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2011 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 27755-2011
Technical requirements of optical watermark anti-counterfeit
GB/T 27743-2011
Inspection method for transformer of special equipment
GB/T 28021-2011
Adornment - Determination of baneful elements - Method of spectrometry
饰品 有害元素的测定 光谱法
GB 11533-2011
Standard for logarithmic visual acuity charts
GB/T 27543-2011
Pedestrian controlled platform trucks
GB/T 27542-2011
Battery pallet trucks
GB/T 28094-2011
Detection and identification of Xanthomonas campestris pv. mangiferaeindicae (Patel et al.) Robbs et al.
GB/T 27539-2011
Animal influenza detection - Method of real-time RT-PCR for detection of influenza virus A
动物流感检测 A型流感病毒通用荧光RT-PCR检测方法
GB/T 26499.1-2011
Machinery - Science data - Part 1: Method of grading and classification
机械 科学数据 第1部分:分级分类方法
GB/T 26499.2-2011
Machinery - Science data - Part 2: Data element directory
机械 科学数据 第2部分:数据元目录
GB/T 26499.3-2011
Machinery - Science data - Part 3: Metadata
机械 科学数据 第3部分:元数据
GB 8334-2011
Periodic inspection and evaluation of liquefied petroleum steel gas cylinders
GB/T 27712-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in multiple effect evaporating system of non-wood pulp
GB/T 26499.4-2011
Machinery - Science data - Part 4: Exchange format
机械 科学数据 第4部分:交换格式
GB/T 27708-2011
General technical requirements of inflatable toys
GB/T 26385-2011
Knitting patchwork clothing
GB/T 26388-2011
Determination of dioxane residues in surfactants - Gas chromatographic method
表面活性剂中二噁烷残留量的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 27709-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in four stages bleaching system with chlorine dioxide
GB 28145-2011
Gibberellic acid water soluble powders
GB/T 27710-2011
Floor drain
GB/T 27711-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in Horizontal Gap paper machine system
GB 8921-2011
Limit standards for 226Ra in phosphate fertilizer and its compound fertilizer
GB/T 26394-2011
Water based gravure lamination ink for film
GB 28146-2011
3% Gibberellic acid emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 26396-2011
Technical specification for safety of soaps and detergents
GB/T 18002-2011
Acceptance rules generality of the medium density fiberboard production line
GB/T 27719-2011
Glue laminating machine
GB/T 27720-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in Kamyr continuous cooking system
GB/T 27721-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in stone ground wood system
GB/T 3903.3-2011
Footwear - General test methods - Peeling strength
鞋类 整鞋试验方法 剥离强度
GB 28143-2011
Imidacloprid emulsifiable concentrates
GB/T 26458-2011
Fatty alkyl dimethyl amine oxides
GB 28142-2011
Imidacloprid wettable powders
GB/T 28029.2-2011
Electric railway equipment - Train bus - Part 2: Train communication network conformance testing
牵引电气设备 列车总线 第2部分:列车通信网络一致性测试
GB/T 8420-2011
Earth-moving machinery - Physical dimensions of operators and minimum operator space envelope
土方机械 司机的身材尺寸与司机的最小活动空间
GB 26483-2011
Noise limits of mechanical presses
机械压力机 噪声限值
GB/T 26930.4-2011
Carbonaceous materials for the production of primary aluminium - Pitch for electrodes - Part 4:Determination of content of quinoline-insoluble material
原铝生产用炭素材料 煤沥青 第4部分:喹啉不溶物含量的测定
GB/T 26930.3-2011
Carbonaceous materials for the production of primary aluminium - Pitch for electrodes - Part 3:Determination of density - Pyknometric method
原铝生产用炭素材料 煤沥青 第3部分:密度的测定 比重瓶法
GB/T 14684-2011
Sand for construction
GB/T 1468-2011
Tracing paper
GB/T 26778-2011
Combination of vehicle performance requirements and test method
GB/T 26779-2011
Fuel cell electric vehicles - Refuelling receptacle
燃料电池电动汽车 加氢口
GB/T 26927-2011
Water saving enterprises - Pulp and paper making industry
节水型企业 造纸行业
GB/T 14598.303-2011
General specification for digital motor combined protection equipment
GB 26730-2011
Sanitary ware - Gravity water flushing devices and supports
