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2011 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 26804.3-2011
Industrial control computer system - Function module - Part 3: General specification for analogue input/output channel module
工业控制计算机系统 功能模块模板 第3部分:模拟量输入输出通道模板通用技术条件
GB/T 27925-2011
Evaluation of business enterprise brand and guide of enterprise culture construction
GB/T 27871-2011
Sanitary landfill compactor
GB/T 9364.5-2011
Miniature fuses - Part 5: Guidelines for quality assessment of miniature fuse-links
小型熔断器 第5部分:小型熔断体质量评定导则
GB/T 28174.2-2011
Unified modeling language(UML)- Part 2: Superstructure specification
统一建模语言(UML) 第2部分:上层结构
GB/T 27920.1-2011
Specifications for digital aerial photography - Part 1:Frame digital aerial photography
数字航空摄影规范 第1部分:框幅式数字航空摄影
GB/T 27917.3-2011
Express service - Part 3: Service procedures
快递服务 第3部分:服务环节
GB/T 26853.1-2011
Classification and designation of documents for plants, systems and equipment - Part 1: Rules and classification tables
成套设备、系统和设备文件的分类和代号 第1部分:规则和分类表
GB/T 9029-2011
Methods of the measurement of speed fluctuations in sound recording and reproducing equipment
GB/T 14057.2-2011
Decontamination of radioactively contaminated surface - Part 2:Testing method of decontamination agents for textiles
放射性污染表面去污 第2部分:纺织品去污剂的试验方法
GB/T 26802.5-2011
Industrial control computer system - General specification - Part 5: Safety requirements for field
工业控制计算机系统 通用规范 第5部分:场地安全要求
GB/T 13236-2011
Petroleum and liquid petroleum products - Equipment for measurement of liquid levels in storage tanks - Manual method
石油和液体石油产品 储罐液位手工测量设备
GB/T 9251-2011
Methods for hydrostatic test of gas cylinders
GB/T 26718-2011
Technical requirements for safety system of urban mass transit
GB/T 14349-2011
Press brake - Testing of the accuracy
板料折弯机 精度
GB/T 28174.1-2011
Unified modeling language(UML) - Part 1: Infrastructure
统一建模语言(UML) 第1部分:基础结构
GB/T 27876-2011
Technical specification for the maintenance of compressed natural gas vehicle
GB/T 26852-2011
Requirements concerning the interoperability between electromechanical and electrical applications in CAx-systems
GB/T 28179-2011
Environmentally concious design for electrical and electronic product - Indentification of environmental aspects
电工电子产品环境意识设计 环境因素的识别
GB/T 1346-2011
Test methods for water requirement of normal consistency, setting time and soundness of the portland cement
GB/T 26844-2011
Carpet-Production of changes in appearance by means of vettermann drum and hexapod tumbler testers
GB/T 26763-2011
Flight operational quality assurance events and deviation limits for Boeing and Airbus aircraft
GB/T 8496-2011
Basic parameters and methods of measurement on electronic tuner for receivers for television broadcast transmissions
GB/T 27888.1-2011
Ship and marine technology - Drainage systems on ships and marine structures - Part 1: Sanitary drainage-system design
船舶与海上技术 船舶与海上结构物的排水系统 第1部分:卫生水排放系统设计
GB/T 26831.1-2011
Society energy metering for reading system specification - part 1: Data exchange
社区能源计量抄收系统规范 第1部分:数据交换
GB 26485-2011
Equipment for uncoiling, levelling and shearing line - Safety requirements
开卷矫平剪切生产线 安全要求
GB/T 13508-2011
Polyethylene blown containers
GB 26484-2011
Noise limits for hydraulic presses
液压机 噪声限值
GB/T 28171-2011
Embedded software reliability testing method
GB/T 8190.2-2011
Reciprocating internal combustion engines - Exhaust emission measurement - Part 2: Measurement of gaseous and particulate exhaust emissions at site
往复式内燃机 排放测量 第2部分:气体和颗粒排放物的现场测量
