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2015 year China issued GB standards list

GB/T 12769-2015
Titanium-clad copper bar
GB 1886.104-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Quinoline yellow
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 喹啉黄
GB 1886.164-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Methyl butyrate methyl ester
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 2-甲基丁酸 2-甲基丁酯
GB/T 17969.1-2015
Information technology—Open systems interconnection—Procedures for the operation of OSI registration authorities—Part 1: General procedures and top arcs of the International Object Identifier tree
信息技术 开放系统互连 OSI登记机构的操作规程 第1部分:一般规程和国际对象标识符树的顶级弧
GB/T 18916.19-2015
Norm of water intake—Part 19: Lead smelting production
取水定额 第19部分:铅冶炼生产
GB/T 15781-2015
Regulations for forest tending
GB/T 9138-2015
Rebound test hammer
GB 18282.5-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Chemical indicators—Part 5:Class 2 indicators for Bowie and Dick-type air removal tests
医疗保健产品灭菌 化学指示物 第5部分:用于BD类空气排除测试的二类指示物
GB/T 32090.3-2015
Fragrance—Part 3: l-Carvone
香料 第3部分: l-香芹酮
GB 1886.157-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Geranyl acetate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙酸香叶酯
GB/T 31472-2015
Standard guide to charge control and charge referencing techniques in X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
GB/T 9944-2015
Stainless steel wire ropes
GB/T 32124-2015
Treatment and disposal specification for phosphogypsum
GB/T 32123-2015
Treatment and disposal specification for cyanide waste water
GB/T 18146.2-2015
Hemp fiber—Part 2: Raw white hemp sliver
大麻纤维 第2部分:大麻麻条
GB/T 14358-2015
Marine drinking water purifier
GB/T 14206-2015
Glass fiber reinforced polyester continuous panels
GB/T 15676-2015
Terms for rare earths
GB/T 15614-2015
Test method for measuring the glossiness of ceramic pigment
GB/T 14370-2015
Anchorage,grip and coupler for prestressing tendons
GB/T 32103-2015
Rubber latex coated-fabric gloves for protection use
GB/T 15514-2015
Codes for ports and other locations of the People's Republic of China
GB 18281.3-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Biological indicators—Part 3: Biological indicators for moist heat sterilization processes
医疗保健产品灭菌 生物指示物 第3部分:湿热灭菌用生物指示物
GB 1886.153-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — 2-methyl-1-butyl acetat
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙酸 2-甲基丁酯
GB/T 31482-2015
Brand valuation—Electronic commerce
品牌价值评价 电子商务
GB/T 31480-2015
Materials for high vacuum multilayer insulation of cryogenic vessel
GB/T 31486-2015
Electrical performance requirements and test methods for traction battery of electric vehicle
GB/T 17213.18-2015
Industrial-process control valves—Part 9: Test procedure for response measurements from step inputs
工业过程控制阀 第9部分: 阶跃输入响应测量的试验程序
GB/T 17939-2015
Nuclear grade high efficiency particulate air filters
GB/T 32151.2-2015
Requirements of the greenhouse gas emissions accounting and reporting—Part 2: Power grid enterprise
温室气体排放核算与报告要求 第2部分:电网企业
GB/T 17803-2015
Designation system for rare earth products
GB/Z 31822-2015
Study report on the safety requirements of public service escalators and moving walks
GB 1886.161-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Ethyl palmitate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 棕榈酸乙酯
GB/T 13667.1-2015
Steel bookshelves—Part 1: Bookshelf of single column and multi-column
钢制书架 第1部分:单、复柱书架
GB/T 13668-2015
General technical requirements for steel book cabinets and information cabinets
GB/T 13698-2015
