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GB Standards english file list

GB/T 23517-2009
Ruthenium on activated carbon catalyst
GB/T 1420-2015
Sponge palladium
GB/T 2029-2008
Cast steel suction valve for seaward sluice
GB 50955-2013
Technical code for investigation of limestone mine engineering
GB/T 26494-2011
Aluminium alloys extruded profiles used for structural material of railway vehcle carbodies
GB 18557-2001
Occupational exposure limit for acephate in the air of workplace
GB/T 8152.1-2006
Methods for chemical analysis of lead concentrates―Determination of lead content―EDTA titration method after acid digestion
铅精矿化学分析方法 铅量的测定 酸溶解-EDTA滴定法
GB/T 5121.22-2008
Methods for chemical analysis of copper and copper alloys - Part 22:Determination of cadmium content
铜及铜合金化学分析方法 第22部分:镉含量的测定
GB/T 33197-2016
Pontoon bridge with power
GB/T 30401-2013
Plastic storage container
GB/T 31853-2015
Water supply equipment of vector control non-negative press
GB/T 22970-2010
Textile fabrics coding - Parts of chemical fibre
纺织面料编码 化纤部分
GB/T 8565.1-1988
Information processing--Coded character sets for text communication--Part 1:General introduction
信息处理 文本通信用编码字符集 第一部分:总则
GB/T 22660.8-2008
Chemical analysis methods of lithium fluoride - Part 8: Determination of sulphate content - Barium sulphate gravimetric method
氟化锂化学分析方法 第8部分:硫酸根含量的测定 硫酸钡重量法
GB/T 28890-2012
Terms of building ceramic machinery
GB/T 18702-2002
Determination of angle of repose of coal
GB/T 9652.1-2007
Specifications of control systems for hydraulic turbines
GB/T 23835.13-2009
Lithium perchlorate anhydrous - Part 13: Determination of transparency
无水高氯酸锂 第13部分:澄清度的测定
GB/T 2883-2015
Rims for earth—Mover
GB/T 14573.4-1993
Acoustics--Statistical methods for determining and verifying stated noise emission values of machinery and equipment--Part 4:Methods for stated values for batches of machines
声学 确定和检验机器设备规定的噪声辐射值的统计学方法 第四部分:成批机器标牌值的确定和检验方法
GB/T 1452-2005
Test method for flatwise tension strength of sandwich constructions
GB/T 34981.2-2017
Specification of data for organization statistics and real-name management system—Part 2:Code set
机构编制统计及实名制管理系统数据规范 第2部分:代码集
GB/T 26856-2011
Specification for the basic requirements and conformity test of Chinese office software
GB/T 6611-2008
Terminology and metallographs for titanium and titanium alloys
GB/T 33759-2017
The technical specification for recycling and utilization of dry blast furnace dust in iron and steel industry
GB/Z 29619.2-2013
Digital data communication for measurement and control - Fieldbus for use in industrial control systems - Type 8: INTERBUS Specification - Part 2: Physical Layer specification and service definition
测量和控制数字数据通信 工业控制系统用现场总线 类型8: INTERBUS规范 第2部分:物理层规范和服务定义
GB/T 17799.2-2003
Electromagnetic compatibility--Generic standards--Immunity for industrial environments
电磁兼容 通用标准 工业环境中的抗扰度试验
GB/T 14616-2008
General specification for engine-room bottom coating
GB/T 36001-2015
Guidance on social responsibility reporting
GB/T 25134-2010
Optical measurement specification of 3D geometry for forgings/stampings and the dies
GB/T 294-1994
Rolling bearings--Three pointand four point contact ball bearings--Boundary dimensions
滚动轴承 三点和四点接触球轴承 外形尺寸
GB/T 20063.4-2006
Graphical symbols for diagrams -Part 4: Actuators and related devices
简图用图形符号 第4部分:调节器及其相关设备
GB/T 29255-2012
Textiles - Tests for colour fastness - Colour fastness to domestic and commercial laundering using a non-phosphate reference detergent incorporating a low-temperature bleach activator
纺织品 色牢度试验 使用含有低温漂白活性剂无磷标准洗涤剂的耐家庭和商业洗涤色牢度
GB/T 24245-2009
Steel cord for rubber track
GB/T 34053.5-2017
Specifications of quality inspection for printed paper products—Part 5: Newspaper
纸质印刷产品印制质量检验规范 第5部分:报纸
GB/T 31599-2015
Archives management regulation of social insurance
GB/T 8606-2003