GB/T 27884-2011
Determination of hydrogen、nitrogen、carbon monoxide carbon dioxide and methane in the coal-based F-T synthesis feed gas - Gas chromatographic method
煤基费托合成原料气中H2、N2、CO、CO2和CH4的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 27889-2011
Ships and marine technology - Terms, abbreviations, graphical symbols and concepts on navigation
船舶和海上技术 导航术语、缩略语、图形符号和概念
GB/T 27904-2011
Testing method for fire characteristics of furniture and subassemblies exposed to flaming ignition source
GB/T 27888.5-2011
Ships and marine technology - Drainage systems on ships and marine structures - Part 5: Drainage of decks,cargo spaces and swimming pools
船舶与海上技术 船舶与海上结构物的排水系统 第5部分: 甲板、货舱和泳池的排水
GB 26453-2011
Emission standard of air pollutants for flat glass industry
GB/T 26776-2011
Road vehicles - Alarm systems for commercial vehicles of maximum authorized total mass greater than 3.5t
道路车辆 3.5 t以上的商用车报警系统
GB/T 27888.3-2011
Ship and marine technology - Drainage systems on ships and marine structures - Part 3: Sanitary drainage,drain piping for vacuum systems
船舶与海上技术 船舶与海上结构物的排水系统 第3部分: 真空系统的卫生水排放及排放管道
GB/T 14598.11-2011
Measuring relays and protection equipment - Part 11: Voltage dips, short interruptions, variations and ripple on auxiliary power supply port
量度继电器和保护装置 第11部分:辅助电源端口电压暂降、短时中断、电压变化和纹波
GB/T 8336-2011
Special thread gauges for gas cylinders
GB/T 27890-2011
Marine cryogenic stainless steel socket welding fittings
GB/T 26749-2011
Carbon fiber - Determination of tensile properties of resin-impregnated yarn
碳纤维 浸胶纱拉伸性能的测定
GB/T 1479.2-2011
Metallic powders - Determination of apparent density - Part 2: Scott volumeter method
金属粉末 松装密度的测定 第2部分:斯柯特容量计法
GB/T 28161-2011
Specification of service information for digital television broadcasting
GB/T 26827-2011
Calibration method for measurement equipment of wave plate phase retardation
GB/T 26744-2011
Glass fiber sheet for strengthening and restoring structures
GB/T 27877-2011
Technical specification for the maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas vehicle
GB/T 14858-2011
General specification for black-white monitors
GB/T 26839-2011
Electronic commerce - The specification for warehouse receipt trading mode
电子商务 仓单交易模式规范
GB 26537-2011
Steet fiber reinforced concrete manhole cover
GB/T 28061-2011
Phytosanitary rule of imported floral bulbs and tubers
GB/T 28164-2011
Secondary cells and batteries containing alkaline or other non-acid electrolytes - Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells, and for batteries made from them, for use in portable application
含碱性或其它非酸性电解质的蓄电池和蓄电池组 便携式密封蓄电池和蓄电池组的安全性要求
GB/T 28158-2011
Occupational classification and qualification management of international trade
GB/T 28173-2011
Embedded systems - Application and management of the systems engineering process
嵌入式系统 系统工程过程应用和管理
GB/T 27878-2011
Technical specification of energy saving products for marine
GB/T 27880-2011
GB/T 27882-2011
Carriage requirement of live animals for air transport
GB/T 13529-2011
Sodium ethoxylated alkyl sulfate
GB/T 26674-2011
Road vehicle - Electrical performance of starter motors - Test methods
道路车辆 起动机电气特性试验方法
GB/T 9082.1-2011
Wickless heat pipes
GB/T 28165-2011
General specification for thermal printer
GB/T 28177.1-2011
Identification cards - Thin flexible cards - Part 1: Physical characteristics
识别卡 柔性薄卡 第1部分:物理特性
GB/T 4698.14-2011
Methods for chemical analysis of titanium sponge,titanium and titanium alloys - Determination of carbon content
海绵钛、钛及钛合金化学分析方法 碳量的测定
GB/T 3681-2011