Determination of total hydrogen in uranium dioxide pellets
GB/T 31466-2015
Voltage ratings of electric vehicles high voltage electricity system
GB/T 32129-2015
Halogen free low smoke and flame-retardant compounds for wires and cables
GB/T 5462-2015
Industrial salt
GB/T 14232.2-2015
Plastics collapsible containers for human blood and blood components—Part 2: Blood bag systems with integrated features
人体血液及血液成分袋式塑料容器 第2部分:用于标签和使用说明书的图形符号
GB/T 32076.6-2015
High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading—Part 6: Plain chamfered washers
预载荷高强度栓接结构连接副 第6部分:倒角平垫圈
GB/T 32143-2015
Safety and environmental protection requirements for digital projection screens
GB/T 13928-2015
Reciprocating minitype air compressors
GB/T 32135-2015
Classification of regional drought severity
GB/T 31490.4-2015
Community informationization—Part 4: Data element dictionary
社区信息化 第4部分:数据元素字典
GB/T 32133-2015
Yanbian cattle
GB/T 5169.15-2015
Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products—Part 15: Test flames—500W flames—Apparatus and confirmational test methods
电工电子产品着火危险试验 第15部分:试验火焰 500W火焰 装置和确认试验方法
GB/T 16886.6-2015
Biological evaluation of medical devices—Part 6: Tests for local effects after implantation
医疗器械生物学评价 第6部分:植入后局部反应试验
GB/T 32196-2015
Non-destructive testing instruments—Model designation method
无损检测仪器 型号编制方法
GB 18306-2015
Seismic ground motion parameter zonation map of China
GB/T 3850-2015
Impermeable sintered metal materials and hardmetals—Determination of density
致密烧结金属材料与硬质合金 密度测定方法
GB/T 32256-2015
Steel forgings for rings for reduction gears—General specification
钢质减速齿环锻件 通用技术条件
GB/T 21714.3-2015
Protection against lightning—Part 3:Physical damage to structures and life hazard
雷电防护 第3部分:建筑物的物理损坏和生命危险
GB/T 21223.2-2015
Guide for the statistical analysis of ageing test data—Part 2: Validation of procedures for statistical analysis of censored normally distributed data
老化试验数据统计分析导则 第2部分:截尾正态分布数据统计分析的验证程序
GB/T 31911-2015
Methods for determination of emissions from appliances burning gaseous fuels
GB 31827-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit throughout of bulk terminal
GB 31829-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of ammonium bicarbonate
GB/T 32286.1-2015
Soft magnetic alloys—Part 1:Nickel-iron alloys
软磁合金 第1部分:铁镍合金
GB/T 32285-2015
Hot-rolled steel H piles
热轧 H 型钢桩
GB/T 31540.2-2015
Fire safety engineering guide—Part 2:Initiation and development of fire and generation of fire effluents
消防安全工程指南 第2部分:火灾发生、发展及烟气的生成
GB/T 31916.5-2015
Information technology—Cloud data storage and management—Part 5: Key-Value based cloud data management application interface
信息技术 云数据存储和管理 第5部分:基于键值(Key-Value)的云数据管理应用接口
GB/T 21879-2015
Water-soluble dyes—Determination of solubility—Drop test of filter papers
水溶性染料 溶解度的测定 点滤纸法
GB/T 31536-2015
Analytical method of chemical composition for copper series arsenic removal agent at room temperature
GB 32028-2015
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for projectors
GB/T 31922-2015
Hot-rolled steel sheets and strips of higher yield strength with improved formability
GB 32029-2015
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for small-size submersible motor-pumps
GB 1886.167-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — nethole
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 大茴香脑
GB/T 3851-2015
Hardmetals—Determination of transverse rupture strength
硬质合金 横向断裂强度测定方法
GB/T 31929-2015
Welded stainless steel pipes for ship
GB/T 31531-2015
Determination of quinoline in dyestuffs and textile dyeing and finishing auxiliaries
GB/T 32261.2-2015
