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2008 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 13096-2008
Test method for mechanical properties of pultruded glass fiber reinforced plastic rods
GB/T 411-2008
Printed and dyed cotton fabric
GB/T 11259-2008
Non-destructive testing - Practice for fabrication and control of steel reference blocks used in ultrasonic testing
无损检测 超声检测用钢参考试块的制作与检验方法
GB/T 4092-2008
Information technology - Programming languages - COBOL
信息技术 程序设计语言COBOL
GB/T 13334-2008
Adjusting test chart for copying machine A3
复印机调试板 A3
GB/T 5650-2008
Flared couplings - Inverted flare bolts
GB/T 21409-2008
Glass plant,pipeline and fitting - General rules for testing, handling and use
玻璃设备、管道和管件 检验、安装和使用的一般规则
GB/T 5651-2008
Flared couplings - Seat insert
GB/T 4078-2008
Dimension of sample planchets、vials and test tubes for radioactivity measurement
GB/T 21283.5-2008
Rotary shaft lip-type seals incorporating thermoplastic sealing elements - Part 5: Identification of visual imperfections
密封元件为热塑性材料的旋转轴唇形密封圈 第5部分 外观缺陷的识别
GB/T 13305-2008
Micrographic method for determining area content of the α-phases in stainless steels
GB/T 5502-2008
Inspection of grain and oils - Determination of processing degree of rice and other grain kernels
粮油检验 米类加工精度检验
GB/T 11371-2008
Operation and maintenance for gas turbine
GB/T 13144-2008
Packaging containers - Cases with plybamboo
包装容器 竹胶合板箱
GB/T 21752-2008
Chemicals - Test method of repeated dose 28-day oral toxicity study in rodents
化学品 啮齿动物28天重复剂量经口毒性试验方法
GB/T 4214.5-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Test code for the determination of airborne acoustical noise - Particular requirements for electric shavers
家用和类似用途电器噪声测试方法 电动剃须刀的特殊要求
GB/T 13173-2008
Surface active agents - Detergents - Testing methods
表面活性剂 洗涤剂试验方法
GB/T 11369-2008
Measurement of exhaust gas emission for aero-derivative gas tubine
GB/T 13177-2008
Preferred power supply for nuclear power plants
GB/T 13264-2008
Sampling procedures and tables for small lot inspection by attributes for percent nonconforming items
GB/T 21459.2-2008
Specification guidelines for fungal pesticide powders(DP)
GB/T 11228-2008
Fundamental parameters for kitchens and related equipments in housing
GB/T 21459.5-2008
Specification guidelines for fungal pesticide baits(RB)
GB/T 21753-2008
Chemicals - Test method of repeated dose dermal toxicity:21/28-day study
化学品 21天/28天重复剂量经皮毒性试验方法
GB/T 11344-2008
Non-destructive testing - Practice for measuring thickness by ultrasonic pulse-echo contact method
无损检测 接触式超声脉冲回波法测厚方法
GB/T 11343-2008
Non-destructive testing - Practice for ultrasonic angle-beam testing by the contact method
无损检测 接触式超声斜射检测方法
GB/T 21755-2008
Chemical products for industrial use - Determination of oxidizing properties of solids
工业用途的化学产品 固体物质氧化性质的测定
GB/T 21756-2008
Chemical products for industrial use - Determination of relative temperature of spontaneous flammable of solids
工业用途的化学产品 固体物质相对自燃温度的测定
GB/T 12914-2008
Paper and board - Determination of tensile properties
GB/T 5470-2008
Plastics - Determination of the brittleness temperature by impact
塑料 冲击法脆化温度的测定
GB/T 12145-2008
Quality criterion of water and steam for generating unit and steam power epuipment
GB/T 12240-2008
Iron plug valves
GB/T 12584-2008
Rubber or plastics coated fabrics - Low-temperature impact test
橡胶或塑料涂覆织物 低温冲击试验
GB/T 12590-2008
Chemical reagent - n-Butanol
化学试剂 正丁醇
GB/T 12604.6-2008