卫生洁具 便器用重力式冲水装置及洁具机架
GB/T 8210-2011
Method of inspection forfresh citrus fruit
GB 26503-2011
Rapid prototyping machines - Technical requirements for safeguarding
快速成形机床 安全防护技术要求
GB/T 26793-2011
Coulometry micro water teller
GB/T 14566.3-2011
Specification and type for bursting discs - Part 3:Flat bursting discs
爆破片型式与参数 第3部分:平板形爆破片
GB/T 26921-2011
The guide of design optimization for motor systems(fans,pumps,air compressors)
GB/T 27902-2011
Technical rules for electrical fire simulation experiment
GB/T 12613.5-2011
Plain bearings - Wrapped bushes - Part 5: Checking the outside diameter
滑动轴承 卷制轴套 第5部分:外径检验
GB/T 14404-2011
Plate shear - Testing of the accuracy
剪板机 精度
GB 15269.3-2011
Cigars - Part 3:Technical requirements for packing,making, storage and transport
雪茄烟 第3部分:产品包装、卷制及贮运技术要求
GB/T 26801-2011
Fluid flow in closed conduits - Connections for pressure signal transmissions between primary and secondary elements
封闭管道中流体流量的测量 一次装置和二次装置之间压力信号传送的连接法
GB/T 9009-2011
Formaldehyde solution for industrial use
GB/T 26782.1-2011
Satellite navigation based ship monitoring and management system - Part 1: System structure and function definition
卫星导航船舶监管信息系统 第1部分:系统组成与功能定义
GB/T 26941.1-2011
Fences - Part 1: General rules
隔离栅 第1部分:通则
GB/T 15624-2011
Guidelines for standardization of services
GB/T 26725-2011
superfine powder of tungsten carbide
GB/T 26948.1-2011
Industrial trucks - Specifications and test methods for operator restraint systems - Part 1:Lap-type seat belts
工业车辆驾驶员约束系统技术要求及试验方法 第1部分:腰部安全带
GB/T 26731-2011
Treatment and processing of waste tyre
GB/T 26945-2011
Empty container handler
GB/T 26944.2-2011
Tunnel environment detection equipment - Part 2: Carbon monoxide detector
隧道环境检测设备 第2部分:一氧化碳检测器
GB/T 651-2011
Chemical reagent - Potassium iodate
化学试剂 碘酸钾
GB/T 15157.12-2011
Connectors for frequencies below 3 MHz for use with printed boards - Part 12: Detail specification for dimensions, general requirements and tests for a range of sockets designed for use with integrated circuits
频率低于3MHz的印制板连接器 第12部分:集成电路插座的尺寸、一般要求和试验方法详细规范
GB 14587-2011
Technical requirements for discharge of radioactive liquid effluents from nuclear power plant
GB/T 26764-2011
Multifunctional high-speed highway condition monitor
GB/Z 26585-2011
Production technical practice for sweet pea with pod
GB/T 26933-2011
Corrugated roof panel for steel general cargo containers
GB 26529-2011
Safety specification on censing for religious activities and tourism venues
GB/T 26940-2011
Dried oyster
GB/T 8166-2011
Package cushioning design
GB/T 8186-2011
Milking machine installations - Construction and performance
挤奶设备 结构与性能
GB 26509-2011
Garden machinery - Pedestrian-controlled lawnmower with a petrol(diesel)engine - Safety requirements and testing methods
园林机械 以汽(柴)油机为动力的步进式草坪割草机 安全技术要求和试验方法
GB 26508-2011
Garden machinery - Ride-on machines with lawn mowers - Safety requirements and testing
园林机械 坐骑式草坪割草机 安全技术要求和试验方法
GB 26505-2011
Mobile road construction machinery - Safety requirements for paver-finishers
移动式道路施工机械 摊铺机安全要求
GB/T 26935-2011
Preparation of steel substrates and paints application for freight containers
GB/T 27840-2011
Fuel consumption test methods for heavy-duty commercial vehicles
GB/T 28197-2011
Methods for characterising tristimulus colorimeters for measuring the colour of light
GB/T 26743-2011
Fiber reinforced composite bars for civil engineering
GB/T 26841-2011
Transaction subject based upon activities of electronic commerce - Specification for enterprise credit archive
基于电子商务活动的交易主体 企业信用档案规范
GB/T 26913-2011
Bamboo charcoal
GB/T 13337.2-2011
Stationary lead-acid batteries - Vented types - Part 2: Capacity specifications and size
固定型排气式铅酸蓄电池 第2部分:规格及尺寸
GB/Z 26573-2011
Production technical practice for spinach
GB/T 26828-2011
Specication for multispectral antireflection coatings
GB/T 26894-2011
Grain and oil machinery - Vibration separator
粮油机械 振动清理筛
GB/T 28190-2011
Textiles - Determination of dimethyl fumarate
纺织品 富马酸二甲酯的测定
GB/T 27886-2011
