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GB Standards english file list

GB 18098-2000
Determination of the toxic gases formed by detonation of industrial explosives
GB/T 7165.1-2005
Equipment for continuous monitoring of radioactivity in gaseous effluents Part1:General requirements
气态排出流(放射性)活度连续监测设备 第一部分:一般要求
GB/T 29263-2012
Information technology - General technical requirement of SOA-based application
信息技术 面向服务的体系结构(SOA)应用的总体技术要求
GB/T 35558-2017
Specification of management service for yacht
GB/T 24258-2009
Petroleum and natural gas industries - Content and drafting of a technical specification
石油天然气工业 技术规范的内容与编写
GB/T 24333-2017
Metal halide lamps (NaI-TlI-InI3 series)—Performance requirements
金属卤化物灯(钠铊铟系列) 性能要求
GB/T 31710.2-2015
Standard of construction and service for recreational campground—Part 2:Service of self - driving camp
休闲露营地建设与服务规范 第2部分:自驾车露营地
GB/T 27680-2011
Copper,lead ,zinc and nickel concentrates - Experimental methods for checking the bias of sampling
铜、铅、锌和镍精矿 检查取样误差的实验方法
GB/Z 33875-2017
Guidelines for the use of GB/T 2624—2006
GB/T 2624-2006使用指南
GB/T 17727-2008
Nonmetal material gaskets for marine flange
GB/T 8793-2008
Oil of cedarwood,Chinese Guizhou type
GB/T 10326-2016
Shaped refractory products inspections of dimension, appearance and section
GB/T 14926.25-2001
Laboratory animal--Method for examination of reovirus 3(Reo 3)
实验动物 呼肠孤病毒Ⅲ型检测方法
GB/T 20780-2006
Industrial circulating cooling water - Determination of carbonate alkalinity
工业循环冷却水 碳酸盐碱度的测定
GB/T 13465.1-2014
Test method of impermeable graphite materials―Part 1: General 0f test method for mechanical properties
不透性石墨材料试验方法 第1部分:力学性能试验方法总则
GB/T 25488-2010
Integrated model for networked manufacturing system
GB/T 13806.1-1992
Fasteners for fine mechanics--Cross recessed screws
精密机械用紧固件 十字槽螺钉
GB/T 6890-2012
Zinc powder
GB/T 223.73-2008
Iron, steel and alloy - Determination of iron contents - Titanium trichloride-potassium dichromate titration method
钢铁及合金 铁含量的测定 三氯化钛-重铬酸钾滴定法
GB/T 24599-2009
Accessories for laying interior wooden flooring
GB/T 18948-2017
Rubber hoses and tubing for cooling systems for internal-combustion engines—Specification
内燃机冷却系统用橡胶软管和纯胶管 规范
GB/T 18875-2002
Cranes--Spare parts manual
起重机 备件手册
GB/T 21296-2007
Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion
GB/T 28005-2011
Paper underpants
GB 50506-2009
Code for design of water saving foriron and steel enterprises
GB 16926-2009
High-voltage alternating current switch-fuse combinations
高压交流负荷开关 熔断器组合电器
GB/T 32719.2-2016
Dark tea—Part 2: Huajuan tea
黑茶 第2部分:花卷茶
GB/T 30534-2014
Codes and identification of secret level for scientific and technical reports
GB/T 6808-1986
Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys--Accelerated test of light fastness of coloured anodic oxide coatings using artificial light
GB/T 25890.6-2010
Railway applications - Fixed installations - DC switchgear - Part 6: DC switchgear assemblies
轨道交通 地面装置 直流开关设备 第6部分:直流成套开关设备
GB/T 19067.1-2003
Geometrical Product Specifications(GPS)--Surface texture: Profile method--Measurement standards--Part 1: Material measures
产品几何量技术规范(GPS) 表面结构 轮廓法 测量标准 第1部分:实物测量标准
GB/T 12972.7-2008
Flexible rubber-sheathed cables for mining purposes - Part 6:Flexible cables with screens for rated voltages up to 6/10kV
矿用橡套软电缆 第7部分:额定电压6/10kV及以下屏蔽橡套软电缆
GB/T 10591-2006
Specifications for high temperature/low air pressure testing chambers
高温/ 低气压试验箱技术条件
GB 30079.1-2013
Safety specification for aluminium and aluminium alloys plates,sheets and foils and foils production―Part 1: Cast-rolling
铝及铝合金板、带、箔安全生产规范 第1部分:铸轧
GB/T 899-1988
Double end studs--bm=1.5d
双头螺柱 bm=1.5d
GB/T 2912.2-2009
Textiles - Determination of formaldehyde - Part 2: Released formaldehyde (vapour absorption method)
纺织品 甲醛的测定 第2部分:释放的甲醛(蒸汽吸收法)
