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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 13977-2012
Specifications for aerophotogrammetric field work of 1:5 000 1:10 000 topographic maps
1:5 000 1:10 000 地形图航空摄影测量外业规范
GB/T 20575-2006
The specification of good manufacture practice for fresh and frozen meat processing
GB/T 18881-2009
Catalyst for light-duty petrol vehicle exhaust purification
GB/T 5059.2-2014
Ferromolybdenum―Determination of antimony content―Malachite green spectrophotometric method
钼铁 锑含量的测定 孔雀绿分光光度法
GB 18321-2001
Limits for noise emitted by agricultural vehicles
农用运输车 噪声限值
GB 50435-2016
Code for design of flat glass plant
GB 1918-2011
Potassium nitrate for industrial use
GB/T 33470-2016
GB/T 22131-2008
Practice for ultrasonic examination from bored surfaces of cylindrical forgings
GB/T 27306-2008
Food safety management system - Requirements for catering services
食品安全管理体系 餐饮业要求
GB/T 29833.1-2013
Portability of system and software - Part 1:Indicator system
系统与软件可移植性 第1部分:指标体系
GB/T 21099.2-2007
Function blocks for process control - Part 2:Specification of FB concept and electronic device description language
过程控制用功能块 第2部分:功能块概念及电子设备描述语言的规范
GB/T 32128-2015
Codes on operation and maintenance of offshore wind farm
GB/T 10051.9-2010
Lifting hooks - Part 9: Cross pieces
起重吊钩 第9部分:吊钩横梁
GB/T 18630-2002
Method for simple determination of organophosphorus and carbamate pesticide residues in vegetables (enzyme inhibition method)
GB/T 14084-1993
General specification of Chinese and English electronic typewriter for office management
GB/T 28258-2012
Classification and codes for pharmaceutical machinery products
GB/T 26398-2017
Evaluation guide of detergence,water costing and saving for laundry detergents—Simulated household washing test method
衣料用洗涤剂去污性能、耗水量与节水性能评估指南 模拟家庭洗涤试验法
GB/T 23352-2009
Dried apples - Specification and test methods
苹果干 技术规格和试验方法
GB 31459-2015
Safety requirements for temperature control systems for floor heating for household and similar use
GB/T 11964-2008
Test method for loss on heating of asphalt
GB/T 4333.6-1988
Methods for chemical analysis of ferrosilicon--The diphenylcarbazide photometric method for the determination of chromium content
硅铁化学分析方法 二苯基碳酰二肼光度法测定铬量
GB/T 34540-2017
Specification of hydrogen production by methanol reforming and pressure swing adsorption
GB/T 16520-2011
Message handling services - Electronic data interchange messaging service
消息处理业务 电子数据交换消息处理业务
GB 16873-2006
Scattered mirror carp
GB/T 14553-2003
Method of gas chromatographic for determination of organophosphorus pesticides in cereals,fruits and vegetables
GB/T 33755-2017
Technical specification at the project level for assessment of greenhouse gas emission reductions—Utilization of waste energy in iron and steel industry
基于项目的温室气体减排量评估技术规范 钢铁行业余能利用
GB/T 4214.3-2008
Household and similar electrical appliances - Test code for determination of airborne acoustical noise - Particular requirements for dishwashers
家用和类似用途电器噪声测试方法 洗碗机的特殊要求
GB/T 14999.5-1994
Photomicrographs and photomacrographs for evaluating of heat-resisting superalloys
GB/T 30222-2013
Energy efficiency test prcedures for electric driven lifting mechanism of cranes
GB/T 71-1985
Slotted set screws with cone point
GB 1886.228-2016
National Food Safety Standard - Food Additives - carbon dioxide
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 二氧化碳
GB/T 17413.2-2010
Methods for chemical analysis of lithium、rubidium and cesium ores - Part 2: Determination of rubidium content