Non-destructive testing - Terminology - Terms used in eddy current testing
无损检测 术语 涡流检测
GB/T 5009.222-2008
Determination of citrinin in monascus products
GB/T 5013.2-2008
Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V - Part 2:Test methods
额定电压450/750V及以下橡皮绝缘电缆 第2部分:试验方法
GB/T 12010.1-2008
Plastics - Poly(vinyl alcohol)(PVAL) materials - Part 1: Designation system and basis for specifications
塑料 聚乙烯醇材料(PVAL) 第1部分:命名系统和分类基础
GB/T 5013.5-2008
Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V - Part 5:Lift cables
额定电压450/750V及以下橡皮绝缘电缆 第5部分:电梯电缆
GB/T 12533-2008
Determination of extraneous matter in edible mushroom
GB/T 477-2008
Method for size analysis of coal
GB/T 5013.7-2008
Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V - Part 7:Heat resistant ethylene-vinyl acetate rubber insulated cables
额定电压450/750V及以下橡皮绝缘电缆 第7部分:耐热乙烯-乙酸乙烯酯橡皮绝缘电缆
GB/T 5023.4-2008
Polyvinyl chloride insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V - Part 4:Sheathed cables for fixed wiring
额定电压450/750V及以下聚氯乙烯绝缘电缆 第4部分:固定布线用护套电缆
GB/T 4761-2008
Codes for family relationship
GB/T 4728.9-2008
Graphical symbols for diagrams - Part 9:Telecommunications - Switching and peripheral equipment
电气简图用图形符号 第9部分:电信 交换和外围设备
GB/T 4728.8-2008
Graphical symbols for diagrams - Part 8:Measuring instruments, lamps and signalling devices
电气简图用图形符号 第8部分:测量仪表、灯和信号器件
GB/T 1292-2008
Chemical reagent - Ammonium acetate
化学试剂 乙酸铵
GB/T 5013.3-2008
Rubber insulated cables of rated voltages up to and including 450/750V - Part 3:Heat resistant silicone insulated cables
额定电压450/750V及以下橡皮绝缘电缆 第3部分:耐热硅橡胶绝缘电缆
GB/T 1251.1-2008
Ergonomics - Danger signals for public and work areas - Auditory danger
人类工效学 公共场所和工作区域的险情信号 险情听觉信号
GB/T 4934.2-2008
Instrument for soil test - Shear apparatus - Part 2:Field vane shear apparatus
土工试验仪器 剪切仪 第2部分:现场十字板剪切仪
GB/T 4934.1-2008
Instrument for soil test - Shear apparatus - Part 1: Strain-controlled direct shear apparatus
土工试验仪器 剪切仪 第1部分:应变控制式直剪仪
GB/T 1241-2008
Marine forged steel male thread stop-check valves
GB/T 12417.1-2008
Non-active surgical implants - Osteosynthesis and joint replacement implants - Part 1: Particular requirements for osteosynthesis implants
无源外科植入物 骨接合与关节置换植入物 第1部分:骨接合植入物特殊要求
GB/T 4997-2008
General specification for permanent magnet low speed direct current tachogenerator
GB/T 12453-2008
Information technology - Open system interconnection - Transport service definition
信息技术 开放系统互连 运输服务定义
GB/T 4891-2008
Choice of sample size for estimating the average quality of a lot or process
GB/T 12564-2008
Generic specification for photomultiplier tubes
GB/T 4883-2008
Statistical interpretation of data - Detection and treatment of outliers in the normal sample
数据的统计处理和解释 正态样本离群值的判断和处理
GB/T 12545.1-2008
Measurement methods of fuel consumption for automobiles - Part 1: Measurement methods of fuel consumption for passenger cars
汽车燃料消耗量试验方法 第1部分:乘用车燃料消耗量试验方法
GB/T 12340-2008
Specifications for aerophotogrammetric office operation of 1:25 000 1:50 000 1:100 000 topographic maps
1:25 000 1:50 000 1:100 000地形图航空摄影测量内业规范
GB/T 4857.3-2008
Packaging - Basic tests for transport packages - Part 3:Stacking test methods using a static load
包装 运输包装件基本试验 第3部分:静载荷堆码试验方法
GB/T 12332-2008
Metallic coatings - Electroplated coatings of nickel for engineering purposes
金属覆盖层 工程用镍电镀层
GB/T 4833.2-2008
Multichannel analyzers - Part 2: Test methods as multichannel scalers
多道分析器 第2部分:作为多路定标器的试验方法