GB/T 9581-2011
Oil for use in the carbon black products - Ethylene bottom
炭黑原料油 乙烯焦油
GB 51073-2014
Code for design of warehousing project of pharmaceutical industry
GB 4066.1-2004
Fire extinguishing media--Part 1:BC powder
干粉灭火剂 第1部分:BC干粉灭火剂
GB/T 19903.121-2008
Industrial automation systems and integration - Physical device control - Data model for computerized numerical controllers - Part 121: Tools for turning machines
工业自动化系统与集成 物理设备控制 计算机数值控制器用的数据模型 第121部分:车床用刀具
GB/T 12970.4-2009
Flexilbe copper stranded conductors for electrical purposes - Part 4: Copper wires for electric brush
电工软铜绞线 第4部分:铜电刷线
GB/T 33337-2016
Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride prepared by recycling fluosilicic acid
GB/T 7178.6-2006
The operating for railway shunting―Part 6: Operating for sorting trains
铁路调车作业 第6部分:编组列车作业
GB/T 30913-2014
Standard test method for classification of film systems for industrial radiography
GB/T 26244-2010
Information technology - Group management protocol
信息技术 组管理协议
GB/T 31996-2015
General specification for variable reluctance multipolar resolvers
GB/T 18422-2013
Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies—Determination of permeability to gas
橡胶和塑料软管及软管组合件 透气性的测定
GB 19790.1-2005
Disposable Wooden Chopsticks
一次性筷子 第1部分:木筷
GB/T 22638.9-2008
Test methods for aluminium and aluminium alloy foils - Part 9: Determination of hydrophilic property
铝箔试验方法 第9部分:亲水性的测定
GB/Z 24846-2009
Preventive test standards of 1000kV AC electrical equipments
GB/T 4127.17-2017
Bonded abrasive products—Dimensions—Part 17: Spindle mounted wheels
固结磨具 尺寸 第17部分:带柄磨头
GB/T 8394-2007
Pommel horse
GB 5083-1999
General rules for designing the production facilities in accordance with safety and health requirements
GB/T 13564-2005
Roller opposite forces type automobile brake tester
GB 29384-2012
Acephate technical material
GB/T 19069-2017
Stall regulation wind turbines—Control system—Technical condition
失速型风力发电机组 控制系统 技术条件
GB/T 16558.7-2009
The ship maintenance system - Part 7: Format of report forms
船舶维修保养体系 第7部分:报表格式
GB/T 33660-2017
Accessibility design guide for urban public transport facilities
GB/T 31244-2014
Specification for design for disassembly of telecommunication terminal equipment
GB/T 8190.4-2010
Reciprocating internal combustion engines - Exhaust emission measurement - Part 4: Steady-state test cycles for different engine applications
往复式内燃机 排放测量 第4部分:不同用途发动机的稳态试验循环
GB/T 9279.1-2015
Paints and varnishes—Determination of scratch resistance—Part 1: Constant-loading method
色漆和清漆 耐划痕性的测定 第1部分:负荷恒定法
GB/T 14488.1-2008
Oilseeds - Determination of oil content
植物油料 含油量测定
GB/T 18290.5-2000
Solderless connections--Part 5:Solderless press-in connections--General requirements,test methods and practical guidance
无焊连接 第5部分:无焊压入式连接 一般要求、试验方法和使用导则
GB/T 19659.3-2006
Industrial automation systems and integration - Open systems application integration framework - Part 3: Reference description for IEC 61158-based control systems
工业自动化系统与集成 开放系统应用集成框架 第3部分:基于IEC 61158控制系统的参考描述
GB/T 29647-2013
Good manufacturing practice of roasted nuts and seeds
GB 25904.3-2010
Information technology - Universal multi-octet coded character set - Sibe, Manchu nominal characters, presentation forms and composite characters - 24 Dot matrix fonts - Part 3: Zouzhe Ti
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集 锡伯文、满文名义字符、显现字符与合体字 24点阵字型 第3部分:奏折体
GB/T 35214-2017
Standard method for determining fixation times of inorganic waterborne wood preservatives
GB 3102.8-1993
Quantities and units of physical chemistry and molecular physics
GB/T 18688-2012
Agricultural irrigation equipment - Pressure losses in irrigation valves - Test method
农业灌溉设备 灌溉阀的压力损失 试验方法
GB/T 13747.19-2017