Plastics methods of exposure to direct weathering, to weathering using glass-filtered daylight, and to intensified weathering by daylight using Fresnel mirrors
塑料 自然日光气候老化、玻璃过滤后日光气候老化和菲涅耳镜加速日光气候老化的暴露试验方法
GB 28147-2011
Pyridaben wettable powders
GB/T 26384-2011
Knitted wadded garments
GB/T 26389-2011
Method of classified type of weighing instrument products
GB/T 26391-2011
Toilet seat paper
GB/T 28030-2011
Earth continuity tester
GB/T 26395-2011
Water based gravure ink for cigarette packing
GB/T 18007-2011
Coffee and coffee products - Vocabulary
咖啡及其制品 术语
GB/T 28026.2-2011
Railway applications - Fixed installations - Part 2: Protective provisions against the effects of stray currents caused by d.c.traction supply system
轨道交通 地面装置 第2部分:直流牵引系统杂散电流防护措施
GB 28141-2011
Imidacloprid soluble concentrate
GB/T 5605-2011
Acetate fiber filter rod
GB/T 4630-2011
White fuzz goat of Liaoning
GB/T 18206-2011
Requirement of health education in primary and middle school
GB/T 28087-2011
Detection and identification of Solanum torvum Swartz
GB/T 26478-2011
Globe valves for ammonia and lift check valves
GB/T 26479-2011
Fire test for soft-seated quarter-turn valves
弹性密封部分回转阀门 耐火试验
GB/T 17725-2011
Shipbuilding - Shiplines - Numberical repesentation of elements of the hull geometry
造船 船体型线 船体几何元素的数字表示
GB 28126-2011
Imidacloprid technical material
GB/T 28020-2011
Adornment - Determination of baneful elements - X-ray fluorescence spectrometric method
饰品 有害元素的测定 X射线荧光光谱法
GB/T 28091-2011
Detection and identification of Xiphinema spp. as virus vectors
GB/T 28015-2011
Domestic sanitary insecticide - Test method of smoke dust
家用卫生杀虫用品 烟尘量试验方法
GB/T 5520-2011
Inspection of grain and oils - Germination test of seeds
粮油检验 发芽试验
GB/T 17582-2011
Classification and rules of nomenclature for industrial explosive
GB 27701-2011
Mechanical safety of cathode ray tubes
GB/T 17747.3-2011
Natural gas - Calculation of compression factor - Part 3: Calculation using physical properties
天然气压缩因子的计算 第3部分:用物性值进行计算
GB/T 2887-2011
General specification for computer field
GB/T 28063-2011
Detection and identification of Bean pod mottle virus
GB/T 28057-2011
Specification for oxygen converter heat recovery boiler
GB/T 18820-2011
General principles of stipulation of water intake norm for industrial product
GB/T 2900.87-2011
Electrotechnical terminology - Organisation/market of electricity
电工术语 电力市场
GB/T 19141-2011
Specification of domestic solar water heating systems
GB/T 28046.4-2011
Road vehicles - Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment - Part 4: Climatic loads
道路车辆 电气及电子设备的环境条件和试验 第4部分:气候负荷
GB/T 28046.3-2011
Road vehicles - Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment - Part 3: Mechanical loads
道路车辆 电气及电子设备的环境条件和试验 第3部分:机械负荷
GB/T 18442.5-2011
Static vacuum insulated cryogenic pressure vessel - Part 5: Inspection and test
固定式真空绝热深冷压力容器 第5部分:检验与试验
GB/T 19902.5-2011
Industrial automation systems and integration - Manufacturing software capability profiling for interoperability - Part 5: Methodology for profile matching using multiple capability classes structures
工业自动化系统与集成 制造软件互操作性能力建规 第5部分:基于多能力类结构进行专规匹配的方法学
GB/T 18442.2-2011
Static vacuum insulated cryogenic pressure vessel - Part 2:Material
固定式真空绝热深冷压力容器 第2部分:材料
GB/T 28040-2011
Maintenance specification for product data dictionary
GB/T 18109-2011
Quick frozen finfish
GB/T 3374.2-2011
Vocabulary of gear terms - Part 2: Definitions related to worm gear geometry
齿轮术语和定义 第2部分:蜗轮几何学定义
GB 28149-2011
Chlorsulfuron wettable powders
GB/T 21078.2-2011