GB/T 12529.3-2008
Graphic symbols and codes for grain and oil industry - Part 3: Flour milling
粮油工业用图形符号、代号 第3部分:制粉工业
GB/T 4802.3-2008
Textiles - Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and to pilling - Part 3: Pilling box method
纺织品 织物起毛起球性能的测定 第3部分:起球箱法
GB/T 12666.2-2008
Test method on a single wire or cable under fire conditions - Part 2: Horizontal specimen flame test
单根电线电缆燃烧试验方法 第2部分:水平燃烧试验
GB/T 4889-2008
Statistical interpretation of data - Techniques of estimation and tests relating to means and variances
数据的统计处理和解释 正态分布均值和方差的估计与检验
GB/T 11858-2008
GB/T 11920-2008
General specification of central control equipment and system for electrical parts in power stations and substations
GB/T 4610-2008
Plastics - Determination of ignition temperature using a hot-air furnace
塑料 热空气炉法点着温度的测定
GB/T 12773-2008
Valve steel and superalloy bars for internal combustion engines
GB/T 12777-2008
General specification for metal bellows expansion joints
GB/T 11865-2008
Marine centrifugal fans
GB/T 12788-2008
Criteria for class 1E power systems for nuclear power generating stations
GB/T 21423-2008
Tri-wheel vehicles fuel tank - Safety property requirements and test methods
三轮汽车燃油箱 安全性能要求和试验方法
GB/T 457-2008
Paper and board - Determination of folding endurance
GB/T 5121.12-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 12:Determination of antimony content
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第12部分:锑含量的测定
GB/T 11857-2008
GB/T 11856-2008
GB/T 12832-2008
Rubber-Determination of crystallization effects by hardness measurements
橡胶结晶效应的测定 硬度测量法
GB/T 5121.18-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 18:Determination of magnesium content
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第18部分:镁含量的测定
GB/T 5121.2-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 2:Determination of phosphorus content
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第2部分:磷含量的测定
GB/T 4476.4-2008
Drawing for metal hull of ships - Part 4:Dimensioning
金属船体制图 第4部分:尺寸注法
GB/T 21437.1-2008
Road vehicles - Electrical distrubances from conduction and coupling -Part 1: Definitions and general considerations
道路车辆 由传导和耦合引起的电骚扰 第1部分: 定义和一般描述
GB/T 12790-2008
Method for identification of documents related to safety class 1E equipment and systems for nuclear power plants
GB/T 21744-2008
Ration of workers for manufacturing large rail traffic engineering equipments
GB/T 4728.11-2008
Graphical symbols for diagrams - Part 11:Architectural and topographical installation plans and diagrams
电气简图用图形符号 第11部分:建筑安装平面布置图
GB/T 12671-2008
Polystyrene (PS) resin
GB/T 4712-2008
Automatic diesel generating set,requirements of classification for
GB/T 4702.5-2008
Chromium metal - Determination of aluminium content - EDTA titrimetric method and flame atomic absorption spectrometric method
金属铬 铝含量的测定 乙二胺四乙酸二钠滴定法和火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 4701.6-2008
Ferrotitanium - Determination of aluminum content - EDTA titrimetric method
钛铁 铝含量的测定 EDTA滴定法
GB/T 4701.10-2008
Ferrotitanium - Determination of sulfur content - Infrared absorption method and combustion-neutralization titration method
钛铁 硫含量的测定 红外线吸收法和燃烧中和滴定法
GB/T 12729.1-2008
Spices and condiments - Nomenclature
香辛料和调味品 名称
GB/T 5121.13-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 13:Determination of aluminium content
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第13部分:铝含量的测定
GB/T 12729.13-2008