Thread connectiong dimensions andspecifications of hydraulic fluid power--Quick action couplings
液压快换接头 螺纹连接尺寸及技术要求
GB/T 21621-2008
Dangerous goods - Test method for corrosion to metals of corrosive substance
危险品 金属腐蚀性试验方法
GB/T 34861-2017
Specific methods for determining separate losses of large machines from tests
GB/T 27667-2011
Quality evaluation of optical systems - Determination of distortion
光学系统像质评价 畸变的测定
GB/T 16015-1995
Workplace air--Determination of zinc oxide--Flame atomic absorption spectrophotometric method
GB/T 14095-2007
Drying technology of agricultural products - Terminology
农产品干燥技术 术语
GB/T 8582-2008
Terminology for mechanical structures of electrotechnical and electronic equipment
GB/T 9367-1988
General specification of flyback transformers for color broadcasting TV receivers
GB/T 33884-2017
Aluminum alloy profile and profile welded combination for heavy-duty freight train
GB/T 12785-2014
Test methods for submersible motor-pumps
潜水电泵 试验方法
GB/T 17897-2016
Corrosion of metals and alloys—Corrosion test for pitting corrosion resistance of stainless steels in the ferric chloride solution
金属和合金的腐蚀 不锈钢三氯化铁点腐蚀试验方法
GB/T 25475-2010
Industrial-process measurement and control instruments - Terminology - Temperature measuring instruments
工业自动化仪表 术语 温度仪表
GB 10395.12-2005
Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry -- Technical means for ensuring safety -- Part 12: Portable powered hedge-trimmers
农林拖拉机和机械 安全技术要求 第12部分:便携式动力绿篱修剪机
GB/T 22982-2008
Determination of metronidazole, ronidazole, dimetridazole residues in milk and milk powder - LC-MS-MS method
牛奶和奶粉中甲硝唑、洛硝哒唑、二甲硝唑及其代谢物残留量的测定 液相色谱-串联质谱法
GB/T 6367-2012
Surface active agents - Preparation of water with known calcium hardness
表面活性剂 已知钙硬度水的制备
GB 16392-1996
Diagnostic criteria and principles of management for combined radiation-burn injury
GB 22283-2008
Landrace breeding pig
GB/T 24585-2009
Ferronickel - Determination of phosphorus, manganese, chromium, copper, cobalt and silicon contents - Inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometric method
镍铁 磷、锰、铬、铜、钴和硅含量的测定 电感耦合等离子体原子发射光谱法
GB/T 5166-1998
Sintered metal materials and hardmetals--Determination of Young’s modulus
GB/T 19889.2-2005
Acoustics-Measurement of sound insulation in buildings and of building elements-Part2:Determination,verification and application of precision data
声学 建筑和建筑构件隔声测量 第2部分:数据精密度的确定、验证和应用
GB/T 27989-2011
Fundamental technical requirements for small hydraulic generators
GB 15599-2009
Safety rules of lightning with relation to petroleum and its facilities
GB/T 50627-2010
Evaluation standard for district heating system
GB/T 30513-2014
Technical requirements and testing method of tire blow-out monitoring and controlling system for passenger car
GB 16853-1997
Surveillance standards of tuberculosis
GB/T 15972.43-2008
Specifications for optical fibre test methods - Part 43: Measurement methods and test procedures for transmission and optical characteristics - Numerrical aperture
光纤试验方法规范 第43部分:传输特性和光学特性的测量方法和试验程序 数值孔径
GB/T 32855.1-2016
Advanced automation technologies and their applications—Requirements for establishing manufacturing enterprise process interoperability—Part 1: Framework for enterprise interoperability
先进自动化技术及其应用 制造业企业过程互操作性建立要求 第1部分:企业互操作性框架
GB/T 25882-2010
Quality grading for silage maize
GB/T 11848.6-1989
Determination of fluoride in uranium ore concentrate by ion-selective electrode
铀矿石浓缩物中氟的测定 离子选择性电极法
GB/T 18137.1-2000
Information technology--Open Systems Interconnection--Conformance test suite for the ACSE protocol--Part 1:Test suite structure and test purposes
信息技术 开放系统互连 ACSE协议一致性测试套 第1部分:测试套结构和测试目的
GB/T 20420-2006
Lubricants, industrial oils and related products (class L)-Family E (internal combustion engine oils)-Specifications for two-stroke-cycle gasoline engine oils (categories EGB, EGC and EGD)
GB 30000.6-2013