Guides on management of water using for industry enterprises
GB/T 28188-2011
Textiles - Determination of elasticity of horsetail hair interlining - Loop with hanging weight
纺织品 马尾衬布回弹性的测定 环状挂重法
GB 16895.21-2011
Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 4-41: Protection for safety-Protection against electric shock
低压电气装置 第4-41部分: 安全防护 电击防护
GB/T 28178-2011
Landfill disposal for very low level radioactive waste
GB/T 26840-2011
Electronic commerce - Core metadata for medicine
电子商务 药品核心元数据
GB/T 26818-2011
Specification of consumer credit information reports - Basic credit report
个人信用调查报告格式规范 基本信息报告
GB/T 26842-2011
Transaction subject based upon activities of electronic commerce - Specification for enterprise credit assessment index and credit grade
基于电子商务活动的交易主体 企业信用评价指标与等级表示规范
GB/T 26882.3-2011
Grain and oil storage - Monitoring and control system of stored-grain condition -Part 3:Software
粮油储藏 粮情测控系统 第3部分:软件
GB/T 26846-2011
Lead-out wire and connector of motor and controller used for electric bicycles
GB/T 26882.1-2011
Grain and oil storage - Monitoring and control system of stored-grain condition - Part 1:General rule
粮油储藏 粮情测控系统 第1部分:通则
GB/T 27864-2011
Packaging for dangerous goods - Vibration test of intermediate bulk containers
危险货物包装 中型散装容器振动试验
GB/T 26876-2011
Technical specifications for pond Chinese soft-shelled turtle
GB/T 13207-2011
Canned pineapple
GB/T 13206-2011
GB/T 27872-2011
Submersible aerator
GB/T 12944-2011
High-voltage ceramic wall bushings
GB/T 26884-2011
Grain and oil machinery - Extractor
粮油机械 浸出器
GB/T 28176-2011
Information technology - Universal multiple-octet coded character set - Universal keyboard layout of the alphanumeric zone for New Xishuang Banna Dai
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集 西双版纳新傣文 通用键盘字母数字区布局
GB/T 15229-2011
Lightweight aggregate concrete small hollow block
GB/T 14108-2011
Marine magnetic compass of class A
GB/T 26804.1-2011
Industrial control computer system - Function module - Part 1: General specification for processor module
工业控制计算机系统 功能模块模板 第1部分:处理器模板通用技术条件
GB/T 26907-2011
Seedling quality grading of Camellia oleifera
GB/T 12688.3-2011
Test method of styrene for industrial use - Part 3:Determination of content of polymer
工业用苯乙烯试验方法 第3部分:聚合物含量的测定
GB/T 26804.5-2011
Industrial control computer system - Function module - Part 5: General specification for digital input/output channel modules
工业控制计算机系统 功能模块模板 第5部分:数字量输入输出通道模板通用技术条件
GB/T 12688.4-2011
Test method of styrene for industrial use - Part 4:Determination of content of peroxides - Titrimetric method
工业用苯乙烯试验方法 第4部分:过氧化物含量的测定 滴定法
GB/T 28175-2011
Information technology - Universal multiple-octet coded character set - Universal keyboard layout of the alphanumeric zone for Dehong Dai
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集 德宏傣文 通用键盘字母数字区布局
GB/T 13982-2011
The reflective and transmitting projection screens
GB/T 26820-2011
Classification and coding for logistics service
GB/T 26806.1-2011
Industrial control computer system - Industrial control computer system basic platform - Part 1: General specification
工业控制计算机系统 工业控制计算机基本平台 第1部分:通用技术条件
GB 15269.4-2011
Cigars - Part 4: Technical requirements for sense evaluation
雪茄烟 第4部分:感官技术要求
GB/T 13739-2011
Test methods for laser beam widths,divergence angle and transverse mode
GB/T 26808-2011
Thermostatic baths and circulators - Refrigerated baths
恒温槽与恒温循环装置 低温恒温槽
GB/T 26809-2011
Thermostatic baths and circulators - Refrigerated circulators
恒温槽与恒温循环装置 低温恒温循环装置
GB/T 13657-2011
Bisphenol-A epoxy resin
GB/T 26904-2011
Storage practice for peaches
GB 2536-2011
Fluids for electrotechnical applications - Unused mineral insulating oils for transformers and switchgear
电工流体 变压器和开关用的未使用过的矿物绝缘油
GB/T 28196-2011
Determination of annealing point and strain point for glass
GB/T 26815-2011
Terminologies for industrial-process measurement and control instruments - Terms of final controlling elements
工业自动化仪表术语 执行器术语
GB/T 12688.8-2011
