-2013
Credit evaluation criteria for certification employees
GB/T 5538-2005
Animal and vegetable fats and oils-Determination of peroxide value
动植物油脂 过氧化值测定
GB/T 34788-2017
Grain and oil machinery―Rice polisher
粮油机械 大米抛光机
GB 24938-2010
Low-speed goods vehicle - Self-unloading system - Safety requirements
低速货车自卸系统 安全技术要求
GB/T 18677-2002
Equipment for crop protection--Air-assisted sprayers--Dimensions of nozzles swivel nuts
植物保护机械 风送喷雾机 喷头旋接螺母的尺寸
GB/T 15670.27-2017
Toxicological test methods for pesticides registration—Part 27: Carcinogenicity study
农药登记毒理学试验方法 第27部分:致癌试验
GB/T 13025.13-2012
General test method in salt industry - Determination of arsenic
制盐工业通用试验方法 砷的测定
GB/T 1202-2016
Scale paraffin wax
GB/T 18449.4-2009
Metallic materials - Knoop hardness test - Part 4: Tables of hardness values
金属材料 努氏硬度试验 第4部分:硬度值表
GB/T 17529.1-2008
Acrylic acid and acrylate esters for industrial use - Part1:Acrylic acid for industrial use
工业用丙烯酸及酯 第1部分:工业用丙烯酸
GB/T 3995-2014
Insulating high alumina refractory bricks
GB/T 20733-2006
Digital Still Cameras - Terminology
数码照相机 术语
GB/T 1278-1994
Chemical reagent--Ammonium hydrogen difluoride
化学试剂 氟化氢铵
GB 15269.3-2011
Cigars - Part 3:Technical requirements for packing,making, storage and transport
雪茄烟 第3部分:产品包装、卷制及贮运技术要求
GB/T 16886.14-2003
Biological evaluation of medical devices--Part 14:Identification and quantification of degradation products from ceramics
医疗器械生物学评价 第14部分:陶瓷降解产物的定性与定量
GB/T 2652-2008
Tensile test methods on weld and deposited metal
GB/T 6974.14-1986
Lifting appliances--Vocabulary--Cable cranes
起重机械名词术语 缆索起重机
GB/T 29814-2013
On-line analyser systems - Guide to design and installation
GB 7947-2010
Basic and safety principles for man-machine interface,marking and identification - Identification of conductors by colours or alphanumerics
人机界面标志标识的基本和安全规则 导体颜色或字母数字标识
GB/T 22274.3-2008
Guidance for GLP monitoring authorities - Part 3 :Guidance for the preparation of GLP inspection reports
良好实验室规范监督部门指南 第3部分:良好实验室规范检查报告的编制指南
GB 50540-2009
Code for construction of pipe process in oil and gas transmission pipeline station
GB/T 21232-2007
Acoustics - Guidelines for noise control in offices and workrooms by means of acoustical screens
声学 办公室和车间内声屏障控制噪声的指南
GB/T 15489.8-1995
Colour filter glass test methods--Resistance UV irradiating stability
滤光玻璃测试方法 耐紫外辐射稳定性
GB/T 27413-2012
Quality control and quality estimation in petroleum products testing laboratory
GB/T 7973-2003
Paper,board and pulps--Measurement of diffuse reflectance factor(Diff/Geometry)
纸、纸板和纸浆 漫反射因数的测定(漫射/垂直法)
GB/T 32736-2016
Dried peppermint
GB/T 23328-2009
Woven garments for students
GB 21377-2015
Tri-wheel vehicles—Limits and measurement methods for fuel consumption
三轮汽车 燃料消耗量限值及测量方法
GB/T 15473-2011
Qualification of class 1E static battery chargers and inverters for nuclear power plants
GB/T 411-2008
Printed and dyed cotton fabric
GB/T 12788-2008
Criteria for class 1E power systems for nuclear power generating stations
GB/T 2471-1995
Preferred number series for resistors and capacitors
GB/T 30202.5-2013
Test method for coal-based granular activated carbon for desulfurization and denitration process―Part 5:Denitration value
脱硫脱硝用煤质颗粒活性炭试验方法 第5部分:脱硝率
GB/T 8446.2-2004
Heat sink for power semiconductor device--Part 2:Measuring method of thermal resistance and inputfluid-output fluid pressure difference
电力半导体器件用散热器 第2部分:热阻和流阻测试方法
GB 6537-2006
No.3 Jet fuel
GB/T 16823.3-2010
Fasteners - Torque/clamp force testing
紧固件 扭矩-夹紧力试验
GB/T 2481.1-1998
Bonded abrasives--Determination and designation of grain size distribution--Part 1:Macrogrits F4 to F220
固结磨具用磨料 粒度组成的检测和标记 第1部分:粗磨粒 F4~F220
GB 50424-2015
Code for construction of oil and gas transmission pipeline crossing engineering
GB/T 28676-2012
Remanufacturing of automotive components - Classification
汽车零部件再制造 分类
GB/T 33356-2016
Evaluation indicators for new-type smart cities
GB/T 23623-2009
Quarantine protocols for sunflower seeds in places of production
GB/T 19461-2008
Product of geographical indication - Duliu(aged) vinegar
地理标志产品 独流(老)醋
GB/T 16532-1996
Speech material library used DRT for articulation evaluation of communication equipments
GB/T 18488.2-2015
Drive motor system for electric vehicles—Part 2: Test methods
电动汽车用驱动电机系统 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 32019-2015
Implementation guidance for energy management systems in public institutions
GB/T 6434-2006
Feeding stuffs―Determination of crude fiber content Method with intermediate filtration
饲料中粗纤维的含量测定 过滤法
GB/T 26645.1-2011
Determination of particle size distribution by gravitational liquid sedimentation methods - Part 1: General principles and guidelines
粒度分析 液体重力沉降法 第1部分:通则

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