Rules for classification and labelling of chemicals - Part 6: Gases under pressure
化学品分类和标签规范 第6部分:加压气体
GB/T 2910.21-2009
Textiles - Quantitative chemical analysis - Part 21: Mixtures of chlorofibers, certain modacrylics, certain elastanes, acetates, triacetates and certain other fibers (method using cyclohexanone)
纺织品 定量化学分析 第21部分:含氯纤维、某些改性聚丙烯腈纤维、某些弹性纤维、醋酯纤维、三醋酯纤维与某些其他纤维的混合物(环己酮法)
GB/T 4702.1-1997
Methods for chemical analysis of chromium metal--The ammonium ferrous sulfate volumetric method for thedetermination of chromium content
金属铬化学分析方法 硫酸亚铁铵容量法测定铬量
GB/T 21964-2008
Repair of agricultural machines - Safety regulations
农业机械修理 安全规范
GB/T 8872-2011
Terminology of grain and oils - Flour milling industry
粮油名词术语 制粉工业
GB/T 2930.5-2001
Rules for forage seed testing--Biochemical test for viability
牧草种子检验规程 生活力的生物化学(四唑)测定
GB/T 868-1986
Cone head rivets
GB/T 20935.1-2007
Method of electromagnetic acoustic inspection for metal materials - Part 1: Standard guide for electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs)
金属材料电磁超声检验方法 第1部分:电磁超声换能器指南
GB/T 12704.2-2009
Textiles - Test method for water-vapour transmission of fabrics - Part 2: Water method
纺织品 织物透湿性试验方法 第2部分:蒸发法
GB 51155-2016
Code for design of occupational safety and health in machinery industry
GB/T 3668.10-1983
Modular units for machine tool construction--Spindle noses and adjustable adaptors for multi-spindle heads--Dimensions
组合机床通用部件 多轴箱主轴端部和可调接杆尺寸
GB/T 30900-2014
Slag agglomerate of LF refining furnace for steelmaking
GB/T 34001-2016
China ship repairing quality standard
GB/T 26231-2010
Information technology - Open systems interconnection - National numbering system and registration procedures for object identifier (OID)
信息技术 开放系统互连 OID的国家编号体系和注册规程
GB/T 32144-2015
Projectable image area on 70mm motion-picture film,8/70 format
70mm 8齿孔影片可放映画面尺寸
GB/T 18101-2013
Difficult-flammble plywood
GB/T 13220-1991
Determination of particle size distribution of fine powder--Method of sieve classfication with sonic wave
细粉末粒度分布的测定 声波筛分法
GB/T 97.1-2002
Plain washers--Product grade A
平垫圈 A级
GB/T 10592-2008
Specification for low/high temperature test chambers
GB/Z 24784-2009
Safety regulation for yellow phosphorus
GB/T 7679.3-2005
Mining machinery terminology Part 3:Winding equipment
矿山机械术语 第3部分:提升设备
GB/T 35293-2017
Information technology—Cloud computing—General technical requirements of virtual machine management
信息技术 云计算 虚拟机管理通用要求
GB 29277-2012
Information technology - Tibetan ideogram coded character set (extension set B) - 16×32 dot matrix font - Bkav bstan lean
信息技术 藏文编码字符集(扩充集B) 16×32点阵字型 甘丹白体
GB/T 16484.7-2009
Chemical analysis methods of rare earth chloride and light rare earth carbonate - Part 7: Determination of magnesium oxide content - Flame atomic absorption spectrometry
氯化稀土、碳酸轻稀土化学分析方法 第7部分:氧化镁量的测定 火焰原子吸收光谱法
GB/T 18882.2-2017
Chemical analysis methods for mixed rare earth oxide of ion-absorpted type rare earth ore—Part 2:Determination of aluminum oxide content
离子型稀土矿混合稀土氧化物化学分析方法 第2部分:三氧化二铝量的测定
GB/T 31230.5-2014
Industrial ethernet fieldbus EtherCAT—Part 5: Application Layer service definition
工业以太网现场总线EtherCAT 第5部分:应用层服务定义
GB/T 4140-2003
Flat-top chains and associated chain wheels for conveyors
GB/T 17811-2008
Determination of pepsin digestibility in animal protein feeds - Filtration method
动物性蛋白质饲料胃蛋白酶消化率的测定 过滤法
GB/T 33567-2017
Specification for circular economy evaluating of industrial parks
GB/T 7466-1987
Water quality--Determination of total chromium
水质 总铬的测定
GB/T 7962.20-2010
Test methods of colourless optical glass - Part 20: Density
无色光学玻璃测试方法 第20部分:密度
GB/T 20795-2006
Determination of smoking point for vegetable fats and oils
GB 1886.244-2016
National Food Safety Standard-Food Additives-Purple sweet potato pigment
食品安全国家标准 食品添加剂 紫甘薯色素

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