Methods for chemical analysis of zirconium and zirconium alloys—Part19:Determination of titanium content—Diantipyrylmethane spectrophotometry and the inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry
锆及锆合金化学分析方法 第19部分:钛量的测定 二安替比林甲烷分光光度法和电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 21593-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for stacking of packaging
危险品 包装堆码试验方法
GB/T 23232-2009
Fast growing and high yield plantation of pinus banksiana lamb
GB/T 3883.306-2017
Safety of motor-operated hand-held,transportable and garden tools―Part 3: Particular requirements for transportable diamond drills with liquid systems
手持式、可移式电动工具和园林工具的安全 第3部分:可移式带液源金刚石钻的专用要求
GB/T 9966.7-2001
Test methods for natural facing stones--Part 7:Test method for strength of individual stone anchorages
天然饰面石材试验方法 第7部分:检测板材挂件组合单元挂装强度试验方法
GB/T 13182-2007
Thallium-actived sodium iodide scintillator and scintillation detectors of sodium iodide(thallium)
GB 1886.120-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Caproic acid
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 己酸
GB 7746-2011
Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride for industrial use
GB/T 25041-2016
Glass fibre filter
GB/T 14903-1994
Testing method for torsional shear strength of doedl joint by inorganic adhesives
GB/T 3498-2008
Petrolum products - Determination of dropping point of lubricating greases (wide temperature range )
GB/T 30060-2013
Steel plates for line pipe fittinge of petroleum and natural gas
GB/T 22953-2008
Determination of ivermectin, abamectin,doramectin and eprinomectin residues in fugu, eel and baked eel - LC-MS-MS method
河豚鱼、鳗鱼和烤鳗中伊维菌素、阿维菌素、多拉菌素和乙酰氨基阿维菌素残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB/T 14506.11-2010
Methods for chemical analysis of silicate rocks - Part 11: Determination of potassium oxide and sodium oxide content
硅酸盐岩石化学分析方法 第11部分:氧化钾和氧化钠量测定
GB 19195-2003
Common techniai conditions for popular karting
GB 21908-2008
Discharge standards of water pollutants for pharmaceutical industry mixing/compounding and formulation category
GB/T 19856.2-2005
Lightning protection-Telecommunication lines-Part 2:Lines using metallic conductors
雷电防护 通信线路 第2部分:金属导线
GB/T 28511.2-2012
Integrated optical path devices based on planar lightwave circuit - Part 2 :DWDM filter based on AWG technology
平面光波导集成光路器件 第2部分:基于阵列波导光栅(AWG)技术的密集波分复用(DWDM)滤波器
GB/T 15521-1995
Format and classification of digital audio tape cassette system (DAT) used for broadcasting
GB/T 23501-2009
Determination of T-2 toxin in food - High performance liquid chromatographic method with immunoaffinity column clean-up
食品中T-2毒素的测定 免疫亲和层析净化高效液相色谱法
GB 50751-2012
Technical code for medical gases engineering
GB/T 13696-2015
Specification for uranium hexaflouride enriched to less than 5%235U
GB/T 26475-2011
Bridge type grab ship unloader
GB/T 33009.1-2016
Industrial automation and control system security—Distributed control system(DCS)—Part 1: Protection requirements
工业自动化和控制系统网络安全 集散控制系统(DCS) 第1部分:防护要求
GB/T 11114-1989
Method for detecting dislocationsof synthetic quartz crystal using X-ray topographic technique
人造石英晶体位错的X 射线形貌检测方法
GB/T 5009.144-2003
Determination of isofenphos-methylresidues in vegetable foods
GB/T 1592.2-2008
Agricultural tractors - Rear- mounted power take-off types 1,2 and 3 - Part 2: Narrow-track tractors, dimensions for master shield and clearance zone
农业拖拉机后置动力输出轴 1、2和 3 型 第 2 部分:窄轮距拖拉机防护罩尺寸和空隙范围
GB/T 5059.9-2008
Ferromolybdenum - Determination of sulfur content - The infrared absorption method and the combustion-iodate volumetric method
钼铁 硫含量的测定 红外线吸收法和燃烧碘量法
GB/T 20389-2006
Determination of acrylonitrile residues in acrylic fibre
GB/T 30382-2013
Chillies (whole or ground)
GB/T 3670-1995
Coated electrodes for copper and copper alloys

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