Test method of styrene for industrial use - Part 8:Determination of content of inhibitor(p-tert-butylcatechol)- Spectrophotometric method
工业用苯乙烯试验方法 第8部分:阻聚剂(对-叔丁基邻苯二酚)含量的测定 分光光度法
GB/T 12688.9-2011
Test method of styrene for industrial use - Part 9:Determination of trace benzene - Gas chromatographic method
工业用苯乙烯试验方法 第9部分:微量苯的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 13922-2011
Performance test for water treatment equipment
GB/T 26662-2011
Magnetic brake
GB/T 26981-2011
Test method for reservoir fluid physical properties
GB/T 27962-2011
Graphical symbols for meteorological disaster warning signal icon
GB/T 26656-2011
Metallographic test for compacted(vermicular )graphite cast irons
GB/T 26613-2011
Hulunbeier sheep
GB/T 27980-2011
Diagnostic techniques for equine viral arteritis
GB/T 26943-2011
High mast lighting system with raising and lowering equipment
GB/T 26609-2011
Isobutyl acetate for industrial use
GB/Z 26587-2011
Production technical practice for shiitake mushroom
GB 5135.14-2011
Automatic sprinkler systems - Part 14: Preaction devices
自动喷水灭火系统 第14部分:预作用装置
GB/T 26661-2011
SWP universal coupling with spider
GB/T 28105-2011
Detection and identification of Lepidosaphes ulmi (L.)
GB/T 27802-2011
Solid composition releasing chorine dioxide
GB 26875.6-2011
Remote monitoring system of urban fire protection - Part 6:Functional requirements for information management software
城市消防远程监控系统 第6部分:信息管理软件功能要求
GB/T 15802-2011
Rules for monitoring and forecast of the cotton spider mites (Tetranychus spp. )
GB/T 26608-2011
Recovered methyl chloride for industrial use
GB/T 27982-2011
Diagnostic techniques for peste des petits ruminants
GB/T 26666-2011
Implementation guidelines for transmission system of digital terrestrial television broadcasting
GB/T 15801-2011
Rules for monitoring and forecast of the cotton pink bollworm [Pectinophora gossypiella(Saunders)]
GB/T 27002-2011
Conformity assessment - Confidentiality - Principles and requirements
合格评定 保密性 原则和要求
GB/T 15804-2011
Rules for monitoring and forecast of the sorghum aphid(Melanaphis sacchai Zehnter)
GB/T 28211-2011
Laboratory glassware - Filter funnels
实验室玻璃仪器 过滤漏斗
GB/T 655-2011
Chemical reagent - Ammonium persulfate
化学试剂 过硫酸铵
GB 27585-2011
Potassium cyanide for industrial use
GB/T 28106-2011
Detection and identification of Curtobacterium flaccumfaciens pv. oortii Collins & Jones
GB/T 9581-2011
Oil for use in the carbon black products - Ethylene bottom
炭黑原料油 乙烯焦油
GB/T 26997-2011
Learning services for non-formal education and training - Terminology
非正规教育与培训的学习服务 术语
GB/T 11589-2011
International user classes of service in, and categories of access to, public data networks and integrated services digital networks(ISDNs)
GB/T 26995-2011
General specification for rinsing-filling-capping machine of plastic bottle
GB 5100-2011
Welded steel gas cylinders
GB/T 15860-2011
General specification for compact disc players
GB/T 26637-2011
Magnesium-alloy forgings
GB/T 27804-2011
Calcium fluoride
GB/T 26641-2011
Non-destructive testing - Magnetic memory testing - General principles
无损检测 磁记忆检测 总则
GB/T 27797.1-2011
Fibre-reinforced plastics - Methods of producing test plates - Part 1: General conditions
纤维增强塑料 试验板制备方法 第1部分:通则
GB/T 26644-2011
Non-destructive testing - Acoustic emission testing - General principle
无损检测 声发射检测 总则
GB/T 11348.3-2011
Mechanical vibration - Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on rotating shafts - Part 3: Coupled industrial machines
机械振动 在旋转轴上测量评价机器的振动 第3部分:耦合的工业机器
GB/T 26646-2011
Non-destructive testing - Test method of acoustic emission testing of small parts
无损检测 小型部件声发射检测方法
GB/T 26649-2011
Magnesium alloy castings for automobile wheels
GB 27632-2011
Emission standard of pollutants for rubber products industry
GB/T 16886.19-2011
Biological evaluation of medical devices - Part 19: Physico-chemical,morphological and topographical characterization of materials
医疗器械生物学评价 第19部分:材料物理化学、形态学和表面特性表征
GB/T 28107-2011
Detection and identification of Eulecanium gigantea (Shinji).
