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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 22838.13-2009
Determination of physical characteristics for cigarettes and filter rods - Part 13: Filter rods roundness
卷烟和滤棒物理性能的测定 第13部分:滤棒圆度
GB/T 18856.7-2008
Test methods for coal water mixture - Part 7: Determination for pH value
水煤浆试验方法 第7部分: pH值测定
GB 15193.17-2015
National food safety standard — Chronic toxicity and carcinogencity combination test
食品安全国家标准 慢性毒性和致癌合并试验
GB/T 5266-2006
Acoustics - Measurements of the longitudinal wave velocity and attenuation coefficient for underwater acoustical materials - Pulse tube method
声学 水声材料纵波声速和衰减系数的测量 脉冲管法
GB 28133-2011
Chlortoluron wettable powders
GB/T 3211-2008
Metal Chrome
GB/T 7073-1997
Textiles--Tests for colour fastness--Colour fastness to mercerizing
纺织品 色牢度试验 耐丝光色牢度
GB/T 18657.5-2002
Telecontrol equipment and systems--Part 5:Transmission protocols--Section 5:Basic application functions
远动设备及系统 第5部分:传输规约 第5篇:基本应用功能
GB/T 30018-2013
Sintered decorative plates
GB/T 34242-2017
Test methods for nanofiltration membranes
GB/T 14099.4-2010
Gas turbines - Procurement - Part 4: Fuels and environment
燃气轮机 采购 第4部分:燃料与环境
GB/T 22476-2008
Calculation and determination of steady-state U values(thermal transmittance) of multiple glazing
GB 50465-2008
Code for general planning of mining area of coal industry
GB/T 5482-2007
Test method of metallic materials - Dynamic tear
GB/T 28464-2012
Textiles - Coated fabrics for clothing
纺织品 服用涂层织物
GB 6226-2005
Food additive-Calcium lactate
食品添加剂 乳酸钙
GB/T 32684-2016
Plastic—Phenolic resins—Determination of free formaldehyde content
塑料 酚醛树脂 游离甲醛含量的测定
GB/T 23454-2009
Natural stone vanity top
GB/T 15845.4-2003
Performance requirements of audiovisual terminals--Narrow-band audio visual system and terminal equipment
视听用户终端技术要求 窄带视听系统和终端设备
GB/T 12415-2015
Pharmaceutical glass containers glassware stress examination methods
GB/T 12053-1989
Alphanumeric character sets for optical recognition--Part 1:Character set OCR-A--Shapes and dimensions of the printed image
光学识别用字母数字字符集 第一部分:OCR-A 字符集印刷图象的形状和尺寸
GB/T 26125-2011
Electrical and electronic products - Determination of six regulated substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers)
电子电气产品 六种限用物质(铅、汞、镉、六价铬、多溴联苯和多溴二苯醚)的测定
GB/T 4960.6-2008
Glossary of terms: nuclear science and technology - Nuclear instrumentation
核科学技术术语 核仪器仪表
GB/T 14048.17-2008
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 5-4: Control circuit devices and switching elements - Methord of assessing the performance of low-energy contacts - Special tests
低压开关设备和控制设备 第5-4部分:控制电路电器和开关元件 小容量触头的性能评定方法 特殊试验
GB/T 30337-2013
Logistics park statistical indicator system
GB/T 15806-2006
The methods for calculating fertilization rate of eggs of black carp ,grass carp, silver carp and bighead carp
GB/T 19114.43-2010
Industrial automation systems and integration - Industrial manufacturing management data - Part 43: Manufacturing flow management data: Data model for flow monitoring and manufacturing data exchange
工业自动化系统与集成 工业制造管理数据 第43部分:制造流程管理数据:流程监控与制造数据交换的数据模型
GB/T 7761-2003
Rubber--Determination of adhesion to rigid materials using conical shaped parts
橡胶 用锥形件测定与刚性材料的粘合强度
GB 51020-2014
Code for design of ventilation dedusting and fume scrubbing of aluminum smelter
GB/T 28823-2012
Information technology - Learning,education and training - Classification code of platform and media XML binding specification
信息技术 学习、教育和培训 平台与媒体分类代码XML绑定规范
GB/T 33290.9-2016
Specification for inspecting exit cultural relics—Part 9: Tool
文物出境审核规范 第9部分:生产工具
GB/T 23771-2009
Determination of bulk density for inorganic chemical products
GB/T 21464-2008
Rubber - Determination of 5-Ethylidenenorbornene(ENB)or Dicyclopentadiene(DCPD) in Ethylene-Propylene-Diene (EPDM) Terpolymers
橡胶 乙烯-丙烯-二烯烃(EPDM)三元共聚物中5-乙叉降冰片烯(ENB)或双环戊二烯(DCPD)含量的测定
GB/T 21879-2015
Water-soluble dyes—Determination of solubility—Drop test of filter papers
水溶性染料 溶解度的测定 点滤纸法
GB/T 31960.6-2015