锂矿石、铷矿石、铯矿石化学分析方法 第2部分:铷量测定
GB/T 18654.6-2008
Inspection of germplasm for cultured fishes - Part 6: Determination of fecundity
养殖鱼类种质检验 第6部分:繁殖性能的测定
GB/T 28698-2012
Rolling bearings - Deep groove ball bearings for electric motors - Specifications
滚动轴承 电机用深沟球轴承 技术条件
GB/T 4589.1-2006
Semiconductor devices - Part 10: Generic specification for discrete devices and integrated circuits
半导体器件 第10部分:分立器件和集成电路总规范
GB/T 7154.2-2003
Thermistors--Directly heated positive step-function temperature coefficient--Part 1-2: Blank detail specification--Heating element application--Assessment level EZ
直热式阶跃型正温度系数热敏电阻器 第1-2部分:加热元件用空白详细规范 评定水平EZ
GB 4066-2017
Powder extinguishing agent
GB/T 23645-2009
Test methods of fuel cell power system for passenger cars
GB/T 15542-1995
Technical requirements of digital SPC automatic telephone exchange
GB/T 18884.1-2015
Household kitchen—Part 1: Term
家用厨房设备 第1部份:术语
GB/T 34630.5-2017
Friction stir welding—Aluminium and its alloys—Part 5:Quality and inspection requirements
搅拌摩擦焊 铝及铝合金 第5部分:质量与检验要求
GB/T 26667-2011
Terminology for electromagnetic shielding materials
GB/T 33519-2017
Brake classification
GB/T 22438-2008
Product of geographical indication - Yuanyang rice
地理标志产品 原阳大米
GB/T 5632-2008
Flared couplings - Swivel elbow
GB/T 4335-2013
Determination of ferrite grain size for cold rolled low carbon steel sheets
GB/T 4423-2007
Copper and copper-alloy cold-drawn rod and bar
GB/T 32508-2016
Quantitative determination of corrosive sulfur (dibenzyl disulfide , DBDS) in insulating liquids
GB/T 6609.8-2004
Chemical analysis methods and determination of physical performance of alumina--Determination of chromium sesquioxide content--Diphenyl carbazide photometric method
氧化铝化学分析方法和物理性能测定方法 二苯基碳酰二肼光度法测定三氧化二铬含量
GB/T 24964-2010
Refrigerated light hydrocarbon fluids - Liquefied natural gas - Procedure for custody transfer on board ship
冷冻轻烃流体 液化天然气 船上贸易交接程序
GB/T 503-1995
Test method for knock characteristics of motor and aviation fuels by the motor method
GB/T 29030-2012
Positive displacement CO2 refrigerant compressor(unit)
GB/T 17617-1998
Refractory products--Sampling of raw materials and unshaped products
耐火原料和不定形耐火材料 取样
GB/T 23961-2009
Determination of low carbon aliaphatic amines - Gas chromatographic method
低碳脂肪胺含量的测定 气相色谱法
GB/T 31437-2015
Air-to-air heat exchanger unit for ventilation and air-conditioning
GB/T 13814-2008
Nickel and nickel alloy covered welding electrodes
GB 11519-1989
Hygienic standard for resorcinol in the airof workplace
GB/T 26989-2011
Automobile recovery - Terminology
汽车回收利用 术语
GB/T 14598.3-2006
Electrical relays - Part 5: Insulation coordination for measuring relays and protection equipment - Requirements and tests
电气继电器 第5部分:量度继电器和保护装置的绝缘配合要求和试验
GB/T 16621-1996
The techniques used in silviculture for seed productionstand
GB 50857-2013
Standard method of measurement for public utilities works
GB/T 7568.3-2008
Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Standard adjacent fabrics - Part 3:Polyamide
纺织品 色牢度试验 标准贴衬织物 第3部分:聚酰胺纤维
GB 30610-2014
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Ethanol
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 乙醇
GB/T 17980.50-2000
Pesticide--Guidelines for the field efficacy trials(I)--Herbicides against weeds in sugarbeet
农药 田间药效试验准则(一) 除草剂防治甜菜地杂草
GB/T 33125-2016
Detection and identification of Cacoecimorpha pronubana (Hübner)
GB/T 25281-2010
The vest with safety sign for the working people on roads