Usability of consumer products and products for public use—Part 2: Summative test method
消费类产品和公用类产品的可用性 第2部分:总结性测试方法
GB/T 32283-2015
Test method for vapor attack on refractories for furnace superstructures
GB/T 31891-2015
Technical requirements for ecological carpets
GB/T 31873-2015
ebXML based warehouse shipping order
GB/T 31874-2015
ebXML based transportation rate request and response
GB/T 32319-2015
Specification of description for banking product
GB/T 31879-2015
Road vehicles—General technical requirements for fifth wheel
道路车辆 牵引座通用技术条件
GB/T 32316-2015
The procedure specification of financial leasing services
GB 31534-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of p-xylene
GB 31535-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit product of dimethylether
GB/T 22181.5-2015
Plasma display panels—Part 5: Generic specification
等离子体显示器件 第5部分:总规范
GB/T 31590-2015
Analytical method of chemical composition of flue gas DeNOx catalysts
GB/T 21956.3-2015
Protective structure strength on narrow-track wheeled agricultural and forestry tractors—Testing method and acceptance condition—Part 3:Static testing method of rear mounted ROPS
农林用窄轮距轮式拖拉机防护装置强度 试验方法和验收条件 第3部分:后置式静态试验方法
GB 32034-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit products of gold refining
GB/T 31894-2015
Water supply equipment of low voice additive pipe pressure
GB/T 31895-2015
Umbrellas—Test method of wind resistance
伞类产品 抗风强度测试方法
GB/T 32303-2015
Requitements for structure fracture and damage control for space systems
GB/T 6508-2015
Test method for dyeing uniformity of polyester filament yarns
GB/T 31540.4-2015
Fire safety engineering guide—Part 4: Detection, activation and suppression
消防安全工程指南 第4部分:探测、启动和灭火
GB/T 21880-2015
Acid dyes—Determination of migration properties
酸性染料 移染性的测定
GB/T 31900-2015
Woven children's clothing
GB 31823-2015
The norm of energy consumption per unit throughout of container terminal
GB/T 3503-2015
Yttrium oxide
GB/T 32310-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Chemical indicators—Guidance for selection,use and interpretion of results
医疗保健产品灭菌 化学指示物 选择、使用和结果判断指南
GB/T 20002.4-2015
Drafting for special aspects in standards—Part 4: Safety aspects for their inclusion in standards
标准中特定内容的起草 第4部分:标准中涉及安全的内容
GB/T 31960.4-2015
Technical specification for power energy efficiency monitoring system—Part 4: Function design specification of substation
电力能效监测系统技术规范 第4部分:子站功能设计规范
GB 32311-2015
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for hydrogen producing systems by water electrolysis
GB/T 31937-2015
SAWL steel pipe for pipeline of coal slurry
GB/T 32227-2015
Work lifejackets for ship
GB/T 31961-2015
Rims for truck-bus
GB/T 7267-2015
Series of basic dimension of protective and control panels and cabinet for secondary circuit of power system
GB/T 32223-2015
Building hardware for windows and doors—General requirements
建筑门窗五金件 通用要求
GB/T 32221-2015
Vacuum technology—Vacuum thermal environmental simulation test equipment of spacecraft—General specification
真空技术 航天器用真空热环境模拟试验设备 通用技术条件
GB/T 31965-2015
Praseodymium-neodymium oxides
GB/T 31455.6-2015
Intelligent system of bus rapid transit—Part 6: Interface specifications between dispatch center and depot/platform control system
快速公交(BRT)智能系统 第6部分:调度中心与场站站台控制系统通信数据接口规范
GB/T 7344-2015
General specification for AC servomotors
GB/T 32228-2015
Ships and marine technology—Pyrotechnic life-saving appliance—Testing, inspection and marking of production units
船舶与海上技术 烟火救生设施 产品的试验、检验和标识
GB/T 32215-2015
Pneumatic fluid power—Identification of ports and control mechanisms of control valves and other components