Banking - Personal identification number management and security - Part 2: Requirements for offline PIN handling in ATM and POS systems
银行业务 个人识别码的管理与安全 第2部分:ATM和POS系统中脱机PIN处理的要求
GB/T 28037-2011
Information techology - General specification for projectors
信息技术 投影机通用规范
GB/T 28034-2011
Specification of organic photoconductive drum for digital electroststic copying( Printing, Faxing)equipment
GB/T 28032-2011
The copolymer used to toner for electrostatic copier
GB/T 3471-2011
General provisions for programming mooring and sea trials of sea going ships
GB/T 24589.3-2011
Financial information technology - Data interface of accounting software - Part 3: Public finance budgetary accounting
财经信息技术 会计核算软件数据接口 第3部分:总预算会计
GB/T 24795.2-2011
Rotary shaft lip seals for commercial vehicle axle - Part 2: Performance test procedures
商用车车桥旋转轴唇形密封圈 第2部分:性能试验方法
GB/T 25123.3-2011
Electric traciton - Rotating electrical machines for rail and road vehicles - Part 3: Determination of the total losses of convertor-fed alternating current motors by summation of the component losses
电力牵引 轨道机车车辆和公路车辆用旋转电机 第3部分:用损耗总和法确定变流器供电的交流电动机的总损耗
GB/T 26124-2011
In vitro diagnostic reagent(kit) for clinical chemistry
GB/T 3637-2011
Liquid sulphur dioxide
GB/T 28095-2011
Detection and identification of Phellinus noxius (Corner) G. Cunn.
GB/T 28038-2011
Information technology - Universal multiple-octet coded character set - Universal keyboard layout of the alphanumeric zone for Mongolian
信息技术 通用多八位编码字符集 蒙古文 通用键盘字母数字区布局
GB/T 677-2011
Chemical reagent-Acetic anhydride
化学试剂 乙酸酐
GB/T 16886.18-2011
Biological evaluation of medical devices - Part 18: Chemical characterization of materials
医疗器械生物学评价 第18部分:材料化学表征
GB/T 16886.1-2011
Biological evaluation of medical devices - Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process
医疗器械生物学评价 第1部分:风险管理过程中的评价与试验
GB/T 28228-2011
Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in ballast water of entry-exit ships
GB/T 26631-2011
Grain and oil terminology - Physicochemical properties and quality
粮油名词术语 理化特性和质量
GB/T 28227.7-2011
Guidelines for the implementation of quality management system of cultural service - Part 7: Theatre
文化服务质量管理体系实施指南 第7部分:剧院
GB/T 27970-2011
Test method for weight loss of non-metallic gasket materials upon exposure to elevated temperatures
GB/T 27969-2011
The system of assess and the method of monitor for the energy consumption per unit products of architecture and sanitary ceramics
GB 26920.1-2011
The maximum allowable values of energy performance and energy efficiency grades of commercial refrigerating appliances - Part 1:Refrigerated display cabinets with remote condensing unit
商用制冷器具能效限定值及能效等级 第1部分:远置冷凝机组冷藏陈列柜
GB/T 26643-2011
Non-destructive testing - Infrared flash thermography - Guideline
无损检测 闪光灯激励红外热像法 导则
GB/T 26645.1-2011
Determination of particle size distribution by gravitational liquid sedimentation methods - Part 1: General principles and guidelines
粒度分析 液体重力沉降法 第1部分:通则
GB/T 17564.1-2011
Standard data element types with associated classification scheme for electric items - Part 1:Definitions - Principles and methods
电气项目的标准数据元素类型和相关分类模式 第1部分:定义 原则和方法
GB/T 27963-2011
Climatic suitability evaluating on human settlement
GB 27704-2011
Steel nails
GB/T 26659-2011
Reclaimed silica sand for foundry
GB/T 27941-2011
Code of design and installation for multi-split air conditioning (heat pump)system
GB/T 28222-2011
General principles for development of service standards
GB/T 28108-2011
Detection and identification of Centaurea repens L.