GB 26755-2011
Fire mobile illuminating device
GB/T 26985-2011
Standard test method for pour point of crude oils
GB/T 12060.2-2011
Sound system equipment - Part 2: Explanation of general terms and calculation methods
声系统设备 第2部分:一般术语解释和计算方法
GB 5135.17-2011
Automatic sprinkler system - Part 17:Pressure reducing valves
自动喷水灭火系统 第17部分:减压阀
GB/T 27816-2011
Binders for paints and varnishes - Determination of glass transition temperature
色漆和清漆用漆基 玻璃化转变温度的测定
GB 26783-2011
Fire rescue lighting line
GB/T 26965-2011
Cone crusher - Energy consumption index
圆锥破碎机 能耗指标
GB/T 26701-2011
General technical requirements for model products
GB/T 12060.13-2011
Sound system equipment-Part 13:Listening tests on loudspeakers
声系统设备 第13部分:扬声器听音试验
GB/T 26962-2011
Specifications for high-frequency electromagnetic field comprehensive water treatment device
GB/T 27929-2011
Banking - Requirements for message authentication using symmetric techniques
银行业务 采用对称加密技术进行报文鉴别的要求
GB 26754-2011
Sodium azide for industrial use
GB/T 27818-2011
Chemicals - Testing method for skin absorption-in vitro
化学品 皮肤吸收 体外试验方法
GB/T 26710-2011
Safety of toys - Graphical symbol for age warning labelling
玩具安全 年龄警告图标
GB/T 28237-2011
Inspection specification for artistic gymnastic podium of installing
GB/T 27922-2011
Evaluation system for after-sales service of commodity
GB/T 12085.17-2011
Optics and optical instruments - Environmental test methods - Part 17: Combined contamination, solar radiation
光学和光学仪器 环境试验方法 第17部分 污染、太阳辐射综合试验
GB/T 26717-2011
Fountain pens and nibs
GB/T 7023-2011
Standard test method for leachability of low and intermediate level solidified radioactive waste forms
GB/T 26977-2011
Test methods for the thermal performance of solar air collectors
GB/T 26606-2011
Methyl cyanoacetate for industrial use
GB/T 26978.4-2011
Design and manufacture of site built, vertical, cylindrical, flat-bottomed steel tanks for the storage of liquefied nature gases - Part 4: Insulation components
现场组装立式圆筒平底钢质液化天然气储罐的设计与建造 第4部分:绝热构件
GB/T 688-2011
Chemical reagent - Carbon tetrachloride
化学试剂 四氯化碳
GB/T 6968-2011
Diaphragm gas meters
GB/T 15791-2011
Rules of monitoring and forecasting for the rice sheath blight(Rhizoctonia solani Kukn)
GB/T 26672-2011
Road vehicle - Alternators with regulators - Test methods
道路车辆 带调节器的交流发电机试验方法
GB/T 15795-2011
Rules for monitoring and forecast of the wheat stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis West)
GB/T 26681-2011
Technical requirements and methods of measurement for standard testing transmitter of digital terrestrial television
GB/T 27934.4-2011
Lamination process control and testing methods for paper prints - Part 4: Lamination with polyurethane reactive hot melt adhesive
纸质印刷品覆膜过程控制及检测方法 第4部分:反应型聚氨酯(PUR)热熔胶即涂覆膜

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