Spices and condiments - Determination of filth
香辛料和调味品 污物的测定
GB/T 4618.1-2008
Plastics - Epoxy resins - Determination of chlorine content - Part 1: Inorganic chlorine
塑料 环氧树脂氯含量的测定 第1部分:无机氯
GB/T 11977-2008
Functions and dimensions series of bathrooms in housing
GB/T 11969-2008
Test methods of autoclaved aerated concrete
GB/T 11964-2008
Test method for loss on heating of asphalt
GB/T 12729.7-2008
Spices and condiments - Determination of total ash
香辛料和调味品 总灰分的测定
GB/T 5121.11-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 11:Determination of zinc content
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第11部分:锌含量的测定
GB/T 465.2-2008
Paper and board - Determination of tensile strength after immersion in water
纸和纸板 浸水后抗张强度的测定
GB/T 13358-2008
Milled non-glutinous broomcorn millet
GB/T 11988-2008
Surface active agents - Technical alkane sulfonates - Determination of mean relative molecular mass and content of the alkane monosulfonate
表面活性剂 工业烷烃磺酸盐 烷烃单磺酸盐平均相对分子质量及含量的测定
GB/T 21709.3-2008
Standardized manipulation of acupuncture and moxibusteon - Part 3:Ear acupuncture
针灸技术操作规范 第3部分 耳针
GB/T 5922-2008
Motor vehicles and towed vehicles - Pressure test connection for compressed-air pneumatic braking equipment
汽车和挂车 气压制动装置压力测试连接器技术要求
GB/T 594-2008
Marine forged steel male thread stop valves
GB/T 595-2008
Marine bronze male thread stop valves
GB/T 13970-2008
Basic parameter terms of digital instruments
GB/T 13976-2008
Radioactive source term of PWR nuclear power plant for operational states
GB/T 2885.1-2008
Narrow gauge mine cars - Part 1: Solid-end car
矿用窄轨车辆 第1部分: 固定车箱式矿车
GB/T 2855.1-2008
Holders for sliding guide die sets for stamping dies - Part 1: Punch holders for die sets
冲模滑动导向模座 第1部分:上模座
GB/T 600-2008
General specifications for marine piping valves and fittings
GB/T 13933-2008
Miniature cross-flow fan
GB/T 2861.5-2008
Guide unit for stamping dies - Part 5: Cages
冲模导向装置 第5部分:钢球保持圈
GB/T 2861.2-2008
Guide unit for stamping dies - Part 2: Guide pillars for ball-bearing
冲模导向装置 第2部分:滚动导向导柱
GB/T 2861.11-2008
Guide unit for stamping dies - Part 11: Clampers
冲模导向装置 第11部分:压板
GB/T 14038-2008
Pneumatic fluid power - Connections - Ports and stud ends
气动连接 气口和螺柱端
GB/T 2856.2-2008
Holders for ball-bearing die sets for stamping dies - Part 2: Die holders for die sets
冲模滚动导向模座 第2部分:下模座
GB/T 21470-2008
Machining allowances and tolerances for steel open die forgings on hammer - Disks, columns, rings and seamless cylindrical sleeves
锤上钢质自由锻件机械加工余量与公差 盘、柱、环、筒类
GB/T 13814-2008
Nickel and nickel alloy covered welding electrodes
GB/T 21467-2008
Industrial trucks operating in special condition of stacking with mast titled forward - Additional stability test
工业车辆在门架前倾的特定条件下堆垛作业 附加稳定性试验
GB/T 10609.1-2008
Technical drawings - Title blocks
技术制图 标题栏
GB/T 406-2008
Cotton grey fabric
GB/T 21364-2008
Information technology - Learning,education and training - Rule-based XML binding techniques
信息技术 学习、教育和培训 基于规则的XML绑定技术
GB/T 5917.1-2008
Determination for feed particle size - Two-sieve screening method
饲料粉碎粒度测定 两层筛筛分法
GB/T 13826-2008
Wet type (non-metallic)friction materials
GB/T 2900.72-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Polyphase systems and circuits
电工术语 多相系统与多相电路
GB/T 13869-2008
General guide for safety of electric user
GB/T 2900.61-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Physics and chemistry
电工术语 物理和化学
GB/T 10589-2008
Specifications for low temperature test chambers