气动 控制阀和其他元件的气口和控制机构的标识
GB/T 31523.2-2015
Safety information identification systems—Part 2: Setting principles and requirements
安全信息识别系统 第2部分:设置原则与要求
GB/T 31972-2015
Requirement of corrosion protection for floating production and storage units offshore
GB 1886.23-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Flower jasmine extract
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 小花茉莉浸膏
GB/T 32204-2015
Industrial process calibrator
GB/T 19786-2015
Inspection procedure for wooden containers
GB/T 31521-2015
Public information signs—General requirements for materials, construction and electrical devices
公共信息标志 材料、构造和电气装置的一般要求
GB/T 19706-2015
Football shoes
GB 1886.17-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Shellac red (also known as shellac red)
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 紫胶红(又名虫胶红)
GB/T 31524-2015
Specification of operations and technology for electronic commerce platform
GB/T 32246-2015
GH 141 alloy forgings—General specification
GH141合金锻件 通用技术条件
GB/T 32255-2015
General martensitic stainless steel and alloy steel castings suitable for high temperature and high pressure service
GB/T 32254-2015
Precision hot forging of straight bevel gear—General specifications
直齿锥齿轮精密热锻件 通用技术条件
GB/T 32252-2015
Investment casting process—General technology guidelines
熔模铸造工艺 通用技术导则
GB/T 32250.3-2015
Inspection of sprayers in use—Part 3: Air-assisted sprayers for bush and tree crops
在用喷雾机的检测 第3部分:灌木与乔木作物用风送式喷雾机
GB/T 32249-2015
Aluminum and aluminum-alloy die forgings, hand forgings and rolled ring forgings—General specification
铝及铝合金模锻件、自由锻件和轧制环形锻件 通用技术条件
GB/T 5594.4-2015
Test methods for properties of structure ceramic used in electronic components and device—Part 4: Test method for permittivity and dielectric loss angle tangent value
电子元器件结构陶瓷材料性能测试方法 第4部分:介电常数和介质损耗角正切值的测试方法
GB/T 31944-2015
Corrosion resistant steel plates for cargo oil tanks
GB 1886.15-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Phosphoric acid
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 磷酸
GB/T 31529-2015
Digital printing materials—Computer direct plate-making plate(CTP Plate)—Test of unit area weight of photosensitive coating
数字印刷材料 计算机直接制版(CTP)版材 感光层单位面积质量的测定
GB/T 32234.7-2015
Personal flotation devices—Part 7: Materials and components—Safety requirements and test methods
个人浮力设备 第7部分:材料和部件 安全要求和试验方法
GB/T 20474-2015
Asphalt shingles made from glass felt
GB/T 32241-2015
Equipment for crop protection—Methods for the laboratory measurement of spray drift—Wind tunnels
植物保护机械 喷雾飘移的实验室测量方法 风洞试验
GB 32100-2015
The coding rule of the unified social credit identifier for legal entities and other organizations
GB/T 20301-2015
Oxyger-free copper tube for magnetic induction tube
GB/T 32244-2015
Crop protection equipment—Field measurement of spray distribution in tree and bush crops
植物保护机械 乔木和灌木作物喷雾量分布的田间测定
GB/T 31955.1-2015
Control and protection system technical specification of controlled shunt reactor of extra high voltage—Part 1: Multistage controlled shunt reactor
超高压可控并联电抗器控制保护系统技术规范 第1部分:分级调节式
GB/T 31449-2015
Aircraft rescue equipment—Handling trailer
航空器救援设备 搬移拖车
GB/T 31453-2015
Monitoring and testing code for energy conservation of oilfield production system
GB 1886.154-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Propyl acetate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙酸丙酯
GB/T 31455.5-2015
Intelligent system of bus rapid transit—Part 5: Interface specifications between dispatch center and on-board information terminal
快速公交(BRT)智能系统 第5部分:调度中心与车载信息终端通信数据接口规范
GB/T 31441-2015
Electronic toll collection—Technical specification of IC card reader