GB/T 28003-2011
Standard of service quality specifications of central recreation district
GB/T 26676-2011
Electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems of machine tools - Specification of withstanding voltage test
机床电气、电子和可编程电子控制系统 耐压试验规范
GB/T 27934.3-2011
Lamination process control and testing methods for paper prints - Part 3: Drying lamination with water-based adhesive
纸质印刷品覆膜过程控制及检测方法 第3部分:水基胶黏剂即涂干式覆膜
GB/T 26691-2011
Modified polyvinyl alcohol coated biaxially oriented film
GB/T 27928.1-2011
Certificate management for financial services - Part 1: Public key certificates
金融业务 证书管理 第1部分:公钥证书
GB 26786-2011
Specifications for the flame proof of industrial thermocouples and resistance thermometer sensors
GB/T 26700-2011
Rigid polyurethane(PUR)cellular plastics used for doors filling
GB/T 26647.1-2011
Determination of particle size distribution - Single-particle light interaction methods - Part 1: Light interaction considerations
单粒与光相互作用测定粒度分布的方法 第1部分:单粒与光相互作用
GB 27900-2011
Firemen's special call unit
GB/T 28014-2011
Methods for measuring the performance of electric warming plates for household and similar purposes
GB/T 28013-2011
Discontinuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments
GB/T 28006-2011
Domestic sanitary insecticide - Odor grade
家用卫生杀虫用品 气味等级
GB 27995.1-2011
Semi-finished spectacle lens blanks - Part 1: Specifications for single-vision and multifocal lens blanks
半成品眼镜片毛坯 第1部分:单光和多焦点眼镜片毛坯规范
GB/T 28097-2011
Detection and identification of Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) Wint.
GB 27952-2011
Hygienic requirements for surface disinfectants
GB/T 26523-2011
Refined cobaltous sulfates
GB/T 17317-2011
Rules of the production technology for wheat basic seed
GB/T 17316-2011
Rules of operation for the production technology of basic seed in conventional rice
GB/T 26975-2011
All-glass heat pipe evacuated solar collector tube
GB/T 17315-2011
Operation rules for maize seed production
GB/T 27973-2011
Methods for chemical analysis of volatilized silica
GB/T 6159.7-2011
Micrographics - Vocabulary - Part 7: Computer micrographics
缩微摄影技术 词汇 第7部分:计算机缩微摄影技术
GB 27631-2011
Discharge standard of water pollutants for fermentation alcohol and distilled spirits industry
GB/T 26551-2011
Livestock machinery - Fodder chopping
畜牧机械 粗饲料切碎机
GB/T 17215.911-2011
Electricity metering equipment - Dependability - Part 11: General concepts
电测量设备 可信性 第11部分:一般概念
GB/T 28100-2011
Detection and identification of Burkholderia caryophylli ( Burkholder ) Yabuuchi et al.