GB/T 2900.27-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Small-power motor
电工术语 小功率电动机
GB/T 10592-2008
Specification for low/high temperature test chambers
GB/T 10606-2008
Terminology of air separation plant
GB/T 2900.1-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Fundamental terms
电工术语 基本术语
GB/T 13913-2008
Metallic coatings - Autocatalytic (Electroless) nickel-phosphorus alloy coatings - Specification and test methods
金属覆盖层 化学镀镍-磷合金镀层 规范和试验方法
GB/T 21773-2008
Chemicals - Test method of in vivo mammalian erythrocyte micronucleus
化学品 体内哺乳动物红细胞微核试验方法
GB/T 21357-2008
Specification for similarity Jet fuel filter/separators
GB/T 2893.2-2008
Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Part 2: Design principles for product safety labels
图形符号 安全色和安全标志 第2部分:产品安全标签的设计原则
GB/T 14048.18-2008
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 7-3: Ancillary equipment - Safety requirements for fuse terminal blocks
低压开关设备和控制设备 第7-3部分:辅助器件 熔断器接线端子排的安全要求
GB/T 2900.56-2008
Electrotechnical terminology - Control technology
电工术语 控制技术
GB/T 14294-2008
Central-station air handling units
GB/T 6113.102-2008
Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods - Part 1-2: Radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus-Ancillary equipment - Conducted disturbances
无线电骚扰和抗扰度测量设备和测量方法规范 第1-2部分: 无线电骚扰和抗扰度测量设备 辅助设备 传导骚扰
GB/T 2601-2008
The chromatographic method for determination of content of hydroxybenzene
GB/T 14268-2008
Revision specifications for the national fundamental scale topographic maps
GB/T 22712-2008
Specification for G series cooling fans applying to variable frequency motors
GB/T 14271-2008
Test method for the determination of scoured yield raw wool - Oil pressure method
毛绒净毛率试验方法 油压法
GB/T 7308-2008
Plain bearings - Thin-walled half bearings with or without flange - Tolerances, design features and methods of test
滑动轴承 有法兰或无法兰薄壁轴瓦 公差、结构要素和检验方法
GB/T 14048.11-2008
Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - Part 6-1: Multiple function equipment - Transfer switching equipment
低压开关设备和控制设备 第6-1部分:多功能电器 转换开关电器
GB/T 6113.202-2008
Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods-Part2-2:Methods of measurement of disturbances and immunity-Measurement of disturbance power
无线电骚扰和抗扰度测量设备和测量方法规范 第2-2部分:无线电骚扰和抗扰度测量方法 骚扰功率测量
GB/T 2651-2008
Tensile test method on welded joints
GB/T 6113.204-2008
Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods - Part 2-4: Methods of measurement of disturbances and immunity - Immunity measurements
无线电骚扰和抗扰度测量设备和测量方法规范 第2-4部分:无线电骚扰和抗扰度测量方法 抗扰度测量
GB/T 14303-2008
Wookworking machines - Single blade circular saw benches with or without travelling table - Nomenclature and acceptance conditions
木工机床 单锯片圆锯机 术语和精度
GB/T 14304-2008
Sizes for wollen suits
GB/T 2520-2008
Cold-reduced electrolytic tinplate
GB/T 2518-2008
Continuously hot-dip zinc-coated steel sheet and strip
GB/T 2496-2008
Coupling with flexible ring
GB/T 14319-2008
Bonded abrasive products - Vitrified stones for force-honing and superfinishing
固结磨具 陶瓷结合剂强力珩磨磨石与超精磨磨石
GB/T 2554-2008
Mechanical dividing heads
GB/T 6109.12-2008
Enamelled round winding wire - Part 12: Polyester or polyesterimide enamelled round copper wire overcoated with polyamide,class 180
漆包圆绕组线 第12部分:180级聚酰胺复合聚酯或聚酯亚胺漆包铜圆线
GB/T 2851-2008
Sliding guide die sets for stamping dies
GB/T 21337-2008
Geographic information - Quality principles
地理信息 质量原则
GB/T 2828.3-2008
Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes - Part 3: Skip-lot sampling procedures
计数抽样检验程序 第3部分:跳批抽样程序
GB/T 6023-2008
Butadiene for industrial use - Determination of trace water - Coulometric Karl Fischer method
工业用丁二烯中微量水的测定 卡尔.费休库仑法
GB/T 21335-2008
Reduced Space Symbology(RSS) bar code
GB/T 10460-2008
GB/T 10459-2008
Broad bean
GB/T 6110-2008
Carbide dies for drawing - Types and dimensions
硬质合金拉制模 型式和尺寸
GB/T 6109.11-2008
Enamelled round winding wire - Part 11: Solderable polyurethane enamelled round copper wire overcoated with polyamide,class 155
漆包圆绕组线 第11部分:155级聚酰胺复合直焊聚氨酯漆包铜圆线
GB/T 14248-2008
Determination of braking performance for harvesting machinery
收获机械 制动性能测定方法
GB/T 10417-2008
Specifications for steel-bonded tungsten carbides and determination of its transverse rupture strength, impact toughness and hardness
GB/T 6109.13-2008
Enamelled round winding wire - Part 13: Solderable polyesterimide enamelled round copper wire,class 180
漆包圆绕组线 第13部分:180级直焊聚酯亚胺漆包铜圆线
GB/T 14155-2008
Doorsets - Soft heavy body impact test
整樘门 软重物体撞击试验
GB/T 2668-2008
Sizes for coats and suits
GB/T 6109.18-2008
Enamelled round winding wire - Part 18: Polyesterimide enamelled round copper wire,class 180,with a bonding layer
漆包圆绕组线 第18部分:180级自粘性聚酯亚胺漆包铜圆线
GB/T 6109.23-2008
Enamelled round winding wire - Part 23: Solderable polyurethane enamelled round copper wire,class 180
漆包圆绕组线 第23部分:180级直焊聚氨酯漆包铜圆线
GB/T 5900.1-2008
Machine tools - Connecting dimensions of spindle noses and workholding chucks - Part 1: Conical connection
机床 主轴端部与卡盘连接尺寸 第1部分:圆锥连接
GB/T 1406.4-2008
Types and dimensions of lamp caps - Part 4: Miscellaneous caps
灯头的型式和尺寸 第4部分:杂类灯头
GB/T 13504-2008
Diagnostic rhyme test(DRT) method of Chinese articulation
GB/T 13462-2008
Economical operation for power transformers
GB/T 13464-2008
Thermal analysis test methods for thermal stability of materials
GB/T 3805-2008
Extra-low voltage(ELV) - Limit values
特低电压 (ELV) 限值
GB/T 1347-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of soda-lime-silica glass
GB/T 21709.8-2008
Standardized manipulations of acupuncture and moxibustion - Part 8: Intradermal needle
针灸技术操作规范 第8部分 皮内针
GB/T 21397-2008
Cotton harvesters
GB/T 13566.1-2008
Fertilizers - Determination of bulk density - Part 1: Loose density
肥料 堆密度的测定 第1部分:疏松堆密度
GB/T 5757-2008
Determination of moisture holding capacity of ion exchange resins
GB/T 13441.2-2008
Mechanical vibration and shock - Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration - Part 2: Vibration in buildings(1Hz to 80Hz)
机械振动与冲击 人体暴露于全身振动的评价 第2部分:建筑物内的振动(1Hz~80Hz)
GB/T 1094.101-2008
Power transformers - Part 10.1: Determination of sound levels - Application guide
电力变压器 第10.1部分: 声级测定 应用导则
GB/T 3755-2008
24° cone connectors - Branch tee with O-ring
GB/T 13517-2008
Canned green peas
GB/T 3752-2008
24° cone connectors - Adjustable elbow
GB/T 3745-2008
24° cone connectors - Union tee
GB/T 3744-2008
24° cone connectors - Male run tee
GB/T 5915-2008
Formula feeds for starter and growing-finishing pigs
GB/T 13489-2008
Rubber coated fabrics - Determination of the burning behaviour
GB/T 21758-2008
Chemicals - Test method of two-generation reproduction toxicity study
化学品 两代繁殖毒性试验方法
GB/T 4048-2008
Timekeeping instruments - Wristwatches - Dimensions of bracelet-to-case fastening elements
计时仪器 手表壳与表带连接部位的尺寸系列
GB/T 5668-2008
Rotary tiller
GB/T 4009-2008
Chromium silicon

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