电子收费 集成电路(IC)卡读写器技术要求
GB/T 31455.1-2015
Intelligent system of bus rapid transit—Part 1: General technical requirements
快速公交(BRT)智能系统 第1部分:总体技术要求
GB/T 31427-2015
Specification for determinator of coal ash fusibility
GB 1886.151-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Acid geranyl
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 甲酸香叶酯
GB 1886.156-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Terpinyl acetate
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙酸松油酯
GB 1886.48-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Rose oil
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 玫瑰油
GB 1886.155-2015
National food safety standard — Food additive — Acetic acid neryl
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙酸橙花酯
GB 1886.50-2015
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Methyl-3-mercaptofuran
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 2-甲基-3-巯基呋喃
GB/T 31448-2015
Aircraft rescue equipment—Movable pavement
航空器救援设备 活动道面
GB/T 31474-2015
Soldering fluxes for high-quality interconnections in electronics assembly
GB/T 31464-2015
The grid operation code
GB/T 31465.5-2015
RRoad vehicles—Fuse-link—Part 5: Fuse links with axial terminals (strip fuse-links)
道路车辆 熔断器 第5部分:板型熔断器
GB/T 31437-2015
Air-to-air heat exchanger unit for ventilation and air-conditioning
GB/T 11259-2015
Non-destructive testing—Practice for fabrication and control of steel reference blocks used in ultrasonic testing
无损检测 超声检测用钢参考试块的制作和控制方法
GB/T 2679.2-2015
Sheet materials—Determination of water vapour trasmission rate —Gravimetric (Dish) method
薄页材料 透湿度的测定 重量(透湿杯)法
GB/T 18765-2015
Identification and grade quality standards of wild ginseng
GB/T 31715-2015
Technique guide of chemical control for vector—Residual spray
病媒生物化学防治技术指南 滞留喷洒
GB/T 18787.4-2015
Information technology—Electronic book—Part 4:Identification
信息技术 电子书 第4部分:标识
GB/T 12626.4-2015
Hard fibreboard—Part 4: General purpose boards for use in dry conditions
湿法硬质纤维板 第4部分:干燥条件下使用的普通用板
GB/T 12510-2015
Information technology—Universal keyboard layout of the alphanumeric zone for Uyghur
信息技术 维吾尔文通用键盘字母数字区布局
GB/T 18884.1-2015
Household kitchen—Part 1: Term
家用厨房设备 第1部份:术语
GB/T 12224-2015
General requirements for industrial steel valves
钢制阀门 一般要求
GB/T 1149.16-2015
Internal combustion engines—Piston rings—Part 16: Expander/segment oil-control rings
内燃机 活塞环 第16部分:钢带组合油环
GB/T 19134-2015
Tri-wheel vehicles and low-speed goods vehicles—Rear view mirrors—Requirements of performance and installation
三轮汽车和低速货车 后视镜 性能和安装要求
GB/T 11313.8-2015
Radio-frequency connectors—Part 8: Sectional specification for RF coaxial connectors with inner diameter of outer conductor 6.5 mm (0.256 in) with bayonet lock—Characteristic impedance 50Ω(75Ω)(type BNC)
射频连接器 第8部分:外导体内径为6.5mm(0.256in)、特性阻抗为50Ω(75Ω)、卡口连接的射频同轴连接器(BNC型)分规范
GB/T 19286-2015
Electromagnetic compatibility requirement and measurement methods for telecommunication network equipment
GB/T 1859.2-2015
Reciprocating internal combustion engines—Measurement of sound power level using sound pressure—Part 2: Survey method
往复式内燃机 声压法声功率级的测定 第2部分:简易法
GB/T 11297.11-2015
Test method for dielectric constant of pyroelectric materials
GB/T 18280.3-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Radiation—Part 3:Guidance on dosimetric aspects
医疗保健产品灭菌 辐射 第3部分:剂量测量指南
GB/T 10833-2015
Marine sewage treatment equipment specification
GB/T 10813.3-2015
Celadon porcelain ware—Part 3: Celadon porcelain ware with craquele glaze
青瓷器 第3部分:纹片釉青瓷器
GB/T 10580-2015
Standard conditions for use prior to and during the testing of solid electrical insulating materials