Technical specification of power energy efficiency monitoring system—Part 6: Technical condition of power energy efficiency information concentrate and exchange terminal
电力能效监测系统技术规范 第6部分:电力能效信息集中与交互终端技术条件
GB 3883.14-2007
Safety of hand-held motor-operated electric tools - Part 2: Particular requirements for chain saws
手持式电动工具的安全 第二部分:链锯的专用要求
GB/T 26800-2011
Conduction electrodes
GB/T 8061-2004
Micrometer with dial comparator
GB/T 6150.15-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten concentrates - Determination of bismuth content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
钨精矿化学分析方法 铋量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 13353-1992
Test method for resistance of adhesive bonds to chemical reagents--Metal to metal
胶粘剂耐化学试剂性能的测定方法 金属与金属
GB/T 7996-2013
Norminal capacity and diameter of glass-lined equipment
GB/T 1885-1998
Petroleum measurement tables
GB/T 35360-2017
Motor vehicles steering system terms and definitions
GB/T 25075-2010
Gallium arsenide single crystal for solar cell
GB/T 22823-2008
Adhesive tape base paper
GB/T 5226.31-2017
Electrical safety of machinery—Electrical equipment of machines—Part 31:Particular safety and EMC requirements for sewing machines, units and systems
机械电气安全 机械电气设备 第31部分:缝纫机、缝制单元和缝制系统的特殊安全和EMC要求
GB 16895.29-2008
Electrical installations of buildings - Part 7-713: Requirements for special installations and locations - Furniture
建筑物电气装置 第7-713部分:特殊装置或场所的要求 家具
GB/T 29165.2-2012
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Glass-reinforced plastics (GRP) piping - Part 2: Qualification and manufacture
石油天然气工业 玻璃纤维增强塑料管 第2部分:评定与制造
GB/T 19714-2005
Information technology-Security technology-Internet public key infrastructure-Certificate management protocol
信息技术 安全技术 公钥基础设施 证书管理协议
GB/T 33671-2017
Meiyu monitoring indices
GB/T 24180-2009
Cold-reduced electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide coated steel sheet and strip
GB/T 31542-2015
Steel-aluminum compound radiator
GB/T 6699-2015
Coking naphthalene
GB/T 18034-2000
Specification for the platinum rhodium thermocouple thin wires used in mini-thermocouples
GB/T 27598-2011
Photographic chemicals - Measurement methods of the trace elements in the inorganic compounds - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry (ICP-AES)
照相化学品 无机物中微量元素的分析 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱(ICP-AES)法
GB/T 8168-2008
Testing method of static compression for packaging cushioning materials
GB/T 15367-2008
Motorcycles and mopeds part and component - Designations for vehicle with two and three wheels
摩托车和轻便摩托车 两轮车和三轮车零部件名称
GB 6675.14-2014
Safety of toys―Part 14:Requirements and test methods of finger paints
玩具安全 第14部分:指画颜料技术要求及测试方法
GB/T 20255.2-2006
Methods for chemical analysis of hardmetals - Determination of cobalt, iron, manganese and nickel contents - Flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
硬质合金化学分析方法 钴、铁、锰和镍量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 3043-2017
Conventional abrasive—Chemical analysis of brown fused aluminium oxide
普通磨料 棕刚玉化学分析方法
GB/T 25401-2010
Agricultural machinery - Manure spreaders - Environmental protection - Requirements and test methods
农业机械 厩肥撒施机 环保要求和试验方法
GB/T 5080.4-1985
Equipment reliability testing--Procedure for point estimates and confidence intervals from reliability determination tests(Exponential distribution)
设备可靠性试验 可靠性测定试验的点估计和区间估计方法 (指数分布)
GB/T 5195.16-2017
Fluorspar—Determination of silicon, aluminum, iron, potassium, magnesium and titanium content—Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
萤石 硅、铝、铁、钾、镁和钛含量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 18575-2001
Shaking table test method of earthquakeresistant performance for building curtain wall
GB/T 4324.20-2012
Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten - Part 20: Determination of vanadium content - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
钨化学分析方法 第20部分:钒量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 34034-2017
Requirements of optical radiation safety for LED general lighting service
GB/T 24524-2009
Metallic materials - Sheet and strip - Hole expanding test
金属材料 薄板和薄带 扩孔试验方法