GB/T 28103-2011
Detection and identification of Wheat Streak Mosaic virus
GB 27791-2011
City gas pressure regulating installation
GB/T 27986-2011
Murrah buffalo breeding stock
GB/T 27984-2011
Feed additive - Sodium butyrate
饲料添加剂 丁酸钠
GB/T 26600-2011
Microscopes - Immersion liquids for light microscopy
显微镜 光学显微术用浸液
GB/T 27981-2011
Real-time PCR method for the detection of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus
GB/T 27978-2011
Determination of the waste content in the raw mix of cement
GB/T 26705-2011
Low density printing paper
GB/T 26536-2011
Bamboo strip
GB/T 27773-2011
Criteria for vector density control - Cockroach
病媒生物密度控制水平 蜚蠊
GB/T 27714-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in deinked pulp(DIP) system
GB/T 27849-2011
Chemicals-Degradation screening test - Chemical oxygen demand
化学品 降解筛选试验 化学需氧量
GB/T 27847-2011
Petroleum products - Determination of flash point - Abel-Pensky closed tester
石油产品 闪点测定 阿贝尔-宾斯基闭口杯法
GB/T 27716-2011
Calculation method of energy equilibrium and energy efficiency in horizontal-tube continuous cooking system
GB/T 27574-2011
GB/T 27572-2011
Rubber seals - Joint rings for pipelines for hot-water supply up to 110℃ - Specification for the materials
橡胶密封件 110℃热水供应管道的管接口密封圈 材料规范
GB/T 27797.5-2011
Fibre-reinforced plastics - Methods of producing test plates - Part 5: Filament winding
纤维增强塑料 试验板制备方法 第5部分:缠绕成型
GB/T 10327-2011
Reference fuel specification for diesel engine performance test
GB/T 27851-2011
Chemicals - Terrestrial plant test - Vegetative vigour test
化学品 陆生植物 生长活力试验
GB/T 27741-2011
Paper and board - Determination of migratable fluorescent whitening agents
纸和纸板 可迁移性荧光增白剂的测定
GB/T 27836-2011
Test method for hazard classification of chemicals - External fire (bonfire) test
化学品危险性分类试验方法 外部火烧(篝火)试验
GB/T 27570-2011
Methyl silicone rubber for vulcanization at ambient temperature
GB/T 27534.2-2011
Rules for animal genetic resource survey - Part 2: Swine
畜禽遗传资源调查技术规范 第2部分:猪
GB/T 27829-2011
Chemicals - In vitro test of skin corrosion - Membrane barrier method
化学品 体外皮肤腐蚀 膜屏障试验方法
GB/T 28216-2011
General principles - Assessment and control on consumer products quality safety factors
消费品质量安全因子评估和控制 通则
GB/T 27698.5-2011
Test method for the performance of heat exchangers and heat exchange element - Part 5: Heat transfer tube for tubular heat exchangers
热交换器及传热元件性能测试方法 第5部分:管壳式热交换器用换热管
GB/T 27837-2011
Test method for hazard classification of formic acid and formic acid mixtures
GB/T 28203-2011
Technical requirements and test methods of furniture connectors
GB/T 27700.2-2011
Surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters of assessed quality - Part 2: Guidance on use
有质量评定的声表面波(SAW)滤波器 第2部分:使用指南
GB/T 27797.8-2011
Fibre-reinforced plastics - Methods of producing test plates - Part 8: Compression moulding of SMC and BMC
纤维增强塑料 试验板制备方法 第8部分:SMC及BMC模塑
GB/T 26918-2011
Coal preparation plant - Test methods for degradation in water of raw coal feed in drum
选煤厂 煤的转筒泥化试验方法
GB/T 28202-2011
Furniture industry terminology
GB/T 27797.9-2011
Fibre-reinforced plastics - Methods of producing test plates - Part 9:Moulding of GMT/STC
纤维增强塑料 试验板制备方法 第9部分:GMT/STC模塑
GB/T 28221.1-2011
Basic public services for post-disaster transitional resettlement area - Part 1: General
灾后过渡性安置区基本公共服务 第1部分:总则
GB/T 12613.3-2011
Plain bearings - Wrapped bushes - Part 3:Lubrication holes, grooves and indentations
滑动轴承 卷制轴套 第3部分:润滑油孔、油槽和油穴
GB/T 12085.21-2011
Optics and optical instruments - Environmental test methods - Part 21: Combined low pressure and ambient temperature or dry heat
光学和光学仪器 环境试验方法 第21部分:低压与大气温度、高温综合试验
GB/T 26991-2011
Fuel cell electric vehicles - Maximum speed test method
燃料电池电动汽车 最高车速试验方法
GB/T 12604.10-2011
Non-destructive testing - Terminology - Terms used in magnetic memory testing
无损检测 术语 磁记忆检测
GB/T 26926-2011
Water saving enterprises - Petroleum refining
节水型企业 石油炼制行业
GB/T 27799-2011
Fabric reinforce plastic cover panel of trucks
GB/T 27800-2011
Determination of the life for static sealing rubber products
GB/T 27801-2011
Vinylene carbonate

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