GB/T 21427-2008
Special environmental condition - Requirements and test methods for electric powerplant with internal combustion engines in dry heat-desert
特殊环境条件 干热沙漠对内燃机电站系统的技术要求及试验方法
GB/T 29402.2-2012
Storage of cereals and pulses - Part 2: Practical recommendations
谷物和豆类储存 第2部分:实用建议
GB 20826-2007
Code of safety for the use of high pressure water jetting operation by divers
GB/T 17005-1997
Impressed current cathodic protection system for coastal structures
GB/T 24381-2009
Textile machinery and accessories - Twin wire healds with inset mail for jacquard weaving
纺织机械与附件 提花织造用镶入综眼的钢丝综
GB/T 18520-2001
Equipment for crop protection--Sprayers--Connecting dimensions for nozzles and manometers
植物保护机械 喷雾机 喷头和压力表的连接尺寸
GB/T 27805-2011
Urea phosphate for industrial use
GB/T 25623-2017
Earth-moving machinery—Operator training—Content and methods
土方机械 司机培训 内容和方法
GB/T 22775-2008
Gears for timekeeping instruments - Contrate gears
计时仪器用齿轮 端面齿轮
GB/T 9695.25-2008
Meat and meat products - Determination of vitamin PP content
肉与肉制品 维生素PP含量测定
GB/T 12313-1990
Sensory analysis method--Flavour profile test
感官分析方法 风味剖面检验
GB/T 18916.16-2014
Norm of water intake―Part 16: Electrolytic aluminium production
取水定额 第16部分:电解铝生产
GB 14723-2008
Modular units of the lower limb prosthesis
GB/T 33791-2017
Technical specification for cathodic protection of steel well casings
GB/T 25692-2010
Earth-moving machinery - Retarders for dumpers and tractor-scrapers - Performance tests
土方机械 自卸车和自行式铲运机用限速器 性能试验
GB/T 19666-2005
Flame retardant and fire resistant wires and cables General
GB/T 6881.3-2002
Acoustics--Determination of sound power levels of noise sources-using sound pressure--Engineering methods for small,movable sources in reverberant fields--Part 2:Methods for special reverberation test rooms
声学 声压法测定噪声源声功率级 混响场中小型可移动声源工程法 第2部分:专用混响测试室法
GB/T 32398-2015
Chinese internet email address—Technical specification for SMTP extension to support
中文电子邮件地址 简单邮件传输协议扩展技术要求
GB 19079.1-2013
Operation conditions and technical requirements for gymnasium and playground - Part 1: Swimming place
体育场所开放条件与技术要求 第1部分:游泳场所
GB/T 24704-2009
Jinding duck
GB/T 15126-2008
Information technology - Open system interconnection - Network service definition
信息技术 开放系统互连 网络服务定义
GB/T 13498-2017
Terminology for high-voltage direct current(HVDC) transmission
GB/T 28169-2011
Embedded software - C language coding specification
嵌入式软件 C语言编码规范
GB/T 20207.1-2006
Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) pressure piping systems - Part 1: Pipes
丙烯腈-丁二烯-苯乙烯(ABS)压力管道系统 第1部分:管材
GB/T 19404-2003
Microwave ferrite components--Measuringmethods for major properties
GB/T 34886-2017
Non-destructive testing—Test method for laser shearography of composite materials
无损检测 复合材料激光错位散斑检测方法
GB 24541-2009
Hand protection - Protective gloves against mechanical risks
手部防护 机械危害防护手套
GB/T 30708-2014
Determination of the thermal resistance of low-density blanket-type mineral fiber insulation
GB/T 33928-2017
Reciprocating internal combustion engines—Measurement method for exhaust silencers—Sound power level of exhaust noise and insertion loss using sound pressure and power loss ratio
往复式内燃机 排气消声器测量方法 声压法排气噪声声功率级和插入损失及功率损失比
GB/T 26036-2010
Aluminium alloys die forgings for motor-wheel
GB/T 13593-1992
Civil honeycomb briquet
GB/T 1427-2016
Sample method of carbon material
GB/T 21774-2008
Coating powders - Determination of stoving condition
粉末涂料 烘烤条件的测定

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