GB 9744-2015
Truck tyres
GB/T 19769.2-2015
Function blocks—Part 2: Software tools requirements
功能块 第2部分:软件工具要求
GB/T 19799.1-2015
Non-destructive testing—Ultrasonic testing—Specification for calibration block No. 1
无损检测 超声检测 1号校准试块
GB/T 19855-2015
Moon cake
GB/T 19973.1-2015
Sterilization of medical devices—Microbiological methods—Part 1: Determination of a population of microorganisms on products
医疗器械的灭菌 微生物学方法 第1部分:产品上微生物总数的测定
GB/T 20064.1-2015
Reciprocating internal combustion engines—Handle starting equipment—Part 1: Safety requirements and tests
往复式内燃机 手柄起动装置 第1部分:安全要求和试验
GB/T 20112-2015
Evaluation and qualification of electrical insulation systems
GB 32284-2015
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for petrochemical centrifugal pumps
GB/T 20254.2-2015
Copper and copper alloy strips for lead frame—Part 2: Profiled strip
引线框架用铜及铜合金带材 第2部分:异型带
GB/T 19520.16-2015
Mechanical structures for electronic equipment—Dimension of mechanical structures of the 482.6 mm (19 in) series—Part 3-100: Basic dimensions of front panels, subracks, chassis, racks and cabinets
电子设备机械结构 482.6mm(19in)系列机械结构尺寸 第3-100部分:面板、插箱、机箱、机架和机柜的基本尺寸
GB/T 14189-2015
Fiber grade polyester chip(PET)
GB/T 14896.6-2015
Non-traditional machines—Terminology—Part 6:Other non-traditional machines
特种加工机床 术语 第6部分:其他特种加工机床
GB/T 14896.7-2015
Non-traditional machines—Terminology—Part 7:Additive manufacturing machines
特种加工机床 术语 第7部分:增材制造机床
GB/T 14480.1-2015
Non-destructive testing instruments—Equipment for eddy current examination—Part 1:Instrument characteristics and verification
无损检测仪器 涡流检测设备 第1部分:仪器性能和检验
GB 18281.4-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Biological indicators—Part 4: Biological indicators for dry heat sterilization processes
医疗保健产品灭菌 生物指示物 第4部分:干热灭菌用生物指示物
GB/T 15487-2015
Methods of flow measurement for displacement compressor
GB/T 15876-2015
Semiconductor integrated circuits—Specification of leadframes for plastic quad flat package
半导体集成电路 塑料四面引线扁平封装引线框架规范
GB 18281.1-2015
Sterilization of health care products—Biological indicators—Part 1: General requirements
医疗保健产品灭菌 生物指示物 第1部分:通则
GB 17465.4-2015
Appliance couplers for household and similar general purposes—Part 2-4: Couplers dependent on appliance weight for engagement
家用和类似用途器具耦合器 第2-4部分:靠器具重量啮合的耦合器
GB/T 1593-2015
Agricultural Wheeled tractor—Rear-mounted three-point linkage—Categories 0、1N、1、2N、2、3N、3、4N and 4
农业轮式拖拉机 后置式三点悬挂装置 0、1N、1、2N、2、3N、3、4N和4类
GB/T 16263.4-2015
Information technology—ASN.1 encoding rules—Part 4: XML Encoding Rules(XER)
信息技术 ASN.1编码规则 第4部分:XML编码规则(XER)
GB/T 16643-2015
Rolling bearings—Combined needle roller thrust roller bearings—Boundary dimensions
滚动轴承 滚针和推力圆柱滚子组合轴承 外形尺寸
GB/T 16755-2015
Safety of machinery—Rules for drafting and presentation of safety standards
机械安全 安全标准的起草与表述规则
GB 13539.1-2015
Low-voltage fuses—Part 1: General requirements
低压熔断器 第1部分:基本要求
GB/T 16936-2015
Earth-moving machinery—Engine test code—Net power
土方机械 发动机净功率试验规范
GB 32049-2015
Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for household and similar purposes A.C. electric ventilating fans
GB/T 17186.1-2015
Calculation methods for the pipe flange joints—Part 1: Calculation method satisfies both strength and rigidity requirements
管法兰连接计算方法 第1部分:基于强度和刚度的计算方法
GB/T 13920-2015
35mm cinematography—Subjective test film(colour chart)
35mm电影 主观检验片(彩色测试图)
GB/T 17421.5-2015
Test code for machine tools—Part 5:Determination of the noise emission
机床检验通则 第5部分:噪声发射的确定
GB 18351-2015
Ethanol gasoline for motor vehicles(E10)

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