GB/T 21811-2008
Chemicals - Avian reproduction test
化学品 鸟类繁殖试验
GB 7798-1987
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management of occupational chromium induced nasal disease
GB/T 2-2016
Fasteners—Ends of parts with external thread
紧固件 外螺纹零件末端
GB/T 20258.4-2007
Data dictionary for fundamental geographic information features - Part 4:data dictionary for fundamental geographic information features of 1:250 000 1:500 000 1:1 000 000 scale
基础地理信息要素数据字典 第4部分:1:250 000 1:500 000 1:1 000 000基础地理信息要素数据字典
GB/T 27926.1-2011
Financial services - Universal financial industry message scheme - Part 1: Overall methodology and format specifications for inputs and outputs from the repository
金融服务 金融业通用报文方案 第1部分:库输入输出方法和格式规范
GB/Z 21743-2008
Stationary proton exchange membrane fuel cell power system (separate) - Tests methods for the performance
GB/T 7635.2-2002
National central product classification and code--Part 2:Non-transportable product
全国主要产品分类与代码 第2部分:不可运输产品
GB/T 26930.6-2014
Carbonaceous materials used in the production of aluminium—Pitch for electrodes—Part 6:Determination of ash
原铝生产用炭素材料 煤沥青 第6部分:灰分的测定
GB/T 25812-2010
Standard bleached cotton fabric used for dyeing text
GB/T 5733-1985
Fixed resistors for use in electronic equipment--Part 4:Blank detail specification--Fixed power resistors Assessment level E
电子设备用固定电阻器 第四部分:空白详细规范 功率型固定电阻器 评定水平E (可供认证用)
GB/T 14745-1993
Packaging--Cushioning materials--Testmethod for creep properties
包装 缓冲材料 蠕变特性试验方法
GB 5296.3-2008
Instruction for use of consumer products - General labelling for cosmetics
消费品使用说明 化妆品通用标签
GB 29953-2013
National Food Safety Standard Food Additive Identification Allyl disulfide Food Additive Identification δ-octalactone
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 δ-辛内酯
GB/T 2940-2005
Technical specifications of springs for fuel pump,governor and injecter of diesel engines
GB 50721-2011
Code for design of water supply & drainage of iron and steel enterprises
GB/T 24810.4-2009
Cranes - Limiting and indicating devices - Part 4: Jib cranes
起重机 限制器和指示器 第4部分:臂架起重机
GB/T 2261.3-2003
Classification and codesof basic personal information--Part 3: Codes for state of health
个人基本信息分类与代码 第3部分: 健康状况代码
GB/T 32962-2016
Technical specifications for waste heat recovery and utilization of sintering
GB/T 5508-2011
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of sand content in milled product
粮油检验 粉类粮食含砂量测定
GB 15539-1995
Technical specifications for trunked mobile radio systems
GB/T 11146-2009
Crude petroleum - Determination of water - Coulometric Karl Fischer titration method
原油水含量测定 卡尔?费休库仑滴定法
GB/T 16901.1-2008
Rules for the presentation of graphical symbols for use in technical product documentation-Part 1: Basic rules
技术文件用图形符号表示规则 第1部分:基本规则
GB/T 30834-2014
Standard test methods for rating and classifying inclusions in steel―Scanning Electron Microscope
钢中非金属夹杂物的评定和统计 扫描电镜法
GB/T 20625-2006
Special environmental condition - Terminology
特殊环境条件 术语
GB/T 26162.1-2010
Information and documentation - Records management - Part 1: General
信息与文献 文件管理 第1部分:通则
GB/T 1819.2-2004
Methods for chemical analysis of tin concentrates--Determination of tin content--The potassium iodate titrimetric method
锡精矿化学分析方法 锡量的测定 碘酸钾滴定法
GB/T 16507.3-2013
Water-tube boilers—Part 3: Structure design
水管锅炉 第3部分:结构设计
GB/T 16057-1995
Workplace air--Determination of formaldehyde--3-Methyl-2-benzothiazolinone hydrazone hydrochloride(MBTH) spectrophotometric method
GB/T 34809-2017
Drought grade of sugarcane
GB/T 9106.1-2009
Packaging containers - Aluminum easy open end and aluminum two - piece can
包装容器 铝易开盖铝两片罐
GB/T 22159.3-2008
Acoustics and vibration - Laboratory measurement of vibro-acoustic transfer properties of resilient elements - Part 3: Indirect method for determination of the dynamic stiffness of resilient supports for translatory motion
声学与振动 弹性元件振动 声传递特性实验室测量方法 第3部分:弹性支撑件平动动刚度的间接测量方法
GB/T 6171-2016
Hexagon regular nuts(style1)with metric fine pitch thread
六角标准螺母(1型) 细牙
GB/T 21122-2007
Fortified wheat flour

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